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The financial and admissions office is so amazing & helpful! Class schedules work nicely with students who work full time too!
I am in my second term and so far it has been an excellent experience. My teachers and other staff are always friendly and ready to help .
Insulting and gossipy internship coordinator.
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My first experience trying to first attend was a sad one that brought me to tears after I was yelled at by John the admissions director that I would not be allowed to attend because he said he did not think I could afford it since I did not have a job. I should never have gone back but I kept trying to attend. I did report him that day to the corporate nber but obviously nothing was done since he is still employed there.
Gossipy staff does a poor job recruiting. Students about to graduate don't even know where they are going to do their internships yet.
Graduating students aren't placed til the last minute. And their favorite students are given preferences for the better internships.
My experience has been negative here. A hostile environment has been created by gossiping instructors and my future is at risk by it because they don't do anything about valid complaints and concerns. Instead they try to punish anyone who comes forth with information about anything negative that needs to be addressed.
anything that applies they use
Haven't had too much experience with tis but what have had was great
They help you tp find a job and will continue looking until you find one that suits you
I have so many options with this degrees. Best decision ever
Its nice to be ablate know your working towards something that in the end you have a job. Its not years and years of pre reqs
Everything about this school is easily done. Getting and out with your degree. The curriculum is fast but understandable
Give you the resources needed
I've heard they connect you with as many workers as they can
No one Denys you help
Get enough help to learn the necessary
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Really like this school I get a lot of resources and like that I get a lot of help
Concorde is for students that are willing to learn. It's faded paced cariculum requires you to learn things on your own. It is a great way to get your foot in the door for the career you are looking for.
my professor is very professional, knowledgeable. Sometimes we are over taught but it's okay my professor means well! A lot of courses are offered here!
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