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The classrooms need to more up-to-date. The computers were just starting to become more technological savvy; however, not all the computers were new.
I have no had a bad experience yet at CCAC. I have been there for years and I have never had a teacher that was not more than passionate about the class they were teaching.
What I like about Community college of Allegheny county is how nice and affordable it is . This is a great life and learning experience for me so I can find what I like about my major and decide on certain things . The teachers are the ones who help you a lot I. Overall the college is great !
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It’s both affordable and flexible. The professors are professional yet merciful, and they’ve got hefty belts of experience & credibility. The campus is the minimum of what you’d need while also providing amenities.
This college offers a wide range of degrees that are cost efficient for the students. The flexibility offered through the school works very well for traditional students and non-traditional students. The evening and weekend professors are some of the same ones that teach during the morning, their workload may be great on some days but I have yet to come across a professor that wasn't professional.
I like that ccac is very diverse from the students to the teachers. The professors are very hands on and are always available to help if you need it. The culinary program is great. I love the different recipes that we get to make and how they really make you feel like you are already a chef even though you haven't graduate yet. The campus is also very nice. I especially like the view of Heinz Field from the campus. When your in certain buildings you can actually see inside of the stadium.
I go here right now and am planning on graduating with an associate's in May. I graduated from a local high school that put so much emphasis on going straight to a traditional university/college and had a negative outlook on CCAC. However, this has been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made in my life. I attend the North campus and online. I tried to take a class at the main campus in Pittsburgh but felt like it was too big, too much- but if you like the idea of big college, then go for the main campus. But if you like small classes- which I certainly do- then North campus is great. They have many staff members who are there for you and to help you. Most professors are good and have taught at traditional universities. There are some professors that aren't good at teaching or aren't good to their students.
It is SO cheap. SO CHEAP. I get to live at home with my family, work, and see familiar faces. Again, one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Academics are good, but nursing program is very unorganized. Most of the faculty does a really good job, but some professors do not seem to care about the students.
My time so far at CCAC has been wonderful. They have a really good atmosphere and provide the necessary outlets in order to succeed.
This is an affordable college with a plethora of study programs and valuable teachers. Everyone is ready to assist you in any means possible. For anyone beginning college or just looking for a good school to attend, put CCAC on your list.
So far the education I've received has been top of the line. The buildings are older, but the college has been making major improvements and upgrades. The location is ideal and close to coffee, restaurants and entertainment.
I am a reapplying student . Had to drop out years ago due to family reason. On my journey I have bad mild complaints but most of my experience have been good more then bad. I think the professors can so a little more effort and interest in students and that will maybe boost their grades. Maybe pay a little more attention to mistakes with financial services. Less problems and quick easy to fix mistakes will give Students more money to follow through with the supplies they need.
The Community College of Allegheny County has given me the option to stay at home, work, and go to school for such a little cost. CCAC offers many programs that run parallel with plenty of schools so a student can stay on the right path and transfer to a 4-year college with half the costs of taking classes at CCAC.
The college is very cheap and the environment is friendly. Going here defiantly eased me in going to college without being over whelmed about being away from home.
Love it. Easy to get around the staff are very nice and polite. Not located in a difficult area to get and very clean
It has been a good experience each of the professors have been interactive with the students and they are helpful to each of us with one on one work. The college has been friendly and supportive of all students.
The education varies a good bit depending on your professor. There are a good amount of clubs and sports, however the information pertaining to the clubs and sports can be hard to find.
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The Biotechnology program really incorporates a hands-on approach which, paired with knowledgeable faculty, provides opportunity for successfully creating and advancing skills.
This community college is a great start for high school graduates. It has programs that will help you prepare for internships and career openings. This school also helps students obtain a GED or high school equivalency diploma. The tuition is affordable for many. The classes are an average size of 16 students so nothing overwhelming. I love the staff there they are great especially the counselors. You always have a tremendous support system from your professors, administrators and counselors. I would recommend anyone to Community College of Allegheny County.
It is what it is: Community College. Obviously it isn't a stellar school, it's not terrible either. If you choose the right classes and professors (and do the work), you'll be just fine. I'm pretty neutral on the experience so far but it will sufficiently get me where I need to go. Just don't go here expecting it to be anything special.
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