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Columbia Gorge Community College Reviews

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The main campus is in The Dalles, OR on the east end of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. It has the best view of any college I've been to (which is a lot). My teachers so far have been better than I expected for a Community College.
CCGC takes 2nd chance dropouts & HS kids thinking they’re getting a "running start" on college. CGCC is a buyers market: Instructors cater to expectations of students. No long term goals other than short sighted gullible tuition $ - even with Google & Insitu locally. 1 instructor boycotted by students due to tough STEM stds, CGCC did nothing. These grads now work at the Dams ( yikes)! One instructor offered to reimburse me for tuition- his class didn't meet enrollment req. Unlike all NW CCs, contrary to CGCC's mission,no STEM transfer track available. All transfers must start as freshmen at a 4 yr school in engineering, medicine & sciences because no Calc Physics. Admission officers guide with 1 hand each STEM prospect into RET or RN --with the other taking their money, unlike all other CCs in the NW offering seamless transfer degrees. RET is good, but just a terminus degree, RN now being phased out in favor of BSN at most hospitals. Most grads don't know who Freud or Darwin is.
It seems to have excellent resources for a small community college. It has a very nice library and cafeteria. The campus is beautiful and clean. They have a wide range of subjects and optional online courses.
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The best college I've been to yet! They are responsive and truly care about your education. Small class sizes make it easy to succeed.
In my opinion CGCC has a few great teachers, but the rest are not solid in the points they are trying to teach. I would like it if they planned a curriculum with specific goal in mind of what they wanted students to learn.
Overall, the academics at CGCC are well diverse, and the teachers are more than willing to communicate with the students at most times of the days. The offices are prompt and helpful when issues and questions arise. Overall, I enjoy attending this school.
I love the staff and teachers at CGCC. This has been a great overall experience for learning and bettering myself. The only reason I have rated 4 stars and not 5 is because the student life isn't the greatest. I think CGCC would benefit if they had more to bring the students together.
This is the 3rd college I have attended in my college career and I have to say the experience has been terrible. The school is mainly male in student body. I have literally seen only like 20 females and I am a a full time student. The Diverse I would say is good except for it is really just Mexicans and Caucasian people. That's how it is too, they don't really hang out with each other. I am constantly harassed by other students of ethnicity and locals. They have almost no clubs to actively participate in and there is no way to connect to your fellow students other then class. They have no security or principle, superintendent on site so if you are having a problem you are pretty much left up to yourself to handle the situation. The school is cheap to attend and I know why now. Also no sports.
There are a wide array of classes available, but these classes tend to overlap with either times, or they are at the other campus than the rest of the classes necessary for the term.
I've loved the classes I've been able to take online, they've allowed me to choose when I got to do the work assigned each week, and when I attended class. That was great for working around an inflexible work schedule. Discussion between peers was a bit limited, as well as interaction.
Class sizes are pretty manageable, I haven't been in a class size over 40 students in person, 60 online. Teaching styles are varied from subject to subject and most of the classes are good quality.
I haven't seen many career opportunities presented from this college from what I've seen, that doesn't mean they aren't there, I just haven't been paying attention.
For being a first-time college student, this college has been pretty simple to navigate, both building-wise and class-wise. Each September getting enrolled is a little bit of a paper crunch and confusing, but overall the atmosphere is inviting. We have school events monthly, and even school spirit days to keep the students involved.
They have worked very well with me and my needs with being able to have a job if need be and with my kids.
I didn't think that I would like taking online classes at first but once I started taking them I enjoy and look forward to taking more in the future.
I am very fortunate because I also do a work study with the college as well as me taking classes and it has been a blessing to me and my education and how it is going to look on a resume when I'm out looking for jobs after graduation. Since my work study is with the foundation I have learned a lot of new skills and more information about the schools alumni network and scholarships.
The school offers a wide range of courses in both campuses and the professors are friendly and willing to help out how ever they can.
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I think that the value of the degrees here are top notch. I will not only be leaving school with a degree but also a bunch of certifacates as well.
my teachers have been great and very helpful to me and my education. The teachers at the college care about my education and want all the students to secede in our classes. I'm so looking forward to meeting more instructors and learning all that I can.
From the first day that I walked into the campus the staff was vey friendly and have continued to be that way towards me and many other students. They made me feel welcome and that I met something and my educations was just as important to me as it was to them.
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