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I went on an individual visit to Columbus College of Art and Design and was thoroughly impressed. Many impressive programs and clubs were created and beautiful pieces are continuously produced from the students. I would love to visit again and can not wait to apply.
Attending Columbus College of Art & Design is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I knew I wanted to work in the graphic design field before I graduated high school and I wanted to attend a school that would teach me everything I needed to know to be a successful designer. Not only does Columbus College of Art & Design have amazing staff but they set you up for a job/internship in your field before graduation. Columbus College of Art & Design has an amazing campus that supports and welcomes everyone with open arms and makes you feel like you're a part of a family.
The people are incredible. The faculty want to see you succeed, and go out of their way to help. The student body is wonderful. There are clubs for just about everything and the campus facilities are great.
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For the price, I feel cheated. The teachers seem unqualified, or at the very least like they don't have any clue how to teach. One of my teachers appeared to be recruited last minute, used a power point he didn't make and didn't know what was on it and pretty much never taught us anything.
What I really like about CCAD is how small the campus is. It's not small enough to where it is cramped, but it is small and has a lot of room. It is not like any university I have seen. The size of this school is the right fit for me. Also, I really love how everyone treats each other like actual adults and not based on grade. There is no type of hierarchy, everyone is everyone's coworker almost, even the facility. If there is one complaint I have, it is that the new teachers don't seem to go through any type of teaching course beforehand, as if they had just picked them off the streets. I came from a school district that has great teachers and great academics, so I know a thing or two about good teaching.
Columbus College of Art & Design offers a large amount of diversity within the student body and challenges students to collaborate with one another, mimicking the real world collaborative experience. Despite these strengths, there is an imbalance in the resources offered/given to each major. However, CCAD has overall been an excellent experience and I appreciate the care and support I have received from valuable relationships with my professors.
Professors here do well teaching you and making sure you understand the content, but there are also many that dont teach you a thing. You teach yourself how to do most things and then get graded on how well you taught yourself. 99% of your teachers don’t post your grades, you won’t know what you have in your classes until the end of the semester. I’ve had professors mistreat students, and even post about them on social media. Administration never emails back, they don’t tell you when you have paper work they need, they talk down to you like you’re a child and treat you as such. This is the case for many students. Not all administration falls under these lines, but many do. The majority of this school does not care about it’s students, nor do I believe they do what is in our best interest. If I knew this before coming to CCAD, I would have chosen a different school.
I overall love the how the food is hand cooked by faculty AND students! I also love how our teachers are all inclusive when it comes to pronouns and/or trigger warnings for those who have those. I also love how immersive the courses are and how big the campus is, since it's in the heart of the city.
I really love the community of CCAD. they are very accepting no matter what you believe or identify as. They offer you in open arms letting you know that it's ok in being who you are. The college offers intensive training in the fields you're working for but they offer such a short time with how short semesters cut these classes. Only real critique in finding time to teach the students an in depth core fundamentals of arts they're trying to pursue.
I am only a freshman at CCAD but I really enjoy it so far. The campus and community are great. The classes are fun and the professors are encouraging and helpful. It's great to be surrounded by creative people all of the time.
CCAD is an amazing school. Everybody there is so friendly and really cares about you. Couldn’t have asked for a better school to go to.
Pretty cool loco school. Only bad thing, the school doesn't always think about the commuters. Always look to make the students better. They give out treats during finals week. The logo is a stove burner of ccad. The advertiser are some what cool.
I love that it is so diverse. They have so many great classes to take. I dont feel judged and the staff are very passionate and caring!
Challenges and pushes students in unique ways in the center of a city with a growing and thriving art community.
I like the exposure to the wide variety of art concepts, ideas, and students. It is good to work with and get ideas from a range of students and teachers who are as passionate about art as I am. This gives the opportunity to improve and expand my knowledge.
CCAD has been a place where opportunities to gain experience as well as knowledge abound. Located in the downtown area allows one to experience not only big city life but also affords one to experience different cultures., as there is a diverse student body. There is something for everyone at CCAD
The teachers and professors work in the fields they teach, so we as students are able to get a better insight and learn more from them, because they practice what they teach.
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My experience here so far is great, most teachers do a great job at teaching the students. It was easy to meet new people because everyone is very accepting.
I am a sophomore transfer student at CCAD, and coming to this school has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned so much in my first semester. I love my classes, there are tons of on-campus resources, and everyone that works for the school has been helpful in my short time here. It was easy for me to make friends with and connect to people that are so much like me.
I love this school, my teachers are great and the head of my major is awesome. always trying to make sure things are going well and that we are getting a good education.
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