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My experience at this school has been a great one! All of the professors and staff are professional and CARE! I honestly can not think of a single negative thing to say about this school. It is affordable and great quality. Oh, and the food is great!
Basically the whole campus is a great experience, the faculty members, the classes all play a role in making my experience great.
Staff is very helpful and registration was a breeze! The campus is well kept and in a quiet location. Every professor I have had has been gracious when I needed an extension and the tutor center is a great place as well! It is easy to apply for financial aid and process loans. Every time I have called with an issue, it gets taken care of immediately.
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Excellent professors. One of the professors in the visual communications department helped me prepare to transfer to another institution; she helped me research colleges and organize my digital art portfolio. CCBC also offers a variety of sports including volleyball, softball, basketball, and cheer-leading.
Community College of Beaver County is a great school. I attended a 4 year university previously and my experience with CCBC is much better. The professors are actually there to teach you and don't want to see you fail.
This is a great job market to get into any jobs as instructors to build up hours to be able to go to Regional or big Airlines and with only 250 hours you can start working commercially for small Airlines cargo or other paid piloting services
With the growing industry of Aviation the pilot shortage and the great training this school can offer many prospects and a great life and Great Hopes and a growing job industry to the pilots air traffic controllers and Aerospace managers coming out from these programs
They are small to moderate sized classes the professors are very clear about what they teach and very passionate and you can ask them any question they are there to help
It was very convenient and great times for classes
I'm not taking any online courses but I have heard many great things about them
Once you're finished at the school with all of the degrees and certificates A Whole New World the whole new job market will be open to you along with the pilot shortage and growing industry 4 Aviation more and more jobs are open to these students who have finished their work at this college and gain their minimum hours required
The courses are very interesting and professors are very professional truly care about their students
It's a great environment at the aviation Sciences Center very close to the FBO and it gives us a 40% discount on the aircraft rental and fuel rates when flying aircraft
What's great about CCBC for me is the Aviation Academy because of its low cost, great teachers great program and it's close to home
My experience at my school has been very convenient for me. When a student schedules courses they should register the class that fits in there course. Majority of the course are in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If a student has a job they can either go to class before work or after work. Some cases the class they have scheduled may have conflicted with there work so they will leave the class early. For me, I did not have a problem because I did not have a job. For my upcoming fall semester, my class schedule will conflict with my church activities, job, and various other things so I will see how it will work out. I do not feel any type of way, I just feel as if school is a very important priority and a job will have to come second. CCBC will work with you.
My experience with online course and how they differ from a traditional classroom experience is pretty good. With online course it is much different than a classroom. In some cases you can just do all your work online and not to go into a classroom, but in sometimes you may have to work in class on a computer for a certain period of time. I do not mind online classes, but the only thing with this type of course you have to make sure you do your work and do not slack on bit. If you get behind then you will just add extra to the work that you already have to do. The professor always says to the student make sure you do not fall behind because it will be hard to catch up. The process of getting a online course is not hard at all its actually easy. All you have to do is to go to course schedule, find your class, check the box, and your registered. You may see who you professor is beforehand or not. If you do not just expect the great between you and the professor. A good thing about having a online course in a classroom is that you can develop a good relationship with your professor as well as the students. If you have a challenge you can either ask your professor or you classmate. Most of the time the teacher will ask who needs help and if you they will help. I think that online courses is very convenient.
The quality of post-grad services at my school is excellent. CCBC centers are very helpful to students. The counselor's play a major part in this as well. A counselor general job is to help guide someone to get someone where they need to be. At CCBC, the counselor's are there is you need them. Since they are so many students in order to meet with your counselor in person you must schedule an appointment. If you do not want to meet them in person you can email them and they will be glad to help you. CCBC counselor's will help you schedule your classes or help you with personal situations if need be. If you need financial help you can go right across the way and go to the financial aid office and they will help you with whatever you need either it is to know your balance of what you owe to what scholarships are available that you can receive. At CCBC, they have these walls in every building on campus that tells what is happening on campus as well as job opportunities. With CCBC, if you need help with anything all you have to do is look around and you will get directed to help.
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The student career prospects and the value of a degree from my school is very beneficial. I say this because CCBC is connected with various schools. This means that the credits you have received with CCBC all with transfer to schools that CCBC has a partnership with. Transfer Day really demonstrated how many schools that CCBC has made am agreement with. I talked to many schools there and they all basically said that they can accept all my credits. It is also good that a course you have taken at CCBC that matches with a course at another college that the student will not have to take that course over again. I believe this is a great for students because all we are worrying about is getting our credits, graduating, and that our credits with transfer. With CCBC, student do not have to worry about that. For students in the nursing, aviation, and police academy are the top three programs I know that a student with be guaranteed a job. I believe other programs with receive the same if you go on the internship website. All a student has to do is sign-up and submit their resume and the site will find internships in your field. There is also another website that CCBC students can go to find jobs as well. CCBC is a very beneficial school for us as students as well as the community
My experience with courses and professors at my school is great. The professors are available to help you when you need it. On the first day of class, the teacher gives us their information such as email, cell phone, and office hours, so students can reach them when they have a problem in a certain area of the course. The courses are dependent on the criteria of CCBC as well as a students major. Each student has to take Composition, Public Speaking, or Introduction to Technology, but some students do not have to take a math, history, Spanish, or various other course depending on what their major. CCBC has a lot of course to offer to students within a major or without a major. CCBC is a very comfortable setting from the classroom to the restroom. If someone does not want to be a number, then CCBC is the best place for you the professor knows you by name because of where you may sight or your face. For my sociology teacher he knew me because of these fancy glasses I wore once and every time he would see me he would ask me where were my glasses. CCBC is a great atmosphere for everyone.
In my specific major at my school (psychology) it is easy to learn. When I say easy to learn, I mean that I am able to understand it in a specific way. In this program there is a lot of psychology courses that you can take from Child psychology to Abnormal psychology. In this program the way you are taught, assignments, exams, and the curriculum are all very different depending on the professor. You may get a professor that knows what he/she is talking about or you will get someone who just reads off the PowerPoint and just drags the class on and you feel as if you do not want to learn. This has happened to me personally. My first semester I took General Psychology and my professor did not teach well so my fellow classmates and I were basically struggling just to pass, but in the end I did. My second semester psychology teacher was excellent making this program fun and I really enjoyed it. Psychology is like a hit and miss, it is not for everyone. This program requires a lot of brain power, patience, and time. If you do not have that then you should consider another major. Psychology is very a interesting program and I am so glad that I am in it.
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