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CCD has great staff, an amazing library and huge array of programs to get you to your education or career goals!
I love the Community College of Denver. The Academic Advising center responds to me emails so quickly, and the office helps me right away. I'd like to see a few more healthier options in their food courts, but I usually can find some fruit to snack on. Navigating the campus was a bit confusing at first, but shortly after that it became second nature to me where I needed to go.
This Community College of Denver is excellent college to go and start your dreams. Community College of Denver costs lass many than other colleges. I think the many you buy is about 5000,00 a year. also, it has a good teacher.
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The location is everything. Campus is close to the light rail station plus sharing a campus with two other major Universities is pretty awesome. The only thing I would want to change would be to have more afternoon or evening classes added to the schedule.
I like how it's close to two other universities. They have many people that can help you with any questions you may have. Their classes are small, but the professors actually knows your names.
CCD is an amazing school with amazing teachers, and a great community. The school recognizes the need to feel all students welcome.
It is a great experience. You can communicate really well with other students and teachers are always there for you. No matter the circumstances they are always there helping you.
My time at the Community College of Denver has influenced and prepared me to transfer to any four-year institution. I have grown and developed immensely in the last two years – as an individual, a leader, and a storyteller. The school’s diverse and encouraging environment continuously challenged me to step out of my comfort-zone and made me discover my potential. The highly motivated professors have been the highlight of my college experience thus far. They pushed me to become the strong leader that they knew I could be. Over the last two years, they taught me how to adapt my acquired knowledge and skills to circumstance and life. CCD provided me with my first college experience and for that, I will always be grateful.
I love this school! I’ve been to 2 others community colleges and none of them were like this one! When I started getting low points the school sent me ans email and my counselor got one as well! She was able to talk to me and try ans understand what I needed in order to succeed in that class! The campus is beyond Beautiful! The people are supper friendly and the professers CARE! and that’s what makes CCD stand out!
What I like about this community college is that it's a great school to start your post education because the classes here are good and you will be able to save money by attending the first two years here and then transfer to a four year university.
Frist of all, this is my first year in Community college of Denver. Why I choose Community college of Denver? This college is the best college for me to start of with because there are many subject that I still have to take as a basic classes. There are many peoples who are willing to help me with my needs. I felt comfortable walking around the campus and I felt safe. There are police around the campus when ever we need them. Most of my professors are nice and claver.
Go into community college of Denver, I don't have to worry about paying for my tuition. I had enough finical aid to pay for all my classes.
So far, the classes are informative and the professors are great. The campus is clean and safe. Since it is on campus with three other colleges, it makes you feel like you are all connected. They provide passes for the lightrail and it's very helpful
I just began my first semester with CCD, but so far it seems ok. I get the impression the staff works hard, which is important to me. Everyone is just a bit more patient when they know an individual is doing their best. I like the fact that both the light rail, and parking lot are close to the building. And if need be there is a shuttle that will take you to the car. I get the feeling they have anticipated most of the pitfalls a new student can encounter. It takes a special person to figure out how to hold your hand while allowing you to hold on to your dignity.
The campus is beautiful and located right near downtown. I have overall had a good experience with professors and classmates. There are a lot of conveniently located food places, as a vegetarian I don't have much trouble finding food which is very nice. The campus has a lot of resources and events throughout the semester.
Community College of Denver is very diverse. As a Mexican American it feels really comfortable to be in an environment with many different ethnicities, races and religions.
Really enjoyable school! They help keep you on track to fulfill your ultimate goal! Really nice and friendly people (students and staff). Discussions in classes can get hard at times but everyone seems to be able to respect one another, the overall hardness of the class really depends on your participation and attendance.
Ccd is very diverse the academics aren’t that bad and they give help if needed. Ccd is a caring community and everyone is kind to one and other . I think going to ccd is a great opportunity for people who can’t afford university.
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CCD counselors, teachers, and even students go above and beyond to help you in any way possible to meet your goals.
I really enjoyed going here. They worjed with a schedule I needed and I didn't feel less important for being part time. Had to take a break a couple times for personal readons and I was able to pick up were I left off.
I really like the community college of Denver, although it is a tad overpriced. I am always worried about paying my tuition and they don’t seem to comply with my situation. I consider myself a very valuable student to the school and i don’t feel like i am being valued for it.
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