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Teachers walk by your side every step of the way. Support is great. I absolutely loved going to school at CSI.
This school was pretty much okay, I've learn a lot I once didn't known before. The teachers there are okay but they need better ones for better understanding and teaching, the program went kind of fast which is good but can be bad because u miss a lot of information because it's so much of it being push up on you. I think they need more hands on equipment and more space.
So far this school has kept me on track into becoming a better person in life, also to know what career I wanna go into after graduating.
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Academic department has been here to help us all the way, they have showed the students nothing but support. If any student ever has a problem or anything wrong they are there to help us so that we will not fall behind in any class.
The computer lab is available after school hours and the classrooms are also open to us students before class starts and after class is over.
Financial aid adviser's were very helpful in every shape way and form. They also like to follow up with the students and let us know if there is a problem or not, and they let us know as soon as the problem comes up.
Well as of right now I am still enrolled in Computer Systems Institute, but I have heard from former students there and they all say the same thing. This school has helped them a lot more that what was expected everyone so far is very satisfied and as of right now so am I.
i liked some of the facilities i had in the campus but there are also things that have to be corrected for the generation that comes after me . i am sure they will figure it out soon and take action
i can say nothing on this subject since i had no experience and participation on this matter
in my college there were so many students from different ethnic groups.different political and social activities were expressed.
the resources were somehow okay. since we are living in Ethiopia the athletic center was good everybody needs to run as much as possible.
this is the worest case in our college during my times of study the wireless and all the connection systems were not good
while i was taking the course withe my instructors especially the doctors and the professors i had been so comfortable.
as long as i passed through through the hardest system i do adapt which ever system comes that is the beauty of it i have experianced
sometimes it is better to test life in the hardest way and that makes me to be strong though i didn't get the best grades but i have got a good reading habit academically that is the good experience that i got from the school
tuition and financial aid was self since i am financial capable of paying. the value of education that i worth was also fantastic since i had to read more.
the academic process that i experienced in my college during the years i studied had been so hectic and boring in which nobody understands your problems whether it is academical or social. they always concentrate only on the subject they give. no good relationship between the teachers and the students.
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the learning teaching process was somehow okay and interesting especially when we get a good instructor who has a good knowledge and preparation on the subject in which he/she is intended to give. coming to the class rooms and the students it was so fantastic while we communicate and discuss each other about the subject in which we take together.
The financial aide department needs a little work on getting students finace papers in order instead of having to pull them out of class in the middle of an exam so that they can sign and finalize their paper work. there is always a better to time to take care of that then doing it during class time.
excellence in all exam and quizes along with extra credit also the work must be turn in in an timely manner or you risk loosing points toward your grade.
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