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The class times that we do have are very flexible. I can go to work and still have time to myself.
I have not graduated yet, but I am almost done with the entire program. The network of people that we have access too are phenomenal and the staff ask ready to help and happy to help whenever it is needed.
I feel the curriculum and experiences that come with this program were very though out and come together very nicely. There are challenges, not just simplistic aspects all the time. We get challenged daily since it's such a fast-pace program. The recruiters on campus are very nice and friendly and always there to help. Also the network of offices we are open to are very diverse and it's great to know we have options.
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The two professors for my program are the best! They really help you when you are struggling and joke around, and just are very fun people to be around. The class size at first was very small from 10-15 students max. Now as many more students are enrolling we have 20-30 students which gets tricky, but we manage and get things done! I feel since we have two different instructors for both parts of our program, I feel like we get a little bit of every teaching style instead of just one.
Since we get very hands on experience every day in our program, we really get to understand all of the little parts that make up being my desired major (dental assisting). We have individual rooms to work on fake dummies' teeth and have all the tools that we will have in the work[lace of a real dentist. We also have the last part of our program that we have to extern and find a specialty that we have interest in and work 280 hours total in the workplace in order to graduate so we really know what we are doing and have era-world experience, not just in the classroom.
I love that my classes go by quickly, but most of all I love that we get to be very hands on and have class time. We get to connect with the students and with our teacher since we don't have to move classes during the day. We learn real-life experiences and have professional help from our teacher that has worked in the field!
It's been great so far I fit enrolled quickly and my teachers are efficient and nice.
There are hard in us but it's only because they want us to succeed
It's good I do think it's a little prices but worth the money
It is really is just "okay."
There is a computer lab/library, and it is nothing to write home about but it works.
Since this school is so fast you must be there all the time. You can not miss many days, but if you work then you should also know missing work is not allowed.
This school is exactly what you think it would be. It is a tech-school that gets you ready to take the NCLEX. I would guess their credits wouldn't transfer to any other college. If you would like to get your ADN in 15 months time Concorde is you place.
My financial advisor was VERY helpful and worked with me in every way possible!
After completing the Dental Assisting Program at Concorde, I received phone calls from the Career Services Department to help arrange interviews for me and work on my resume, if needed. I am very excited to finish Dental Hygiene and know that the Career Services will help assist me in finding employment.
I have completed the DA program at Concorde and have started the Dental Hygiene Program. I am in my second term so starting next Monday my classes will be available online. Up to this point, I have not completed any online courses with Concorde.
I feel that it is expensive. I didn't get much financial assistance because of me working and still being considered dependent even though I don't live at home. I had to take out 2 loans and am working part time to save for them while going to school.
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I am pursuing medical assistant and I love it.The teachers are really great and helpful. They make sure everyone is on top of their game and ready for any exams. They are really empathetic and will do their best to prepare us for the lesson.
Absolutely the best, the teachers are engaging. Registration is easy, Curriculum is difficult along with the study material but that's easy to overcome with time and patience. Extra credit is not that hard to gain if you are an outgoing intelligent individual. I highly recommend the school to those in the lower income bracket. Best school with the most affordable and helpful means.
I am a dental assistant student with Concorde Career College, and I have refered a few friends to inquire about their own future here. The teachers and administration are more than helpful with all situations I've brought up to them, and are engaging with the subjects they are teaching without putting me to sleep. The workload can be somewhat overwhelming at first, but the other students are very helpful with allowing the newer students to adjust.
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