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It has been a good experience each of the professors have been interactive with the students and they are helpful to each of us with one on one work. The college has been friendly and supportive of all students.
The education varies a good bit depending on your professor. There are a good amount of clubs and sports, however the information pertaining to the clubs and sports can be hard to find.
The Biotechnology program really incorporates a hands-on approach which, paired with knowledgeable faculty, provides opportunity for successfully creating and advancing skills.
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This community college is a great start for high school graduates. It has programs that will help you prepare for internships and career openings. This school also helps students obtain a GED or high school equivalency diploma. The tuition is affordable for many. The classes are an average size of 16 students so nothing overwhelming. I love the staff there they are great especially the counselors. You always have a tremendous support system from your professors, administrators and counselors. I would recommend anyone to Community College of Allegheny County.
It is what it is: Community College. Obviously it isn't a stellar school, it's not terrible either. If you choose the right classes and professors (and do the work), you'll be just fine. I'm pretty neutral on the experience so far but it will sufficiently get me where I need to go. Just don't go here expecting it to be anything special.
Professors work with students all the time regardless of their ages. As an adult learner, I was terrified to go back to school, but everybody was wishing to help and it worked out.
I love that with ccac you are always accepted Andy given a chance. The only thing I would change Is that I wouldnt make the campus built on a big hill.
I attended CCAC for and received my associates in general studies before transferring to a four year university My experience was good. Most professors were helpful.
I liked the simplicity of applying for loans, renting/returning/purchasing books, registering for classes, class sizes, campus library quietness, and food. However, some advisors were not as helpful as others. I would recommend being assigned an advisor rather than having to look for one myself. It was difficult to find one available that was able to tell me what classes I still needed.
Flexible scheduling, with many classes offered in hybrid format or online. A handful of campuses (though I completed my classes online or at the Main Campus on the North Side) Main Campus is accessible via mass transit and a short walk. Many campus resources, including tutoring and remedial education. Offers classes over the summer, as well as many community, continuing education, and non-credit options.
I have only visited. I'm not due to start just yet. But I have friends and family that attended and graduated. They have been convincing me to go so I'm assuming nothing needs changed because I'm convinced and I'm going to attend.
CCAC is a great school for students who are looking for a cheaper education and are not yet ready to attend a 4 year college. Most classes will transfer if you check with schools you are looking at. The classes are small and you get a lot of one on one time with your professors. My only complaint is that you need to know what classes transfer because the guidance counselors don't.
CCAC was a great way for me to get eased into a college experience. I took advantage of their dual enrollment program in high school, and never looked back after graduating. The professors there are generally very nice and helpful if you make the effort to reach out to them. I recommend it to anybody looking to minimize debt coming out of high school.
CCAC has really helped guide me my freshman year. The Advisor's understand my major is broad and I need the first year to figure out which path to take.
They have been able to work with my schedule to make sure I am taking the required classes for my major and that they will transfer to a 4 year college.
Appling to CCAC is some what vague because you apply (accepted), then its like what do I do next. All in all I called and talked to someone and they pointed me in the directions for all the other things I need done
In my experience with the Community College of Allegheny County, the school provides a very in depth study of students majors and professors have great understanding and experience in the subjects they teach. The classes are also flexible to work around students schedules, and the campuses are accessible to all students. What I would like to change is the lack of activities within the campus.
great teachers and great campus and very helpful..already graduated but decided to go back for another degree in nursing.
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I hated CCAC when I first began in Spring of 2015, but now, I am having a hard time letting go of my second home as I prepare to graduate this semester. Not only have I received a well-rounded, affordable education, but I have connected so closely with my professors, advisors, administration, organizations, clubs, and the best friends I could ever ask for. The opportunities I have been given to grow as a student, leader, and an individual is beyond what I would have ever imagined. I'm so glad to have been a student here.
it is a nice college for students that are tryin to save money and can't afford to attend for state college. i like almost everything. i get more help because there are not thar much students in the class room compared to university.
I didn't know what i wanted to do when i started to attend this school. Through the care and attention of teachers and counselors provided by the school i quickly discovered my path. I am now happily graduated and was legitimately sad when i left.
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