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I like that they have many resources available for students who are in need, and they also have many studying sessions and tutors.
Community college is a wonderful learning community. At a cheap price, you get a good college education that you will need for the future.
This college is biased toward minority students trying to get into an allied health program. As everyone knows you need to take Biology as a part of any allied health career degree program. I looked at the course offerings and the West and Northwest regional centers (which enroll predominately minority students) only offer about 12 biology courses combined, while the mostly white Northeast Regional Center offers over 30 biology courses. When I asked the Department Head of biology why this was last year she told me that it was not her decision. She was pretty arrogant about it too and really did not want to discuss this issue. Somebody should look into this situation.
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I loved my experience at Community College of Philadelphia. The campus was pretty and the faculty were always making improvements to the campus to make it better and more comfortable for students. The only thing i would change about this college is making a bigger computer lab for students who unfortunately do not have computers at home. The computer labs were always packed. So a bigger lab would make a huge difference.
The teaching is good ,sometimes class are over crowded but no one rude. I think it’s a great start, if you want to start school.
The process of enrolling is super easy you can do it yourself and if you need help so many people are happy to help. They even reply fast to their emails. Professors are cool I just love it.
I liked that it had every subject you can take in had a good staff of teachers to teach you alot. it can be more places in the area so you can be closer to come to school near a walking distance. I loved that they were so friendly to everybody on going their in filling out paper work to go to school they give you options on how it fits you well they go over a list of things you will need to do before you go go school.
I am a student at Community College of Philadelphia City, and right now it is my second year. As a student at this College, I found a lot of thing that is advantage to me. I am studying hard to pass my class, and I also get many support from tutors at learning lab. I am really happy to be a student here.
I liked how the professors were willing to help you no matter their circumstance. Whether rain or shine, if you have an issue pick it up with your professor. They will lead you in the right direction.
Hello, Community College of Philadelphia has improved tremendously for the better since first attending in 2006. They offer a wide variety of classes and there are a lot of different campuses. The staff has improved. The administration wait times have improved. Everything at the main campus has improved
So far, I have had a positive experience with this college. As an incoming freshmen, I have noticed that the enrollment process was very simple and fast. Every time I had a question about the admission process or any other inquiries, they were very nice and professional when wandering them. The tuition is very cheap compared to the surrounding colleges as well. The only complaint I would have is that it is sometimes very hard to get in contact with the financial aid office over the phone. You would have to go to the campus directly
I really loved the classes and the teachers. The experience was awesome and I plan on attending there very soon.
I am an international student and I have had a really good experience this last semester (my first one), I got excellent professor, and they all made me want to have the desire to learn more, I have a great experience on campus, places to study, accessibility to the campus, support on my subjects with both tutoring or directly with my professors, the college is really diverse and I met people from all over the world, I can only be thankful for my experience so far.
When anyone makes mention of ccp, the first few words that come to my mind are "great investment" and "highly supportive". The faculty there are very understanding of students' different backgrounds and try their best to foster an environment that is highly conducive to their success. CCP freely offers many services to help students succeed whether it be free tutoring, counseling, or even free food to help students in need.
I love this school! Its close to where I live. They have a parking garage for students. The professors are very nice and helpful. They have learning labs where you can walk in and get tutored in whatever subject you need help in. They have counselors that are patient and there to listen to your concerns. The financial aid line is long, but its worth waiting in that line. They have a cafeteria with healthy and non healthy options to choose from.
I like CCP for the reason that there's is no rich to graduate, they help ... make you understand what you need to get done in order to graduate and they make you feel like you don't necessarily need to go to a 4 year college to get your associates degree ... or that you not need to go to an expensive college .
This college is NOT a 2 year college. Most students do not graduate from here within 2 years due to problems with financial aid. Teachers are amazing, many clubs and stuff to get involved
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What I like about Community college of Philadelphia is that, it has ESL classes that help foreign students to learn more about English language. The only dubious claim I have is that they do not engage in a lot of sports
I really like Community College of Philadelphia because this school gives you an opportunity that no universities can. For example, if I didn't get into an university of my choice, I go to Community College and it gives a chance to get into an university of my first choice. The staff and administration are the nicest and hardworking people I have ever met. It is a great place to learn and you get to meet all types of people in the school. What I what changed is really nothing. I really like this school.
The teachers that I have had have been very good in teaching the course material and was very understanding if they saw you put in the effort in class. I plan on using the degree that I earn here to complete my Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering.
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