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I was completely sold when I heard about this college. The environment is great, the campus is small and class sizes are small as well. No only that, but here you learn what you want to focus on day one, and not anything you won't need. :)
If you love filmmaking, TV production, videography, this is the place to be. The atmosphere, curriculum, teachers, are focused on the making movies.
you get what you put into your education
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It was a great experience, on hands participation with in the tour which I like the most. All teachers and volunteer students gave us presentations that were very clear and broad to better understand what I was getting into.. I also like the fact that school is small which will help much to interact with teachers and other excisting students. I feel that this is going to be an adventure and a challenging experience which will make me more of a strong candidate for future employments with in the filming/production industry. Adding to this last statement, it is a school that interacts with big filming and production companies, that will also help to set me up for innership purposes and gain experience.. And I would apply again if I had to choose all over again.

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Jennifer Juarez
It is nice to live in an apartment
It is better to get a roommate.
People throw a lot of house parties at the dorms and everyone from the school comes by to hang out and party.
Applying for Financial Aid was a very easy process. The financial aid office made the process very simple and easy. They were very hands on to make sure everyone did everything correctly.
You are ten minutes from the beach, an hour from snowy mountains, five hours from Las Vegas, there is DisneyLand, Universal Studios Hollywood, baseball games, basketball games, and hockey games all within a thirty mile radius. The atmosphere here and around the school is great.
The local weather is sunny all day everyday and doesnt affect the campus unless someone wanted to shoot a rain scene.
There isn't any Greeks on campus.
The school has a very diverse background of students from all different areas and walks of life. They have students that are from as far as Bangladesh and Korea and as close as Los Angeles. No one at the school is looked at differently for their beliefs or the way they carry themselves. It is a huge family.
Loser central. I don't think they'd know how to throw a party if a YouTube video hit them in the head and Epic Meal time pop'd out to show them.

Its a craft school, students that go to CCH usually are busy making films and when they're not, I don't know what they are doing.
There is NO sense of community at the school, at least for myself. Its saddening.
Its the old Panavision building, so they had a nice sized parking lot for there employees, when CCH took over the lot, they purchased the lot next door which was a parking lot so students could safely park in the back of the facility. One of the few smart moves on the schools part. If you stay in the OVERPRICED student housing options, you can easily walk to school or take the shuttle that comes 30-40mins prior to your class period.

No tickets or fines. Security guard on duty before and after school hours so no need to worry about the safety of your vehicle. There are also cameras so your extra "safe."
Its a film school, you'll find all sorts of looks and personalities, usually that reflect of the genre there most interested in.

"I didn't go to film school to rate my peers looks and physical characteristics, I went to film school to be apart of a creative force behind positive aw inspiring films and movements that have encourage community, friendship, and living a free positive lifestyle. So to "GRADE" my peers just seems disrespectful to there character."

On that note, I can make the comment that. "If you see a hot girl on campus, she's probably there for a casting call." Due to the fact that the film business is dominantly male driven, so is the school. There isn't a lot of female options and they're usually swiped up quickly if they are "good looking."
Students who live in school housing are able to take a shuttle directly from their residence to the school. Public transportation is also available to other students.
The application process was very simple. If I remember correctly I needed two refernce letters, and entry essay, a resume, and official transcripts. Obtaining the transcripts from the few schools I have attended was the most difficult and time consuming part. Once all requirements have been met the prospective student interviews with a school counselor and will let them know if they have been accepted or not. Pleae note: this process may have changed since my admission.
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I love the fact that all the computers and software are comprable to the current industry standard
With CCH being so close to Ventura Blvd, you're never far from anything you want to eat; whether it is fast food, coffee and pastries or ethnic cuisine.
Top Quality and they strive for the best or get us the best
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