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The University has an amazing campus. There are many academic and social activities and events all year round. The professors are accomplished, helpful and open to feedback.
I love the academic challenges the school has each student face. I love the location of the school on the Upper West Side since it’s a little bit more calm but you can still go downtown if you want more people/noise/activities. The dorms and housing options are amazing and all are relatively close to campus. I just wish there was more of a connection between the student body as a whole maybe at athletics or some event.
I visited it a couple of times. It seemed like a good school. It has a lot of majors. The administration seems great.
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The diversity was great, the class sizes were perfect, the core - while time-consuming was beneficial and made for a well-rounded education, and the people I met were the very best part.
Everyone at the school truly cares for the students and their well being as well as their academic success. Great diversity of students where you can meet people from all over the world. Safety precautions they take at the school make me feel protected. Dorm life is amazing, where you feel like family with the students on your floor. All in all it is a wonderful school to be a part of and I find it an honor to be there!
love my teachers. students are smart. supportive environment. Great facilities. Great location. Many resources. Visiting professors are great
Columbia has a wide range of colleges on campus pertaining to science and law allowing a wide variety of academic choices and offers advanced programs for those willing to participate. The courses are challenging but are worth it for the experience.
Columbia University is an excellent university. It has a demanding academic curriculum but it is focused on instilling students with its core values and exposing students to different subjects and their respective methods of thought.
Columbia University was my dream school and it has lived up to my expectations. The education is unparalleled and I have made lifelong friends. Also, the school has great resources and it is located in the best city in the world.
I love Columbia University! Not only are the faculty members and instructors an experts, but they do care about the students. They take time outside class to engage with students and help them go the extra mile. Another great element is the student body. It is well versatile and have students from all over the world.
Overall, I have had a fantastic experience at Columbia. It was a bit of a shock moving to New York, but after a year of going to Columbia, I can say that I am just about fully adjusted to living on my own in the big city. The only negative I have experienced at Columbia is getting used to the socioeconomic differences, with myself coming from lower income and most of my peers coming from high income families.
Always there to help when you need it. I would like to see more grants or scholarships available for Columbia students.
I really love the location and the campus. Being in the heart of NYC is incredible and there are so many opportunities that come with being a student here. I've also had a great experience with my teachers and classes.
I visited Columbia at the end of March with a group and loved the vibe of the campus. Although I want to be as close as I can to or in the city, my ideal college campus needs look like a university setting. NYU, on the other hand, is right in the middle of the city and sometimes you can't tell where the buildings are without the NYU flags. I liked Columbia much better in that sense and I personally do not need to vouch for the education standard because we all know an ideal place to go for an intelligent, hard working student. Walking around the main area made me feel like I belonged there!
I feel as though it is difficult to tap into all of the university's resources as a first generation, low income student. I think if this community had more visibility on campus, it would be easier for me to benefit from all the networks and opportunities Columbia has to offer.
Columbia is in NYC and is the perfect place to connect with a wide variety of people who care about issues similar to yours.
Academics are good but the price is outrageous. Great campus in a great city, and some professors are amazing. Lots of opportunities, but the name recognition alone is what sets it apart.
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Columbia has one of the most amazing and diverse student bodies I've ever seen. In addition, the location in NYC only brings unique resources and opportunities that no other university is able to access. There are just so many amazing events going on both on campus and in the city, and Columbia is just as lively as New York.
Columbia is known for it's academic rigor and it's well rounded education. The work load is incredibly heavy and you need to be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices if a student would like to attend Columbia. The biggest struggle of Columbia is having the skills to maintain good study habits and handle the extreme stress levels that come with being a student there. The school does what they can to aid in managing your course load, but at the end of the day it's mostly up to you. There's a unique level of independence for the students and succeeding at Columbia means you need to be able to teach yourself a lot of the material and keeping up on your own.
I have had a wonderful time at Columbia University. The students here are extremely friendly and always willing to help each other out. I am particularly happy I chose this university because of our core curriculum. I have taken courses in philosophy, literature, and African history because of our core curriculum. I am convinced that I will leave this institution as a well-rounded individual. Lastly, this university has opened many doors for me as I have had the opportunity to network with top companies and learn skills that I know will benefit me in the workforce.
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