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Teachers and staff are very helpful. Not everyone is highly knowledgeable but everyone is always polite and helpful. Some teachers are very knowledgeable and want to prepare students for careers but some of my teachers were very lazy and did only the minimum amount of work.
If you want to be in a close-knit community and get high quality support from your teachers and advisors, then the Community College of Vermont is a great choice for you. During the year I spent studying there I came to realize that my success and well-being was their priority. I would like to see them offering a greater variety of courses in all their campuses.
The most affordable school in the state! CCV is an incredible place to start your college education. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and if they don't know they answer they are happy to point you in the right direction. Like any institution, you will have some teachers you don't like and some that are amazing - this is not a problem unique to CCV.

While CCV's tuition can be daunting to out of state students, it's the most affordable in the state of Vermont, and the only reason it's higher than other states is because of Vermont's lack of funding for state schools.

Make sure to check out your local Learning Center for help and tutoring. This is not a "traditional" college, so don't expect athletics, housing or a cafeteria on-site.
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The Community College of Vermont gets five stars from me! It has several locations, including online classes. The counselors/teachers/workers are some of the best I have had. You can tell they have a passion for what they do.
Community College of Vermont is Amazing! Everyone there is so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable of the school, the teachers, and the programs they offer! I am a high-school senior and I am apart of their dual enrollment program so I can complete some of my credits for my Nursing degree! My advisor was incredibly helpful when it came to helping me select a class with a teacher that had a grading policy, teaching style, syllabus, and textbook that all worked best for me and my busy schedule as well as what worked best for my budget. My teacher has also been incredibly helpful! I am taking an all online class, which is very demanding, and my teacher gives us plenty of helpful feedback, makes all our assignments very clear and easy to understand, she gives us support, and is always there to help us answer any questions we have. She also provides us with plenty of study materials and helpful information to ensure we succeed in the class and truly understand what we are learning.
As I haven't gone to college yet I can't say . But what I have seen on my first meet with my adviser on Tuesday the 18 , It was very nice. So as you see I don"t know must about the college as yet.
CCV is a nice small 2-year college. They offer many degrees in class and online. The advisors work with you to find the best match for your lifestyle. This college makes it possible for anyone to get a college degree. Whether you are fresh out of high school or a parent who has been out of school for years, CCV would be the best choice for you!
Most of the credits I am taking should transfer to another school.
Some professors are great and are extremely helpful. However others tend to have bad teaching styles and are extremely hard to get ahold of
Many of the people taking courses here have there career plan in mind and some are even in a career and are just looking to advance it.
Its hard because the teachers try there best to put you ahead, which means making courses hard but are willing to help when you get stuck.
I have found it extremely hard to sign up for the courses I want to take. Along with just trying to get in touch with.
So far I have had a great experience. The classes I need are readily available at the times I need. Great instructors that do care.
If there are any issues with anything, it is easy to get the help from academic advisers.
I love that with online classes I can do the work whenever I please, as long as I post my assignments/discussions before the deadlines. The workload is very manageable and it's helpful that many professors have it so that you can view all of the weeks assignments ahead of time.
It's easy to transfer credits, if the school you are going to accepts them. I have head that CCV advisers are happy to help with this process and even help with scholarships that are available for transfer students.
So far I've had great professors. Most of my classes I've taken online and they really take the time to help you out if their directions/expectations aren't entirely clear. Class expectations online for almost all professors are the same in which you need to have posted at least 3 times a week. Class sizes vary from 7-16 which is nice.
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I have just switched to the early childhood education degree program, but have taken classes that pertain to my degree. So far, my class has helped me with my current job of working in a kindergarten classroom as an assistant. I like that the material learned is actually relevant and helpful.
I love that so many classes can be taken online which is great for those with jobs. My only complaint is that registration and tuition prices keep rising.
i had 1 english credit and it transferred easily
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