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CCAC was a great way for me to get eased into a college experience. I took advantage of their dual enrollment program in high school, and never looked back after graduating. The professors there are generally very nice and helpful if you make the effort to reach out to them. I recommend it to anybody looking to minimize debt coming out of high school.
CCAC has really helped guide me my freshman year. The Advisor's understand my major is broad and I need the first year to figure out which path to take.
They have been able to work with my schedule to make sure I am taking the required classes for my major and that they will transfer to a 4 year college.
Appling to CCAC is some what vague because you apply (accepted), then its like what do I do next. All in all I called and talked to someone and they pointed me in the directions for all the other things I need done
Review Community College of Allegheny County
In my experience with the Community College of Allegheny County, the school provides a very in depth study of students majors and professors have great understanding and experience in the subjects they teach. The classes are also flexible to work around students schedules, and the campuses are accessible to all students. What I would like to change is the lack of activities within the campus.
great teachers and great campus and very helpful..already graduated but decided to go back for another degree in nursing.
I hated CCAC when I first began in Spring of 2015, but now, I am having a hard time letting go of my second home as I prepare to graduate this semester. Not only have I received a well-rounded, affordable education, but I have connected so closely with my professors, advisors, administration, organizations, clubs, and the best friends I could ever ask for. The opportunities I have been given to grow as a student, leader, and an individual is beyond what I would have ever imagined. I'm so glad to have been a student here.
it is a nice college for students that are tryin to save money and can't afford to attend for state college. i like almost everything. i get more help because there are not thar much students in the class room compared to university.
I didn't know what i wanted to do when i started to attend this school. Through the care and attention of teachers and counselors provided by the school i quickly discovered my path. I am now happily graduated and was legitimately sad when i left.
CCAC is a very affordable college experience for the working people. I am happy with my education and how much my teachers and the entire staff is invested in me.
I love that meeting with a counselor/advisor is super easy, and they actually listen and take care of your needs. I'm gonna miss the environment of tiny classes, and study groups constantly being formed to bring people together.
Finding a college is hard by itself, you are making a life choice that will effort your future. Finding a college is especially hard when you also have to worry about living by yourself and taking care of yourself. Those are both hard not only to do by themselves, but also those happening at the same time.CCAC South makes it easy because I'm close to home so i don't have to pay to live in a small dorm with a bunch of roommates but it also gives me the college experience by meeting people through my classes but being able to go home to my bed at the end of the day. The professors are very nice and when first applying and getting started all the workers where very nice! very happy with my decision as making this school my starting school until I'm ready to make the next step on moving out!
At CCAC you get what you pay for, its cheap, convenient and gets you the bare minimum. Teachers and professors range from enthusiastic and helpful to borderline useless. If you know helpful teachers by name you can get the best out of your education experience. Counselors and guidance didnt seem to care too much about the direction they show the students to work towards. Dont drink the water.
The online classes are very. But I wish we had better tutoring with harder subjects.
I wish Carlow accepted Anatomy and Physiology.
I saved so much money! and I love the small size of the classes and the online classes.
They have career fairs along with college fairs.
Nursing is a hard field and I am happy I choose CCAC to start off.
Review Community College of Allegheny County
Overall I LOVE CCAC. I wish you can earn your BA there. I wish I could stay at CCAC. I am very comfortable and it is so easy to work around.
they help so much. Everytime I have a question it always get answered.
Everything is just so great
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