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Returning to college after twenty five years was hard. Everyone at CSU has helped me every step of the way. My professors, while understanding of this, have held me to an academic standard that has helped me become a better student.
I've been to other Universities, (both campus & online) this is the first that actually DOES NOT treat you as another "number" in their accounting books. You are a real person to them, and they are their to guide you every step of the way. I never feel like I'm actually taking online classes. This university is an entire team that CARES about their students' success and makes sure you have the support you need to reach your goals. This is not one of those "set it & forget it" type of deals. You are part of this university whether your across the nation or down the street. I imagine I sound like one of those infomercials, however I can only testify about my personal experience. So if you're looking for a true old fashion university that truly cares about their students but is up to speed in technology, this is it.
Columbia Southern University is completely online and has allowed me to take control of not only my educational studies, but my overall health. I was diagnosed last year with full blown pneumonia, and have had to put my career on hold while I recover from some long term effects. Having the ability to to obtain my degree without risking my health in a classroom setting has empowered my motivation!
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Great school, easy to get work done. You only have 2 day out of the week to get work that you need to turn in to get a grade. The professors are hard to get at. there is not dooms , it is a online school.
Returning to school after a long lapse, Columbia Southern University (CSU) offered the online format that did not interfere with my daily schedule, as I completed assignments and tests at my own convenience by the due dates. My original advisor initially called me to confirm and review my educational goals. Other staff members were always available to assist me with any questions, or would take no longer than 24 hours to return emails. CSU's degree programs are aligned with the online requirements of even the top universities. This is a nationally accredited school, which follows U.S. DOE guidelines. I was able to complete my bachelor's degree within 2 years and am currently working towards my master's degree at CSU. The programs are rigorous and challenging, depending on a chosen major. Most professors at CSU genuinely care about their students and successes. While there is no brick-and-mortar school campus, the school has an administrative building in Orange Beach, AL.
I am in my third year & I love this school. The classes are affordable, support staff are caring, professors are awesome. Highly recommended.
Easy to connect to the portal, and professors are awesone. Everything can be done online or by calling. Blackboard is easy and every class has books included in tuition or online.
Overall good college! Columbia Southern University is a good college for working adults like myself.
This school gives a very good return on investment for the cost of tuition and books. The classes are demanding and APA is the preferred style of writing. I chose this school because of the costs and it was mentioned by the SHRM for its Human Resource classes. The professors are major industry leaders and this contributes to the discussion. I did not want to spend extra money for a GRE, or books, so this school satisfied my needs. I had to use tutors to ensure my writing was up to par, but that was a small hiccup for me.
I have been with Columbia Southern University since 2013. I recieved an Associates Degree in general studies and now I am working toward a BSBA. The professors have been very helpful and the classes have been challenging. The college is great for working adults that are looking for a flexible school that works with any schedule.
Half of my credits from my first masters transferred over to my second.
These classes are most days paced and everything is done on blackboard
I really like this school. I especially enjoy that it's online.
Some of them are rude or just an ass. Most of them are really nice though.
They have programs that encourage students to find professions within the educational training
Very good professors who are involved and seem to care about their students
It's a wonderful school for those of us who work full time and are trying to get a master's degree
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I love that I can take as many classes as fast as I want to complete them.
The online courses are available to me from work and home which makes it convenient
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