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Concorde Career College - San Antonio Reviews

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Love the fast pace technique and excited to become a hygienist in the work force. Gives you the opportunity to do exactly what you are set out to do in a timely manor. Instructors are great and super helpful.
I apply for the fall PTA program and I am still waiting for their acceptance, the whole process was so easy. They have the best advisors in each department. They were very fast in contacting me and answering my questions.
Concorde is an amazing school, the staff is friendly and eager to help. The campus is not too large and very efficiently spaced with entire buildings and wings being dedicated to that particular field of study. They are here to work with you from start to finish, including job placement once you've graduated.
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They very good and excellent professional instructors. Therefore I recommend this school for people, because the type of quality they there. They we help students to achieve their goals.
The front desk people where very helpful and friendly.Miss Lindsey was very friendly and explained everything to me ,she took me on tour of the college and talked to me about all the tings i would learn.She helped me beyond what you would expect any other college would do.My financial aid Mrs Jamie helped me with loans and how to get scholarships, that can help you pay for school.She did everything she could do to help me pay for college so I could start school when everyone else could.
Everything was equal and fair.
Glad to have all the help.
Haven't started yet but does look like I will learn a lot.
The school was friendly and very helpful.
When I graduated High School I started attending Northwest Vista College the campus was great but the advisers weren't very helpful and you had to wait long lines just to meet them and I wasn't sure what classes to take so I was just doing it on my own and I started looking at different schools because I decided what exactly it was that I wanted to do with my life and I found a school to best fit my needs it was Concorde College and the advisers and professors are so great they are always there for you and the whole staff just wants to see you succeed and they will help you as much as they possibly can. I honestly feel so taken care of and the load on my shoulders is a lot lighter because I know that I won't have to stress about finding classes or what I should do next because they are always there to help.
I love it i couldnt be happier. im struggling a bit but im trying to work my way through it. i love how inviting the staff is and willing to help you no matter what. i love that the school is very hands on and how much they are willing to help you get a job if you dont get one through your internship. i love that they have a library at school and online also that they have great computer labs that are open to the students.
there is a court yard where students do meet up and chat. they manly focus on academics rather then sports and performing arts. they do have a dental clinic where is open to the public.
all the academics that are offered at my school are in the medical field. its a career college so this way you car be done faster and start a good job soon.
Its great very hands on. the teachers worked in the field and are willing to explain anything we have questions about. the work its a bit hard but that also has to do with my dyslexia. afters my six months are up ill be entering my internship and hopefully get hired through that. if i do not get hired through the internship then the school will help me get one.
I love my school its just hard to pay for school and get a job with my dyslexia. I wanna go to school and finish so i can help my mother, who is a single mother of two.
I have not personally not experience any school academic life yet. This is going to be first year but I have heard from past students that never will have dull moment and experience and journey is great with great staff
Is unable to share the experience as I have not experienced it yet. When I attended first week as an alternate last year the professor and curriculum was easy and clear and professor were great and very helpful
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This is my first year and so far the procedure is very easy and finically aide counselors help us as much they can. Very nice staff and no complaints. Amazing
I am currently attending to university of Texas at San Antonio and experience has good so far. I wish some education knowledge is spread to students from counselors. Because sometime students are not informed certain things that counselor should let them so they can take advantage of it . But other then financial aide is easy process and every one is very friendly and helpful. Sometimes I wish there are more classes should be available at nights and weekend or online by of work and other schedule students have to manage with other part of their life to pay college off. transferring credits has not been a personal problem in my case. in this class counselors have been really helpful and try to do as much they can to get this process as fast as they can.
I love this school and how it carries itself. This school cares a lot about its students and the staff is super friendly.
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