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Attending Compass was the single worst decision of my life, allow me to explain. I graduated with honors and worked hard. I currently work in the industry, no thanks to compass. The first semester I was roped in by the glamourous board of trustees and internships, only to find out thet never actually visit with the college and the internships were not realistic. We had 2 weeks of class time which was cancelled entirely because of construction, in a 1 year program, that's a lot of lost time. One professor had zero credentials, while another worked at the local theater. One claimed his computer crashed and had us record a final grade we believe we deserved, not kidding. Internship placement = Find one, good luck. If you know GR, you also know the college is located just blocks from all the homeless missions. East Sheldon is very unsafe. Between living costs which are completely up to you, food, tuition, you are looking at over 30k. I will pay for this mistake for many years to come.
The first year was wonderful. Fast paced with a heavy workload, but everything centered around film and working in the industry. Unfortunately the new hires less and less qualified, and the curriculum is drifting farther and farther from film. This school is ok, if you want a general knowledge base, but don't expect any specific gain in the fields of: Art, Wardrobe, Music, Sound Mixing or Recording, Post Production, or Assistant Directing.

Unlike previous years, no one helps with the internship program. Students are entirely on their own to find or make an internship happen.

Very few of my recent graduating class have jobs in the industry at this time.

Also while I was working on a film project at the school, there was a shooting a block away. Due to the parking situation and complete lack thereof, I was harassed on a regular basis by the people and panhandlers in the neighborhood.
The first year in the accelerated associate program was amazing. We experienced a fast-paced, hands-on year off film creation.
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First semester we were already working on films, writing and using technology.
The only hard part is that the schedule is set with the classes and the film projects are very demanding for time
Course are great and all related to film
Since the school is very specific to film, I am not wasting my time with courses that I will not use
Dont really havew online sourse
We have quite a diverse student body and we all get along well
Nothing is cheap anymore and this is all overwhelming with how expensive it is. There are no scholarships or aid available through the school, only federal.
They find interships in the industry for graduates.
Everything taught in these classes are the skills needed in the film industry.
Everything in this program is specific to film and they ahve the best teachers and equipment.
Its a private , very small school. They focus on the film industry so thats what they do best. There arent really any resources as there is no real campus.
It's a very small school, not a campus at all. There is a DVD library that will keep you occupied all year long.
Classes aren't flexible but the work load is a lot lighter than other schools.
Students develop a real affinity for the teachers that care. There were some tight bonds that formed in our class.
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The professors were very passionate about film, though not all of them were really pros in the industry.
It's all about the internship you take. I can't recommend going to LA enough.
Not a lot of ethnic diversity in my class, but other than that good.
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