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I absolutely love CCH. The best part about the school is the level of intimacy you feel. Since it's a smaller school, there's more of an opportunity to get to know a lot of people and form bonds with them . There's a strong sense of community that permeates through the halls. Everyone is there to help each other reach their goals and realize other people's vision while fulfilling their own. There's always someone to reach out to for help or guidance no matter what the problem is.
The college is very good at listening to the students and does it's best to do the best for them. very good equipment as well as a greta staff, this is a great place to learn everything that you need to in order to get into the industry.
It’s a great school. The classes are small which is good because you can get to know the students and the teachers. They have a flexible schedule. The people are nice and let my know about what they offer and what I will me learning
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I have found professors in recent years to have improved in helpfulness. The administration staff moves slowly but will help you accomplish what you need done if you've been thorough in what they need from you as well.
The teachers (most) are top notch people who teach good stuff. The admin. is sub par. Currently they are accepting more students then they can handle. Class sizes are bigger. And the resources are “cheap” for a film school. They have and rent high quality equipment. But the computers don’t always handle the programs well and equipment you get is sometimes broken or in poor condition. There’re also some ridiculous rules, such as you can only shoot 2 extra curricular shoots a year which is a bit bogus - we’re a film school, let the students shoot. Overall it’s a good place to learn from and meet good teachers and make connections with other students, just don’t get your hopes up. There’s a reason people don’t graduate here - 1/3 are pissed at the administration and 2/3 get jobs.
So far, my experience at Columbia College Hollywood has been fantastic, all classes I've taken have been teaching me new things that I can use in a career. The school is very approachable, and since it's so small, the internal community is easy to get into. I do not know yet if my education here will help me get a job in the film industry, but so far, that seems like the logical conclusion to make. The most concerning thing about this school is the massive numbers of negative reviews. So many alumni have posted scathing reviews on Yelp! and other review sites. This makes me very nervous, and I hope that those few reviews are simply the vocal minority. In 2014, Columbia College Hollywood was listed as the #2 Worst School in America, and that is absolutely terrifying. That was four years ago, but it seems like something that I had to find out on my own. My admissions counselor never mentioned it, and that huge oversight seems extremely shady.
This is one of the worst schools you could pay to go to. They all about scamming your money. Be careful, they accepted my submission to only grant then after I paid fees the decline it and refused to refund my money. They do it on purpose, they know if they declined it first I wouldn't paid the fees. Be careful students you are better off its so expensive, not worth it.
As an alumni, I look at my student debt, and what I received in return - Here is what they don't tell you: When you graduate from film school, expect to "pay your dues." Your going to work for FREE. CCH is trash RE job placement: professionals take a narrow view of "film school grads." It worked against me, as they generally scoffed at my supposed "education." Yes. I learned more on set, then I ever did from CCH. 2. CCH is only too happy to take your $, and if you're like most people, you go into debt. The industry respects people THEY KNOW, and abhors newbies - hence "work for free". Worst case, if your terrible, they've lost nothing but time. Best case they recommend you next time. Finally you get work because people KNOW YOU. Finally, they treat their Alum's like trash. They have your money, now please go. Thats years ago, and the same people running it, are still there, taking your money, offering nothing in return. They should be investigated for fraud.
I was completely sold when I heard about this college. The environment is great, the campus is small and class sizes are small as well. No only that, but here you learn what you want to focus on day one, and not anything you won't need. :)
If you love filmmaking, TV production, videography, this is the place to be. The atmosphere, curriculum, teachers, are focused on the making movies.
you get what you put into your education
It was a great experience, on hands participation with in the tour which I like the most. All teachers and volunteer students gave us presentations that were very clear and broad to better understand what I was getting into.. I also like the fact that school is small which will help much to interact with teachers and other excisting students. I feel that this is going to be an adventure and a challenging experience which will make me more of a strong candidate for future employments with in the filming/production industry. Adding to this last statement, it is a school that interacts with big filming and production companies, that will also help to set me up for innership purposes and gain experience.. And I would apply again if I had to choose all over again.

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Jennifer Juarez
It is nice to live in an apartment
It is better to get a roommate.
People throw a lot of house parties at the dorms and everyone from the school comes by to hang out and party.
Applying for Financial Aid was a very easy process. The financial aid office made the process very simple and easy. They were very hands on to make sure everyone did everything correctly.
You are ten minutes from the beach, an hour from snowy mountains, five hours from Las Vegas, there is DisneyLand, Universal Studios Hollywood, baseball games, basketball games, and hockey games all within a thirty mile radius. The atmosphere here and around the school is great.
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The local weather is sunny all day everyday and doesnt affect the campus unless someone wanted to shoot a rain scene.
There isn't any Greeks on campus.
The school has a very diverse background of students from all different areas and walks of life. They have students that are from as far as Bangladesh and Korea and as close as Los Angeles. No one at the school is looked at differently for their beliefs or the way they carry themselves. It is a huge family.
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