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Concorde Career College - San Bernardino Reviews

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The campus is really nice, and all the staff is is friendly and helpful. They offer many different programs for everyone's needs. Learning here has been easy and I can not wait to start my new career.
Concorde Career College is a trade school so unfortunately you are there alone to begin your future career. You do not really get the full college experience of sports, activities, or dorms. There is room for many improvements, especially teachers/staff, but overall I would rate the school average-good.
After an emotional roller coaster, getting enrolled in the school and leaving with a smile on my face I would have to say the staff there is very helpful.
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I love Concorde I love the staff I love the teachers and the students are great it's a resource full caring environment and the faculty never ignores us we can ask them anything anytime and they are always available to help as my teacher Miss Daniel is the best she's informative she is thorough and her lesson plan and she's all-around a great p she is thorough and her lesson plan and she's all-around a great person
They do have some limitations. But they are very good at giving you every benefit.
I personally am not taking any online courses. But from students who have had online classes I have heard nothing but good things. At the end of the day, every class will be challenging. It just depends on your drive as a student and how much your willing to out into your education.
They are very supportive in aiding you to pay off loans and find work and they even allow you to come back and sit in on classes if you want or need to brush up on skills. And everyone is so so supportive.
I'm currently in the LVN program and I have met so many people who are either in the program or have already graduated who help you find work or where to look. The school itself is very helpful at showing people where to find work and getting them jobs.
You will have several different teachers throughout the programs but like any college each teacher has their own teaching technique and way of teaching. But from the teachers I have had they have done a great job at teaching, supporting and pushing me to my full potential.
Mr. G is the best teacher you will ever have in medical school. I've had him for human anatomy, pharmacology and nutrition. And he is definitely challenging but he truly prepares you for the NCLEX and for the real world. I am very impressed and happy with my education.
It's a very intense and time consuming program. But as long as you have the drive and commitment anyone can pass this program and become a great nurse. The teachers have all been beneficial to me and have always been helpful. I learn so much each and everyday that I'm there. And that's what I want out of a school.
I'm going into my second month at Concorde and so far it's everything I've expected it to be. The staff is amazing & the people you meet in your class is very nice. The instructor is also nice you get your test results right away she gives study guides for the finals & exams and it's pretty much all the same. I love it and I love the MA program.
The Staff is great and very helpful. I had graduated in 2001 from Concorde and never took my boards. They have been more than helpful in preparing me and refreshing my knowledge base so that I can become a Safe Nurse.
The career center provides recent job leads and posts of them too; always up to date with them.
The financial aid office is open for students through out the school hours and the process was pretty straight forward. The tuition is a great it for what i am learning.
What is unique about my school is the lamplighter program, in which students with experience help out other students in need of academic help.
I have perfect attendance so far, but from what i have seen with other students, the instructors and program directors help you and work a way out with you so that you can receive your hours for your program.
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Our school has a lamplighter program that you can enter 3 months into your program and lamplighters are there to help students with tutoring and to help guide you through any help you may need.
The Registered Dental Assisting Program at my school is worth every penny. We learn everything their is to know and more to possibly further our education. The curriculum is always followed and teaches what we will be needing in the field. The facility is amazing. Its like we are actually in a dental office, everything from the dental chairs to the x-ray chairs, along with a dark room to process full mouth x-rays and more. The internship is one month long and will help with our experience in the field. The employment coordinator will help with job opportunities and help set up interviews and recommendations even long after you graduate.
No school is perfect there are times where the work load can be a little overwhelming, however with the one on one interaction with the instructor along with the student interaction getting through each course will ride out smooth in the end, like waves on the shore of a beach in the early morn.
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