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This college is such a beautiful place! The area is nice, the students are friendly, and professors feel like friends. I have only been here for a few weeks, and I feel as if I have already learned so much! I recommend this college to everyone who has a passion for art and design.
I have had a good experience. The negatives were pretty much my own problems, and I love the library and resources to students. Classes are interesting, and there are some cool teachers here.
The staff and students at CCAD are the most welcoming and friendly people which is what made it such an easy choice for me to pick this school to further my education. They teach you the basics so everyone is on the same page. I have been attending this school for 2 years and the passion, hard work and dedication I have seen from my peers is inspiring. I feel incredibly lucky to be learning to eventually live out my dreams.
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I am a fashion design major at Columbus college of art and design. That overall academics are amazing. The classes really push the creativity and makes the artists/designers think outside of the box. Teachers are are great for giving honest opinions to help the artists grow. An unbelievable amazing school
I haven't begun classes yet but I did take a tour of the campus and its surrounding locations. So far, it is really great. Everyone is really friendly and informative. Every class has great technological tools as well. CCAD is very diverse, and just by the tour I could tell this. Most people are very accepting there too. They also have many teams of security. The dorms are very nice as well.
I have been here at CCAD for two years now and I love it here. I do notice flaws of course but some are being worked out. I think there should be better focus on film & video because it feels like we sometimes are being forgotten.
Best college of Art & Design,the environment is so surreal,it brings out the Artist in you,it fosters all your creativity juices that you feel what it feel like to be a Leonard DA Vince. It makes Design and Art come to life.
Overall this school is wonderful. Every college has it's bad stuff, so trust me when I say this school isn't perfect. As an Illustration major, it took until my third year to really get into what the field is about and the variety opportunities available to us which is frustrating. Some of the not-so-great qualities is the parking, the safety isn't always great on the far side of campus, (though safety is great on the main section,) and the cost is way too high. These details can be frustrating at times but there are ways to make the most of it. You can live off campus to save a ton of money, you can join the wonderful clubs they have available, definitely take part of as many free events as possible because of the free food, there is great free counseling, plus this is a very accepting school for LGBTQ+!
I will say I'm a better artist now as a senior than when I first came to CCAD. Some of this is due to a few great professors I've had, but most of the change was by and for me. There's so many problems in the majors and in the school itself that just DON'T get addressed by the people who could fix them. They pretend they care by doing stupid things like a "mental health week" to cover the fact that almost everyone here is at the breaking point at all times. The food is not good, the freshman dorms are fine, but the only other campus housing is incredibly small for the high prices. CCAD can put on a pretty good front, but once you start scratching the surface you'll quickly realize the school is not as good as it looks from the outside.
This is my first year at CCAD. As a transfer student from a small community college located in a neighboring state, I find CCAD is exactly what I was looking for! While it is a small campus, its Academics/Professors are exceptional! The knowledge which I am receiving is preparing me for positions after graduation, and I feel that I will be able to obtain a position relating to my major without an issue.

Columbus, as a whole, is growing by leaps and bounds; therefore, there is always something to do. The only negative thing that I can say about CCAD is relating to the campus food which is not the greatest for the amount paid; however, there are plenty of other options within the general area of the campus to eat/shop!
This is a very diverse college with a great location. There are lots of shops and restaurants in walking distance as it is right in the downtown area, where everything happens.
My experience at the Columbus College of Art and Design has been a very positive one. The community here is great and makes me feel connected. The professors are knowledgeable and are there to help you become a better artists and prepare you for life as an artist. The student body is friendly and accepting and there are many opportunities to meet new people. One of the few things I wish could change would be the price, because it is rather expensive, but they give out scholarships and the advisors are always there to help you find ways to cover the cost. Overall, I really enjoy attending this school and I would recommend it to others looking for an art education.
I went on an individual visit to Columbus College of Art and Design and was thoroughly impressed. Many impressive programs and clubs were created and beautiful pieces are continuously produced from the students. I would love to visit again and can not wait to apply.
Attending Columbus College of Art & Design is one of the best decisions I've ever made! I knew I wanted to work in the graphic design field before I graduated high school and I wanted to attend a school that would teach me everything I needed to know to be a successful designer. Not only does Columbus College of Art & Design have amazing staff but they set you up for a job/internship in your field before graduation. Columbus College of Art & Design has an amazing campus that supports and welcomes everyone with open arms and makes you feel like you're a part of a family.
The people are incredible. The faculty want to see you succeed, and go out of their way to help. The student body is wonderful. There are clubs for just about everything and the campus facilities are great.
For the price, I feel cheated. The teachers seem unqualified, or at the very least like they don't have any clue how to teach. One of my teachers appeared to be recruited last minute, used a power point he didn't make and didn't know what was on it and pretty much never taught us anything.
What I really like about CCAD is how small the campus is. It's not small enough to where it is cramped, but it is small and has a lot of room. It is not like any university I have seen. The size of this school is the right fit for me. Also, I really love how everyone treats each other like actual adults and not based on grade. There is no type of hierarchy, everyone is everyone's coworker almost, even the facility. If there is one complaint I have, it is that the new teachers don't seem to go through any type of teaching course beforehand, as if they had just picked them off the streets. I came from a school district that has great teachers and great academics, so I know a thing or two about good teaching.
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Columbus College of Art & Design offers a large amount of diversity within the student body and challenges students to collaborate with one another, mimicking the real world collaborative experience. Despite these strengths, there is an imbalance in the resources offered/given to each major. However, CCAD has overall been an excellent experience and I appreciate the care and support I have received from valuable relationships with my professors.
Professors here do well teaching you and making sure you understand the content, but there are also many that dont teach you a thing. You teach yourself how to do most things and then get graded on how well you taught yourself. 99% of your teachers don’t post your grades, you won’t know what you have in your classes until the end of the semester. I’ve had professors mistreat students, and even post about them on social media. Administration never emails back, they don’t tell you when you have paper work they need, they talk down to you like you’re a child and treat you as such. This is the case for many students. Not all administration falls under these lines, but many do. The majority of this school does not care about it’s students, nor do I believe they do what is in our best interest. If I knew this before coming to CCAD, I would have chosen a different school.
I overall love the how the food is hand cooked by faculty AND students! I also love how our teachers are all inclusive when it comes to pronouns and/or trigger warnings for those who have those. I also love how immersive the courses are and how big the campus is, since it's in the heart of the city.
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