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CIU is a small Christian school with a real family atmosphere. You get to know fellow college students and your college professors. I feel like I’m learning a lot, growing in my face, and making relationships that will last a lifetime
The teachers are incredibly nice group of people. They really want to help you and just be their for you when ever you need them. Truly everyone, ranging from students to faculty, has a smile on their faces and want to help you in anyway. Classes are hard but you will learn a lot from them, and their is always something going on, you will never be bored. I honestly recommend this college for anyone looking for a great education and a great place to grow with your walk with the Lord.
I really like the fact that this college teaches every subject from a biblical worldview. I just wish that the school taught more applicable things that can help build a person for everyday life
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I have attended CIU for 3 years now and am entering into my fourth and final year this fall. I have greatly enjoyed the community and and many experiences I have had. the school is beautiful and the staff are friendly and very encouraging. They truly care about your development and growth. The campus is small, but it has plenty to do, and the surrounding area has plenty of hangout possibilities. The school has definitely helped me grow and develop many different skills and has better prepared me for the working world.
The best aspect of Columbia International University (CIU) is the professors that work there. They have an incredible amount of knowledge in their fields making for an exceptional opportunity to learn. The most difficult aspects of CIU is simply paying to study there, and the size. Due to its small student base, CIU has a community that seems to pull its students into a bubble which hinders them from reaching out to the community beyond CIU.
Columbia International College has changed my life. My desire is to have a better understanding of the Bible, and Columbia International is fulfilling that dream. The campus is very warm and inviting. The instructors are very knowledgeable of their subject area and expects nothing less than the best from all students. I would highly recommend this school to any student who is seriously considering a degree in Religious Studies.
I loved this university. It's so Christ focussed but it also has great education. The professors really care for you Ben outside of the classroom and your school work.
Colombia International University has provided a positive outlook on what people following Christ should look like. The teachers and students show true joy in Christ and discuss Christ daily. CIU prays together daily and comes together every month to have prayer day which helps students grow in Christ. CIU is a great school for Bible believing Christians.
I'm not big into sports so I'm not the best person to ask.
I am having a blast but a bit stressed out about financial help.
After only one year at this school, I was adequately taught and matured. The atmosphere at this campus is welcoming for the most part.
CIU is a very safe and healthy school to attend for anybody.
The courses are fun and very interesting, and the professors are phenomenal and caring.
Prospects for jobs and internships are excellent. Alumni are all over the world, yet very related.
As far as community dorms go, I have yet to see a school with better and more customizable dorm rooms.
I was hesitant to say that CIU's athletics are the worst, but it's true. There is little to no support. Fewer fans of either team attend the basketball games than the number of students for the away team in high school. They need to make sports a bigger deal, and the facilities are pathetic for students and athletes alike.
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a bubble, but in general CIU is a great school with wonderful people.
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We haven't really had to make use of many of our security measures, but we have been assured that they are all in place, and I feel very safe whenever I am on campus. This school does a lot to make sure that we are all safe and healthy while we spend our time here, and I generally never worry about it.
I feel like I'm learning lots already, even though I am still only a Freshman and in a few general education classes. The professors are generally very kind and quick to say they are there to help and want you to succeed. There are lots of different classes, although most of them are Bible or Missions oriented, and I feel like I can take pretty much anything I want. I like how most of the class sizes are pretty small; it is reassuring that you are a lot less likely to get lost in the crowd.
I'm not really sure about internships, as I haven't been through that process yet, but my school does have a JobBoard and lots of on-campus jobs; they really want students to be able to put themselves through school if they have to.
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