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I like the location and how easy it is to park. The class size is great and the professors are very helpful and friendly. I do not feel intimidated at all. I would love to see them offer BS so that I could complete by Bachelors there
The biggest thing I liked about the school was the helpful advisers and friendly library staff, but that's about it. A lot of the teachers I personally wouldn't trust to teach kindergarten, much less college. Had a history teacher who literally changed the course of how the 1800's actually happened to fit her political beliefs.
I absolutely love this college. The professors are really cool and know what they're doing. They go out of their way to make sure you understand.
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Columbus State Community College is a great alternative to a four year college. The cost to go here is much more affordable than other local universities. The student body is diverse and most of my professors have been great.
My overall experience at CSCC is that it is a fantastic place to start off your first few years of college just to get a feel of what being a student in college is all about! The food there is pretty average, and the are some great teacher out there for each subject or major, just make sure you find the right one for you. What I appreciate most is how much they care about our safety and well-being in campus
My overall experience was alright , I had trouble understanding a lot of things like tuition and financial aid. The admissions office staff were very helpful, whilst others were flat out rude. The library was great place to study, I found a lot of resources to help me with my studies. The professors all differ , there different people so they all have different teaching styles. Overall my stay at columbus state community college was decent.
I have had a great experience at Cstate. It is very affordable and it provides a great education for it's students. The small classes and caring professors allow for personalized learning for all students.
Columbus State has grown quite a bit over my lifetime. I remember when it started as "Columbus Technical Institute" and it has since grown to become a well respected two year college. I attended in the early 90's, and the school was still growing. The class sizes were small, the instructors brought real world experiences into the classrooms, and I felt that the entire institution was really invested in my success. Whether you are looking to complete a complete Associate's degree program, or planning on transferring to a four year college, CSCC will provide you with a solid foundation for your academic or career ambitions. I highly recommend it!
A great school! Very accommodating to older students with full time jobs! Credits transfer easily. Every time I've had to call and ask a question, it is answered immediately. So far every employee I've met has been kind and extremely helpful
I would like to see class advisers to be more helpful and more knowledgeable when helping people schedule classes and long term goals. There has been times when I was provided incorrect information and it has prolonged my time at Columbus State. I like the schedules and generally the teachers are very good.
Great locations, small class sizes, hands on learning, great clinical experiences, most professors truly care about your success and love teaching. Scheduling isn’t the easiest and it’s very competitive.
Very welcoming college, and the staff are always happy to help. I've made great friendships with my classmates.
The professors and staff are amazing, intelligent, and helpful. However, the policies are sub-par. I have ran into many roadblocks and hiccups on my path to gaining a higher education. I can imagine that these obstructions may detour or discourage individuals without the proper resources or information from pursuing an advanced education. The college policies put in place obstacles in the form of unnecessary requirements, fees, and hoops to jump through, which I can see may severely limit an individual.
I love it. They do not offer a lot of night classes for my program though (RN) which makes it difficult to attend while working full time.
Faculty and staff are professional and insightful. And with the recent ban on cigarettes it made the school much better and eco freindly.
Perfect way to ease myself into college readiness while still figuring out what road I want to go down when it comes to my major.
My experience at Columbus State has been a very positive one. I feel like it is an affordable investment in my longterm education goals. The Delaware campus building is great and centrally located.
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Overall a wonderful experience. Teachers are nice, and I have a good support group. First semester here.
As a student that didn’t have a lot of options when it came to going to college due to financial reason, I can say that CSCC has allowed me to truly focus on what I wanted to do in life. Being a first generation college student was a big deal to me and when I realized that I was going to be attending a community college, I thought I had failed my family. Turns out that was not the case. As time went on and I would take general classes, I realized that I was given an amazing opportunity to push myself beyond my capabilities in the classroom. During my time at CSCC, I have learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and for that, I will never take any opportunity given to me for granted.
It's well built, small, and just quite nice. The professors are nice, and make you feel well at home, and gives you a sense of home. It's close to where I live too, making it convenient.
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