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I like the staff and the teachers but I did not like the campus or the fact that they don't honor Stafford loans. This would have been very helpful and I wouldn't have had to drop a class
Community Christian College as a whole is a really great school for those who are looking to knock out classes and credits to move to a bigger university. It's affordable for the quality of teachers and classes they offer and they have two Associates programs; one in Liberal Arts and the other in Buisness Administration, it's a great growing school.
It was pretty good! There was only one quarter where I had to take a course albeit it conflicted with my schedule.
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I enjoyed the online courses albeit it isn't the same as taking the actual physical class, I learned a lot and it worked well with my schedule.
I'm not sure, mainly because it encourages students to continue their education.
I enjoyed the courses I took, but there are only a few select courses everyone is required to take. This was frustrating at times because it was hard to work it around a schedule at times, but helpful in attaining credits to graduate on time.
This is a community college so it is mainly helping you get ready for college, not necessarily a career. It does hold internships here and there, and on campus jobs that seemed interesting. Not sure if anyone started working immediately after graduating from CCC but I could see it happening.
At the beginning, it was a hard adjustment for me going from secular school to Christian school, but the teachers were really helpful and gracious. They genuinely wanted to see students succeed and find their way in the world. The course load still seems a bit overwhelming at times, but it definitely helps.
I really enjoyed the school and the professor and hope that it really grows me as a person. I also appreciate the strong fundamentals it has given me and helped me develop.
I am working on my final quarter before graduation. I have not been given any information regarding Career Services since I began attending the school in 2010. I suppose they will provide a small portion of information during exit counseling, however, there has not been a hint of talk regarding Career Services. CCC staff is great and most of them are willing to help you in any way they can. They respond to inquiries promptly and I am confident that if and when I have questions on this topic, they will look into it quickly and provide the information they have available.
Factoring in cost and quality of the academic experience, this school is slightly above average. Nothing to ride home about, however, if you are looking for easy enrollment with no waiting lists, a viable option for sure.
The only private Christian community college in the nation so it expected that you are going to pay more than other community colleges. However, even with some scholarships I don't feel that the price matches the quality of the school. I am paying roughly $1,500 per quarter.
Each quarter, there is only one meeting date for the each classes offered. Each class meets once a week for 4 hours, usually from 6pm - 10pm. 90% of the classes offered are at night so it is important to weigh this before making a decision to attend. I personally don't enjoy sitting in one class for such a long period of time which is why I gave it the listed grade. It's important to note, however, that the overall knowledge of the professors is strong and much can be learned if you work hard to stay focused in the long classes.
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