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Columbia state is a great community college with updated technology and a small atmosphere to help you focus on getting your core classes out of the way before going to a major university. The staff is very friendly and helpful and truly want what is best for the students to help them succeed beyond their campus.
Columbia State is a great school to start out at. The faculty and staff are all very nice and helping.
I attend classes at the Franklin campus, so I cannot speak to experiences at the 'main' Columbia campus, but my time at Columbia State has been excellent. The faculty and staff are kind and welcoming (especially the custodial/maintenance team), and resources are plentiful if you ask around. I have only had two teachers/classes that I have actively disliked and become frustrated in, but luckily, there are tutors available for just those circumstances. The one gripe that I have is that, if you are like me and can only attend classes at a location OTHER than Columbia, you may have difficulties taking some classes that are only offered on one campus.
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I have attended columbia state for a year and a half. I attend the Franklin campus. The professors are hit or miss. Some strongly care about the students.. they have greatly prepared lectures and know a lot about what they are teaching. Other professors.... beware lol. I had a US history class taught by a professor that had his degree in art history. I basically learned US history after the industrial revolution through paintings. I think I learned more about Impressionism than anything...
Another thing: there are A LOT of weirdos. My first year I would try to sit in the admin building common area and study, which was a bad idea. There's either someone shoving their guitar skills down your throat, someone shoving jesus down your throat, or someone that sits there and waits for a good looking girl/boy to walk by that they can verbally harass from across the room. It's sort of easy to avoid. aka just avoid the admin building first floor and the outdoor common area.
I like Columbia state because it's close to home, and we'll suited for a hometown girl. It also has a lot of diversity for a community college and everyone will feel welcome. Columbia State also tries to help everyone succeed. Though it is great in many aspects, I would like to see it give more for the student body to participate in. There needs to be more activities and organizations. Overall it's a Great Community College.
Columbia State has several campuses so it is easy to get into classes you need, and be as close as possible. The course material is not very hard seeing as it is a community college. The best upside is the administrative relationships, and how much students are helped regularly by faculty and staff.
Columbia State was a great option for me. Close to home and many opportunities when it comes to finding your right degree. They have many connections to other universities allowing you to receive a bachelors degree without ever having to leave there campus. So far I have felt very successful at Columbia State. The professors are wonderful and work along with you to make sure you can succeed. I can't wait for my future thanks to Columbia State.
I am using columbia state as a kickoff to transfer to a 4 year university and it has been a delight to attend.
This school is very helpful on gathering your credits and has a beautiful on going campus, especially in the Spring. They are always editing the campus to make it more peaceful, joyful, and make you feel like you belong. The classes are small, which I love, it gives you a more "hands on" approach with your professor. Instead of you emailing your teacher and waiting for 3 days to get feedback because the class is so big, you can just simply walk up to your professor after class and ask questions. Now don't get me wrong, not all the professor are great, but the ones that I had are awesome. However, I recommend going to this website helps you pick the professors that seem right to your liking. Even if they are rated with a 2.2. You as a student might like the challenge or even you don't and you steer clear from that certain class. Overall I really like this school and if it was a 4 year University I would definitely stay and continue my studies here.
Overall, Columbia State Community College is a great college to attend. They really focus on each individual student to proceed and succeed in each students academic career.
I love this school! The professors are nice and make you feel like they are actually there to teach you. The campus is fairly close to my home, so I get the same small town vibe but still get to experience college!
I liked the programs it offers. There are a variety of programs to choose from. One thing I would like to see change, is more locations as the campuses are quite far to get to depending on where you live. Also, we need more clubs and diversity here at the Franklin campus.
The williamson campus is really neat and clean. The area is nice and it looks like the upperclass. The professors are nice, depending on who you get.
I attended this college during my Senior year in high school. I enjoyed my two classes because they challenged me. Not only did the classes count for college credit, but they also satisfied my high school requirement for graduation. While doing the classes during high school, there is no tuition to take the class and you can start during your Junior year. This college is very good for non-traditional students and getting a jump start on college credits. You must be local though because there is no on campus housing.
Columbia State Community College has been an excellent choice for me returning to school. It has flexible class schedules and great professors. With the Tennessee Transfer Path option it is a great place to get back into the swing of things before moving on to a four year school.
Columbia State has offered me a grand experience to continue my education. I'm so excited that me and my friends who are attending the Fall Semester are ecstatic to start this new journey!
I'm going to start school there in the fall and study law enforcement and it's a beautiful campus and good teachers and just rent books then buying Books and two years. Learning law enforcement is different in high school and college because even different teachers but maybe learn the same things in high school but college is like the big ideal or learn more different things I didn't know and knowing more like homicide cases and wanting to start broader Patrol and the first woman in the family for being a police officer or working in FBI. My family kinda support me but aunts and uncle support me 100% to be different Career plus I watch criminal minds but I know it's not real but has many things to learn and real things in real cases and that's why I love learning and finding out cases even the cold cases to see what happen and new evidence and I'm a hard worker.
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It's a nice small campus in a small town if you want to go to college but don't want a big university this is perfect
I have just enrolled into CSCC and everyone has been very friendly. Excited to start classes on January 17th!
Columbia State Community College is a fantastic college, they offer a variety of programs with great teachers. I had a wonderful experience at Columbia State, with a small campus it was easy to make it to one building to the other without the worry of being late to class. Columbia State has outstanding tutors who truly care about your education and will go out of there way to help you succeed in your academic goal. I would highly recommend Columbia State Community College to everyone and anyone.
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