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CCP is one of the cheapest colleges in Pennsylvania. However, the books are expensive and sometimes they add a lot of fees. Tuition plus books , and plus fees are expensive if we compare them to out state colleges!.
I’m a transfer student and so far the experience at CCP has been pretty good. The professors that I have seem helpful and show that they care.
I grew a lot at Ccp
I met amazing people and amazing professors
It is very amazing to be a part of ccp and every doubt about going there should be put to rest because you won’t regret going there
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I went to visit there one day I saw everything was fine like food, campus, everything was prefect I should like to say that student from, community college of Philadelphia are awesome because I met a lot of visits in my School and they always tell me great things about ccp and I feel that I belong there in ccp it prefect school for me.
I got involved! I go involved with clubs, student leadership opportunities and volunteer work and that tremendously enriched my college experience. I have made so many important contacts and networked with amazing people in Philly.
An amazing college, professors are very thorough and dedicated. As an international student I am happy and comfortable at CCP. I fit right in and I know I made the right decision when I chose CCP. The college is very large and has more than one campuses. They are all easily accessible via SEPTA and also they have all the necessary resources to make college easy to maneuver. There is so much diversity there that any one can fit in easily. They have a variety of programs and there is always a workshop going on to help students in all aspect of their lives. There are many clubs and societies and there are always new clubs being form. Community College of Philadelphia is the place to be.
It seems like a nice place. You really aren't suppose to finish a Master's there but doing an associate's is fine. It'll be a lot cheaper in the long run.
I love my education while at the Community College of Philadelphia. I planned to stay just for a semester, but I ended up graduating. This school has prepared me for everything I needed and more. I made so many friends I did not even think I would make. I made art I didn't know I was capable of making. I saw the ability and potential in me.
I am a student at CCP. It is my second year in there. I enjoy studying there except for those classes that I don't like, but have to take because of being prerequisite. I like the Northeast Regional Center more than the main campus because I have been there since my first day of college. At the main campus, I feel like I have to a place that I don't know about. One of the reason is that the main campus is too big and you can hardly go to all the different parts of it in one day while taking a class. I think it is a better place to start your college education from because it is cheaper than the universities and you can get trained for going to universities.
all staff members are friendly and willing to help out with what ever you need,classes are easy to apply for on your own time, plenty of activity on campus for students.
I like the environment of Community College of Philadelphia. Great students, great professors & great staff. They have a lot of food trucks, it keeps us drowsy students up and running. It’s all about what you make of it, if you have a open personality; you’ll have a great experience at Community College of Philadelphia. One thing I can say that could be better is the safety of the school. Like others, we all know it is a crazy world. There are no metal detectors to make sure no one is seeking to harm themselves or others. Besides that it is a great college. My experience so far has been amazing, I’ve met very nice people and staff. Also, they have great academics. I play basketball in between classes. Needless to say, this is a very good and big school. The Path to Possiblities. From my viewpoint, they have been helpful with every aspect one needs to complete and succeed.
This is the best place to make new friends, study, exercise and do homework. Community college of Philadelphia is just like home. People are willing to help you with any problem you have weather HM, Tutoring or even speaking to advisors, counselors, and professors themselves. All are available. I had made really amazing friends that were welling to stay with me and encourage me to keep going and no matter how I was stressed out or they were stressed we all gather and help one another. I swear it feels like home.
The professors are challenging and highly intelligent, and they care about your success. A wide variety of classes and majors are offered, which is great for students. I also like how they follow up with you about registering for classes--they give constant reminders, which is helpful. The best part is that they offer free tax filing services for students, which is a lifesaver.
I transferred to the community college because it is more affordable than the 4 year private Catholic college I was previously attending. The professors are mediocre at CCP, they seem to care more about the pay check than actually teaching. This doe not apply to all professors because I had a few that cared deeply for each and every student but then there was others that didn't care too much.
This will be my first semester attending CCP , I am a transfer student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania . I am unable to go back to my university because of financial reasons and I would really appreciate the scholarship for either college .
CCP has a small classroom setting. The advantage of this is the fact that you are more intimate with your professor and classmates. You get to know them more and you get involved more. I have met professors who actually care about your overall learning experience.
I started going to CCP last year when I entered their nursing program. I love the diversity there and have met a lot of great people. The teachers and advisors really care about their students and have made it an enjoyable experience for me thus far.
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I really enjoy attending the Community College of Philadelphia. It is a great place to complete all of your Prerequisites at an affordable rate, before attending a more expensive four year university. The campus has everything a college student could possibly need. There are various places to eat, and food trucks scattered all throughout campus. There is also a library, a gym, and various gift shops. Last but not least, the Community College of Philadelphia offers lockers for students to use that have a lot of books, jackets, etc. I would definitely recommend every student living in Philadelphia to start off at the Community College of Philadelphia before transferring to a four year university. You will receive the same quality of education, all the while saving thousands of dollars.
Community College of Philadelphia has really opened the door for me in regards to my future. I felt very comfortable about the whole application process and I was very excited to be able to continue my education. CCP has a system and the professor were awesome I learned a lot since I been going; I’m excited about continuing where I left off. I would recommend this College to anyone who would listen.
I graduated form community college of Philadelphia in may 2018. Professor are good and helpful. I like the way college make me easier by providing tutor, computer lab and academic adviser. I would like college to provide more classes at night time so it will be the best fit for working people.
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