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I like this college because it is a fit for everyone. No matter what age you are, they treat everyone the same.
I liked the fact of various campuses so there is a higher chance that every student is at least within 25-30 minutes from a facility. I would like to see the Washington county campus have multiple more classes offered instead of making students drive about an hour away for science classes not available at Washington county campus. I decided not to go back there because of that reason alone. Though it was my choice to not re register, I put the fault on the college due to the lack of student interest due to multiple groups of students complaining about the lack of variety of classes offered at the specific Washington county campus.
The atmosphere is exactly how you'd expect. A community college on the north shore. Surprisingly, the student life is pretty diverse and plentiful depending non how involved you get/your interests. There are tons of clubs. I think the best feature of the school is the free tutors on hand whenever you need them. If you need help with homework or a project or literally anything, you can just walk into the Math Café and ask around, and they will very likely find someone to assist you. The food is decent and reasonably priced. Professors are hit or miss when it comes to discipline, ability to be reached outside of class, etc. Just check ratemyprofessor beforehand.
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I like the atmosphere and view of the city. The teachers are all caring, the ones I have had so far at least. It is a good school with different opportunities to get into the workforce sooner.
I like the price and the ease of access. I don’t think there’s nearly enough student resources and it can be incredibly disorganized.
I loved attending ccac. Nice and welcoming environment, location of the campus. I love the outside environment of the campus, it helped me to focus me on my education. I used to stayed around campus and enjoyed the view. The instructor has been excellent, they know what they are doing and teaches students with helping goal. Ccac always focuses on students and help the students in every way possible to get their goals. Easy bus excess for students.
I like how helpful the admissions councilors are in the entirety of the application process. The overall experience has been extremely eye-opening and excellent. The campus is beautiful and very well-kept. The students and staff are delightful and ready to succeed which encourages me to keep moving forward.
I love the diversity of the classes. There's almost a class for any subject on at least one of the campuses. I don't like the teachers are not held accountable for mistakes.
I think CCAC is an amazing school. The professors are kind and helpful. The deans are very empathetic and compassionate to their students. The cleanliness and overall look of the school is nice. The welcome committee is very helpful and kind to all students. The cost of tuition is not expensive and you are still earning a degree. Transportation to the school is easy, because it is local. The food in the cafeteria and the snacks are yummy. The bathrooms could use a little work. The math cafe and the learning commons help students with homework and other assignments. Overall, CCAC is just an enjoyable college to attend.
I came to CCAC to get an affordable two years before transferring to a four-year institution. It has served me well so far and I suspect it will continue to do so. Some folks think that community colleges have worse courses, but they use the same books as 'real' colleges. While some might argue that you won't get to meet and interact with new people because CCAC doesn't force you to pay 15K/year on housing, I would disagree. There are plenty of clubs and common spaces on the campuses for you to meet people through college; moreover, there are plenty of apps and social networks which enable you to connect and meetup with people who share your interests these days. Don't let yourself be tricked into going to a 'real college' for social interaction which you can make yourself, or for 'superior academics' despite colleges using the same generic Pearson textbooks. CCAC has everything you actually need (for your first two years at least), and won't leave you with twenty years worth of debt.
CCAC is a fantastic college to go to. They have so many different programs and majors its unbelievable I start this August and i can't wait.
I absolutely love this college ! The professors, administrators, ect. are all very helpful. This school is one of the best schools i ever been to and its very welcoming to. i would definitely recommend. There nursing program is also great !
A good place to go if you're unsure of what you want your major to be, and an extensive amount of helpful staff in the building. An abundant amount of resources and help on hand when the campus is open.
Professors are well educated. Fells like a four-year college experience. Everything is inclusive on the campus. there are many clubs you can participate in and also a few sports you can participate in as well. I did not miss out on any experiences from starting out at a two-year college. In the long run it helped me save money which could be used on further education.
Staff are always around and willing to help you. And they have different rescources on the campus to help you study.
CCAC is cheap, affordable, and close to home. Each campus is huge and welcoming and offer a lot of school activities to be involved in. Their nursing program is one of the best in the area.
I love the professors I have gotten the pleasure to work with. The professors seem to care about the students future. Another thing I like is the location of the campus I do not have trouble getting to it.
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Classes are easy but teachers are not the best. Online classes are over all easy. I have enjoyed English the most at CCAC. There is not much to do on campus and general people come and go when they have class. The night classes are not bad but it depends on the class you have to take.
CCAC South is a fantastic place to start your education! The student life office is amazing if you are looking to get involved on campus. Faculty are kind and helpful. The Honors Program is phenomenal and gives you amazing chances for advancement. You will have no struggle to find parking unlike some Pittsburgh colleges. There are always activities to participate in, and a good bit of free food too.
I learned the fundamentals of college at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). CCAC honed skills and required a level of maturity from me that I developed while attending school there. Lastly, CCAC gave me confidence to apply to big name colleges such as the University of Pittsburgh, because my grades were phenomenal. Not to forget that the accolades I received helped me stand out amongst my peers. I highly recommend starting out at CCAC if you reside in Pittsburgh.
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