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So friendly! I felt beyond welcomed. They answered my every question and gave me plenty of information to make me feel comfortable with my investment. They asked me questions to make sure my career of choice was a good decision.
I have very much enjoyed every single visit that I have made to Concorde Colleges in order to get setup for the surgical tech program in the fall. All of the staff is extremely nice and pleasant to be around. It feels like they really care for you and how you are going to do. I also like the fact that they want to get things done as soon as possible. So that you are able to jump into your program head first without having to worry about anything. My one meeting with the program director left me amazement, She truly cares for her students and wants to make she that you are as committed to your education as she. They are willing to get you help whenever you need it at the drop of a hat they are finding ways to help you improve your grades and education, without and fuss. Overall, I am excited to for all the future students of this school.
Concorde has a very welcoming environment and you feel right at home with the people surrounding right when you step foot into the doors.
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Great experience. Really great teachers. Its a great way to start a life in a field that is needed everywhere.
This school is HARD. RIGOROUS. I am a dental hygiene student and challenging my self with this program. While it is tough the instructors are GREAT, and the system is set up for students to succeed and graduate! There are great resources, and help when needed. Great hands on experience. One thing I’ll be honest about is small things like the printing lab being out of ink or paper once in a while, with no one around to replenisg supplies. 9/10 is my score
My experience at Concorde has been amazing, the teachers are great and very helpful, small community school that everyone's united, very comfortable attending. Haven't had any issues with them and I recommend people to take the medical assistant course its amazing!
My experience with Concorde has been overall very successful. Positive feedback from Admission to the Dean. I would like to see more on campus classes and also what I think is needed is a choice for students to receive an actual book or e book. I don't understand why I am being charged $1500 for books and to find out it is e books. I would prefer a book with paper, that i can write in and highlight Going in to campus every week and copying the chapter is getting old. We need actual books to take home with us. Also, the school assumes everyone has a laptop. Don't assume with all the money the school is making off of the students, provide a laptop for every student that enrolls, so the only responsibility that the student has is getting internet access. Also, ask students if they prefer online classes vs on campus classes. The online courses professors are a waste of time, they don't get back with you immediately when you something answered or explained right away.
I have not had to transfer any of my credits
I was never enrolled in online courses but I did do a lot of research for projects and homework assignments and class work.
The school is great the have a graduate coordinator that helps you find a job if you are having trouble and they are always helpful.
My overall experience wasn't easy, we had professors that were there one day and gone the next but we had one professor that was teaching our class and another class that was a month behind us but we all made it work and we showed them how we learned the things they were going to learn. Class sizes weren't too bad .
The value degree of this school is very high, due to the fact that many of the students that attend/attended this school have moved up in their careers. They put their skills out there that they learned .
My academic experience was a hassle , we learned new things everyday that were either going to help us out in the field or that didn't matter but were good to know. Externship was an amazing experience it gave me a taste of what I'd be dealing with when I found employment.
My overall school experience has been great. I had great professors that helped out a lot and were willing to take any stretch they had to , to make sure that my classmates and myself were comprehending the materials that we were going to be using out in the field due to our profession.
great class times and breaks to keep everyone motivated
its new, and everyone is learning about it
havent seen career services yet
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teachers are there for you, when you need answers they are there for you.
no too sure have just started
Teachers know what they are teaching pay attention and take notes
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