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Amazing student to professor ratio. Never felt like just a number in a classroom. Every professor had been a floor nurse and could relate to the nursing field just as though they were still practicing on the floor. It was great to have the professors have that connection so that they did not just give off the teacher vibes. They also are so knowledgeable about the fields they teach. They are always available when needed and that is a comforting feeling for students.
The schedule is not very flexible for work and family.
The school is offering online courses for the first time.
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The school offers advanced degree classes.
The workload and curriculum is intense.
It is a top of the line nursing school.
I love attending a school that is only for nursing students.
The professors are very understandable.
The library is all online!
All gen ed credits are completed at a different school
We are all nursing majors and can relate to each other
Tuition scholarships are awarded based on GPA.
There is not really an alumni network at the school. You do have the opportunity to use the electronic library and other resources once you have graduated.
We have two computer labs at our disposal with free printing. We also have wifi available if you want to use your personal computer. You do not need a personal computer for your classes only if you want to work on assignments between classes.
A couple unique aspects of the school is the fact that it is strictly nursing students and we all have the same classes so if we have any questions we can ask any one of our fellow students. We also have a student enrichment center which we can study and also ask the professor staffing it any questions we have regarding any of our classes.
The teachers are accommodating when life gets in the way, but they also expect a lot out of you as a student. The only trouble I had was the first initial acceptance process because they had to wait for my transcript from my previous school which was delayed and then in the process delayed my financial aid process which became a headache. Once it was all complete everything was a breeze.
The fact that all the students are nursing majors we all share the same drive and motivation to finish our schooling to finally pursue our dreams of being a great nurse. Since it is such a small school the professors have your best interest at heart and truly like getting to know you and help you with anything.
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The school I attend is specifically focused on nursing. Every instructor and student is there for one reason and it is to become a fabulous nurse. The workload is tolerable as long as the student is willing to put in the work.
This school is not like other larger universities in the sense that there is no athletic center or vast library. However, we have an electronic library that is at our access 24/7 as well as the learning labs. We only have one club on campus and one student center which is constantly staffed with a teacher so if we ever have questions or concerns there is someone to talk to.
The student body at the school is very outgoing and friendly. There is not a large amount of diversity within the school, but as far as the acceptance of the students that is diverse is perfect. There is no divide in the student body based on ethnicity, economic, political or religions.
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