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Columbia gave me a chance to learn new things and challenge myself. There were times when I felt a bit discouraged by the immense workload. But the professors and students were friendly and encouraging enough to help when you really put the effort. The people are amazing (both students and faculty) and I thank the school for helping mold me to the person I am today. I hope to give back to the school one day in any way possible.
I have been a student at Columbia for one year. I have loved the experience because of my professors and my classmates, especially in the Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS) and the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race (CSER). Although Columbia is in the heart of New York City, and there are great connections to the city around it, it lacks the full campus feel that can make the college experience.
Columbia is very diverse and the classes are engaging and incredible. Being in the city is also one of the best experiences anyone can have, especially after graduation.
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Thingso are very overpriced. Everything costs extra...and there is no student price, it's the price of a celebrity would pay. And they do this because they have you stuck. You want to do a club, an international immersion experience, a class social, etc it's a ton extra. Food on campus costs 2x the price of of already expensive prices that you might see in NYC. This is a big complaint of mine.
I am currently enrolled in graduate school at the prestigious Columbia University. I am impressed with the level of diversity at Columbia. There is a majority minority. Most of my seminars are comprised of Asian, Indian students I myself am typically the only African American student. I believe that Columbia truly wants their students to thrive. They bring in some of the best professors from the corporate world. For instances in one of my courses I have three different professors. Each have a very different perspective and method of teaching. I will say that I am disappointed that there are not more scholarships available to graduate students; I am working a full-time job in addition to taking a full course load so that I can graduate in a two year span and pay for school. Mind you I have a 3.8 G.P.A I believe that their should be some source of funding other than loans for students in my situation.
Columbia is great. I have loved my experience here and couldn't recommend this school any more highly.
Columbia University became like a home to me. I was connected to Columbia through the Double Discovery Center since i was a freshman in high school, and later on in the summer of 2016 I completed the Freedom and Citizenship program. During the Freedom and Citizenship program, I lived on campus and attended daily seminars led by professor Dan-El Padilla Peralta for the entire month of July. I think Columbia University is a perfect place where someone can express who they are and be surrounded by brilliant people.
Columbia is top notch in almost every category. But, recently the administration censored the famously clever marching band by canceling its traditional "Orgo Night" show in the library on the eve of finals week. Suddenly, after 40 years, the show as no longer "appropriate." Heavy-handed administrators who suppress student speech rights don't seem to be in keeping with what Columbia is supposed to stand for.
each school is independent of each other, career fairs are not open to all, not as inclusive as it claims to be or from provost, terrible for handicap or disabled
I chose Columbia for the diversity of people, and it has far exceeded my expectations. For the most part, the community is inclusive and supportive which makes college far more welcoming and enjoyable.
Columbia University is truly one of the most respected institutions and lives up to its reputation. I am proud to be a student there and feel that I am making strides everyday. The professors are at the top of their fields and are typically passionate about their classes.
The instructors were amazing and I liked the diversity in the assignments. Would love to see more people of color on staff.
The classes are very challenging. I have learned to do quality work at a nearly impossible timeframe. NYC location is excellent. Incredibly diverse. Club teams easy to get into, or Division I teams available for those elite players. Gotten meetings and interviews with people I would have no access to outside this school.
Can be heavy workload but worthwhile tasks. Engaging and effective. Every class is interesting.
It's not easy being a genderqueer bisexual female bodied latinx. Campus is diverse, acceptance is... better than most. The school and the student body leaders make an effort to improve it.
I've had my eyes opened too far at times and seen my brain spark like a tongue full of pop rocks, and that's what I came here for.
The brand name itself opens doors wherever I go. However, Columbia is one of few schools in the city that doesn't let students tale internships for credit, which disqualifies all of its students from many prestigious and worthwhile internships.
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Round 1 at Columbia things were a disaster in this department. Was during the highly publicized mattress piece, and many many many protests about the school's mishandling of sexual assault. When I returned, however, they really, really seemed to have listened to the activist community, to the students, and made a lot of significant changes, both in mandatory student workshops and education and in public resources.
I did 1 year in freshmen housing in a single. I was very quiet and kept to myself. Small room, hallmates really gossipy. Typical ugly dorm furniture and that carpeting. You know the carpeting. I like living alone off-campus. Don't like being "watched" much or having to sign people into my home as an grown adult.
the snooty lit society / co-ed frat for alt kids ADP where i got roofied as a freshman is the most lusted after because of its elitism and mystique. i was recruited, attended the event for maybe 45 min and left. people seemed nice I just didnt feel compelled to join. all the others are just, dudes sitting around or ethnicity-specific sororities that mostly do charity. I don't know too much about them.
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