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Community college of Denver is very good college.this school is very diverse I enjoy being able to get a glimpse of different palaces around the world during classes discussions.Everyone is no nice &welcoming.they have completely updated their campus $for the better .i had taken CIS teachers are so helpful everyone is always willing to help from the financial aid ,advisor to guid you for the right part .so I recommend who ever wants to start your college please go in this school 😀
I love the diversity of the campus and the beauty of the buildings. I am a non-traditional student and I love it that I'm not the only person like me there.
I love it because there are great teachers , flexible hours, campus is a nice area, daycare, many sports actives.
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Faculty is very good, you are getting what you are paying for, recommend for everyone to go! Has a lot of diverse in the community and different culture, and people are very nice their at the school!
I love the environment and teachers. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The student advisors do a great job with helping students chose their classes.
It's a great college to go to. The campus is shared by two other colleges so the area can get pretty crowded but not as much as it should be. The staff is very helpful in showing you what you need to do to apply, register for classes, and answer any questions that may arise. The instructors are very lively and helpful while also taking their job very seriously.
Since the school is located downtown, there is much to see, do, and eat during off times from school. The school helps with this by giving you a transit pass. The only issue is the price of the food at the campus. Even fast food places in the area do not have a dollar menu.
what I enjoy about the community college of denver is that the professors are there when you need them, and the students are diverse and respect each other to every extent. the classes are professional as well as education In every little detail and I'm glad to day thay I can be sort of community for my college years. I believe I will be able to accomplish my goals and be able to graduate with a career waiting for me.
The community college of Denver is a great investment for your future! The school and the faculty really care about it's students and their lives/education. They want to see people succeed and i am very grateful i get to be a part of its community!
The Is No Community College IN Such As CCD I really like being there as student and it's always been good because you get help for anything you need.
This college is a great fit for those who want to earn a quick degree for a tuition that is not high compared to other universities and colleges in Colorado.
Cheap classes, not too overcrowded, decent professors if you research. However financial aid and most general services are a nightmare. Get in a special program to have an advisor that cares.
It's a centrally located, affordable school to get all of your general education credits done prior to transferring. You can earn your associates or pursue an advanced degree upon graduation/transfer, and it's FAR more affordable than traditional 4-year schools. The environment during the day is upbeat and friendly, but because of it's location, it can become less favorable at night. Professors are decent, and classes are small. It's easy to find help from faculty or tutors. All-in-all it's an excellent place to start your education.
Very diverse campus in a location convenient to downtown. The campus itself is co-located with Metro State and UC Denver, so it has the facilities of a major four-year institution at a reduced price. Most of the professors are engaging and want you to succeed. Parking can be a problem (hard to find and expensive), but that's why the RTD bus pass (charged as part of the fees) comes in handy.

The enrollment and financial aid process goes much smoother if you plan ahead, apply early (for admission and financial aid) and don't wait until the last minute.

I went here, got my AA here, and my BA at UCDenver. Everything transferred over to UCD seamlessly.
CCD is a really good school to start especially if you still don't know what major you want. They have many programs that help you find your interest, and they have really amazing professors.
I just did my new student orientation and I love that they show you a tour of everything on campus and explain how it works as well as explain that they (the people giving the tour) are in fact part of the work study program and are not just part of faculty but a part of the class graduating this semester. Its a wonderful environment.
The Machining and Welding program is an amazing program and I am looking forward to being able to use what I will learn.
Attending the Community College of Denver truly helped me in transforming my life. One of my main goals in attending was to gain a sense of hope for my future. I completed my core credits there, and then transferred over to CU Denver where I am now a junior. What I loved about CCD was that it was absolutely diverse in its student body. With such diversity, classroom conversations were expansive and thoughtful. Most all of the teachers I had were receptive to any questions thrown at them.
For someone like myself who struggled with a low GPA in high school, at CCD I was able to make honor roll and hold a 4.0 both years I attended. I would recommend CCD to anyone who was worried they might not be able to be tenacious in their schooling, because I believe the faculty at CCD understands that most students starting at CCD are non traditional, taking care of families alongside their education, and typically filled with those who are not starting fresh from high school.
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I personally love the Community College of Denver! All of the teachers that I have had have been amazing. I feel as if every teacher is super involved in your education. The only thing that I dislike about this college is the parking. It is super hard to find parking and if you don't you have to pay a ton of money.
I liked the overall feeling of the college. The professors are excellent and really engage with their students. Financial aid and academic advisors are so helpful and informative. The campus is exceptional.
This community college is awesome. It took me around 2 years to get my associate degree, everything was amazing.
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