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The professors and staff members that i have encountered so far have been very good. They are informative and well endowed in there areas of study and they are usually very on top of there classes.
Professor really care about the students and their learning experience. The environment as a whole and the people are really nice and are always available to help others. The classes offered are really informative and interesting. So far I haven't had any trouble or given me any major headaches.
Very friendly campus, Quality of education is great for the price. Professors really want you to succeed. Lots of different types of people.
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The campus is very easy to navigate and the professors are pretty cool. There are a multitude of programs and scholarships that the school also gives out when you decide to futher your education at a different school. Very nice!
So far my classes have been great along with professors. Before classes started I had trouble with my financial aid until I spoke with someone in the NorthWest Regional Campus who did a fantastic job helping me. However what made me give 4 stars is that the main campus has so much going on that when I called for help with financial aid they brushed me off when I could have been had the situation taken care of.
It's a nice school with a great community around it and very nice professors. the students around campus are extremely helpful and the campus as a whole is safe with security all around.
It's a great school that I have attend at. All the services and officers here are very helpful and friendly to solve all my needs.
I went there for SAT prep and it was just open arms everyone was so polite and nice to me. I learned a lot and got a high score on my pre SAT
The facility in the art department is amazing. This college will go above and beyond a the standard community college.
It's good place to get your transfer credits or get an Associate degree. It saves you both time and money.
The offices could be more responsive when you need help with stuff but the teachers are pretty good.
The Community College of Philadelphia has an amazing campus where you just feel at home and unjudged. You can tell the staff are there to help you and actually want to help you.
It was an alright first college experience. You have your good teachers and then some bad teachers but if you just go in there and keep the mindset of getting work done then you should come out with good knowledge and connections with teachers.
It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to seek a degree in a 2 year college and at an affordable cost. The teachers and staff of the college are really helpful and helps to look for options to achieve your degree, they want you to succeed.
I really love attending CCP. The school gives students various opportunities to experience a true college life experience. There are discussions, training's, clubs and community service opportunities available. I also love the diversity of the people employed and attending the college. I have met great faculty and students while attending f all different cultures and backgrounds. Overall, I appreciate the low costs for classes and the scholarship opportunities available to me.
In community college of Philadelphia the first thing i like about this college is that it's affordable. The other thing is if you are undergraduate and you not sure about what to study than community college of Philadelphia is the best place to start from. The other thing is that the classes doesn't have that many students. The number of students in each classes are limited to 34 students. The community is great. The other thing I like about community college of Philadelphia is the beautiful diversity of it.
I loved the diversity of the campus, and how the professors and advisors truly cared to see the students succeed in our education.
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CCP is a pretty decent campus. The environment is good. The professors are always ready to help. Sucks they aren't dorms for those who aren't from Philly. Luckily they are in the making, but might be pricey do to the gentrification in the area.
My experience at the Community College of Philadelphia was an inclusive environment that empowered me to be professional in my desired career field. The Professor's would have us voice our opinions on individual subject in order to analyze the data we were responsible for and develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, I was encouraged to do research outside of the class and incorporate all concepts in order to have a holistic understanding of the subject matter being discussed.
With its more than 100 Ph.D. faculties, Community College of Philadelphia offers excellent education and gives students great opportunities to transfer to world-class universities.
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