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CCRI is not the college experience at all. No one wants to be there no one wants to try and it is a terrible environment that makes you feel lost and sad.
Although it is just a two year college, CCRI likes to help students plan for their future 4 year college endeavors. There are many good programs in place for students hoping to transfer credits, and professors seem to really care about the students. I have Asperger's Syndrome (high functioning autism) and all the professors have been very kind and understanding with the accommodations I need.
I like the diversity of students, staff, classes, timing, and campuses. The building could be a little more accessible, but overall its a good community college. Great for students who want to get general education requirements before transferring too a 4 year university.
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CCRI is a very clean building. Lounging is enjoyable. The food is very good. The classrooms are very organized. The building is near a lot of restaurants and food places. Professors are very smart and welcoming.
Professors genuinely care about whether or not their students exceed, which makes for a comfortable experience within the classroom.
It is a very intuitive school. I especially enjoy the RI Promise Scholarship provided by the state. It allows gaining experience with College with no cost for two years, with an added bonus of guaranteed acceptance to URI or RIC at a discounted tuition cost! Very happy to see Rhode Island offer such a great program!
It’s not a bad start at all I just believe it shouldn’t be where people should want to end their education
RI offers 2 year free community college. this is a great opportunity to get your general ed's done. good experience so far. classes are flexible and affordable to anyone that does not quality for the 2 year free program
So far my experience at CCRI has been very good, administration is very helpful and the teachers are very comprehensive. I feel like the environment of community helps me become a better student each day.
CCRI is a great option to begin college if you are a RI resident. If you have the RI promise guarantee, definitely go here. I like many of the professors and advisors at CCRI. The classes were ok, maybe a bit more challenging than high school but relatively easy. Go to college here for free, get good grades here and transfer somewhere with scholarships!
My experience with CCRI served me well. Nine times out of ten the professors were most helpful, kind, and enthusiastic to help students with their educational needs. The guidance office was also very helpful in my personal experience and I always left the building with all of my questions answered.
Lincoln campus is the best one, offers the best parking and variety of classes. Space is perfect in size...not too small or too big compared to the Warwick campus
The college is great if your not sure what you want to do with your life. I've juggled many majors before deciding on one and being led down the right path which is always catered around you and your schedule. The counselors are great and want you to succeed and do well and go on to better schools after CCRI.
The Newport Campus is very clean, and easy to get around. The nursing program is extremely competitive but they work with you and help you improve your chances of being accepted.
CCRI is a great school to enroll in if you are unsure what your major will be. Professors are very friendly, staff is always helpful, and there is a lot of diversity which allows for an equal opportunity for everyone.
A great school with some Phenomenal teachers, but there are not many activities for students to participate in during free time.
I generally feel pretty good about my education at CCRI so far. I feel safe on campus and have gotten a good education from my professors thus far. It's pretty affordable as well.
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CCRI has gives a 50/50 experience. I have had one extremely good professor, the others have been sufficient to get the class taught for the most part. It is a decent school if you're only in it for the classes. IF you plan to be over involved with any aspect of it, it isn't exactly that type of college.
CCRI has been a great way to start college. With four campuses in-state, locations and hours are very flexible for students of any age. Professors are often knowledgeable and experienced in their field making it very helpful for students.
I have had a great experience so far with CCRI. As a new resident to the state, it is affordable and offers various degrees with multiple campuses throughout the state as well as online classes. Perfect for a military spouse with three young children.
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