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I like that there are students from different countries. The Colorado Film School program is excellent because it allows you to start doing what you like in the first semester.
CCA has helped me turn myself around. They work well with your schedule and situations. This school is close to home making it an easy commute. It is affordable and you get the chance to transfer to a University. They offer tons of resources to help you succeed.
CCA has been a great school to start off with if you're thinking about community college. I like that this school has online and classroom options for courses, so it is very flexible and easy to pick your classes. I haven't had any problems here so far, overall nice environment.
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I had a field trip in my high school and we went to CCA it's a really nice place and I would like to attend this college the people who work there are really friendly and they treat me very nice.
In my experience, the students and professors at CCA were dedicated to learning and sharing ideas. The Early Childhood Education classes were excellent in preparing us for careers.
The Community College of Aurora has been a fantastic educator thus far. With their transfer success program, they make it much easier to get your 2 year degree and then move on to a 4 year degree. Being a part of a college that is so inclusive to their trans and gay communities is a welcome change as well.
Community College of Aurora is an amazing way to get started! With semesters that are easy to pay off and great staff, you can guarantee a good time in school. CCA also offers many different opportunities that big colleges don't offer, it is just a matter of asking and not being afraid.
This college is absolutely one of the best places I've ever been to. The staff and students here are so caring and helpful. They want to see you succeed and they want to see you grow as a student and as a person.
I've been studying at the Community College of Aurora for some time now and I must admit that their science department is great because they provide good programs and labs that help the students in addition to tutoring. As long as you make sure you get a good proffesor you should be fine.
community college of aurora is the best college for student want to transfer to other 4 years college. basically its very affordable and very smart instructors.
Community College of Aurora is a fantastic school that encourages the growth of students at a mental and emotional level. They want students to improve! They want to see students achieve academically and they want to see them achieve in the work-force. The Denver Metro area and by extension the city of Aurora is an incredibly diverse area that makes it easy to become involved in multiple cultural programs and experiences. The professors understand that the students attending this school have big plans for the future; whether that's transferring to a four-year university or achieving in the work-force with their new and improved skills and abilities.
Community college of aurora was my first step back to school, i liked how diverse it is ansd how every body wiling to help . I spent the the beatiful 2 years there i will miss the compus for sure. I recommend it to everyone is the best school ever.
Does offer several courses in class and online. professors are willing to help with any difficulty you may run into. financial aid doesnt communicate well and seems to be the most difficult part of the enrollment process.
The school is great. They really help with new students/ returning students, when I had any questions my adviser was there for me and helped me to get on the right track.
I really love this school and the teachers they're amazing. The bathrooms are usually very clean but it seems like every other faucet is always broken. the campus is small and there are two classroom buildings but they are separated into the creative fields and the more traditional courses, it makes the campus seem more organized. I've made some great friends at this school and the teachers are all very good at their job and they care so much about their students.
I am currently taking a concurrent enrollment class in high school. I'm studying Criminal Justice. I am very happy with the college so far. The process of signing up has been very easy and simple. The people who I spoke to about financial aid were extremely helpful and very kind. They wasted no time and worked very quickly.
My time at the Aurora Community College was pleasant. I am a part-time student, and a full time worker. The campus offered a wide variety of classes, applicable to all types of careers, including paramedics. I really appreciated the campus's efficiency in alerting students of closures due to weather, holidays, etc., saving me the trip to campus. The staff, especially the counselors, were all very knowledgable in their respective positions, from assisting in the required classes to advance, to the professors, whom all had experience (and in many cases, degrees) in their fields, allowing full comprehension. I also appreciated the tutors and help available, via reservations, to aid in assignment understanding and completion. If there were one thing I would critique, it would be the inability to reach anyone via the telephone. I would strongly recommend showing up, in-person, to get help.
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I really liked the teachers; they're always willing to help with anything you're having trouble with.
I really love studying here because everyone is willing to help you and they take their time and effort to build each other up. I like the environment, the community and the instructor this school has. I also enjoy studying with my fellow classmates. Everyone is here is so, so friendly and I am sure you will have an amazing experience as you move on the a university. I am glad that I had the chance to study here and I think I've learned so much more here.
I think what makes this college great are the students. We are willing to help each other and advance in our education as a whole. What would be a great change would be to see the staff more educated. There is a difference in help available between both campuses and having to depend on one campus more than the other can be difficult due to the distance in campuses.
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