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What I love about CSU is the environment. It is a fun place to be and many exciting events. Winterfest is one of my favorite events because I love the Christmas season and it is fun for all ages. This event has caroling by a children's choir, arts and crafts, and many different food vendors. I absolutely love it! If I could change anything about CSU, I would suggest lettings students be more aware of the opportunity to help out with the event. Other students that I spoke with, including myself, were unaware of the signups to participate in the event.
there is always an event going on so you can attend school and have fun at the same time. Also with all the different groups on campus, you can find more forever friends.
I would change the cafe. The food there is quite average and repetitive everyday. I would make the financial aid office more efficient. When it's time to collect money their systems always go down, or they take their time to get your money in to you.
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Columbus State is a great college, however, It isn't really what it seems as it is shown on the outside. The school really isn't as diverse as it claims to be, many of the clubs and organizations listed on the website are defunct, and I feel that the school doesn't do so much to get students to mingle and form social bonds. They have an excellent Center for International Education/ Study Abroad programs.
I enjoy being at CSU even though it is not my first pick. Shuttles that run every 20 minutes, so getting from main campus to downtown is not that hard. The problem is that sometimes drivers are late, they leave early, and some shuttles are too small to hold everyone. Security wise, there are emergency telephones around campus, and campus police drives around occasionally. I had a fantastic stay in the hotel-like freshman dorm, Clearview Hall. Too bad sleeping in the same room as your roommate is the only option. When I became a sophomore, I was upset with the rundown housing in Courtyard South/One. I will be moving to Courtyard North next semester and it is way better! I am not a big fan of the foods, but some days are better than others. The cafe is buffet style with a salad bar, pizza, hibachi, "main event", and desserts; they server different things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. CSU is overall a great school if you use RateMyProfessor to choose your classes wisely!
Overall I personally feel that Columbus State University is a school that functions well and supports its students. I would recommend this University to a lot of high school students that I know as well as any friends who are not in college yet or are looking to attend a new university. Columbus State University has a beautiful campus that has a lot of amenities open for students to use including two libraries and many technology areas that are funded by students tuition. Most of the professors come from accredited Universities , are here for the students, and have their office doors open whenever a student may need to talk or may have questions about the class.
I loved the overall atmosphere of CSU. Everyone is very friendly to each other and from very different backgrounds with very different opinions. I had so many conversations that never got heated, but respected everyone's opinions. I did not like the occasional moments that made me feel unsafe in my environment. I live on the Riverfront campus, so I cannot really say what it is like on main campus. Nighttime is the only time that you would really feel the need to have a friend with you, but there is a lot of police that are patrolling the area at all times.
Most staff is happy to assist in every way possible. Professors are likely to go above and beyond to help you succeed in not only their course, but others.
I like Columbus State University because they really give me a better chance and more help as I attend that college verses other colleges. I do plan on graduating from Columbus State University. I can only think of one way of improvement that I can come up with and that is to make a school closer so that I can go to class on campus.
I am a senior in high school. When I went to tour Columbus State University it felt like home to me. Columbus State is the best school in Georgia. I love the student recreation center. Columbus State has everything that a student athlete could ever ask for.
This is a school you go to, waste time figuring out what you want to to do, realize they don't have it, then transfer. You're welcome.
This school offers many different ways to achieve your degree. They are also military friendly. They have classes offered in the morning, evening, weekends, and online. This school has guidance counselors on our military base even so we don’t have to drive off post to get help.
Columbus State University has some very good professors that make attending there very productive. The campus is big, but it is not too big. The professors seem to care about you.
Columbus State University offers challenging graduate programs at a much lower cost than larger institutions. After completing two degrees at a large university, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality that Columbus State offers. As a matter of fact, I am considering yet another degree from CSU as I have enjoyed my coursework so much.
My overall experience as an online student at Columbus State University has been great thus far. Virtual classes that include live on-camera instruction would be a great addition to the school in the future. Whenever I am on campus, it is easy to get involved as there are many volunteer opportunities and activities. The Registrar and Student Services are also very hands-on with assisting students with any concerns he or she may have.
Please look at the national rankings and graduation rate for this school. The six year graduation rate is 30%, that is just shameful to know over half of the students that they care for will not graduate. They are certainly not up to par with what they advertise. I think there accreditation needs to be reviewed. Students look dead on campus and advisers do not actually help you graduate on time.
In general I do like my university but I do wish we had a football team. Homecoming week is always a little strange without one. I also wish the financial aid office moved with a little more haste.
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I am really enjoying my experience at Columbus State University. I like the fact that the professors here are not rude and they do not treat students like robots. I am also glad that the University is so close to the mall. The fact that there is a subway here on campus is amazing. The amount of work that the professors give students is not too extreme either. They also help motivate you to continue doing the right thing that you are supposed to do. One thing that I would change about the University is the price of some of the things here. Some of the things at the bookstore seem overpriced.
Great experience!! Teachers will really help you and work with you. I've had many professors stay after with me.
Columbus State University is an amazing university. I am currently a student there and I am working on obtaining an online degree there. I have to say that their online classes are really amazing. I have learned so much from them. They also offer eCore online classes. Their foreign language courses and professors are great. The campus is nice and most of the professors are great. The people on campus are nice and friendly. The tuition is not as high as some other schools, so that is great. They offer many resources that can help make your college experience great and successful.
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