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Columbia State has offered me a grand experience to continue my education. I'm so excited that me and my friends who are attending the Fall Semester are ecstatic to start this new journey!
I'm going to start school there in the fall and study law enforcement and it's a beautiful campus and good teachers and just rent books then buying Books and two years. Learning law enforcement is different in high school and college because even different teachers but maybe learn the same things in high school but college is like the big ideal or learn more different things I didn't know and knowing more like homicide cases and wanting to start broader Patrol and the first woman in the family for being a police officer or working in FBI. My family kinda support me but aunts and uncle support me 100% to be different Career plus I watch criminal minds but I know it's not real but has many things to learn and real things in real cases and that's why I love learning and finding out cases even the cold cases to see what happen and new evidence and I'm a hard worker.
It's a nice small campus in a small town if you want to go to college but don't want a big university this is perfect
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I have just enrolled into CSCC and everyone has been very friendly. Excited to start classes on January 17th!
Columbia State Community College is a fantastic college, they offer a variety of programs with great teachers. I had a wonderful experience at Columbia State, with a small campus it was easy to make it to one building to the other without the worry of being late to class. Columbia State has outstanding tutors who truly care about your education and will go out of there way to help you succeed in your academic goal. I would highly recommend Columbia State Community College to everyone and anyone.
Thankfully Columbia State offers several different classes that I find interesting. There are professors who are outstanding and know their topic better then anyone I have met, and I have had professors who knew just enough to get their students through their class. Class sizes vary depending on the time of day. Mornings are always full, being 35 plus students, and night classes are around fifteen students.
I am a full time student and a full time worker. I do work in retail so I can change my schedule at any time, but it is hard to keep the hours I need when I have to go to school several days a week. Three out of my four semesters I was able to have two days of classes on-campus. But, because of my hours working in retail I have needed to take a few online classes where my professors were not always in communication. But this semester I am blessed with an online class that is only half the semester and another that has a late start, making it easier as I prepare for the holiday season in retail.
I have had some great professors throughout my courses. Each of them with a new perspective about my major. The first two years of my education has been general courses, but they have been great!
About two times a month employers will set up tables throughout campus to try and recruit students. It gives students a chance to ask questions.
Although a lot of work, you really experience your major. I am an education major, and my teachers want me to shadow, plan future schools, and make lesson plans.
There are several free and fun things to do.
teachers i had were amazing
There is a wide range of times available for classes so I have been able to find ways to work around my personal schedule. Some classes, however, tend to fill up faster than others so if one does not apply early they could miss a spot in that class.
I am not familiar with the post-grad services of my school.
Because the school is located in a small rural area, it's difficult to find opportunities that can be applied to potential career prospects (although when there is little opportunity available, there's lots of room to create new opportunities). But generally, I think the average student would have to work a bit harder to find ways to reach out if they really want to make connections for their future jobs.
Everyone commutes to and from school so it's hard to get to know people, but as a community college it's a good way to receive general education at a lower price while deciding what you want to pursue at a 4-year university.
My FASFA has been sitting for months now, package not complete.
Review Columbia State Community College
There is nothing difference. On campus takes up time.
I will have a job lined up due to my ability to communicate
My class is online. Cannot answer until August....
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