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I like that the camps is easy to get around and that aver one is helpful. When applying for school I felt lost but going in to CCA and see if some one would be able to help me there where right there for me aver step of the way
I like that they are always willing to help students with absolutely anything that they need. It is a diverse campus.
I like the new people I meet, the community, the diversity, and the resources that are there to help students in their academic success. I would like to continue seeing more people grow and prosper as a community and unity.
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For first time college students it is a lot to take in. The school still is developing ways to make this process easier and I think it will get easier over time. My 3 star ranking is because you have to work answers out of the staff (financial aid, cashiers). It’s frustrating sometimes because they expect you to know how everything functions.
My experience at CCA has been a good one so far, because I went in with an opened mind not really knowing what to expect. I mostly didn't know what to expect when it came to my personal study habit's and my overall school performance. I used to be someone who was not focused in high school, now that I started college with an open mind and my willingness to learn, I have never been more focused and good at something in my entire life. Was I would like to see change is more student's who start school focused and ready to learn. It is hard to be in class with people who do not take school important, but I will not let that stop me from my education experiences, and will keep a driven mindset.
As a first year undergrad I enjoy being at CCA. I think everyone is very helpful and very nice such ass the staff and students. Advisors will always be there to help you aswell as instructors. CCA resources are useful and good.
The community college of Aurora is a good college for transfer students. It has some classes which good to have before entering the universities for different majors such nursing, science, engineering, social etc. It has low tuition and has some scholarship available. The location is easy to reach and has safety campus.
This school is a great place to further your education, the scheduling works perfect for people who work full-time as well as welcoming people who prefer online. If I could change one thing it would definitely be to expand the science and math departments, but I do understand it is a 2 year institution. Other than that it is a great place to start!
This school offered a great chance for me to finish my Associate's Degree while in high school through concurrent enrollment. Nobody treated me differently because I was a high school student. All of the teachers are friendly and the atmosphere at both campuses is inviting. The courses were challenging but doable if the work was put in. All staff is willing to help everyone with any matter whether it was school related or not. Not to mention the Café has the best French Fries I've ever had. Overall, it was a great experience. I'm really glad I started off my college career at the Community College of Aurora.
I enjoy my classes. The teachers are good at their jobs and the classes are stimulating however, there are not as many technical classes .
CCA is very convenient and is very easy to navigate. They have alot of degree/certificate options and transfer programs.
I love how diverse it is.They give a variety of options, in degrees, certificates, funding options, and even your availability. Its an amazing starter option for anyone looking to start school, but are on a budget and still need to get an education.
It is a good school. I really like COSGC/NASA program for engineers here. Being a student who is trying to get associates degree and transfer to 4 year school I participated lots of different events. One of them is rocket launch.
So far, Community College of Aurora has been easy to work with. Signing up for classes wasn't difficult and whenever I've needed help whether it be Financial Aid or with my academic advisor I've always gotten it.
I recently graduated from CCA this May and I enjoyed my time there. I also worked on campus as a work study student. The faculty and staff were so amazing and supportive of everyone. CCA is very diverse and accepting of everyone and I loved it there.
This is a great school to get an associates degree. I graduated from the computer science program and they helped to get me into a job in my field. All of my previous credits forwarded into the program I am taking starting in the fall. Now I am going back because they have a well regarded film school with great teachers and equipment. I am extremely excited and happy to be continuing my education here.
Classes are small enough for professors to give personalized attention to each and every student. There are always office hours and a willingness from each member of the community to help. Great pace, manageable work loads, and assured programs make success possible at the Community College of Aurora.
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I have only had one bad teacher out of the 2 years that I have been going. Most teachers there really care and want to see you succeed. Campus food is a little over priced.
The Community College of Aurora is a wonderful place for many students to start their college career. It is helpful for the student who has not been in school for many years, works full-time, is unsure of their major, or recently graduated from high school. Community College of Aurora offers many classes that allows the students to either obtain the credits necessary to transfer to a four-year school. The school also offers many certificates as well. The smaller class-size is perfect for individualized attention. A huge lecture class of 300 students can be daunting and overwhelming for many students. The professors at Community College of Aurora are accessible to the students to ensure success.
Overall CCA was a great place to start to further my education, I attended CCA because of a program offered through my high school, this program was called ASCENT. Basically I got a free year of college, through the entire year and process CCA was great when it came to offering tutoring, the library was a great place to get work done and there was usually always someone around to help you out as well as the fact that the staff knew what there spoke of, ranging from financial aid to transfer assistance.
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