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Columbus State University Reviews

1,246 reviews
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The local area is very accessible to the students living in campus housing. The campus shuttles are great and can take you all around campus including the downtown area. Safety seems to be a high priority and the campus police are visible. The housing is convenient and fun. It's not the best housing that i've seen but it's your own spot.
I love it here at Columbus State University. It is a really chill and small campus. However you are able to stay focused and get what you need done. There is always something to do to get involved with events and activities. Also. Columbus State is a safe environment. There is always police around watching the area to make sure everything is in order.
While Columbus State University has grown significantly ever since its establishment, there is certainly much room for improvement. Many of the professors can be unorganized, uncommunicative, and highly demanding, while many others can be lenient and dedicated to giving you a quality education. The technology is great, and the WiFi is spectacular. Many students come here and transfer after their first year, which is why the graduation rates are so low. Crime isn't an issue, and neither is the population. Very clean and well-moderated by campus police and other authority figures.
Columbus State University is a very good school. They are big on academics and getting involved. The one thing I would change is how you get information about the things you need to know.
The main campus is a bit dreary, but downtown where the arts and nursing are is fantastic. Saturday markets are always fun, shops up and down Broadway, and lots of cute doggos. The only complaint is that some of the teachers are there for more political reasons than skill, but that's only a handful out of a lot of great teachers. Also, at only $20K a year, it's on the cheaper side of schools in GA that aren't community colleges.
Columbus State wasn't my first choice school, but I'm not disappointed from my time here. It is a small university so professors will take the time to learn your name. It does have two campuses and there is a noticeable separation between them. With enough interest changes can be made.
Even though I'm only going into my second semester as a college student, I've enjoyed my experience incredibly! I've put myself out there and found people I feel will be my friends for years to come, as well as learning the importance of studying and focusing on my education.
I had a good experience as a transfer student to Columbus State this semester. I commuted every day for an hour and 15 minutes one way and I had classes five times per week. The travel was well worth it.

I did well in my classes also.

Cailon Shaw
This is quite an unfortunate, yet fortunate school. I have many places to walk or ride the shuttle to. The cafe food was okay at first but eventually my body started telling me no sometimes. My problem with the cafe is that they do not allow us to take any food outside of the cafe and provide absolutely no to-go plates/containers. This is rather unfortunate considering that it closes at 8 and many students do not have enough time to eat before that. We as students need MOBILE food!
As a Computer Science major, I do believe the program is very good because of how stressful it is. I have had significantly decent professors both Computer Science and not.
People are also very friendly in this area as well. There are little to no hostile events that I am aware of. The school is also very alert and honest with us about any dangerous events which occur on or near the campus, or in relation to the school. We are very easily notified by email and sometimes through text.
I really enjoy Columbus state. It is very homey to me and I love the campus. They have many of things to do on main campus but downtown doesn't offer very many thing to use cougar cash for besides the pod. Other than that I love the college
Amazing! The campus is beautiful, it is a great environment. There are so many activities to do at CSU. So many places to study and just relax.
My experience at CSU has been very pleasant as far as academics and professors go. I can't say much about student life and dorms/housing because unfortunately I do not live on campus but I can say that Columbus State makes me feel very comfortable and at home.
CSU is a fun school to be in your first year. It gives you the view of college with some high school aspects like small classes. It is a great place to go to make a transition into the big world. There are always activities on campus whether it is held by the school or different groups on campus all day and all night. The best dorms are the new freshmen housing known as Clear View Hall. The Cafe (dining hall) has healthy options and some variety though more variety and better hours would be a good change to have. It is close to downtown Columbus which has a fun college vibe on weekend nights. Columbus State is good at making college memorable and I would recommend it as an incoming freshmen.
I would have liked for the new dorms to have a living/sitting area. They have a sitting area down the hallway, but when doing homework late at night it is easier to do in your room. Also I would have liked the dorms better if I didn't have to share it with a roommate.
I love everything about Columbus State University. There are so many activities going on around campus. I have met some really great people by getting out and enjoying the fun.
There are plenty activities and clubs to participate in and there are always things going on on campus. The exercise facility is amazing and there are free fitness classes available to attend. The professors are very interactive and make their expectations clear.
My experiences with courses and professors at this school is excellent thus far. The courses and professors are very helpful. And the professors want the best for you.
Student career prospects and the value of a degree from this school is very high. They want the best for the students on campus.
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The Greek life on campus is always loving and joyful. They are very social.
The student involvement is very active. The team performance, fan support, school spirit, and athletic facilities are always great.
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