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Columbia State Community College Reviews

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Columbia State was an amazing place to get my college credits needed. The teachers are extremely nice and are always willing to help. Overall I am happy with my choice to take classes here.
The college is excellent in growing and changing. The members are very welcoming and make you feel very safe.
Columbia State was the perfect size for me-- not too big and not too small. Everyone is friendly and the staff are incredible. All classes are within a short walk of each other and the facilities are well-maintained. The campus is simple yet beautiful. If you are looking for a local-feeling, practical and affordable education then Columbia State is the place to go!
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I have been going to Columbia State for the past 2 years and I have learned so much. The professors are excellent teachers they help the students when they are in trouble and do not understand anything. They do everything to help the student achieve their goals. The one thing I would change is the housing. They should have housing for out of town students because they have to drive 2-3 hours just to come to CState.
Columbia State was a great way to start out my first two years of college. I am so happy I got my first two years for free there. It was a very nice environment. I loved all of the staff there they were very nice and cared a lot about you.
I loved the staff at Columbia State Community College. I attended CSCC for several years and the staff as a whole are the most caring people. They will do anything to help you succeed and will help you in absolutely any way possible. There isn't anything I would like to see Columbia State change, as I had the best experience there!
Everyone at Columbia State Community College are very helpful people. My advisor Johnny Wyatt was very helpful to me and showed me step by step how to register for my classes and what all I need to do to take my steps in trying to better get myself ready to apply for nursing program.
I love the staff at Columbia State-everybody was always more than helpful and would do just about anything to help one to succeed. There's not much that I would change at Columbia State as they are a wonderful school and I only wish that I could receive my Bachelor's from there.
Columbia State is an easy ride if you want a cheap degree, the staff usually does not engage with the students and most activities on campus are geared towards a much younger crowd than who actually attends Cstate.
I really loved this college they are a great small college that is all about helping out each student that they can so the student can achieve their goals in life.
The instructors are knowledgeable and actually enjoy teaching. I had two instructors that stood out. Mr.Johnson my former speech teacher was always positive and motivated me to further my educational goals. Then Ms.Manns was my African American Literature instructor. Her enthusiasm for African American Literature was infectious and made me want to know more. She also encouraged me to further my education. I will never forget their encouraging words of wisdom!
All of the professors are caring and genuine. Administrators and advisors always go above and beyond
I love Columbia State Community College. The professors are amazing, and the students are great! My academic advisor always makes sure that I'm on top of everything and that I'm in line where I need to be in order to graduate.
I love it! I love it! I love it! It is A great college. I would choose anywhere else to go. I highly recommend people my age choosing Columbia state
Columbia State Community College is fantastic for the value Tennessee Promise gives to it. If you get a free 2-year ride to any community college of your choice, why not go with a university that had fantastic professors and can help prepare you for a 4-year college by getting your general education requirements knocked out?
I had a good experience here. I went to the Williamson County campus, and I loved it there. It was bigger than my high school, but not big enough for me to feel overwhelmed. It was a good transition for me between high school and four year university.
For what it is it is a great school! Teachers actually care, and they definitely know what they are talking about.
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I liked Columbia State because of their wonderful professors, but I would like the campus to be updated.
It is a great school if that is what you are looking for. Not a lot of student life, and it’s very difficult to make friends outside of class. Was not the right school for me, but it does work for others!
The teachers I had for the most part have been excellent. They were supportive and engaging with the students even on an individual level. The smaller class sizes helped with having a one on one interaction.
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