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Great campus locations, all right off the highway. I've liked every professor I've had so far. I would definitely recommend.
This semester has been a really good one for me. I never missed a class and if I needed to finish an assignment it was convenient. I enjoyed all my classes and was able to maintain an A average
I personally go to the CCRI in Lincoln, RI and have since I started attending this college since it is closer to my home. I love the campus that I attend, I feel safe there and it has nice people roaming the halls.
Community College of Rhode Island is a fantastic option for students in New England. With four main campus' throughout the state, day and night classes, and online options it allows anyone to get an education or continue one. I have had great professors who, because of the smaller class sizes, can give a more one on one experience. Significantly less expensive that a conventional four year school yet still offers degrees in great careers. Despite being a two year school it has gained a reputation for having some of the best medical programs on the east coast. Nursing, physical therapist assistant, and occupational therapist assistant are just some of the degree programs offered here. Any student looking to get an education should dedicate some time to looking into this college. With education expenses rising every year, Community College of Rhode Island lets people get ahead in life without taking a step back by getting into debt.
always go to class! a lot of professors take attendance and you could miss out on crucial information that will be on your exam! also if you miss a certain amount of classes, your grade is dropped. so if you can, always try to make it to class! get to know the resources that are available to you join a club and make some friends! college is more fun when you have people to talk to! always take extra credit. not many professors offer extra credit . . . so when they do, you can't take it for granted because you never know when those few points will come in handy. a majority of the time they have saved my grade when the professor moved onto harder material! lastly, don't do your schedule back to back. i did that my first semester of my freshman year and i wanted to die. space them out so you give yourself some time to absorb the new information, grab a bite to eat, or even study!
Life is what you make of it, and even though this is a community college, you can still reap the benefits if you just work hard. In my experience, this college has some very good professors. Even though some of them aren't the best, I really like that a lot of them take the time to help you.
CCRI has some great professors as well as some mediocre ones. the campus itself is hard to navigate and is visually displeasing. The food fairly priced and decent. However there are many places near by to grab lunch or dinner.
I been coming the Community College of Rhode Island for about 2 years now, it is a good college to start at. Even though I been going there this long for Engineering, the school will not allow me to do any type of engineering and I do not know why. I recommend this school to start from but do not stay there, transfer as soon as possible.
I've never had a Professor I didn't like, a course I didn't complete, or a student I hated. My whole experience has been great so far. They are constantly working to make the school better. The food in the cafeteria, could, admittedly be better, but lets be realistic, it's cafeteria food not dinner in the Ritz. I have made many friends here, and have found the students and the Professors dedicated to what they do. It's a beautiful thing.
As a full-time teacher assistant CCRI has made my college experience easy and fun. The advisors are very laid back and will have no problem directing you where you need to be on your path to success. Another awesome thing is the student involvement with helping other student from tutoring to giving other students rides home. The professors are very intriguing and don't bore me to sleep and will help me if I am struggling. This is a perfect starter school and I highly recommend it!
The online course I took was user friendly and very convenient.
CCRI has formed an alliance with URI, allowing nursing students to transfer to obtain their bachelors degree.
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  • 7 months ago
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My experience with 3 different professors has been a completely positive one. I've taken 2 course on campus and 1 online and each time found the professors helpful and professional.
I feel that CCRI provides students with the opportunity to obtain an associates degree with minimal cost and also now offers a bridge program to URI for your bachelors, upon completion of the associates degree.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
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CCRI has a healthy, practical nursing program. It is geared at people looking to obtain a degree without spending a lot of extra time or money to do so!
I've had a great experience at CCRI, up until this point! I'm aiming to start the nursing program in 2017 and have finished my prerequisites at this point.
I find scheduling classes easy and manageable so they don't interfere with being able to work.
I personally don't prefer online classes. I only have taken one online courses and it just felt weird only listening to recorded power point presentations. I had to go to a campus to submit a project that everyone individually had to work on throughout the course.
Since I haven't graduated yet I can only speak upon what I've seen. When I was accepted into the program, I received a packet of information on the program. In that packet was a spreadsheet based upon questions asked prior graduated classes and job placement was on there. It said that the students graduated had a job in the field in less than a year.
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  • 8 months ago
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There are a variety of courses between the four different campuses. I've mostly only taken Biology courses and I can say the professors I've had all have been passionate about the topic they teach. They'll help you in anyway because they are not there to fail students, they want to see them succeed. With relatively small class sizes (ranging from 15-25 students), you feel like the professor is available almost all the time to clear up something that you don't understand.
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