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I have had a good experience with Columbus State Community College. Most of the professors here are excellent and truly care about their students. The campus is easy to navigate and get around. The only thing that ever bothers me is the overly expressed opinions being shouted throughout the campus. Everyone has their right for free speech and for their own opinion, but I do not agree on the bashing of someone else's point of view. Other than this, I love my classes and I love my professors. I truly am happy with my education here.
Columbus state is a decent community college. Its very open to any and all people who want to receive a higher education.
I liked Columbus State because they offer many flexible class times. The main campus us nice although parking can be tricky. The new Dublin campus is extremely nice.
Review Columbus State Community College
The class sizes were comfortable. The teaching staff were exceptional. For the cost of credit hours you cannot find a more worth while experience.
I chose to attend CSCC for financial reasons. It seemed like the best of both worlds for my to knock out my general education courses and then be able to transfer to my dream school. Overall the campus is small which makes switching classes nicer than a big school. The professors are great and care very much about student success rates.
Columbus State Community College has a very free atmosphere that welcomes each student the opportunity to learn more, experience what life is about on a college campus, and engage society through the many social groups and awareness programs that they have to offer. I have personally experienced the heart and compassion of the advisers, professors, and students. Each person that I have come in contact is there to help you. The knowledge that is gained is priceless.
Exceptional and professional teachers who care about students regardless of age, disability and race!
Columbus State Community College is a great college when you are in the smaller college ,you learn more. The one on one contact with the teacher ,when needing help makes you realize they want you to achieve your goals and degree in life. A college that shows you the importance of a college degree and how it can improve your life , job skills and goals.
Columbus State is the best decision I've ever made. I took a few years off from school after graduating high school and when faced with the prospect of college, I found myself overwhelmed with what to do, where to go, and how to pay for it. Not only does CSCC offer the same classes as many of the other major universities in my State, but many of the same professors taught at both CSCC as well as OSU. I'm excited to finish up school and transfer to OSU in the coming years thanks to their transfer program.
I liked how the classes weren't huge. It made it so the professor could actually answer your questions, and be helpful to you. Also, it was nice because it was easier to meet other students and build friendships and study groups.
Since 2012 when I started back to school for Nursing degree, I have had to fight for financial Aide twice, and jump through hoops and hurdles to get financial Aide. Other than that I love the instructors, the one on one the instructor give each student. I love that the classes are small enough that you can ask questions and not feel as if you are wasting someone's time. The instructors go out of their way to make sure they give you all of the study material, and advantages to pass a class. I graduate in May 2018 with my Nursing degree and though the road has been tough, it feels good to know that you have a support group behind you every step of the way.
Being a students at columbus state can less challenge because you will get all kind of support need over there.
Columbus State is a good transition from high school because of the small class sizes and being able to get help from the teachers easier.
Columbus State Community college was a school that I really enjoyed and loved
Great Teachers
Great Environment
Great Food
Great everything.
I would like to see change in the investment side of the school considering there were friends of mine who got screwed from their money returning to them , but that's about it
This is my first year at Columbus state and so far I am loving it. All of my teachers are so supportive and helpful. the classes aren't too big which I really like because I feel like I have a one on one relationship with my teachers.
I'm doing dual enrollment for college credit in high school. This means that I have no experience with campus life.I'm glad that they offer the dual enrollment program, but the professors are not the best. My first professor was great and really cared about my education, the other two don't. One was really scatter-brained and they messed up on important information such as what chapters we were supposed to read and what questions were on the mid-term. It's difficult to understand how a lot of the course material could be applied to real life.
So far it's been pretty good. I am an incoming freshman and things are a little different. But I would like more student to teacher connection when learning in class.
Review Columbus State Community College
I hated this school. Advisors tell you one thing and then someone else tells you another you are going in circles to find answers.
IM having a hard time getting my microbiuology credits to transfer from hocking
im not a huge online fan, I do enjoy the flexibility that it allows
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