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I love CCP Professors are Amazing.Councelling office staff is very helpful and friendly. Campus is very SAFE.
Great school. Some of the best instructors and professors. Wonderful activities for their students like Phi Theta Kappa, and Student Government. Also, there are plenty of educational seminars that assist with note taking, and other skills that are needed to be successful in the school.
I will be attending the Community College of Philadelphia in the fall of 2018. The counselor who I had the pleasure of sitting with and going over my courses and my best options was incredibly knowledgeable and caring. From sitting with her I got the sense of real family oriented space at CCP. I'm excited to start my first year of college in a space where I feel welcomed!
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I loved the helpfulness of the professors. They had the best advice about which step you should take next to help you graduate on time. They could be more helpful when it comes to financial and being sensitive to students concerns.
The best part of my Community College of Philadelphia experience was the professors. Each one had expertise in their fields and broadened my view of academic subjects. Asking other people for recommendations was how I selected each of my courses. One reason the college does not earn 5 stars is that of the students. Many of them are not motivated to put the work in for the coursework. This makes it tedious when questions about something in the syllabus is asked or the professor has to repeat themselves during a lecture. Finding like-minded students and spending time with them helped.
Some teachers felt they were entitled not to help students to their best of their ability. some were very enthusiastic about teaching. lunch menu needs to update and food prices need to go down.
I love that there are campuses throughout Philadelphia County. I do wish that instructors were more passionate about teaching and helping students prepare for their careers instead of just making sure they pass their classes.
When I went to check out the area I was blown away! It was so beautiful and extravagant! I met a few people who I still talk to til this day! I met them back during the summer of last year.
I love being apart of of Community College of Philadelphia. This is a very diverse college that has many activities and things to be apart of around the college. I am currently enjoying my first year here even though its not really the full university experience it is definitely a start to something.
Teachers at the Northeast Campus are absolutely awful. Whole place is a joke. Never took a class where I actually took something from it. I am transferring away after the first year. Very bad school, the northeast campus anyway.
I like how I don’t have to travel far from one building to the next because some buildings are connected and the buildings are close. Also, the campus is not far from the subway so a student does not have to travel some distance to take public transportation. The professors I have taken so far are all wonderful and really great. They know how to accommodate students when the students need help. Not only professors, but staffs as well help accommodate students.
The downtown campus is the biggest and the nicest. Most of the teachers are nice and easy while others make you work really hard to get a good grade. The classroom sizes are pretty decent depending on your major. You'll get to know a lot of students in your major by having the same classes together.
The vibe there is great, right in the heart of center city. Close to all public transit, easy to navigate.
CCP has a lot of resources to help students succeed at whatever their goal is. You can get tax help, financial assistance, food assistance, counseling, and the school has a great transfer program. The instructors that I have had really love what they do and want to see student reach their potential.
Community College of Philadelphia is a good school. I have learned a lot since I came to America from Vietnam. I remember when I came here, I could not speak, read, or write English. I felt like I am as a baby. However, I have learned English day by day in Community of Philadelphia. I will graduate in May 2018 in Business Administration major. In addition, I will transfer to Drexel University in Fall 2018. Thanks to professors and friends who help me a lot since I studied in Community College of Philadelphia.
Community College of Philadelphia had helped me to succeed as a student. It had saved me tons of money, time, and the professors are really excellent! When I went to school there, most of my professors were also teaching at other top Universities in Philadelphia. So, we got the same quality of teaching as other top universities with a lot less tuition! I really recommend Community College of Philadelphia. This school had helped me to be what I am today.
When I enrolled at Community College of Philadelphia, I expected a rudimentary, lacking college experience. This idea was based on stereotypes. On the contrary, CCP is fueled by a widely shared yearning for knowledge. CCP is strengthening the community through the hearts and minds of individuals. The school is a beautiful melting pot, celebrating diversity in every facet. The care with which my professors handle each class demonstrates their appreciation for the students' time.
After leaving Uarts in 2017, I believed I was neither capable nor deserving of a proper education. Community College of Philadelphia has instilled in me a furious drive to succeed. Not only that, but the assured knowledge that I CAN achieve whatever it is I choose to pursue. Within a month of being a CCP student, my outlook on life, education, and myself has been radically changed for the best. I am excited about the future and grateful for the present moment. I highly recommend this institution.
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Most of the teachers are nice. The school itself has a lot of classes to choose from. You just need to make sure that you attend classes, take notes on what your particular professor likes or hates and do your assignments and you will be good. Buying things from the bookstore can be expensive but that's usually how it is in most schools. The college has different classes across the city so if you need a book that's not available in your current campus you can tell them to order a book for you and they will get it from another campus.
After transferring to Community College of Philadelphia, I was exposed to an extraordinary amount of opportunities. I was able to pursue my major of Early Childhood Education that will assist me in transferring to Kutztown University in fall 2018. Community College of Philadelphia truly is an amazing place to start ones College career. The school will met each student at the level they are at and by the time their time ends at CCP, they will have gained skills and knowledge to continue their education at a four year institution if they so choose. I truly wished that someone had made me aware of the wonderful opportunities at CCP while I was in high school. Oh well at least I here now and will graduate on may 5, 2018. It was because of CCP that I got the chance to become a CCP Ambassador or be secretary of CCAEYC (Community College Association for the Education of Young Children), joint PTK or meet all the wonderful staff and friends. Thank you CCP.
I like the small teacher to student ratio. A lot of the teachers genuinely about their students. Over all it is a great place to take classes. However they need a little work with their office staff .
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