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Columbus State University offers challenging graduate programs at a much lower cost than larger institutions. After completing two degrees at a large university, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality that Columbus State offers. As a matter of fact, I am considering yet another degree from CSU as I have enjoyed my coursework so much.
My overall experience as an online student at Columbus State University has been great thus far. Virtual classes that include live on-camera instruction would be a great addition to the school in the future. Whenever I am on campus, it is easy to get involved as there are many volunteer opportunities and activities. The Registrar and Student Services are also very hands-on with assisting students with any concerns he or she may have.
Please look at the national rankings and graduation rate for this school. The six year graduation rate is 30%, that is just shameful to know over half of the students that they care for will not graduate. They are certainly not up to par with what they advertise. I think there accreditation needs to be reviewed. Students look dead on campus and advisers do not actually help you graduate on time.
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In general I do like my university but I do wish we had a football team. Homecoming week is always a little strange without one. I also wish the financial aid office moved with a little more haste.
I am really enjoying my experience at Columbus State University. I like the fact that the professors here are not rude and they do not treat students like robots. I am also glad that the University is so close to the mall. The fact that there is a subway here on campus is amazing. The amount of work that the professors give students is not too extreme either. They also help motivate you to continue doing the right thing that you are supposed to do. One thing that I would change about the University is the price of some of the things here. Some of the things at the bookstore seem overpriced.
Great experience!! Teachers will really help you and work with you. I've had many professors stay after with me.
Columbus State University is an amazing university. I am currently a student there and I am working on obtaining an online degree there. I have to say that their online classes are really amazing. I have learned so much from them. They also offer eCore online classes. Their foreign language courses and professors are great. The campus is nice and most of the professors are great. The people on campus are nice and friendly. The tuition is not as high as some other schools, so that is great. They offer many resources that can help make your college experience great and successful.
I love CSU, they do a great job for helping me suceed. Riverpark is a great campus and the comm department is amazing. Res Life is great too, the dorms are beautiful.
Columbus State University has a great business program. I have enjoyed my time here as an accounting student.
At Columbus State University I really enjoyed the scenery around the campus throughout the school week, with different events allowing different people to join together to share the same interest in an event. There’s also a lot of extra curricular programs and groups to help you prosper in school and in socializing. The gymnasium is amazing, plenty of different ways to stay fit at it. I wish they would fix the cafeteria food, it’s like they don’t try there hardest to prepare the food for young men and women who are trying to further there education, at least they could prepare an respectable meal for us, the brain functions better with a good meal. Also the financial aid and advisor should be more persistent in notifying students of there situations in advance instead of the last second mailing the problem even more unbearable
I have attended CSU off and on over the past 8 years. I have found several advisors and professors to be extremely helpful with advice and direction as I struggled on what to study and how to go about it. They have a great recreation center and while the parking is a bit stressful, the overall classrooms and buildings are kept in great shape and offer multipurpose uses.
I love this school. It's easy to make your own course schedules. Most professor will work with you if you have personal problems or need extra help. There are also great tutoring centers. There are many student events and some are even free to the public. There many ways to get involved with the community and it has a very diverse campus. There are also ample opportunities for study abroad.
I love Columbus State University! The first time I walked in there I felt welcomed. The teachers are great and overall school is fun. They always have events going on and often give away lots of free stuff. I would highly recommend going here.
CSU is a great school if you're not into the big college life but still want something out of the four years. They're not so big on parties meaning you can focus more on school. The student to teacher ratio is small so there's better one on one for the students to communicate with the professor. The campus is beautiful with events happening all the time. There's two campus meaning you can change your campus life from main to downtown depending on your major. It's just a great school for those who want that small town big school experience.
I am a Veteran attending college after 18 years of service. The college has many veteran based programs to help make the transition easy. The college does an outstanding job supporting the local military and military veterans attending the school.
The events that are on campus are lame and almost no one goes to them. The food you will get sick of after a month. They seem to make the same food everyday and there are no healthy options other than lettuce from the salad bar. The Clearview hall dorms cost WAAAY too much for what they are. The downtown dorms are much nicer and have kitchens in them AND are $50 cheaper. I have had good professors so far.
I have never had an issue with admissions and they have always been very kind and helpful. My advisor has been very accommodating and always responds when I email her with questions about a class. I have also had good experiences in all my classes. Obviously some are harder than others, but it is about what you put into it.
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This school has a smooth to enter transfer program. Dorms are nice, and staff is helpful. I just wish they had more majors for 4 year degrees.
I'm transferring here from a small state college. It seems like a nice university. Great food, and great dorms. I'm a Sophomore and I have a dorm with my own bedroom and bathroom. There's a little market store, an Einstein Bros Bagel, and a Chick-fil-a on campus.
Professors are good. Teaching skills of professors and in class activities are appreciable. Events are well organized by the university. Emails regarding any events and submissions are quickly sent by the university. Also, Fee due dates are also sent via mail. All the deadlines are displayed in the cougar view.
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