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Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service Reviews

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Do not waste your time or money... It is an expensive program and not a great learning environment... This field is hard to get into and does not pay well
School is great for distant Learning, you arrive on site the clinical staff is amazing! The lesson program easy-to-understand on the computer base knowledge level. The structure of the systems for all my classes is amazing by far the best I've taken.
Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service has the most outstanding, and easy to work with staff and faculty. Setting the standards high, Commonwealth strives for the success of the students, as well as the preservation and future-security of the Funeral Industry.
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I am able to learn how to direct a funeral and embalm the deceased. Care for the loved ones of the deceased.
I enjoy it because of it being online and the instructors are very helpful.
Lots of networking opportunities, not really a place for continuing ed..
The academics are pretty much thought out for you since the programs offered specialize in specific things. Scheduling is not necessary as there are set times for every class for every student. Makes personal scheduling a little difficult.
The teaching methods aren't much different from other schools, the workload is reasonable though it may be difficult to study and work full time since studying daily is a must. Lately there are many job opportunities presenting themselves at our school
There is an amazing embalming lab. Considering that this is a mortuary science and funeral directing school, there aren't many resources we needs, and though a little out dated, our computer lab is sufficient enough.
The classes are challenging and totally different from anything I've experienced before, the instructors really try to give you as much knowledge to deal with getting your career started and everyone works hard.
Not the most aesthetically appealing space, but definitely study-friendly. We are a very small school that specializes in funeral directing and embalming and it shows very well in our embalming lab and restorative arts space. We also house a national funeral museum! However some of the technology could be updated a bit.
As any college student will tell you, tuition in the U.S. is higher than ever! But for our program, tuition is relatively low. Compared to other schools, we will go into a decent paying work force with relatively low amounts of student debt.
There is NO typical student for a funeral service and embalming institute like ours, and that's what is so great about it! Everyone is so different, from their backgrounds to ages to career goals, everyone here makes quite the quirky family. Yes, family! With small intimate classes that you experience throughout your entire enrollment, you get to really know who you are sharing classes with. This is also an ideal setup for networking! Because we are so diverse and going into this type of service industry, there is a great deal of tolerance and light-heartedness throughout the student body.
Excellent School of the Year – The academics in my school are challenging. You have to really know your material. They even give extra credit so that way you can improve your grade in their class. The professors are very caring and involved with each student and ask questions if a student needs help or don't understand. The professors maybe busy alot, but they still make time to have a one on one talk with the student if they may need it.The registration process was okay. I didn't have a problem with it at all.
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