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Columbus College of Art & Design Reviews

334 reviews
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Very good curriculum for Fashion Design, resulting in a well rounded education in the field. Students are presented with numerous opportunities for employment and internships.
I love my school, I am currently enrolled and appreciate the fact that the classes are small. It allows for more one on one time with the teachers. Most teachers that I have encountered are great, patient, and understanding. Especially in the Interior Design field. There are a lot of on campus activities to get people more involved, one thing I really appreciate is that my school ID is also my bus pass, it saves me a lot of money during the school year, so if you commute by bus it is a good thing to have. Campus food is pretty good, their lunch, dinners, and special meals change daily. There are other places for food close by for when you need a change of food. Lastly, the campus is small so no one can get lost which I liked.
There really isn't a drug scene that I've seen. They do take it seriously about drugs, alcohol, etc.
The career prospect in this school is high. I've heard from professors and students that some of their friends or students landed a job in companies that we know. The school has visitors from different jobs/internships for students to apply. So, students definitely have a chance to get the job or internship. There is many alumni within the college. They provide events and information to special guest visiting.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
The professors there are great. They interact with the students very much. They encourage students to do their best, give them advices, and have some small conversation to get them going.
They provide an online course that tells us about our personal safety, security, and others.
There are about two building within the campus. The Schotts building is the oldest building within the college. I have my fair share in the place. There isn't much room, but it's enough to bring whatever necessary stuff you need. Plus, you get close to your roommate, getting to know them, and the students in the building are friendly so you'll get along great. Design Studio Building or DSA is very spacious. So, there is a lot of room to store many belonging. But I heard that not a lot of students interact with each other since they have their own space.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
The staff and student body are very friendly. The staff make you feel at home and do help you the best they can if there is any problem need working. The students are friendly and do give you advice to help you out the college years.
It truly is a wonderful environment to be in and I hope to be able to continue my studies there.
Our security is very dependable and really focus on keeping us safe.
Overall its just a really good school focus on doing what is best for you.
  • College Junior
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
It is very nice especially the upperclassman dorms are very very nice.
Its an art school its not made with sports in mind yes we do have sport clubs but it isn't the focus.
A close knit community that cares about its students and does it best to provide them what they need for the field they want to go into.
Everyone at CCAD is accepted. That's one of the great parts about this school.
The private security staff on campus does a great job keeping us safe. I have never felt at risk on our campus.
Living on campus as a freshmen really builds a foundation for your social life at CCAD. Being involved and getting to know the other residents makes adjusting to your college life much easier. Schottenstein is a great building for that, DSA tends to be more independent and less community driven.
  • College Sophomore
  • 10 months ago
  • Housing
I've loved my time at CCAD. Though the work load is difficult, I've never second-guessed my decision to come here. It was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Very good and kind security!
Teachers are wonderful and once you make some friends everything is so much better! Wide verity of classes. Class size is normally 25 kids (gen classes).
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