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Its a fast learning environment. The classes are medium size groups. The externship advisor is really good at finding a place for you to go.
Concorde is a very straight forward campus. If any help is needed on any of the material being taught, the help is available. Learning is hands on.
I can't really discuss much about the program only that they give many opportunities to strive higher.
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I'm more into small class sizes and our class size started off with a lot of people, which was difficult to concentrate and focus due to strong personalities.
The passing rate for the nclex exam at this school is very good.
I'm not done with my program yet, but overall its okay.
I'm not completely done with the program yet, but by far it's okay. The material the instructors covered were appropriate. I've seen some of the clinical sites and wish there were more hospital sites to go for clinical.
My experience so far has been amazing I feel very welcomed and wanted I feel like I belong there and that I am wanted.
I love to sit in a classroom instead of going online.
I always wanted to become a nurse someday and me having the medical experience that I was taught at Concorde and UEI College, I really want to make a difference in the world.
I get along with everyone and I don't discriminate against anyone and I wouldn't want anyone discriminate against me.
Financial Aid really explain to me everything and I know what I was getting into and I'm glad that I chose Concorde.
I would say my admission rep Oriana is the best one because she push until I got in and now I'm almost done and I would also say that my teachers Ms. Towne & Ms. Warila are the best when it comes to teaching. Student Services was a big help as well.
I love my field in Medical Office Administration at Concorde College because with me going to UEI College to study Medical Assistant, I can finally that I want to put my hard work into good use. I struggle every day getting back and forth to school by bus and working on getting my drivers license so I can drive and be able to drive to work every day will be enjoyment that I can feel when I help those in need.
My program costs $20,000 and I can't transfer anything! My interest rate when I graduate is 15%, so I won't have a job by the time I graduate and my monthly payments will be around $600!! There is so many hidden fees they don't tell you about when I signed up for the program. If I were to have the option to do this again and pay all this money I would not do it. My financial aid officer is the worst. All he did was throw numbers at me and not explain any of it. And I'm not working while I'm going to school and he wanted me to make $100 payments a month while in school. Where would I get that money from. My parents do not have a lot of money and people are not just giving away loans.
Wireless access is available, but its terrible. It is slow and I rarely use it, because it would take all day to try and access one page on the internet. Printing on campus is terrible.
There are no athletic programs at my school. The library and student center is the same room. You can barely fit 25 people in the room. There is a lot of us who have to go to other places to study or use the computer. There is about 7 computers and one printer. I don't know how the school thinks that this will accommodate 1000+ students. The only program that's offered for students who are outgoing is called the lamplighters. But even that program needs some work. Most people don't know who they are or what they do. The program needs to make a name for themselves.
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My school is somewhat diverse. But everyone is really excepting of others.
Right now we are doing General Ed classes and haven't gotten to the respiratory part of the curriculum. But I don't know what the program has in store for me. The administrative staff isn't good about keeping the students in the loop.
The school offers only medical field classes, which is nice. The registration process was sort of a hassle, but I got through it. There are no special study options for this program or any others that I am aware of.
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