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Listen; there's something you have to do. Stand atop the steps of Low Library on an evening here. Feel the thin, New York air inflate your lungs; look down at Butler. Read the names: Homer, Herodotus, Sophocles, Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes, Cicero, Vergil. The greats, the immortals. You will be here one day, too. Columbia is like no other. Here, you will learn to ponder the greatest questions of humanity's past. Here, you will carve out a future worth living, for all people.

Welcome to the golden age of Columbia.
The people were great at Columbia and I had a great experience. However, I sometimes got the sense that the administration didn't really care about students and it could feel disaffecting.
This placed changed my life. I am continuously surrounded by passionate, forward-thinking individuals that begin as my classmates and end as my dear friends. Columbia is certainly entering a golden age, with its location in New York City and increasing academic research capabilities and undergraduate focus.
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Columbia is a high-stress environment, and that works for the people who go there. While there's a "we're all in this together" vibe, it would help if the administration gave off the aura of caring about students a little more. We aren't just investments—we're people, too.
I'm a non-traditional student at Columbia University's School of General Studies. The administration at Columbia GS has been phenomenal - it is very easy to get help for anything. Whether you are trying to get academic help or help with some paperwork, the GS administration will not disappoint.

The instruction and classes that I've seen so far in my first semester have been phenomenal as well.
it's quite nice, the campus I think is one of the best in New York. I would highly recommend going to this university. the teachers care about their students.
As with other colleges, Columbia was something I needed to adjust to. What Columbia has that other colleges may not, is an amazing support system to make sure students transition into i]their new lives as smoothly as possible.
Over the summer of my junior year I took an architecture course at Columbia University for 3 weeks and loved it. The professors are very supporting and engaging. The people there are so welcoming and the campus is just beautiful.
The school is on a small campus making places accessible. There are several resources available to students and free online subscriptions to great software. the instructors are knowledgeable and very kind.
This college may be one of the best, but as always, it is the students here that make it the school that it is. Everyone here is pretty motivated and aiming to do well. The atmosphere is quite stressful as the workload is heavy. In the Engineering school, students have to take 5 classes every semester just to get the requirements finished, unlike some other colleges/universities where 4 classes are enough. Some professors are better than others, but that goes for every school.
It's a place with endless possibilities. And the campus is nice. The location is in upper west side of Manhattan, close to everything you need. You'll find interesting people here, all very different. You will definitely have an eye-opening college experience.
The location is very nice, because it is in the middle of New York. You are situated on the upper west side, which means you are just a subway ride away from anywhere you want in New York. It is also one of the safest campuses in the country. The dining halls are very highly rated as well, and you are on a dining plan all four years, so it works out very well. The on-campus housing is also very good, especially due to the fact that it is near impossible to find off-campus housing. Overall, the school is very good in terms of its location and accommodations. The student life is pretty good, but could use some work in terms of being less intense.
To me, Columbia University is a top-tier university with incredible educational opportunities. At times, it can be tough to stay afloat in the deep stress culture present on campus, as well as maneuver the majority wealthy student body. However, the education, the resources, the surrounding communities, and the amazingly talented students themselves contribute to a unique experience that few other universities have to offer.
After one semester I would only give three stars for my graduate experience at the School of Professional Studies, within Applied Analytics program. Initially my early decision application was not reviewed until August, when the expected wait for decisions was in March. The school has very few opportunities for grants and scholarships, and few resources for financial aid advice. As a commuter student who mostly takes online classes, having to pay over $500 in campus fees per semester that I am unable to take advantage of is unreasonable. I feel the education I'm being provided does not make up for the extremely high tuition and fees.
This school is honestly such a good engineering school for those who also want a rounded education and the opportunity to take classes outside of their major.
Columbia is great for reasons of getting good jobs and making great connections, however most students are unhappy here as it is majorly competitive.
An excellent university, but the rigor can be quiet a turnoff. It's also centered in a busy high-traffic area next to a hospital, so sirens are more common than the sound of birds.
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The people are stuck up

No parking

No athletic ability among students

Professors are difficult

Tuition is very expensive, not particularly because the education is better, but because it's an Ivy

You're buying a name, not an education
I have found my experience at Columbia to have been one of endless discovery. In this review I will focus on the Core Curriculum, which all students in the College and the School of Engineering take in one way or another. Although there is a valid claim to the antiquity of the texts themselves, Columbia's teaching and discursive methodology is second-to-none. The way I see it, there is universal value in being well-read; it is a prerequisite for engaging with the world in meaningful terms outside of what one might experience through their personal spheres. Even those who may oppose aspects of the Core -- as I have at times -- have plenty of options to respond creatively. The curriculum may appear rigid at first, but as Columbia teaches us, knowledge at face-value is nothing gained. The Core Curriculum was the most flexible aspect of my education, because there was always the lingering question of how I would bend it towards my will in hopes of doing good for this world.
The Ivy League brand is a leg up in the job market. Resources are great, education is solid. Professors vary, but are mostly good.
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