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I like CSCC because it is easy to get around and everyone is very friendly. I like my teachers in my digital design classes because they make it fun to learn about Photoshop and the elements of design.
Columbus State Community College is one of the best community colleges in Ohio. The school has small class room which make it easy for professor to know every student strength and weakness.
There are many things about Columbus State Community College that allows students to feel welcomed. The class sizes are not as big as other schools which makes it easier to contact and get help from your professors when you are stuck on a concept. In addition, everyone is friendly and welcoming.
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Somewhat Affordable education. Located in good area. Safe. Teachers are great. Accessible parking. Good programs.
I attended this college for one summer semester. During my time on campus, I was limited to just my classes. However, I enjoyed my time on campus and with my professors. It was a great place to take a few classes.
As a first year student, I love that the campus is a perfect size. Smaller classes with more one to one time is perfect for adjusting to college life. It is also very easy to find where you’re classes are. Campus food and cafes makes it easier to grab a quick bite before your next class. Parking can sometimes be a pain if you have a later class, so plan accordingly.
I like the diversity there. I wish they did not have a long waiting list for the nursing major. It is only a two year college, but some people go there for four years just to get into the program
It’s get the job done presiding y’all for college and it’s cool bathrooms could use work but cooll yeah
My experience with Columbus State Community College has been one that has proven to go very well. I have had the opportunity to be in the classes of many professors, one of which who is now one of my favorite teachers thus far in my life. With the exception of one professor, each class I have taken the professors have genuinely been caring and out for each student's success.
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I love how it's affordable and how many online classes they offer, I love the friendly staff and how accessible the sites are for when I need to take my tests or can't take a class online.
This past summer I have learned how I can overcome adversity And dealing with the people try to put stuff in my way in my life I have Overcome a lot From a hearing loss when I was a little kid to now. And a cleft palate and other stuff
I got expected despite not the best SAT scores. I felt the Adviser was not judgmental about my poor math placement test either. I felt that he was supportive and that I could go to him for help. There's a little mix up that set me back a little over a month during the admissions process, but despite that, it was so easy that I still get to start college in the month that I wanted. They are also very open and not judgmental about not having a major yet or changing majors. There's even a study room in the Dublin one that I am going to, and its very comfortable and quite.
It is just a regional campus so there isn't much else to do. They also only have a small cafe, not an actual lunchroom. The teachers are all nice though and they have a really good safety system.
Columbus State Community College has a great staff and is an overall very supportive environment for learning and growing.
Columbus State was a good college. I learned a lot, but I do feel like some time we learn things that was not really needed.
Columbus State Community Collage provides small class sizes. It makes it easy for students and teachers to connect for a deeper understanding of the material.
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It was good. The professors were passionate about their subjects and teaching. I think that some of the structure in the classes could be cleaned up a little but and we could use less paper.
Low tuition cost compared to other schools. Lots of certificate programs to get people working in their fields quickly. Lots of partner agreements with local 4 year colleges to transfer into a Bachelor's. Sometimes disorganized and parts of main campus could use updating.
My experience at Columbus State Community College has made the transition from high school to post secondary education very easy. My college experiences at this has been all good! The financial aid team is wonderful, scheduling classes is so easy, the teachers WILL help you out yet they need to know that you are struggling because college does not hold your hand, it is all on you. Columbus State Community College has made it extremely easy for my undergrad years since my career requires a master's degree. Academic advisors are extremely kind and love to meet one-on-one with students, they love to make sure you are on the right path. I give Columbus State Community College a full five stars because of the teams in the departments, the students vary all over the world, and the teachers are wonderful! It is an easy and inexpensive way to finish your Associates and start on your Bachelors to transfer anywhere.
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