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I like it because they are very affordable. I found every class so far online, which makes it more accessible to me. Because they are a smaller campus you can always find someone willing to help you out.
Nice staff. Great Campus. If you do not go to college in person to get something done for your file than it most likely will take a lot longer and you may even have to deal with staff making mistakes or not doing their job throughly.
Community college of Denver is great with their communication! Theyre very professional when answering questions and concerns.
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Community College of Denver is very diverse and offers a lot of career opportunities. Community College of Denver is a very small college where it is very easy to get to know people in a very small, familiar place at a very low cost. CCD is the type of college that fits into most peoples budget that offers classes that are a good start to move onto a 4 year college/university institution.
Great teachers and a lot of options as far as class times and options. Especially for a college in the city I always felt fairly safe.
Community College is one of my favorite college because of the academics. I dont want to chane anything becaus I think it is very as it is now.
CCD is a great school to figure out where you want to start, the campus has great resources and wonderful teacher. Small classes, small sizes, and just a great community.
I enjoyed visiting the campus and the staff there had great communication. I think that the Community College of Denver would be a great fit to those in the state of Colorado in search for a college, but are indecisive and don’t want to know what they would like to major. Also the Community College of Denver doesn’t judge. Like other community colleges Community College of Denver makes you feel welcome, they accept anyone who reaches out to them. It’s an easy process to get into and is a great secondary or third options for any and everyone. I’d recommend it.
Community college of Denver is a great school, especially for students who aren't sure where to start their career after high school. This is where I went right after high school and I've learned a lot and up until now. The location is great, the campus holds up with two other schools, and downtown city is right near by. The convince of trains transportation is perfect, plus there is all sorts of housing for students to stay at. Overall its a pretty great experience from what I've witnessed.
My experience at CCD was good, i took college classes in my junior year in high school. The teachers were very nice and the campus was beautiful. I think overall the campus is fine how it is.
CCD is like any college, if you're willing to search out quality and opportunity there are plenty of professors and staff on board who are willing to help you find it.
I like that CCD is very diverse. They have many resources for students to seek the help they need. Most of the classes are smaller which helps professors make sure their students actually retain the information.
I love CCD and the professors here, everyone I have met on campus is always eager to help with your college journey.
Community College of Denver is honestly such an amazing and affordable College. School is in a campus with two other Colleges and it is just amazing how diverse it is. Located right down town of Denver transportation is super easy from RTD, Light rail or Carpool. Professors are always going the extra mile to help their students and offers a number of courses.
The Community College of Denver is a great school for students who can't afford tuition in a four-year university. They offer great bridge programs that can help you pursue the career you choose. They also have many resources for students that can help with school and outside of school. Classes are a perfect size and your professor all know you by name.
It is a very standard community college, within a great location. The professors are obviously highly educated in their field, however the lectures take up the majority of the class time which takes away from practicing the work itself.
CCD has great staff, an amazing library and huge array of programs to get you to your education or career goals!
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I love the Community College of Denver. The Academic Advising center responds to me emails so quickly, and the office helps me right away. I'd like to see a few more healthier options in their food courts, but I usually can find some fruit to snack on. Navigating the campus was a bit confusing at first, but shortly after that it became second nature to me where I needed to go.
This Community College of Denver is excellent college to go and start your dreams. Community College of Denver costs lass many than other colleges. I think the many you buy is about 5000,00 a year. also, it has a good teacher.
The location is everything. Campus is close to the light rail station plus sharing a campus with two other major Universities is pretty awesome. The only thing I would want to change would be to have more afternoon or evening classes added to the schedule.
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