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The school has a positive atmosphere and the professors work really well with students. There is food offered at a reasonable price. Other students are very helpful as well.
I love how the professors will help you anytime you need it. I think it is a good experience if you need one on one attention and also to save money transferring to another college.
I loved the environment, I liked the professors a lot. It’s much easier to form a relationship with your professor in smaller classes. It’s easier to get help if you are struggling in a certain area.
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CCAC has many helpful opportunities. they have many chances to increase the learning experience with tutors and open labs. they want people to succeed and give every person a chance to.
I am able to take all my classes online which helps with my busy life schedule. The professors get back to emails fast and help as best as they can with the questions that are asked. I haven't had a bad experience with CCAC since I have been in attendance.
CCAC has a lot to offer. The professors and courses are great. The overwhelming majority of the professors I had clearly love to teach and put in time and effort into their presentations and projects. There is free math tutoring and tons of clubs (many with an academic or career focus). The Allegheny Campus is beautiful and the surrounding area has a lot to offer. It is near several bus lines as well as a T-Station. They have a PTK chapter, a good honors program and a student ambassador program. All in all, community college is what you make of it. CCAC has a lot to offer, you just have to put in the effort to utilize it.
The campus is safe and located to a good area, close to the Bus station, T station and downtown. Professors are smart and funny in the same time, they do a good job and I have nothing bad to say about my experience at CCAC. The campus is clean, we have vending machines for a snack or beverages and the toilets are clean.
Initially, I didn't want to go to community college but my experience here so far has been nothing short of amazing. I would recommend this school to anyone who needs some college education.
I love all of my professors. They are very knowledgeable and care about the well being of their students. They present the information with great detail. The classes are challenging and make the students grow. It is a GREAT value for the education you rescieve.
It is a good school. The staff and teachers are nice. One thing to be aware of is that your chosen degree might not be an exact two years. Some can be more than that. Mine is turning out to be two and a half years
Do not attend the paralegal program at CCAC. Even if you get good grades, their certificate is completely worthless. DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME
The Community College of Allegheny County provides incredible opportunities to students. Small student and teacher ratios allow students to ask for specific help in order to advance in their studies and towards their career. As an Early Childhood Education major, I appreciated specifically how the Community College of Allegheny County provided opportunities for me to be emerged in my future career. The experience I have gained through my observations with CCAC and in lectures with professors have significantly impacted my attitude toward teaching and my future career.
CCAC is a very conducive and safe environment for studies. The professors are nice and caring. They have financial aide for supporting your education. Library and other departments are well equipped for students success. Your success is their goal. I am a living example. I am taking my classes to graduate as RN. Their method and diversity to get us to pass NCLX at the first sitting is very encouraging although it seems stressful for us now but we know that we are being
I liked the convenience to home and the cost compared to other colleges. There is no dorms or housing. Also liked the classes and online classes.
It's fine but hard to stay focused at. Not really the best set up to earn a degree. The school is not very involved in keeping students interested and you don't really make friends that you're going to spend time with outside of classes.
Ccac is a great place to launch when furthering your education. The north campus is cozy and its staff are friendly. I would like to see tuition rates drop so more students could attend.
I am a returning student. I have high aims and CCAC will help me to reach my aims. They have great academics. There are really nice programs like nursing or pharmtech
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The Best bang for your buck, starting out at CCAC has saved so much money in the long run! I love the teachers and the science lab is so up to date!
All of the staff that I have worked with have been helpful and friendly and made the application/registration process easy. The professors truly care about their students and are available for additional help outside of class. The school offers a wide variety of majors and has partnerships with many local 4 year schools to accommodate transfers.
Horrible experience does not help students at all even if you get help that does not help. Financial aid is a job at this school it’s a run around with them constantly. Would never suggest ANYONE to go here. Yes it’s cheap but you get what you pay for at this school. They profit off of failing students purposely so they have to retake the class.
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