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The Community College of Allegheny County provides incredible opportunities to students. Small student and teacher ratios allow students to ask for specific help in order to advance in their studies and towards their career. As an Early Childhood Education major, I appreciated specifically how the Community College of Allegheny County provided opportunities for me to be emerged in my future career. The experience I have gained through my observations with CCAC and in lectures with professors have significantly impacted my attitude toward teaching and my future career.
CCAC is a very conducive and safe environment for studies. The professors are nice and caring. They have financial aide for supporting your education. Library and other departments are well equipped for students success. Your success is their goal. I am a living example. I am taking my classes to graduate as RN. Their method and diversity to get us to pass NCLX at the first sitting is very encouraging although it seems stressful for us now but we know that we are being
I liked the convenience to home and the cost compared to other colleges. There is no dorms or housing. Also liked the classes and online classes.
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It's fine but hard to stay focused at. Not really the best set up to earn a degree. The school is not very involved in keeping students interested and you don't really make friends that you're going to spend time with outside of classes.
Ccac is a great place to launch when furthering your education. The north campus is cozy and its staff are friendly. I would like to see tuition rates drop so more students could attend.
I am a returning student. I have high aims and CCAC will help me to reach my aims. They have great academics. There are really nice programs like nursing or pharmtech
The Best bang for your buck, starting out at CCAC has saved so much money in the long run! I love the teachers and the science lab is so up to date!
All of the staff that I have worked with have been helpful and friendly and made the application/registration process easy. The professors truly care about their students and are available for additional help outside of class. The school offers a wide variety of majors and has partnerships with many local 4 year schools to accommodate transfers.
Horrible experience does not help students at all even if you get help that does not help. Financial aid is a job at this school it’s a run around with them constantly. Would never suggest ANYONE to go here. Yes it’s cheap but you get what you pay for at this school. They profit off of failing students purposely so they have to retake the class.
CCAC does what it promises. They offer college level classes at a reasonable rate. My only issue is that, while there are many good teachers, there are some bad teachers and they are hard to miss. I recommend doing some scouting on the teacher before choosing the class. There is student life, but the nature of a commute school is that people are there and then leaving. Many clubs are impractical for me to go to because I finish class around noon and some start as late as 3. Overall, CCAC is a fine school but limited in what they offer and when they offer it.
Nice place, need more qualified teachers. Books prices are very high. Student are left unchecked, most if them complain about problems and left incomplete assignments. Its a nice place though, as its low tution. It need improvement like in accounting major, they can put internship class and teach student to use quickbook or something that will help student look for a job and make better resume.
I wasn't the brightest bulb back in high school, I was an avid drug addict and stoner that did not care about school whatsoever. Fortunately I was able to graduate (which was a miracle) and decided to wise up and be serious about my life. I am originally from Fairfax Virginia but I decided to come to (CCAC) community college in Pittsburgh as a change in atmosphere. I can honestly say that CCAC has completely changed my life! College here has been nothing but a positive experience and now I am a successful doctor in Peru.
classes are good, teachers are great. i'm passing so that means were both doing something right. touring is very helpful and there when i need it. theirs lots of activities and fun clubs to join. you can never say your bored here. i little bit of mold on Milton, on the ceiling, just saying.
I have enjoyed studying at CCAC vrry much. The Professors are very insightful and help you understand the material pretty easily. The campus is great too, it's always being kept clean. The only thing I would change about it would be for them to have more Criminal Justice classes to offer.
The faculty and staff and extremely helpful. The teachers are willing to work with you and they do the best to ensure that you learn. The school is also very good at making sure there is always something going on. I would highly recommend it for those in the Pittsburgh area
I think that the Community College of Allegheny County creates a great experience for its students. The professors are very knowledgeable and genuinely care about what they are doing. There are many opportunities available free to students to help maximize their learning. An overall great school!
I’ve had an overall good experience. I did find some classes to be more “difficult” than others because of the professors.
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The school is a good transition from high school to obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Personally, I have found most of the teachers and classes to be about average.
The classrooms need to more up-to-date. The computers were just starting to become more technological savvy; however, not all the computers were new.
I have no had a bad experience yet at CCAC. I have been there for years and I have never had a teacher that was not more than passionate about the class they were teaching.
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