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Just starting, but have friends who have graduated from here. Nothing but good things to say. I plan on following a similar career path after graduation, and have seen first hand how this college translates to success. Looking forward to attending and graduating.
My experience with Columbia southern university was a good one. I gained a lot of knowledge in the healthcare field and I also gained knowledge in other areas of the work field as well. In my opinion their is nothing to change about the university.
I attended Columbia Southern University and obtained my Associates Degree in Business. I am almost done on completing my Bachelors degree. I enjoyed commencement very much since many online schools do not participate in commencement. I love this school.
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When I applied with the school a rep called me the very next day. She was very helpful and very knowledgeable about the school and it's programs and what best would fit me and my lifestyle. I am enrolling for their fall semester starting in October 2018 and I can't wait to get started!
Affordable courses and great academic selection. The online courses are well organized and challenging. Overall great value and quality education with excellent and helpful faculty and student advisors.
I love that this school helps the veterans that our trying to finish school and help with your education.
Academics are good. Professors were great in communicating with me. Academic advisors were great with providing necessary and helpful information. Wish it were regionally accredited instead of nationally.
Columbia Southern University is a completely on-line University. I have learned alot at my own pace at this school. That is the one great thing is you can do all of your studies at home. That can also be the most difficult thing is you have to be very self motivated.
I am 15 hours from obtaining my bachelor's degree. CSU staff has been amazing the last four years! Anytime I have had to reach out to any department, I am treated so well. The professors are available and I never feel like I am left alone without assistance. The tuition is very reasonable and after graduation, I will be re-enrolling and working towards my master's in marketing.
I have been extremely satisfied with my time at CSU. I love that they provide the textbooks you need, and the lifepace learning is extremely flexible. I have learned a lot and the tuition is more affordable than other schools.
All around the faculty and staff at Columbia Southern University are amazing. They will help you with anything you need in the blink of an eye. They are fast, reliable, and helpful at all your needs to succeed and become a college graduate.
They have been so very helpful after 28yrs .They have been so AWSOME to me.The online information on their website is so easy and not complicated what so ever.They have stood by me all the way when another school did nothing.The financial Aide Office so nice and they make it easy for you.You can upload your documents .The email history is in your profile so if you accidentally deleted your message don't worry they have a email history. I JUST LOVE THIS SCHOOL.I CAN'T Wait
I began my journey toward my BS in Occupational Safety and Health in November of 2017. I had a lot of credits from different schools and CSU really worked with me to ensure I got the credit I had already worked for. The courses are very rigorous and require discipline. Writing in APA format is mandatory. Most professors interact with you and will do everything they can to assist in helping you succeed. I have 30 more credits to go graduate.
I graduated from CSU in 2017 with a bachelor’s in business administration. CSU was one of the most affordable online schools. I qualified for a Pell grant through financial aid, which paid for almost my entire schooling every term. The instructors and staff were very helpful along the way. Classes that I had taken at a previous college were easily transferred to CSU. Classes at CSU are in 8 week terms. Weekly assignments typically consisted of a classroom discussion forum topic and a 2-5 page essay. If you’re thinking about attending CSU, you HAVE to be knowledgeable in essay writing. I had to write essays almost every week in every class. If you are a student who does not like to write or does not know APA style, CSU may not be for you. CSU is VERY essay heavy. Overall I would highly recommend CSU because it is a college that provides a great education at an even better price! Upon graduation, I was able to find a job position in the healthcare field.
Columbia Southern University has made an enormous impact on my ability to continue on with my formal education. I never imagined in a million years that I would have even made it this far. When I started college (many years ago fresh out of high school), I was a kid who had no idea the true value of a proper education.

Now, I am in a position that I want to continue on to my bachelor’s degree, after receiving my associates, and this school provides me with the ability to take courses on my time and accelerate my educational goals.
I love Columbia Southern. The professors are always there to help and are very easy to reach. Columbia Southern has a very diverse atmosphere and no matter the background. The staff truly care about their students and they want them to succeed in their personal lives.
Such a flexible school, albeit the college is for profit, it offers a very unique life-term program, where you do not have due dates, you simply have one final due date and 8 -16 units (depending on course level) to complete. The college allows extensions at low cost, they give extra academic days for major holidays, and the school utilizes Blackboard which is the easiest computer-bases system to use. Furthermore, the school gives free access to Proquest, the huge scientific/business article database that allows you to citate peer reviewed-academic sources. Phenomenal! My counter part graduated from the MBA program and landed a GS13 position with our headquarters with this educational background. CSU allows for realistic educational goals and sets graduates apart.
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Overall the university has a great curriculum, I was able to reach out to my advisors. Customer service is superior . They are always willingly to go above and beyond to ensure any issue is taken care of. Cost is effective and less expensive than most colleges while being fully accredited.
I love the the interaction with the students, professors and staff online. It is great that you have only two online classes every eight weeks. I have been telling everyone abput Columbia Soutern University.
The experence for me here has been very good. All classes are moderatly laid back and easy. Teachers are wonderful at ther job and students are fun to interact with.
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