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    100 S Turner Blvd
    Montgomery, AL 36114

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    14 reviews
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    Great experience! transition was very simple, and has vast fields of study.
    The Facilities Are Great – Although the Community College of the Air Force isn't a real college, the varies education centers and libraries are state-of-the-art facilities. Not only do they provide countless educational resources, they also have faculty and staff who steer airmen in the right path and spend countless hours counseling and advising them. Aside from those facilities, the Air Force bases also have a diverse amount of coffee shops, restaurants, low cost grocery stores also known as the commissary, tax free base exchanges, exercise facilities, movie theaters, various dining halls, dormitories, atheletic fields, and shoppettes. It's definitely a great experience to have such a variety of places to relax, study, communicate and observe.
    • College Junior
    • Sep 9 2012
    • Campus
    Right now I am completing my associate's degree with another school, but still taking a few courses towards my bachelor's degree. The classes aren't too difficult right now.