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i love this university because it is in NYC and i love that place when i go there to visit my aunts and relative. and i want to go to this university to study in computer science
The academics are great, but being a General Studies student is frustrating. We take the same classes as students in Columbia College but have far fewer resources and benefits.
Columbia University is wholly committed to the academic well-being and personhood of their students inside and outside of studies. Through their active communication and care in students' academic lives, professors are engaged and ready to help their students succeed in their ideological pursuits. Moreover, the Health and Wellness Center approaches health from a holistic perspective, offering mental health services such as therapy sessions, acupuncture, pet therapy day, snacks, and more. Specifically for the Mailman School of Public Health, they require all students to fulfill the Self, Social, and Global Awareness course that evaluates the self and how it fits into societal constructs so that students are prepared to go forth courageously in their social justice work. The Mailman school also invites students to engage in their Grand Rounds where all medical school students share their work and ideas to create a more thought-provoking environment.
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Columbia University is placed in a beautiful city, and has many opportunities for students to grow and find career opportunities.
For the past two semesters, my experience has been nothing but eye-opening. I came in as a transfer student from Bronx Community College and the transition into a 4-year top tier college was incredible. Columbia is a type of environment with an air of excellence which elevated my mindset into knowing that I am cut out to succeed. Being around the nations' top students is a great motivator to excel beyond my limit and for that, I am more than grateful.
It’s surprisingly down to earth. Everyone really loves what they do and are committed to making their knowledge accessible.
It's known as one of the best places to learn and become someone.. I know I am 58 years late. but I have dreamed of attending that school. Never had the means growing up..Living a very hard life...I want to try it now!
Columbia is rigorous but enjoyable, and it is an ideal place to explore who you are as a person. With a plethora of classes at your disposal, it’s incredibly easy not only to find classes that excite and challenge you, but also ones the fit into whatever balance of theory/practice, studying/partying, or whatever other trade offs one may be trying to balance.
Excellent academics and staff. Beautiful campus and facilities, as well as great school spirit. I am currently a graduate student and the recognition of Columbia throughout NYC is incredible. I foresee a great return on investment ahead with the amount of opportunities that I am hopeful will surface.
I met with very intelligent and interesting people, whom I still admire and get connected with. The curriculum is intense and you'll find yourself spending many nights studying. What you get out is extremely rewarding and you'll see the value of your education in your career. One thing I would change about Columbia is the curriculum. The intensity of each and every course along with the efforts on building a career or graduate school preparation is, in general, more than one can handle. I found myself learning little from some of my courses as I had to rush to complete my projects, tests, and other coursework. For an institution that holds learning as the highest priority, this has to change.
Columbia is an amazing university full of brilliant and vibrant students. Inside campus, you feel you are in another world, not in NYC. However, you step out and immerse yourself in the world of opportunities in the Big Apple.
They are quick to reaspond when you have a question.Also the professors are very kind and smart. Everyone is there to help you succeed!
Columbia offers an unparalleled experience: from living in New York City, to learning from world-class professors, to socializing with students from all across the globe, I wouldn't have been able to gain these memories without this school. While Imposter Syndrome is real for first-generation, low-income students like myself, Columbia has plenty of resources that would otherwise be unavailable to me back at home. Now that I am done with my first year, I realize this is the place I'm meant to be. While it wasn't an easy freshman year, it was a necessary one. I grew and will continue to do so.
I really feel included as a member of the Columbia family! There are numerous useful resources for you to explore, either student organizations to meet new people, on-campus job opportunities, concern for student safety, etc. I love the university on being clear of the steps of everything you are going to be involved, quick in response, and the people being friendly.
Columbia is in the ideal location if you like cities and culture. However, the campus is sometimes referred to as a bubble as it’s easy with all the work to forgot to explore the amazing places around you. Classes can be very challenging and not all professors are amazing but I don’t have experience at another college to compare it to.
Planning to enroll in Columbia University in August 2019 for the program of Business Analytics in the IEOR Department.
I enjoy the location in New York and the campus itself. It is very beautiful and comes alive when the sun comes out, especially. There are a lot of events always happening and the people attending are very diverse, but what can be improved is the diversity shown in academics and the Core. The Core is the required classes all students must take---most of them are very West-centered with Western thinking prioritized. However, with the diverse student body, the Core needs to become more diverse and reflect the diversity of the school. Right now, the academics prioritize Western, white men and that needs to be changed. The systematic racism also needs to be addressed better, as is a common issue with almost every school, especially the Ivies.
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I guess I can't complain about the education, because it is after all an Ivy League, not to say that other universities do not offer an excellent education, but there are good reasons why the Ivy League universities remain prestigious.
I loved Columbia! I went there for a college tour and it was absolutely stunning. The professors I met were amazing, and the whole experience was so enjoyable. This is definitely now a college on my radar. Go Lions!
Academic curriculums was the great thing I liked about the school. Also the great location of New York. What I did not like so much,was the costs courses and lack of better distance learning degree programs.
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