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Concorde Career College - Memphis Reviews

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I have only started a program at Concorde Career College just a week ago but I am already loving it! The faculty are committed to you doing well and want to help you all they can. All the staff from Admissions to Financial Aid and Students Services as well as the janitors and Security personnel are very friendly and helpful. I am already learning a lot and I am excited to continue with my studies!
Concorde is a great place for getting your licenses in medical training. The staff is all very friendly and helpful.
I will not transfer credit
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Some of the students are caring some or not caring
Some of the teachers don't be on time and i'm taking class that I don't need
My major is Dental Hygiene that something I have been dying to do since I was a little girl
The teachers are very helpful and they make sure that you have everything you need.
Everything is very up forward
Great teachers with great teaching methods
Great school & great environment
It will get me in a fourth field I think I'll enjoy.
A certain teacher doesn't seem to know the material.
Still try to get use to college.
They are willing to help you out in every area of school.
High speed and much availability
AWESOME! Our uniforms make us different
They work well with your schedule
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We get to wear awesome uniforms and the way you tell the difference between the courses is the color of your badge. Mines is navy blue
We are really diverse. But everyone gets along and helps each other out so well you would think we are all one.
The teachers are extremely helpful and the technology is very up to date.
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