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I love this school! Its close to where I live. They have a parking garage for students. The professors are very nice and helpful. They have learning labs where you can walk in and get tutored in whatever subject you need help in. They have counselors that are patient and there to listen to your concerns. The financial aid line is long, but its worth waiting in that line. They have a cafeteria with healthy and non healthy options to choose from.
I like CCP for the reason that there's is no rich to graduate, they help ... make you understand what you need to get done in order to graduate and they make you feel like you don't necessarily need to go to a 4 year college to get your associates degree ... or that you not need to go to an expensive college .
This college is NOT a 2 year college. Most students do not graduate from here within 2 years due to problems with financial aid. Teachers are amazing, many clubs and stuff to get involved
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What I like about Community college of Philadelphia is that, it has ESL classes that help foreign students to learn more about English language. The only dubious claim I have is that they do not engage in a lot of sports
I really like Community College of Philadelphia because this school gives you an opportunity that no universities can. For example, if I didn't get into an university of my choice, I go to Community College and it gives a chance to get into an university of my first choice. The staff and administration are the nicest and hardworking people I have ever met. It is a great place to learn and you get to meet all types of people in the school. What I what changed is really nothing. I really like this school.
The teachers that I have had have been very good in teaching the course material and was very understanding if they saw you put in the effort in class. I plan on using the degree that I earn here to complete my Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.
the professors i have had so far are really willing to help you and want to see you do good thought your college career and the class settings are good
Community college of Philadelphia is a good 2yr. school for high school students just graduating from high school; it gives them a chance to see what the college life is all about while they work towards a Assoc. degree in whatever field they wish to enter
it is a very fun place ive made lots of older friends who help a lot with things i dont understand. its a very friendly environment.
So far the school is really good. It offers great education for a low price. A full time student pays roughly around $3,500 and that includes tuition, fees, and classes. Some teachers are hard and ignorant however they do their job so the students can not complain in that aspect. In the end I would definitely recommend this school as a starting point to another student.
good for a community college, cheap, has a good scholarship that helps you with funding for school.. some teachers love what they do.
Most of my professors where good except one. It's in a good area. They should get rid of the older professors though because it's hard to get through to them. Also I think they should have more study hours.
Community College of Philadelphia has great academics but the staff are terrible and have bad communication skills
CCP is a pathetic excuse for a school. There are some good professors, who are passionate about teaching. However, there is no student life. The students don't interact with each other outside of class. There's no clubs, no art on campus, no intramural sports, and no support. The classes are a joke. They're extremely easy and my peers don't challenge me intellectually at all. All the offices on campus are extremely unprofessional and all the bad things people say about CCP are true.
I attend the school as a great way to start, i would kielce the school to be more affordable for students paying out of pocket
Good college to attend! The teachers truly care. Some of the instructors come from other colleges like Temple, Univ. of Penn, etc. I still have a connection to a few of the instructors from my previous semesters, and still ask them for advice.
Very convenient, someone is always will to help.
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New system is kind of complicated to use.
It was kind of a rough start at first during the admissions process but when I started my classes everything went smoothly.
Lots of resources on campus and very informational.
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