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I transferred to the community college because it is more affordable than the 4 year private Catholic college I was previously attending. The professors are mediocre at CCP, they seem to care more about the pay check than actually teaching. This doe not apply to all professors because I had a few that cared deeply for each and every student but then there was others that didn't care too much.
This will be my first semester attending CCP , I am a transfer student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania . I am unable to go back to my university because of financial reasons and I would really appreciate the scholarship for either college .
CCP has a small classroom setting. The advantage of this is the fact that you are more intimate with your professor and classmates. You get to know them more and you get involved more. I have met professors who actually care about your overall learning experience.
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I started going to CCP last year when I entered their nursing program. I love the diversity there and have met a lot of great people. The teachers and advisors really care about their students and have made it an enjoyable experience for me thus far.
I really enjoy attending the Community College of Philadelphia. It is a great place to complete all of your Prerequisites at an affordable rate, before attending a more expensive four year university. The campus has everything a college student could possibly need. There are various places to eat, and food trucks scattered all throughout campus. There is also a library, a gym, and various gift shops. Last but not least, the Community College of Philadelphia offers lockers for students to use that have a lot of books, jackets, etc. I would definitely recommend every student living in Philadelphia to start off at the Community College of Philadelphia before transferring to a four year university. You will receive the same quality of education, all the while saving thousands of dollars.
Community College of Philadelphia has really opened the door for me in regards to my future. I felt very comfortable about the whole application process and I was very excited to be able to continue my education. CCP has a system and the professor were awesome I learned a lot since I been going; I’m excited about continuing where I left off. I would recommend this College to anyone who would listen.
I graduated form community college of Philadelphia in may 2018. Professor are good and helpful. I like the way college make me easier by providing tutor, computer lab and academic adviser. I would like college to provide more classes at night time so it will be the best fit for working people.
I loved the fact that the professors were invested in seeing you achieve your goals. They would give you resources and guidance on whatever you were doing in class or whatever major you picked.
I am new to community college. I will be attending in the fall. I heard that it is hard to make friends there but that the teachers are nice and will work with you.
Community College of Philadelphia , when I first attened this past year they were very welcoming and supportive.
As an adult learner, my experience at Community College of Philadelphia has been a pleasant and life-changing experience. I have grown immensely not only as a student but also as a person. I agree that some professors may have been challenging, however, with them, I have learned how to deal with difficult individuals. The core classes I have taken have developed my way of seeing life and helped me become a more analytical thinker. For example, one of the psychology classes I took, helped me become a better parent at home and understand my adolescent son a lot more. Another example is the Communication and Interpersonal Skills class I just took last semester, which helped me decide my major. The decision of attending Community College of Philadelphia, as challenging as it was at first, has been a decision that has impacted my life tremendously.
My experience at the Community College of Philadelphia was eye opening. I took my first college courses at this institution. The campus was very diverse in its student body. I got to meet and build relationships with people from different parts of the world. Not only that but, well-educated professors taught me. Some of the classes were challenging, but thanks to my professors I got through them. They challenged my way of thinking and helped me develop better critical thinking skills. If I needed extra help on topics I wasn’t quite sure of, I could always contact them to get a better understanding. The classes were fun and interesting which made my first year of college that much more exciting. Honestly there is nothing I would want to see change about the Community College of Philadelphia at this moment. I am grateful I got to enjoy the experience I had at this institution.
I like how small and comfortable it makes me feel. It would be nice if it had more food options and better air conditioning and wifi connections.
Some of the professors at CCP are really great, I've had some excellent experiences where I've felt valued and engaged in the class room. I've had a few teachers though that seem completely uninterested and don't care if you succeed or fail. It's hit or miss if you're not careful with which professors you pick. Students at the school come from a diverse background with people of all ages, groups, and stories. You'll always bump into someone new you would have never thought you'd meet in your life.
I love CCP Professors are Amazing.Councelling office staff is very helpful and friendly. Campus is very SAFE.
Great school. Some of the best instructors and professors. Wonderful activities for their students like Phi Theta Kappa, and Student Government. Also, there are plenty of educational seminars that assist with note taking, and other skills that are needed to be successful in the school.
I will be attending the Community College of Philadelphia in the fall of 2018. The counselor who I had the pleasure of sitting with and going over my courses and my best options was incredibly knowledgeable and caring. From sitting with her I got the sense of real family oriented space at CCP. I'm excited to start my first year of college in a space where I feel welcomed!
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I loved the helpfulness of the professors. They had the best advice about which step you should take next to help you graduate on time. They could be more helpful when it comes to financial and being sensitive to students concerns.
The best part of my Community College of Philadelphia experience was the professors. Each one had expertise in their fields and broadened my view of academic subjects. Asking other people for recommendations was how I selected each of my courses. One reason the college does not earn 5 stars is that of the students. Many of them are not motivated to put the work in for the coursework. This makes it tedious when questions about something in the syllabus is asked or the professor has to repeat themselves during a lecture. Finding like-minded students and spending time with them helped.
Some teachers felt they were entitled not to help students to their best of their ability. some were very enthusiastic about teaching. lunch menu needs to update and food prices need to go down.
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