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Overall I enjoyed my time at Columbus State University. I stayed on the gorgeous Downtown campus with the other arts students, and I enjoyed having that trendy downtown feel with the park, coffee shops, and local shops to explore. The dorms had an apartment feel with a full kitchen and living room, but it was a bit ridiculous that all on campus students were required to have a meal plan when their rooms came with kitchens. The separation of the campuses was sometimes a bit of a struggle as I think there was some animosity between the two campuses because a lot of times the main campus had newer and nicer amenities while the downtown campus felt left out. Parking especially on the main campus was a huge issue as well for commuters and downtown students. The Aramark food service was not very good especially on the downtown campus. I had vegetarian friends who especially struggled with the food service.
I have been attending Columbus State for one semester, and I can already tell what a great school it is. The faculty and staff I have come into contact with are all nice, personable, and caring for their students. The facilities are wonderful, and I never have to go off-campus to find any resources I might need for classes. The classes are challenging yet fair, and overall, I think I am getting a very good education there.
I love the campus it is beautiful, it is a friendly community. There are so many great activities you can engage in the community, so you’re never bored.
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I have the best advisor who is helping me get done with college in the amount of time I wanted to. She warned me of how hard it would be to take six classes one semester so I was prepared for the challenge. I have had some wonderful Professors at this University. It is challenging, but so rewarding in the end! I would change the bathrooms and make them nicer.
I'm currently still attending Columbus State University towards my bachelors degree. That my few years of experience being their has been good. I have achieved several different studies that I'm glad I learned. That the environment at Columbus State University is very comfortable.
Trust me , when you go there , you will love place , environment and everything. When i went there for the first time , i wasn't expected that. It just made like whoa. I love those places and everything. They have pool , basketball court , food court , workout area and many more . They had nice parks , lake and buildings . That college is one of my top choice and i will make it happen . I really want to go so bad .
This is the best college so far. They are helping me day to day adjusting and staying focus on the important things.
I love the school! I've had wonderful experiences there and have built lifelong relationships with some amazing people. Proffesors are knowledgeable and willing to help. Parking was stressful and definitely needs to be improved. The food was great and student life was also great. There's always some kind of activity or event going on to keep students as well as the community entertained. Its definitely a nice looking campus. I entered in as a transfer student and the process was easy. Great school overall!
The school itself is really nice to me. It is a very clean campus with friendly people, when you choose the right ones. The sources to help you succeed are all there. The teachers are caring and very well taught, they always know what they're talking about. The food provided is just as great. The gym provided is updated and spacious for anyone and everyone to go to. As long as you are nice to people, you will receive the same feedback.
My overall experience here at Columbus State University has been great. I feel that the professors really care about the student receiving a quality education. I feel as though most students and professors here are friendly and willing to assist you with becoming acclimated with the campus environment. All of the professors and administrators have an open door policy. The financial aid office staff is very friendly and always on point when it comes to updating my scholarships into the system. The campus lawn is well maintained all year long. I would like to have more variety of selections for food choices, but the food is always good and freshly cooked. I feel safe on campus, and I always see the campus police riding around making sure that the campus is safe and secure. I am satisfied with my experience here at Columbus State University!!!
Columbus State is a great University! I really enjoy the atmosphere and the professionalism that each teacher shows the students. I would encourage anyone who is looking to further their education to look towards CSU as a start!
My experience at Columbus State University has been a fairly pleasant one. Of course, there have been ups and downs but that is to be expected of any university. I haven't had one professor that I could say anything negative about, they've all been incredibly kind and want to see their students succeed.
One thing I would really like to see change is the expansion of staff for my major's department. The Health Science department is very short staffed and it can be a struggle for students to take the classes needed because most are either offered once a year or online only, which can be quite expensive.
Coming into Columbus State I was nervous about the small school atmosphere, but it honestly makes college more enjoyable. It is refreshing seeing familiar faces walking around campus, especially on a stressful day. The classes are perfect size. Big enough to not have to sit in the front, but small enough to have a good relationship with your professor. The professors are very engaged and want all of their students to succeed.
What I love about CSU is the environment. It is a fun place to be and many exciting events. Winterfest is one of my favorite events because I love the Christmas season and it is fun for all ages. This event has caroling by a children's choir, arts and crafts, and many different food vendors. I absolutely love it! If I could change anything about CSU, I would suggest lettings students be more aware of the opportunity to help out with the event. Other students that I spoke with, including myself, were unaware of the signups to participate in the event.
there is always an event going on so you can attend school and have fun at the same time. Also with all the different groups on campus, you can find more forever friends.
I would change the cafe. The food there is quite average and repetitive everyday. I would make the financial aid office more efficient. When it's time to collect money their systems always go down, or they take their time to get your money in to you.
Columbus State is a great college, however, It isn't really what it seems as it is shown on the outside. The school really isn't as diverse as it claims to be, many of the clubs and organizations listed on the website are defunct, and I feel that the school doesn't do so much to get students to mingle and form social bonds. They have an excellent Center for International Education/ Study Abroad programs.
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I enjoy being at CSU even though it is not my first pick. Shuttles that run every 20 minutes, so getting from main campus to downtown is not that hard. The problem is that sometimes drivers are late, they leave early, and some shuttles are too small to hold everyone. Security wise, there are emergency telephones around campus, and campus police drives around occasionally. I had a fantastic stay in the hotel-like freshman dorm, Clearview Hall. Too bad sleeping in the same room as your roommate is the only option. When I became a sophomore, I was upset with the rundown housing in Courtyard South/One. I will be moving to Courtyard North next semester and it is way better! I am not a big fan of the foods, but some days are better than others. The cafe is buffet style with a salad bar, pizza, hibachi, "main event", and desserts; they server different things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. CSU is overall a great school if you use RateMyProfessor to choose your classes wisely!
Overall I personally feel that Columbus State University is a school that functions well and supports its students. I would recommend this University to a lot of high school students that I know as well as any friends who are not in college yet or are looking to attend a new university. Columbus State University has a beautiful campus that has a lot of amenities open for students to use including two libraries and many technology areas that are funded by students tuition. Most of the professors come from accredited Universities , are here for the students, and have their office doors open whenever a student may need to talk or may have questions about the class.
I loved the overall atmosphere of CSU. Everyone is very friendly to each other and from very different backgrounds with very different opinions. I had so many conversations that never got heated, but respected everyone's opinions. I did not like the occasional moments that made me feel unsafe in my environment. I live on the Riverfront campus, so I cannot really say what it is like on main campus. Nighttime is the only time that you would really feel the need to have a friend with you, but there is a lot of police that are patrolling the area at all times.
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