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I love Columbus Tech. I've been there for several semesters now and the atmosphere is always so inviting and welcoming. There isn't anything that I would like to see change. It's in a local city, so everything is easily accessible and there are many things to do. It's also nice to stay close to home and attend college.
Columbus Technical College instructs and evaluates students on work ethics in all programs of study. Ten work ethics traits are defined as essential for student success. The definitions for these traits have been integrated into the program standards of each program curriculum thereby allowing each program to make work ethics a relevant and meaningful part of the program curriculum. The traits are assessed before the student graduates from the program.
During the spring semester there was a major issue. I wanted to withdraw from a class in which I was passing, but Columbus Tech deliberately fixed it were you could not withdraw from a class. So they can keep money in their funds. This is wrong and illegal a student should be able to withdraw from a class.
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I never went to the actual campus because I took online classes through my local technical college that worked with Columbus Tech so that I could get credit on a class that my tech college didn't offer but could accept. The professor was amazing and helped with all my questions and the course was great.
Overall it has been a good experience. There could be clearer instructions on what to do when getting accepted. I got into a program and had to see the admissions office that sent me in a circle. Most of the staff were very pleasant to work with. The lady in the registrar office is very mean. I would suggest a career change for her. Very rude and unprofessional.
They're in need of renovations. The classes are small and personal which is nice. The students and faculty are friendly. I don't understand why speech is a requirement.
Columbus Tech is a great place if you are interested in learning a trade. With the direction good jobs are headed in the economy, Columbus Tech provides programs in many of these fields.
I appreciated the amount of financial aid I received, but other than that I found that the college classes failed me. The professors seemed uninformed in their respective fields. The college also didn't allow me to test into a higher mathematics class which left me a class I had no use for. However the staff were always helpful, kind, and cheerful.
I love Columbus Technical College! The resources offered are so helpful, and they offer a 1-year ADN program.
I have not attended Columbus Tech yet but I will be attending Fall of 2018. So far I love it. The representatives are extremely nice and they have tons of information online. They even have my major which most schools don't. I'm super excited about going to school here at Columbus Technical College.
The overall experience I had at Columbus Technical College was Very Good at the times that I was enrolled and I would definitely return or give my recommendations. The major area of improvement that I would like to see a change in is the Practical Nursing admittance and procedures to ensure that there is fairness in at least in getting an interview
Columbus Technical College is a great and affordable school. Students who are still in high school can take courses that will count towards their college credits. Classes can be taken on campus or online to suit your schedule. The instructors are nice and very helpful with your needs and education. The campus has a book store and library. There are few activities that go on year round on campus, sometimes you have to check your email or with other students to out when and where something is going on.
I'm currently enrolled at this institution. Although my experience has only been a short period of time, I think very highly of this school. The professors I have been assigned to were terrific. You could that they were passionate about the subject matter that they taught. The administrative staff is excellent, they honestly care about the success of the students enrolled and future prospects considering enrollment.
The process was pretty simple
Some classes have been more stressful than others
It was a very simple and timely proccess
My academic advisor was able to schedule classes around my part time job which was great.
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Online courses are very user friendly.
Professors are a very reliable source for information and help. The courses are straight forward.
It's a great institution whose goal is to prepare you for the workforce.
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