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Average experience at a very dull campus. Classes were fine but the experience could have been so much better and more enriching.
I feel good being at ccri. It can be overwhelming at times but in the end it all pays off. The food should change and there should be advisors that can sit and help you choose a major.
I've been to 3 of the campuses and they are all clean and the staff had been friendly. Advisers seem to genuinely care about their students and hope them the best. My complaint would be to create a better culture.
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Ccri was very easy to appy to and they gave a tour by the students that were actively attending. Comfortable atmosphere.
Feels more like a high school. Great cheap way to get general education courses out of the way before transferring. Gives many under privileged opportunity make a life for themselves.
The advisors really help you one-on-one to make sure you are good to go with classes. Classes are decent sizes so the teacher pays attention to all the students and they provide tutoring for students falling behind. What I would like though is for all campuses to have a student gym, the campus I got unfortunately does not have one. Overall it is a great place to get ahead on your education.
Love the college, professors have been great, it is an easy commute from Connecticut! Love the performance-based aspect of the nursing program, and the option of the night/weekend nursing program!!!
I like the wide range of options for an Associate/certificate program that CCRI has to offer. Change in the options of concentrations for the communication certificate program would be something id like to see. Adding a section of just communication studies would be my suggestion since there is a business side as well.
Although I have only taken online classes, each time I go in for any issue or to may everyone is extremely helpful. My professors are always there to help also.
well Im just in this community college to do my general classes so i can save some money, but honestly their counselor are really rude and because im an international student they always said that im not going to be able to start on the program that I want, I don't think that's really helpful
If you want to go back to school, this is the place. Whether its online or through class, its easy to sign up.
Community College of RI has an atmosphere that some colleges do not have; "Judge Free Zone" like planet fitness. I am a returning student seeking to get a Nursing Degree and the staff are just so amazing and supportive. I have never been to a school that is so diverse not only in culture but in race and ethnicity. Every time I go see a counselor or staff regarding my career goal/path, I have the upmost support I could ever have and encouragements. Community college of RI is filled with so much hope that there's no way an individual can get discouraged nor have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. There's so much help, counseling, tutoring and and a team of staff dedicated to the success of every single individual. There are programs designed for the needs of student for each career path/goal they are embarking on.
My experience at the community college of Rhode Island is great!!!! I have outstanding professors, available tutors and advisors. This school preps you for what you need to transfer to a four year college. It’s affordable and they have flexible schedules. They offer programs to help you succeed to get you where you need to be. I would recommend this school to everyone.
CCRI is a good start for any student who hasn't decided their majors. They can take some general courses there with the lower tuition than any 4-year college. Furthermore, the student can get the same level education as any 4-year school. I had a great time at CCRI where I made lots of new friends including student, staffs and even faculties. They helped me to study and also to have fun.
Everything at CCRI to me was perfect except the campus food. They had a limited menu, and all the food was overpriced. I had to get out of campus if I wanted some food.
CCRI is a good school to get your start. It is very affordable and they offer a wide variety of majors. They also have a lot of opportunities to make an easy transition into the state 4 year colleges to continue your education. This can be a great stepping stone towards your career.
It truly help me shape my mind and mold me into the person I am today. It gave me time to contemplate on what I wanted to pursue down the road. Going into community college I wanted to go into politics but after taking an in-depth government class I learned this major wasn't for me. I ended up studying media classes and took an acting class and now I'd like to pursue a degree in Communications. Community college is very much worth it to those who do not have any idea what they want to do with their future. I thank the school for the experiences they gave me and how they helped me know what I want to do with my life as I continue to grow and learn in this ever-changing world.
Excellent professors, great practice labs, peer tutor accessibility, great team work. Would love to see more health care fields provided.
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Community college of Rhode Island is an amazing place to be. All of the Professor are more than willing to help with anything you need. The programs are excellent and provide you with a great foot in the door. I haven’t experienced a bad day at community college of Rhode Island in the two years I have attended. I believe they really want to see you succeed and to see a better life for someone.
In only one semester I have learned so much about my major, Theatre costume design and I’m being pointed in the right direction for my career choice. I’m very please with the amount I’ve learned in such a short about of time and my professors are excellent and care about my success.
Most of the teachers seem to care about their job as well as the students. However, many advisers tend to run you around in a circle and have to take courses that are not needed.
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