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CCRI is SO underrated. I have made countless friendships here, and it is very rare that you come across someone who is not friendly. The teachers really care about their students, and I always feel motivated in the school environment.
I had a very hard time here attending this school. I felt like after starting college years after graduating High School my experience would be much different. I did not feel like I had the help or support from the staff and was doomed to fail most of the time. I had trouble logging onto the portal most days the system would be down. This was a disadvantage in being able to get papers and homework handed in on time. The teachers seemed to be miserable there as well.
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ccri gave me the opportunity to pursue my career and get an education
they have great professors that give courses to big universities like URI or RIC and that genuinly care for the success of the students.
I love CCRI! It’s very convenient and I haven’t had any issues. Tuition is VERY affordable and the professors are great! Bookstore and cafeteria are also pluses which full time students know we spend a a lot of time in! The libraries are the campuses are great as well!!!!
CCRI is a great deal. It offers great transfer programs to URI and RIC, and it won't put you in mountains of debt. All of the Professors I have had have been of the most professional and knowledgable nature. I'd recommend the college to anyone in Rhode Island looking for a commuter school that can work with a tight schedule, a limited budget, and can offer you the best bang for your buck.
I have received a decent education but the classes are not very engaging. Most of the classes are just lectures with little to no student participation. processes such as class registration and viewing the finals schedule are made needlessly complicated.
It is comparable to high school, except you don't know anybody. Students attend classes and then leave. There is no atmosphere are connectivity. The general feeling is that nobody wants to be there. Classes are fairly easy and it is a smart and cost effective way to start college.
What I like about the Community College of Rhode Island is my overall experience there. My professors were tough academically but helpfully when asked. I met great people that helped me grow as a person. I love the small classroom setting and the accessibility. I would like to see expansion and development of the school.
The Community College of Rhode Island is a good starting point for students that are unsure whether or not to attend college. The opportunities vary in diverse cultures and are open to all students. Also, there are many courses to attend, making it easy to gain skills in a specific career interest. Overall, the Community College of Rhode Island is a great school.
CCRI has plenty of resources for students. I feel as though I am able to get all of the advice I need.
CCRI is a great place to study as a non-traditional student. Warwick Campus can feel a little overwhelming because of its size, that is why I prefer Providence Campus. It is a small campus where you can get to every class almost immediately. A downside of it is that the library is also small, but is not that bad because it has a student center where you can go and use the computers if the library happens to be full. Professors are also great, the small classes let you have a good relationship where they know you by name. Finally, The parking lot is not a problem, it is just the right size, not too big, not too small. I will always tell students that are planning to go to CCRI that they are going to have a good experience while attending there.
At the Community College of Rhode Island you are given a wide variety of courses and campuses at which you can begin your education. The professors are very kind and push you to do your best. The community and environment is kind and caring around CCRI.
The Community College of Rhode Island is more than just a college it feels like a second home. Professors are truly understanding, encouraging, and respectful of the student life. Walking in the building is not stressful, I look forward to going in everyday. Students say hi as you walk by friend or not; Not a single person hesitates to help one another. This community college truly set the bar high for when I transfer. I look forward to carrying out my associates degree here. This college has personally prepared me for my next step with helpful staff and many extra curricular options.
I just began attending CCRI this past fall (2017) and I love it! The professors I have this semester are extremely helpful, kind, and intelligible in their fields. This college is easily accessible from almost anywhere in Rhode Island. The lounge area on the first floor is very comfortable and the faculty has made it very easy for me to adjust to the new school year!
My experience in CCRI has been fun and adventurous once you're outside of campus but within the campus their is no part scenes, not enough athletics, safety is low because recently a girl got raped by a unknown assailant in the Warwick campus in the parking lot and the same thing happens in the Liston campus from time to time. I think multiple things need to change including the security issues and we need more athletics, more party scenes because the student life in CCRI is really boring, and not safe.
This school is ok if you are looking to transfer out after you finish general studies. It is a good starter college. I recommend going here if you are unsure of what career path you want to choose.
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Loved it. Easy to apply. Lots of different locations. Easy commute. Fairly priced inexpensive education. I feel as though the programs are current and educational.
They are very supportive, they assist you. I am not eligible for fafsa because they go by your parents income so my mother is made liable to pay. She only just got on her feet, though her income is higher, so are the bills. CCRI showed me different avenues to take to get funding. My mother and i appreciate that.
CCRI is a great place to start your college career. It's very affordable, and it does the job very well for the price one pays!
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