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Columbus State Community College Reviews

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I enjoy taking classes through Columbus State. All the staff is very helpful and everyone is friendly towards me.
In a very nice college. There is a lot of diversity. The teachers are super nice and they really want you to be successful in life.
This is a very affordable college. The teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject matter but not all of them are good at teaching. Sometimes I wished that the coursework was more rigorous.
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All the factually genuinely care about the student at the university. They teach so you can understand the information, my professors will not move until they are sure we understand the material. They are very understanding and easy to talk to . They communicate with us very well!
Columbus State gave me a good experience over the one summer semester I was there. The facilities were very good and the teachers were well articulated and knowledgeable. I also felt very safe on the campus and that I was getting a good value for my money. The only thing that was disappointing was that the food court was closed but they were doing renovations assumingly because it was summer semester.
Columbus State is a good college if you like smaller class rooms and you have more one on one time with your professors. You must not be afraid to ask question and be willing to put in the study time and work. It is a good school if you have a family and a job. They have classes for morning till night and it is not that expensive to attend.
I have had a great experience with Disability Services and the Veterans Services. Most of my classes have been online and the school offers many classes in that regard. My Academic Advisor was very helpful and guided me in the right direction. The bookstore is easily navigable as well.
I am taking all online classes and they are very nice. Everything you need is on them and the teachers are very good at responding to emails.
It's interesting and unique. And a fun place to be at. Really great programs and dormitory is good. The classes are easy and lectures and easy too. Fun activities and having a great time is all do and get going to this college.
I start school August 27th, but so far, my experience with fellow students and staff has been exceptional. Everyone is helpful, and supportive.
The campus is so diverse and offers a lot within its classroom walls. The teachers can sometimes be a little high expecting of students, but that in itself makes me push harder to understand the material presented to me.
The professors are amazing! The campus is a good size so it is easy to locate your classes. The resources that the school offers works for my schedule as well.
I like the online classes, but I do not like that have to take test on campus it is so inconvenient for me.
Columbus State is an excellent and very affordable two year college. I was able to complete my degree almost all online giving me lots of flexibility with my school, work, and life schedule. The staff was always so helpful and friendly. I had a great experience with my time there, and I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to pursue a degree.
Its a pretty good 2 year college for what its worth. You can make some good friendships if you involve yourself with campus life. Foods good, a lot of campus happenings.
The college is a friendly campus. The teachers do care, they take the time to get to know their students and work with their students if their are barriers that they face. The students are all kind and sweet and amazing people. That campus is very safe and is very good about keeping us updated if even a threat or attempt has been made, they also inform us of weather issues, canceling of classes and inservice days, as well as power outages, water pipes bursting or a fire. This school really has been the best choice of my life.
So far my experience with Columbus State Community College has been average. They have plenty of resources easily available to each student, although the experience may be hit or miss. I have talked to a guidance counselor that offered minimal assistance, but I have also talked to a counselor that took her time and answered all of my questions, and more, to set me up for success. I have had wonderful professors that are willing to spend extra time with students and answer questions happily and promptly, but I have also encountered professors with bad attitudes that very clearly do not care about the class they are teaching. A very clear path is paved for students planning on transferring to a university, even hosting counselors from partnering transfer schools. This makes it very easy to get the information you need for the future. Overall, I believe that Columbus State has the potential to be an amazing school if not for small consistency issues.
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Class sizes are focused on students. They have multiple locations for convince of commuting. It’s easy for an adult learner as well as a student out of high school to navigate campuses and work at the same time. They have multiple course selections and times at each location.
Columbus State Community College is a diverse commuter college that appeals to many different cultures and career goals. Whether that be taking classes to transition to a four year university or college, or to obtain a certificate or license in a specific trade. At the heart of Columbus, it provides a comfortably diverse atmosphere for anyone who wishes to obtain an associates degree without spending a fortune. "Best bang for your buck", should be its slogan.
Columbus State community college is not a very large campus but there's plenty there for any student. Whether it's to learn or burn of steam, there's places to do it. The staff are wonderfully helpful. They will go out of their way to help you.
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