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I liked Columbia State because of their wonderful professors, but I would like the campus to be updated.
It is a great school if that is what you are looking for. Not a lot of student life, and it’s very difficult to make friends outside of class. Was not the right school for me, but it does work for others!
The teachers I had for the most part have been excellent. They were supportive and engaging with the students even on an individual level. The smaller class sizes helped with having a one on one interaction.
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Columbia State Community College has its ups and downs like any other community college. Most of the professors care about their students and they have good resources for all students.
I started out at Columbia State as a freshman. I am currently a sophomore and plan to transfer. Columbia state has had major amount of errors since I have been there. I have only had one good professor. I have asked for my transcripts to be sent multiple times and they still have not done it. The website is very slow and down a lot of the time and it is not academically challenging at all. I have not had a good experience there.
Id like to see everything change back to the way it was. Everything has changed since i graduated and they don't treat alumni like they used to. i learned very little at this community college
My experience has been phenomenal!! From the small campus, to the free tutors, to the teachers. It feels like a family.
I have had a great experience at Columbia State. The professors for my classes were engaging with their students, avid about teaching students, having them learn the content of the courses more than having us memorize material just to pass a test. The tuition is also affordable. I was also able to choose classes around my work schedule, which helped immensely! I am very glad I went there.
Doing dual enrollment at Columbia State the school is pretty good but i wish they made the communication between student and professor easier to use.
My experience at Columbia State Community College during the summer semester of 2017-2018 was an success! My instructors were great, willing to help, and also pushed me to believe in myself. Your success is based upon your dedication,determination, and at the end of the day its up to you. I am thankful for such caring staff and I completed my two Statistic courses with A averages! I am proud.
I attended Columbia State Community College from 2016-2017. Overall, I had an amazing experience. The faculty and staff were all so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Whenever an issue arose or if I ever needed help, I knew I could count on them to guide me. The classes were taught by interesting and knowledgeable professors. The school's atmosphere was one of acceptance and southern hospitality. The classes were held at an appropriate level of difficulty. I never felt overwhelmed or as if they expected the impossible of me. I enjoyed the year and a half that I spent there, and I would recommend this school to anyone in the Tennessee area looking to attend a Community College.
It's a great place to start off your college education. There are many professors that really care about you and want to see you succeed.
I had an overall great experience here. I had some INCREDIBLE professors who I love dearly. However, I had some awful ones as well. It was very hit or miss, and it felt as though the school didn't really care who taught the class as long as it was a person.
The professors were incredibly helpful and really wanted you to succeed. I had a great experience overall and am so glad I made the decision to go.
Columbia state is a great community college with updated technology and a small atmosphere to help you focus on getting your core classes out of the way before going to a major university. The staff is very friendly and helpful and truly want what is best for the students to help them succeed beyond their campus.
Columbia State is a great school to start out at. The faculty and staff are all very nice and helping.
I attend classes at the Franklin campus, so I cannot speak to experiences at the 'main' Columbia campus, but my time at Columbia State has been excellent. The faculty and staff are kind and welcoming (especially the custodial/maintenance team), and resources are plentiful if you ask around. I have only had two teachers/classes that I have actively disliked and become frustrated in, but luckily, there are tutors available for just those circumstances. The one gripe that I have is that, if you are like me and can only attend classes at a location OTHER than Columbia, you may have difficulties taking some classes that are only offered on one campus.
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I have attended columbia state for a year and a half. I attend the Franklin campus. The professors are hit or miss. Some strongly care about the students.. they have greatly prepared lectures and know a lot about what they are teaching. Other professors.... beware lol. I had a US history class taught by a professor that had his degree in art history. I basically learned US history after the industrial revolution through paintings. I think I learned more about Impressionism than anything...
Another thing: there are A LOT of weirdos. My first year I would try to sit in the admin building common area and study, which was a bad idea. There's either someone shoving their guitar skills down your throat, someone shoving jesus down your throat, or someone that sits there and waits for a good looking girl/boy to walk by that they can verbally harass from across the room. It's sort of easy to avoid. aka just avoid the admin building first floor and the outdoor common area.
I like Columbia state because it's close to home, and we'll suited for a hometown girl. It also has a lot of diversity for a community college and everyone will feel welcome. Columbia State also tries to help everyone succeed. Though it is great in many aspects, I would like to see it give more for the student body to participate in. There needs to be more activities and organizations. Overall it's a Great Community College.
Columbia State has several campuses so it is easy to get into classes you need, and be as close as possible. The course material is not very hard seeing as it is a community college. The best upside is the administrative relationships, and how much students are helped regularly by faculty and staff.
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