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Attending the Community College of Denver truly helped me in transforming my life. One of my main goals in attending was to gain a sense of hope for my future. I completed my core credits there, and then transferred over to CU Denver where I am now a junior. What I loved about CCD was that it was absolutely diverse in its student body. With such diversity, classroom conversations were expansive and thoughtful. Most all of the teachers I had were receptive to any questions thrown at them.
For someone like myself who struggled with a low GPA in high school, at CCD I was able to make honor roll and hold a 4.0 both years I attended. I would recommend CCD to anyone who was worried they might not be able to be tenacious in their schooling, because I believe the faculty at CCD understands that most students starting at CCD are non traditional, taking care of families alongside their education, and typically filled with those who are not starting fresh from high school.
I personally love the Community College of Denver! All of the teachers that I have had have been amazing. I feel as if every teacher is super involved in your education. The only thing that I dislike about this college is the parking. It is super hard to find parking and if you don't you have to pay a ton of money.
I liked the overall feeling of the college. The professors are excellent and really engage with their students. Financial aid and academic advisors are so helpful and informative. The campus is exceptional.
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This community college is awesome. It took me around 2 years to get my associate degree, everything was amazing.
Love the school. The teatchers are very one to one with their students. Being at this school has helped me become a better person.
My experience at CCD has been nothing but positive. It has been a perfect fit for me. The class sizes are always less then 25 people which is exactly what I need in a class. I have only had great teachers, all of them being positive and helpful and always going the extra mile whether that is meeting outside of their office hours, or finding another way to explain something to me when I'm not understanding something. I have nothing but great things to say about this school and the faculty!
It has been amazing! The teachers are phenomenal! I love the campus atmosphere and how there always something going on. I have met so many different people with their own story. It has been an amazing experience so far.
I love CCD. I really like the teacher and the tutors. The only thing I would change is parking. The price should be reduced and there is not enough places to park. The parking lot is always full and has caused me to be late for classes even tho I get the 25 minutes before class even starts. It should not take 30 min to finally have a spot to park in.
I haven't tried to transfer anything yet
I was forced to take the because the school messed up
All my credit are supposed to transfer fine
  • 6 months ago
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So many different people from all over the city
If you applied you got in
  • 6 months ago
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I'm in the transfer program so i'm set up to move schools this year
There's more helpful resources then anywhere else I've seen
i like accounting first . i want to be an accountant because i like to manage budgets and give every part its money that deserves
My school is the best Community COllege that I know of.The Professor are awesome and

they have a lot of compassion for their students.
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The value of a degree is worth and easy to get good job in the global market
  • 8 months ago
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my Experience has been up to up every day and self learn .
I am taking one online course; it's very reliable to do homework and Excellent
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