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My experience at Columbus State has been a very positive one. I feel like it is an affordable investment in my longterm education goals. The Delaware campus building is great and centrally located.
Overall a wonderful experience. Teachers are nice, and I have a good support group. First semester here.
As a student that didn’t have a lot of options when it came to going to college due to financial reason, I can say that CSCC has allowed me to truly focus on what I wanted to do in life. Being a first generation college student was a big deal to me and when I realized that I was going to be attending a community college, I thought I had failed my family. Turns out that was not the case. As time went on and I would take general classes, I realized that I was given an amazing opportunity to push myself beyond my capabilities in the classroom. During my time at CSCC, I have learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of and for that, I will never take any opportunity given to me for granted.
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It's well built, small, and just quite nice. The professors are nice, and make you feel well at home, and gives you a sense of home. It's close to where I live too, making it convenient.
What I like about Columbus State is the fact that there are a lot of people everywhere. Every time I come to campus I see a new face. There's always something going on campus.
What I like most about columbus state is, its a school that is all about their students safety and education. The professors at the school are all very helpful and are there for you when you need the,. I would recommend this school to anyone that asks for my opinion. The school at this school is very good as well. I look forward to furthering my education with Columbus state community college!
Columbus State Community College offers a very rewarding experience. The college is very diverse, which is great because you get to open up and meet new people from all around the world. One positive thing I like about the campus is the library, and how helpful the staff is. Any time I need resources to help me finish a project, the library is always open to me and the student staff are very knowledgeable. One thing I'd like to see change is perhaps a wider selection of food at the cafeteria. It's sometimes hard as a Vegan to find foods that are available for me. The campus is great and I've had some of the best professors during my experience there.
Columbus State Community College is a college that I would recommend to others because of the environment that Columbus State has. It is a smaller campus which I really enjoy because I feel as if I can become used to the college environment a little at a time without diving right into a big campus with thousands of people. Along with this I really enjoy the smaller class sizes because you can get a lot more one on one time with the teacher as needed and the good part is that the teachers are always glad to help you out as much as possible. Another great thing about Columbus State is that it is much more reasonably priced than other colleges. If you take classes at Columbus State you can also transfer to another college without any hassle. These are just a few of the great reasons why Columbus State is an amazing college and the reason why I chose to go there.
Columbus State Community College is a wonderful college. The professors are very helpful and knowledgeable. Staff is very knowledgeable and nice, the atmosphere is nice, a lot of food items to choose from in the cafeteria, also food trucks on site and subway at the bookstore which is nice. Plenty of material and accessories at the bookstore to choose from. Classes are pleasant. Columbus State is like a family. They treat you with the upmost respect and really care about your success and future.
Small but an active college. It gave me so much experience which i don't think i could ever experience. The faculty and staff members are genuinely interested in student's success. The best platform for students to start their career.
This college has been nothing short of amazing in helping me achieve my academic, as well as my personal, goals. The professors care about the student success and will take time to work with you if and when one might need it. I've always gotten a quick response to an email as well. I've had instructors stay after class when they were able to ensure that I knew exactly what I was doing and how to do it. The teaching style is serpurb in that that they teach with conviction and passion. The campus is small, but in my opinion that's what makes it comforting and inviting. classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and the outside grounds have always been clean, neat, and up to par. I would recommend anyone to attend courses here. And even beyond all this, there are endless resources and services for almost any need a person might have. Workshops, counseling, credit plus programs, work study... This is the college to go to for an exceptional learning experience.
Columbus State offers College Credit Plus classes at my high school and is very helpful towards students trying to get their higher education. I️ have close friends going to Columbus State who are very satisfied with their experience and their education quality, which makes me eager to be a student there in the fall 2018 semester.
Great class sizes, good resources and saves you money. You really get to connect with your professors and it's much easier to meet new people because of the small campus. Everything is close there. It's no problem getting one place to the other. It's has a lot of great programs and it's just really amazing!
I visited Columbus State for a high school field trip and I enjoyed the tour. I got to see different classroom settings and what they had to offer. I also spoke to a few college students and they shared their experiences while attending Columbus State. I look forward to enroll in the Autumn!
The Professors are great there and they will help you if you just go and talk to them. Ask teacher what to do if you make any mistake they will help you out
I have just started at Columbus State Community College, however, my experience up to this point as been excellent. The advisors work in a quick, yet efficient manner, which any adult learn can appreciate since most of us are juggling work and class. The professors seem to be very upfront with their expectations of you and try to really minimize your cost of course supplies by giving different options of where to purchase course materials. The staff seems to be wonderful. The parking, well I think that's a mess at just about every university, college or center for educational growth.
Some professors are very unprofessional, as they cuss and discuss inappropriate material in class. However, some teachers are gems and are very wonderful. The food could be improved, your basic cafeteria food. The price is great and its great to get your gen ed courses out of the way
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Columbus State Is An excellent Stepping Stone To Other Careers. It's very Flexible, And Really Sets You Up for Success. I Would like Columbus State To expand their Campus Just a Little Bit, and more Majors And Programs. ALSO, More Advisors Available And More Student Employment.
Overall, Columbus State is fantastic! Some of the facilities could use updating, and some of the advisors are lacking a little, but the professors I have had are absolutely fantastic, and they really care about preparing their students.
The courses are absolutely college-level - there is nothing lacking about them, which many say is the case with community colleges. Having attended both a university and another community college, I can confidently say that the classes and instruction at CSCC are on-par with large universities at a fraction of the cost.
Overall I have a great experience with Columbus State Community College.I have been there for two years and have encountered excellent teachers except one. The environment is amazing, everything is there to meet whatever goal that you have. I love being there.
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