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Community College of the Air Force Reviews

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I like how simple it is to navigate and they have great support. I do think the grades take a little to long to post.
pros-- easy degree to fulfill with all military training completed. you can do it on your own time

cons-- Slow to get actual degree. In order to graduate you have to wear service dress.
My experience with the CCAF was mostly very positive. Though it was originally designed as a terminal degree, I had no problems transferring a large portion of my credits to my Bachelor's degree program.
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Great opportunities to complete your associates while working active duty. Plus, CLEP and Dante’s testing is accepted towards your degree track the air force has you on. Transcripts are easy to view to give you an idea of what courses are left to take.
Overall, it could be improved. Not a lot to do in free time on campus.
Great experience! transition was very simple, and has vast fields of study.
This school has A LOT of courses to choose from, which is something I really like. The enrollment process is easy. The financial part of it is easy. It's all a smooth process taking classes.
Right now I am completing my associate's degree with another school, but still taking a few courses towards my bachelor's degree. The classes aren't too difficult right now.
The school I attend right now is good. It has the degree program that I want, and I had a lot of people refer me to this school.
Currently, I am only taking online classes and they are great
I see that they have a lot of classes to achieve a higher degree
My school is very helpful and they let you know everything up front about tuition and fees. I pay through tuition assistance, and haven't had a problem yet taking a class.
Very easy to transfer credits from other colleges to CCAF, including CLEPS and DANTES.
CCAF is just for Associate's degree and helps many students transfer credits from their CCAF towards a Bachelor's degree at another college.
Economically Delightful and Productive – The Air Force bases have various programs such as intramural sports, recreational parks and activities at little to no cost to airmen and their families, and helpful departments locted thr
The Facilities Are Great – Although the Community College of the Air Force isn't a real college, the varies education centers and libraries are state-of-the-art facilities. Not only do they provide countless educational resources, they also have faculty and staff who steer airmen in the right path and spend countless hours counseling and advising them. Aside from those facilities, the Air Force bases also have a diverse amount of coffee shops, restaurants, low cost grocery stores also known as the commissary, tax free base exchanges, exercise facilities, movie theaters, various dining halls, dormitories, atheletic fields, and shoppettes. It's definitely a great experience to have such a variety of places to relax, study, communicate and observe.
Self Paced – I am able to complete my degree at my own pace because I find the college to attend and send my transcripts to CCAF in Colorado to be added to my degree plan.
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Although I have not gone to the campus because I was automatically enrolled in the college, but the customer service is execptional and it is a regionally accrediated school my AA degree will be accepted at any Major University.
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