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I enjoy my classes. The teachers are good at their jobs and the classes are stimulating however, there are not as many technical classes .
CCA is very convenient and is very easy to navigate. They have alot of degree/certificate options and transfer programs.
I love how diverse it is.They give a variety of options, in degrees, certificates, funding options, and even your availability. Its an amazing starter option for anyone looking to start school, but are on a budget and still need to get an education.
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It is a good school. I really like COSGC/NASA program for engineers here. Being a student who is trying to get associates degree and transfer to 4 year school I participated lots of different events. One of them is rocket launch.
So far, Community College of Aurora has been easy to work with. Signing up for classes wasn't difficult and whenever I've needed help whether it be Financial Aid or with my academic advisor I've always gotten it.
I recently graduated from CCA this May and I enjoyed my time there. I also worked on campus as a work study student. The faculty and staff were so amazing and supportive of everyone. CCA is very diverse and accepting of everyone and I loved it there.
This is a great school to get an associates degree. I graduated from the computer science program and they helped to get me into a job in my field. All of my previous credits forwarded into the program I am taking starting in the fall. Now I am going back because they have a well regarded film school with great teachers and equipment. I am extremely excited and happy to be continuing my education here.
Classes are small enough for professors to give personalized attention to each and every student. There are always office hours and a willingness from each member of the community to help. Great pace, manageable work loads, and assured programs make success possible at the Community College of Aurora.
I have only had one bad teacher out of the 2 years that I have been going. Most teachers there really care and want to see you succeed. Campus food is a little over priced.
The Community College of Aurora is a wonderful place for many students to start their college career. It is helpful for the student who has not been in school for many years, works full-time, is unsure of their major, or recently graduated from high school. Community College of Aurora offers many classes that allows the students to either obtain the credits necessary to transfer to a four-year school. The school also offers many certificates as well. The smaller class-size is perfect for individualized attention. A huge lecture class of 300 students can be daunting and overwhelming for many students. The professors at Community College of Aurora are accessible to the students to ensure success.
Overall CCA was a great place to start to further my education, I attended CCA because of a program offered through my high school, this program was called ASCENT. Basically I got a free year of college, through the entire year and process CCA was great when it came to offering tutoring, the library was a great place to get work done and there was usually always someone around to help you out as well as the fact that the staff knew what there spoke of, ranging from financial aid to transfer assistance.
The community is diverse and the classes are easy. When in comes to transferring the school is a little poor. AP credits do not transfer properly making it a better option to transfer somewhere else.
I've been attending this school ever since I was a sophomore in high school, and now I'm 18 yrs old and I'm graduating with my Associates of Science degree in May. For being here for so long I can definitely say this is a great school. There's a diverse group of students as well as professors. The class sizes are small and therefore you can interact with everybody including your professor. There are a lot of clubs you can join and constant activities that you can participate in. Overall, if you're looking for a cheap way to complete two years and transfer or just complete a specific program, this is a great school to attend.
I like that the curriculum is challenging. Some of the professors care about their students and how well the comprehend the information being taught. Some could care less if there students learn anything.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Community College of Aurora. I am a non-traditional student that will transfer to a 4 year college. The staff of advisors and financial aid officers are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I feel that I am getting a quality education on a very strict budget.
I am a freshman and will tell you my overall experience at community college of Aurora. It's a good school and economical. This school is very diverse and welcoming. It is in a good area, and has parking.
They really do a lot of things to keep everyone on task. They seem to be really in touch with recent high school graduates as well as returning older students. Advisors are always there to help you. Tuition tends to be lower than surrounding areas. Has two different campus locations to cover a larger part of the city. Haven't had any negative experience with the institution at all. I recommend it to anyone wanting to go there.
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I'm having a good time here at CCA. They are very helpful here with helping with money and always willing to work with you if you have any problems or issues.
This my first year at CCA, and I'm really enjoying it so far. The people here are really nice and the professors are very helpful when it comes to homework or even outside help when it comes to school in general. They're very understanding when it comes to our life outside school which makes college seem that much more less stressful.
The Community College of Aurora is a very professional and supportive environment. The teachers are great at their jobs. Every time I have needed assistance with class work, financial aide, or just someone to talk to, there was always someone there to help. The student body is very diverse, filled with many different cultures and ages. I started at CCA as a high school senior, and I am very glad they are apart of the concurrent enrollment problem for high school students. This gave me a chance to start college before I even graduated.
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