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I met with an admissions counselor to speak about the school. I am interested in becoming an enrolling freshman for the 2020 school year. If admitted, I am interested in becoming a child psychologist and have a successful year at their school. I loved hoe he spoke about how great the campus would be for me. They have great diversity and a great teaching system.
I am very glad I choose Columbus State University. The Columbus, Georgia are is big, but still have a nice small town feel to it.
I like making new friends there, focusing in class, and managing my time for studies, tutoring, and advising. I am involved in one Christian Organization.
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I really enjoy it. The campus is beautiful, and the school is relatively close to everything in the city of Columbus. However, it isn't that easy to make friends here. The food isn't that great and have limited options.
I love how this university is all student success oriented. This establishment is willing to do anything to make sure that their students are successful and happy all the while enjoying their time.
Being at Columbus State University only for an entire week does not truly give one enough time to give a trust worthy claim. However the time I have spent here has been quite a smooth transition and hopefully the momentum continues through out the school year.
The school tends to be incompetent when it comes to adminstration (financial aid, class schedules). Other than that, the school is... so so.
I like Columbus State University because it’s a mid sized campus. It’s perfect for walking and riding your bicycle around. What I love most is the diversity of students and faculty. It makes you feel like you belong there and that there are progress in people accepting others. I don’t feel excluded in any way and I’m proud to attend a school that was featured as being the top school in offering international education. Also, I praise the Riverpark campus because its located in the heart of Uptown Columbus. Uptown Columbus is filled with culture and music festivals all year round. Riverpark campus is very popular with the music and art students holding performances and exhibits. It made me fall in love with uptown Columbus. Other than that, the only problem I have is the parking issue. I think there should be more parking spaces available so it will decrease students and faculty frustration of finding a parking space.
I am currently a transfer student so I am unsure of the school itself. I do know my step siblings have both attended the school so as a mere observer I would say they like the school to say the least. In my opinion its saying something. Not only is it a good town to live in, raise a family and go to school but it is a peaceful environment and not many distractions which is appreciated.
Columbus State University is a wonderful school. They have a simple enrolling process along with a fast decision making process. I recommend Columbus to anyone who is willing to take their education to the next level. They have always made sure I got the help I needed. Columbus State University is well worth attending.
It’s not a huge campus but it’s a great size. People are friendly on campus and the professors are always willing to help you as much as they possible can. There are plenty of people you can talk to if you need help with anything.
I enjoy the parties, the different kinds of events they provide for the students and the greek life. What I would like to see a difference in is better pay for professors, making pell grant affordable for all college students and better food choices for the cafeteria.
I enjoy the online program, it is very informative and straight forward. The staff and my counselor have been very helpful with me going back to school.
I love my school and I love the arts programs and living downtown. There’s lots of opportunities to go see people speak, opportunities to do things in the community, shows and concerts to go to, and visits to different places. Every professor I have had has been amazing, and UPD makes you feel safe. I think the only downside is the food - some people really like it and even I like it sometimes, but sometimes it makes me feel sick. Besides that, I feel like Columbus has given me many opportunities.
I am a new student and the process of enrolling was very easy. I was assisted in every way possible to make sure I had everything I needed.
I really enjoy the fact that CSU offers over 100 clubs for students to join and even more ways to get involved, such as Career Development, Greek life, Study Abroad, etc.
So far, my experience with Columbus State University has been amazing. I love how kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and approachable the faculty and staff are. Also, I am extremely appreciative of how clean, organized, and safe the campus is; you will never find any discarded garbage on the ground, and the police presence is active 24 hours a day. Also, there are multitudes of fun events held on campus each year including homecoming celebrations and influential guest speakers. One thing that I would like to see change is the maintenance and organization of online content; too often, I have come across typos on official documents or miscommunication over emails or website posts.
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Very friendly people, all around make you feel welcome. The academics are very well done and not too much to take on.
Columbus State is an amazing college. The professors are helpful and student friendly. They will answer any question you may ask. The college itself is beautiful. With two campuses, Columbus has gorgeous landmarks.
I recently went to Columbus University with my teaching candidate class. I absolutely loved everything about being there. The faculty was extremely helpful and sweet and everything was easy to understand about where to go. I wasn’t sure if teaching was the definite path I was going to take but after touring the teaching program and the campus I know for sure that it’s what I want to do.
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