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A lot of resources and a very diverse group of students and faculty. I feel motivated to learn from people from different backgrounds!
Very good so far, all professors are trying to adapt and be resourceful during Corona virus times! All the classes are held through zoom.
Professors are really awesome and give their all to help students. There is always something to do on campus. If you are a freshman I would recommend taking an array of classes and then decide what major you want to pursue. Don't overwhelm yourself with the classes you take and most importantly don't compare yourself to your classmates. Everyone's circumstances are different. There is a lot of academic help and tutoring available on campus, don't think that you are the only one not understanding the topic.
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Professors are very accommodating and easy to work with. Online learning has not changed the level of education I receive.
I did not have any online learning at Columbia University, but I am sure that it would be an easy and fun learning experience. The professors truly care and seem like such great people.
I REALLY enjoyed talking to some of the athletic coaches at Columbia. They were kind and very helpful.
I also took online courses last semester because of the pandemic. From what I’ve heard from other students, virtual learning is a terrible inconvenience. There is little to no motivation from both students and Professors. 90% of the appeal is being able to chat with professors and fellow classmates to brainstorm together and collaborate/hash out ideas on topics in class. Without that it becomes very difficult since you’re constantly hitting mental blocks.
I love Columbia. It’s really the students who make the experience. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, high achieving, self motivated individuals. It’s creates an aspiring ambience on campus which influences you to work harder and aim higher. Someone is always willing to help you out, whether it’s with academics/networking. Columbia has a great community. However, I do wish that facilities were more updated...especially the engineering facilities. I also wish that the curriculums would be more up to date with a bit of emphasis on applications (most courses tend to be theoretical).
Columbia has offered me an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous environment surrounded my professors who are enthusiastic about their subjects and sincerely invested in their students success. I transferred in from a peer institution of equal 'academic prestige,' however the difference between the two is notable and I regret not coming to Columbia sooner.
Though the mode of engagement has changed, 'Zoom' university still provides an academically rigorous environment. I feel that, in some respects, it has benefited more quiet members of class, in that it takes a lot of the pressure off them when participating in class.
Professors seem to be really trying to make learning a positive experience for students. We are able to engage with classmates through Zoom.
Students are all kind and friendly! Teaching could be improved somewhat, but I have definitely had some incredible professors at the University!
The faculty at Columbia have been working tirelessly to adapt their teaching styles and accommodate all levels of accessibility. The quality of the content has remained unchanged.
Columbia is great for those who are ready to seize any opportunities presented to them. Despite this, it's easy to feel like just another number as the university is made up of many different colleges and has tens of thousands of students.
The online ZOOM courses were very accessible. All sessions were recorded so students could go back at any time to review the content that was taught. Professors adapted well to the changes over time.
Columbia University is located at the heart of Manhattan in NYC, on the Morningside Heights neighbordhood.

Academics can be a toin coss, as you can get professors who don't teach very well and you spend your study time teaching the content to yourself. On the other hand, some professors really care about their students and go beyond to ensure their success.
I really like the events hosted by University Life. I am learning so much from faculty and I am really thankful to them for where I am now in terms of my educational experience.
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I have taken both online and residential classes. Online classes use a program called Adobe Connect which works well and is much better than what remote classes are using now, Zoom.
Columbia has an incredible student body and no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of. The social culture can be difficult to handle at time and very stressful. Courses are difficult and not all professors are the best, but the TA program is very strong and many professors do care deeply about the students and their experience. Columbia has many resources and makes it easy to find opportunities in the city and for the summer.
Columbia clearly has been doing everything they can to make the online learning environment fair for every student and I strongly supported their decision to go to P/F for equal opportunity. Their handling of the return to school has been difficult to navigate, but understandable. Professors in the spring semester were willing to compromise and understand student's situations; however, little was done by the university at the time to promote student life or stay connected to the university.
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