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My online learning experience at Columbia has been phenomenal. I was actually quite opposed to the online experience at first as I really preferred the in-person experience, however, the professors at Columbia have done everything in their power to make it exciting, fluid, and engaging.
Very good so far, all professors are trying to adapt and be resourceful during Corona virus times! All the classes are held through zoom.
A lot of resources and a very diverse group of students and faculty. I feel motivated to learn from people from different backgrounds!
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Professors are very accommodating and easy to work with. Online learning has not changed the level of education I receive.
I REALLY enjoyed talking to some of the athletic coaches at Columbia. They were kind and very helpful.
Though the mode of engagement has changed, 'Zoom' university still provides an academically rigorous environment. I feel that, in some respects, it has benefited more quiet members of class, in that it takes a lot of the pressure off them when participating in class.
Columbia has offered me an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous environment surrounded my professors who are enthusiastic about their subjects and sincerely invested in their students success. I transferred in from a peer institution of equal 'academic prestige,' however the difference between the two is notable and I regret not coming to Columbia sooner.
The online ZOOM courses were very accessible. All sessions were recorded so students could go back at any time to review the content that was taught. Professors adapted well to the changes over time.
Wow, I loved it there! The academics were top notch, and several of my peers are already successful in their careers; the degree as a label has traction in the job market.

As a Veteran who grew up in Minnesota, the weather was mild for me, but those from the South will find the winter challenging.

I found myself very absorbed by my studies at that time, and so did most of the other students. That can make it extremely easy to meet people in an intellectual sense but somewhat difficult to meet in a social sense. My advice is if you want to date, you should learn how to meet people at NYU.

Financial aid is difficult to obtain, but I was a Veteran, and the government paid my tuition, so that was not my struggle.
I've learned so many new things while at Columbia. Not just academic topics, but really how to navigate this world in a more conscious way.
It was really great. I could not have had a better experience in this place. It is practically the best college I have ever been to.
It was really great. I could not have had a better experience in this place. It is practically the best college I have ever been to.
I have been lucky enough to have had very engaging professors who have driven me to become engrossed in the topics they taught. The workload is very heavy, but the payoff in earning a good grade is totally worth it.
I love Columbia with all my heart. The professors are very engaged, the campus is its own little island in a highly diverse city full of opportunities, and the student body is brilliant. The culture is very competitive and academic, but that is to be expected, and that is ultimately what motivates me.
Columbia is a wonderful school. Beautiful campus on New York's Upper West Side. Really helpful advisement staff and the classes, classmates, and teachers are amazing.
Columbia University offers many programs that will help further your academic goals. The University is well renown for their business program and engineering programs. If an individual is interested in the Humanities, this is the place for you. There are first class professors that are experts in their field.
Life-changing experience. I absolutely loved my professors and friends. The time I spent here was absolutely incredible.
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Columbia was a great experience I hope others could enjoy. campus I. lovely and the food is amazing but the professors were the best part
Attending Columbia was the best decision I've ever made. Not only are you at a world class institution in the greatest city in the world, you are surrounded by extremely intelligent and hardworking classmates who will inspire you and push you to become the best version of yourself. The opportunities at your fingertips -- both on and off campus -- are limitless. It is not an easy school by any means, but put in the hard work and you will be rewarded in so many ways.
Columbia University has its title of IVY League school for a reason. The strongest aspects of the school are academia, research, and professors. Due to the COVID-19, everyone had to move the classes to online platforms which led to the loss of the major components of student life. While I love the university deeply if classes will continue holding remotely, I will have to take an academic break.
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