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I am a continuing non-traditional student and I have never been at a college or university that has been such preparation for me in my future career. I know when I graduate that I will be well prepared and confident in my time when continuing my training at the FAA academy and further pursuing my career and possibly my education.
The staff and professors are very detail oriented in giving you great advice for your financial wellbeing and your academic career. While I can't speak for all career paths, I can speak of the Early Childhood classes which get very little recognition in preparing students. Professor Lia Hazelwood makes her classes very interactive and entertaining to the point of you being able to enjoy everything Early Childhood related.
It's a pretty great college to go to for your undergrad. Very affordable and the teachers are extremely concerned with the wellbeing of the students. Their aviation program is one of the best in the country despite it being a community college, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.
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The classes are fine, some professors are better than others. There’s a wide range in students of all ages from dual enrollment high schoolers to retired older people. For the price of the classes compared to other institutions, it really is a great deal. This is a good place to start your education to transfer to a 4 year university in the future. Many degree programs have a smooth transition into those other institutions due to established partnerships between the schools. Transfer students go in to the other universities as juniors. Overall, I think this is a wise choice to save money and still get an education.
Great place to go if you don't quite know what you want to do, or to save some money. Schedule is really flexible. I've only had classes on Monday and Wednesday for the past 3 semesters, which allowed me to work more and have more time to do homework. Campus is easy to get around due to its small size. Free parking is nice.
My experience at this school has been a great one! All of the professors and staff are professional and CARE! I honestly can not think of a single negative thing to say about this school. It is affordable and great quality. Oh, and the food is great!
Basically the whole campus is a great experience, the faculty members, the classes all play a role in making my experience great.
Staff is very helpful and registration was a breeze! The campus is well kept and in a quiet location. Every professor I have had has been gracious when I needed an extension and the tutor center is a great place as well! It is easy to apply for financial aid and process loans. Every time I have called with an issue, it gets taken care of immediately.
Excellent professors. One of the professors in the visual communications department helped me prepare to transfer to another institution; she helped me research colleges and organize my digital art portfolio. CCBC also offers a variety of sports including volleyball, softball, basketball, and cheer-leading.
Community College of Beaver County is a great school. I attended a 4 year university previously and my experience with CCBC is much better. The professors are actually there to teach you and don't want to see you fail.
This is a great job market to get into any jobs as instructors to build up hours to be able to go to Regional or big Airlines and with only 250 hours you can start working commercially for small Airlines cargo or other paid piloting services
They are small to moderate sized classes the professors are very clear about what they teach and very passionate and you can ask them any question they are there to help
With the growing industry of Aviation the pilot shortage and the great training this school can offer many prospects and a great life and Great Hopes and a growing job industry to the pilots air traffic controllers and Aerospace managers coming out from these programs
It was very convenient and great times for classes
I'm not taking any online courses but I have heard many great things about them
Once you're finished at the school with all of the degrees and certificates A Whole New World the whole new job market will be open to you along with the pilot shortage and growing industry 4 Aviation more and more jobs are open to these students who have finished their work at this college and gain their minimum hours required
The courses are very interesting and professors are very professional truly care about their students
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It's a great environment at the aviation Sciences Center very close to the FBO and it gives us a 40% discount on the aircraft rental and fuel rates when flying aircraft
What's great about CCBC for me is the Aviation Academy because of its low cost, great teachers great program and it's close to home
My experience at my school has been very convenient for me. When a student schedules courses they should register the class that fits in there course. Majority of the course are in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If a student has a job they can either go to class before work or after work. Some cases the class they have scheduled may have conflicted with there work so they will leave the class early. For me, I did not have a problem because I did not have a job. For my upcoming fall semester, my class schedule will conflict with my church activities, job, and various other things so I will see how it will work out. I do not feel any type of way, I just feel as if school is a very important priority and a job will have to come second. CCBC will work with you.
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