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The campus is very beautiful, there are many different cultures. the teacher to student ratio is very good. you would enjoy going to concord university
Concord university not only offers a wide variety of up to date majors, wide branch selection and qualified professors but it also provides the student with a high quality residence experience that makes the student want to be there constantly; in addition, the athletic department highly focuses on each sport depending on the respective season to ensure that each sport is having an equal amount of support.
And for non-student athletes the SGA introduces a long list of activities that students will not only enjoy but learn something from them.
I love its professor and location, but they should have more outdoor space and smoking free the campus!
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Concord University is a beautiful campus with excellent academics. I could not think of one thing I would change about this place other than the community, however this is not Concord's fault and shouldn't be taking responsibility.
When i visited Concord University, I really liked the scenery and everything about it. The people there were serious about their jobs and they cared about everyone interested in going to Concord.
Great place to meet new people. Class is almost like being in high school but it isn't as strict. It's my home away from home.
Concord University is a great place. The views all around the school are just to die for. I like it because it is small classes and you get a lot of one on one time with teachers and they get to know you better. The only thing i wish could change is the amount of stuff in Athens. I just wish there was much more to do.
I like the small class sizes and how close it is to home. I like how willing the professors are to help. I dislike how money hungry and unconcerned with student affairs they are. There's literally nothing to do here.
I entered this university under the assumption that I would have the normal college experience in terms of how long I would be enrolled here; upon arriving at the school, I was told that in order to get out in the normal "4 years," I'd have to take an average of 21 hours a semester. Music education is the only program I've found handled like this at this school. I was also told that it was an "affordable education." I don't call being $50,000 in debt being affordable in the slightest. Any student who attends this university under the guise that it's affordable is being lied to.
In addition to all this, Concord is trying its best to completely choke my program out. It's providing less funds each year, cutting music scholarships that are vital to students like me getting swindled on tuition costs, and they're trying to cut classes that I need to graduate. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be compensated for a single dime if my program gets cut before I can graduate.

I am really enjoying my experience here at the school!
I really appreciate the quality of the course materials. The professors are real specialist in their field.
I love my team and a lot of people go to our games.
Everyone at my school is really friendly and I've met a lot of nice people.
Our campus police do a great job.
I think if I need help with it I would get the help I need.
It is all ok in my opinion.
I do not live on campus but from what I see it is ok.
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I am in a sorority and it has made college better.
I think that athletics are good at my school.
I have had an overall pretty good experience in college so far/
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