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All of my professors have helped me out so much. Shout out to Professor Jones who had helped me improve all of my writing skills. I was a hard two semesters with her but I would do them over as I feel she has help me better my self and look at writing in a different way. Thank you. Also to professor Jamal who always went out of his way to make class interesting at eight in the morning. Great business professor. Thanks
What I like is people are nice friendly, some. I like when people from college try be helpful to me.
Loved it here. Variety of courses connected to University of Denver and Metropolitan University allows students to not only study and tutor with other students enrolled in their college but with a greater community as Auraria campus allows. Lots of flexibility with online or campus courses and affordable tuition without compromising education.
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It is a small campus and all the staff are helpful. All of my professors have really set me up for successs.
Great community college. Professors are really helpful. People around the campus are very nice and helpful as well. The resources around the campus are great.
I like that the Community College of Denver has such a diverse population and that is conveniently located downtown Denver. There would be a couple things I would change such as pricing of tuition for in state students because it Is not much cheaper than for out of state students. I love that I can walk or ride the light rail to get around and the school is easy to find.
I liked the Community College of Denver. Most of the Professors were very nice and very supportive and are there to help you succeed. I think what I would like to see changed is maybe the room for classes they tend to fill up very quickly.
This is a nice school. Most of the teachers are very caring since it's a more intimate environment, but it feels like they need to have more knowledgeable people in their front offices. When I first enrolled, there was an issue with my residency, stating I was an out of state resident even though I have always lived in Colorado. They gave me the complete runaround with different people telling me different things which was frustrating. Otherwise, the school itself is nice, huge campus, and I've been getting a nice education. I'd recommend it if you're like me and didn't know what you wanted to do and you want to explore that further.
Very average junior college on a great campus. CCD shares the campus with MetroState as well as UC-Denver. The students are widely accepting of all backgrounds so making friends will come easy! The tivoli is a great hang out spot and at night - you get a great view of the skyline, one that I miss now that I moved away. However, the campus is poorly-lit at night and assaults are common.

At CCD, I found only a few professors who actually seemed like they cared, wanted students to learn and made it fun. So, if you do get lucky to find a professor you like, please share with other students and to save students the headache of dealing with teachers who don't know how to teach

Being downtown, parking is a nightmare and expensive. If you are going to Auraria, please go to MSU or UCD - you'll have an easier time getting answers from financial aid/registrar/cashier etc. as well as more bang for you buck with better professors at the other universities.
I am very new to CCD and so far I feel very welcomed. I am extremely excited to become a city hawk. Just after my new student orientation and tour of the campus, I felt like I had been going there for years already. I love the campus, but am a little worried about the surrounding areas, and don’t want to see drugs on campus.
Small class sizes and campus, is centrally located in downtown Denver. Good public transportation and a bus pass is included in tuition. Good online classes, and teachers are attentive. Lots of resources for filling out financial aid, scholarships, and tutoring.
What I like about this community college is that every one is very nice, very welcoming. Every one knows each other.
The community college of Denver is a game place to start your educational career. You will receive lots of help from counselors and teachers. They have many help resources and the location it's easy to get to with lots of parking.
My experience with ccd was great I was able to do their speech class and the professor That was in my class was very helpful she helped us with what should we do when delivering a speech and her tips were useful to me because now I can deliver a speech with fluent speech
I like it because they are very affordable. I found every class so far online, which makes it more accessible to me. Because they are a smaller campus you can always find someone willing to help you out.
Nice staff. Great Campus. If you do not go to college in person to get something done for your file than it most likely will take a lot longer and you may even have to deal with staff making mistakes or not doing their job throughly.
Community college of Denver is great with their communication! Theyre very professional when answering questions and concerns.
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Community College of Denver is very diverse and offers a lot of career opportunities. Community College of Denver is a very small college where it is very easy to get to know people in a very small, familiar place at a very low cost. CCD is the type of college that fits into most peoples budget that offers classes that are a good start to move onto a 4 year college/university institution.
Great teachers and a lot of options as far as class times and options. Especially for a college in the city I always felt fairly safe.
Community College is one of my favorite college because of the academics. I dont want to chane anything becaus I think it is very as it is now.
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