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I left my traditional university halfway through my college career and I felt very lost and hopeless. I didn't know where to start or how I would end up finishing my degree, but through a co-worker I found out about CSU. I was hesitant because I didn't know if finishing school online would be the best choice for me but it turns out I couldn't have made a better choice. From the start (2013) everyone at CSU was extremely friendly and helpful (and they still are). They made sure that I understood the process and they are always prompt with emails. I attended my first Bachelor's graduation ceremony in Orange Beach, AL and I could truly see how happy the staff and professors were for us. I loved this experience for it's ease and affordability.
From what I have experienced at Columbia Southern University, it is a great establishment for the working student. They are easy to talk to in the financial aid department. They really want you to succeed and you don't get the notion that they just taking your money. When I applied for this college I had two cousins that raved about the school one graduated and one is almost finish. All three of us work in the plant so this was a no brainer for me . They work on around your schedule so you really don't have to quit working they make it convenient for you. You don't feel rushed you know your deadline it doesn't change its there for you. I would definitely recommend this school to others especially the working man.
I've always experienced very cordial and helpful staff members from the receptionist answering calls to the tech guys working with blackboard.
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Very easy to apply to, they help you obtain your transcripts. Very affordable if you are paying out of pocket, they have a life-pace payment option or "pay as you go". Very friendly guidance counselors. Couple of co-workers recommended this college and I am not dissapointed at all.
I am currently working on enrollment and they have been excellent in guiding every step of the way. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and I don't feel like I'm just a number.
I liked the personal attention. The academic advisors respond promptly and give detailed explanations.
Columbia Southern University sets you up with great support in regards to the online library system and your advisor. I believe the advisor gets to know you for retention purposes. As time went on, my professors became more and more sub par. From late grading, to no internships, the most important thing about college is knowing that you will have a successful future. It is difficult to achieve that with no internships and a faulty network.
In this day an age jobs come by the truck loads but getting hired is something else. Thankfully we have a business center dedicated to helping displace homemakers its called the one-stop. They helped with jobs and transportable.
Great staff very help full threw the admission process always check up on how I’m doing. Can’t Waite to start learning
I am in the online grads MBA course. The online course is excellent and easy to navigate. The professors give very clear instructions on what they require and her inconstant communication with you.
The teachers and staff at Columbia Southern University go out of their way to make sure that the students get any and all help. I believe they genuinely want the students to succeed and are willing to support and guide any student wishing to succeed.
The classes are easy to enroll in, and you have an option with your enrollment. Either choose to be traditional, following the regular schedule or life pace student, giving you time to complete assignments at your own pace. Life pace is perfect for working students.
Testing, which requires monitoring, can be taken at one of their localized facilities, or select a trusted individual, submit their name, and the school will decide if they can monitor your testing.
The online program in good and helpful for AD military. The staff are very helpful and understanding . Easy to contact and make changes as well as resolve issues and misunderstandings. The professors are very professional and helpful as well. The program I personally love is Life Paced Learning. This program does not have deadlines or dur dates for the assignments , you just finish the course within the ten week period. You can also finish the course early which is also a plus.
I am online student at CSU and have never felt more in a classroom! Assignments require you to apply what you’re learning to your workplace and everyday life regardless of occupation. A lot of students are experienced professionals obtaining their degree to progress and are always prepared to supply you with information to help you in your educational journey.
Some of the most, if not the most, affordable colleges out there. And the price per credits includes all text materials.

Quick response time, reasonable admissions process. All sensible. Straightforward online systems.

Everyone I have interacted with is helpful and professional.
Although it is all online, the support from the college, professors, and advisers is overwhelming. The classes are so easy to maneuver and the tools for success are more than I every could have hoped for. Amazing college!
it is an amazing place to go to. The student advisers care about you and try their best to see you succeed. They go out of their way to make sure your personal issues do not effect your school. i have nothing but positive things to say.
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I love the online interaction between the instructors and the students. Each instructor has been hands on and simply amazing when it comes to questions or concerns about the unit assignments.
My husband asked me to go back to school and finish my degree. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep up with the workload and work full time but after the first few semesters I was able to set my priorities and complete my Bachelors degree. The school has a great deal of flexibility.
I like that Columbia Southern University is a fully accredited online university with extremely flexible plans.
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