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Overall experience has been great! The process to enroll was rather easy. All staff has been super helpful as well as instructors. I love the fact that I can take all classes I need online which accommodates my current situation.
So far community care college is one of the best choices that I have ever made. I have meet some amazing people so far. My professors are caring and you get one on one time because it is a smaller college.
I love this school because these professors want to help you succeed. They dn't take this career as just a paycheck to them. I feel genuinely cared for, and helps give me the support I need to accomplish a diploma and a successful career at the end of this program. I recommend this school to anyone trying to better themselves.
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It’s an excellent school, the orientation is beyond excellent and the person who is in charge of enrollment makes sures that you get enrolled in the right program and let’s you know everything about the program.
Love this College! Everyone is so welcoming always ready to help in anyway possible they want to see you suceed!
This school is simply Amazing! Staff is so friendly, open to questions, and always helpful. Enrolment was a breeze. Classes are structured, and Instructors are easily communicated with. Small in size, but huge on benefits.
So far, just from touring the school and talking to previous and current students. The school is great in all aspects. I can't wait to start going to school here and earn my diploma.
I enjoy it because its comforting to me. I came from a small town and I love the feeling of being like a family. Thats how they feel to me.
I am entering into Community Care College as an Adult. They are very accommodating and wonderful with my children.
I like Community Care College. Very friendly people and staff. I like how the classes are set up and that programs are short.
I love the instructors they are attentive, friendly and truly care about your needs as a student. They want to see you succeed and will help you in that goal.
This college is better than any of the other ones I have attended. The teachers work with each student and are very friendly. My teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure I understand my assignments. I have truly enjoyed this school, the best part is its loving and caring environment. Thanks CCC for making my education experience a great one!
I haven't been attending long,but I knew this would be the college for me!! The staff is wonderful and they believe in you and your education and are there to help you in any way they can!! The instructors are very knowledgeable and awesome!!! They have the tools to help you!!
Their credits WILL NOT & DO NOT transfer to other schools, but they will tell you they do.
I was told not to buy my books online or anywhere else because it was better to just let it be added into my tuition ($2000). Could've saved WELL OVER $1000
$28,000 in student loans for an associates of medical billing and coding and No business will accept it without a license which the school does not pay for your first test ($400)
After I graduated, I get an email that says they are going NON PROFIT!
Girl I work with is currently attending for the same degree, and is being charged $28,000 in loans as well.

This place is a joke!! The teachers and everyone are extremely nice, really helpful but you're better off going to a local college like CONNORS STATE or NSU.

You will regret it in the long run!!!
They really take the time to find options for you to study and what are your interests. They try to introduce you to as many teachers as possible and they let you ask as many questions to have a better feel of what you might want to study. The other thing is that they really assist you to find multiple options to pay for school so you won't have to, they have an open door policy so you can always ask questions if you are confused of your classes or for your financial resources. They environment is extremely welcoming overall it's a positive experience.
I had to change my work schedule to get to classes. But that's okay because my current job is fast food and education will get me out of that job eventually.
Small class size, hands on experience.
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I love handling the animals in class, we only come four days a week so we take the animals home over the weekends.

I find this to a very good teaching tool because this is what I will be doing in my new career.
Some of the in class work is hard, which means you will gain a lot of knowledge if you want good grades. I enjoy going on the many field trips we have at least once a month. Visiting clinics is very helpful and hands on.
The teachers are very good at knowing their information, so you will learn a lot. Attendance policy is strict. They say as long as you communicate they'll work with you. Absolute lie. I missed 2 days of school because my car wouldn't start and I live 1hr 45min away. I explained this and still just barely was able to get a C because of my attendance grade. They don't care if 'life' happens to you. It's not their problem. I also had a problem retrieving some information from the IRS. I obviously can't tell the government what to do so my only option was to sit and wait for them. They took forever and there was nothing I could do about it. Instead of taking that into consideration, they just kicked me out of school until I finally received that information in the mail. Not only do I have to wait longer to graduate, they also charged me a $400 rescheduling fee. The only reason I give this school 'okay' is because I'm truly passionate about my field of study and just enjoy learning about it everyday
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