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I love that Columbia College Chicago employs professors who are active in their field and who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and their students. I particularly admire the Playwriting and Directing faculty. In short, they galvanize us, encouraging us to use your talents to affect change. I also love that the class sizes are usually small, which facilitates better learning and better access to our professors and the material that we're learning.
I'm a music performance student, transferring recently. Columbia College has a lot of art programs and courses and you can take the other department classes if you want, which is really cool. Regarding the music department, they ground in classical traditions and we drill it until it becomes automatic. Honestly, it's not easy for me. But I believe I need those skills and knowledge to be a professional. One thing I want to see their change is private lessons. Students basically can take private lessons after finishing some primary classes. But in my opinion, I think it's better to start private lessons from the first semester, because we need to take a time to improve our musical skills and it would motivate students.
As a freshman I don't have too much of an opinion yet, but so far my professors have ben pretty good. When you choose your major there are paths the help you focus on graduation on time. So, so far so good.
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Overall the teachers are very helpful and good at their craft. There are issues with part time teachers with the school as well as credits being lowered at some classes from 4 to 3. I worry about the quality of education the instructors are able to provide us but they do what they can and Columbia offers some good resources to it's students.
The faculty was really helpful with needed information. The students are engaged and passionate, just an overall creative and great experience.
I like this school so far. There are plenty of things wrong with the school, but I believe that to be the case with all institutions/schools. The Staff and cohort are really great and supportive. There are a lot of art schools that are very competitive, and this is not one of them, everyone supports one another.
A great place to explore arts, and find ones talent. There are many chances to explore different personal projects.
I think the school has a lot of great resources including teachers. If you want to make connections, you have to put yourself out there, even if that means going out of your comfort zone.
I loved my time visiting Columbia College Chicago. I went to an open house and they were extremely organized and every staff member I encountered was very friendly. The campus is big and beautiful! The student buildings are within fair distance and the facilities are very nice and modern. They also create a very welcoming environment for all types of creatives.
So far, as a freshman, I've enjoyed my time here at Columbia College. Being in the city is a wonderful, new experience, and I find myself learning so much just by being in such a rich, and dense city, filled with possibilities and different kinds of people, and the same can be said for the school. It's incredibly diverse, which only enhances my experiences here, and I'm excited to see what comes next as I continue my college journey.
Loved my experience so far at Columbia, I've had great teachers so far and have loved all the things I've learned so far. Only downside is the fight between faculty/students and the board.
I love how diverse the college is; however, going here is not what I expected it to be. I feel like at times I’m not always getting my money’s worth.
I love the diversity being at Columbia college. It gives me inspiration to be open with many unique and talented individuals who compliment my gifts. I'm motivated daily by the structure and decor of the campus. I'm constantly finding things to do to boost my energy to be the best in my studies.
Although Columbia wasn't a typical college. It didn't have sports teams, football games, or frat parties, it definitely helps you in your career which is what matters most. I am now at a news station only 2 months after graduation. Everything I learned in my camera class and writing class, I do the exact same thing in my job. Also, everything the professors told me about the industry is true. I feel like they didn't sugar coat anything, which was for our benefit. I would recommend this college to anyone who wants to be in broadcasting, journalism, or anything entertainment related.
Great facilities and chances to really make incredible artwork. The treatment of the part time teachers (which is most of the teachers) is disappointing and I expected better from this college. Over priced with prices going up often. They continue to build new dorms with a huge price tag that students pay.
I enjoyed the way the college put together the open house and everything they are willing to give and teach in order for students to strive and grow in their desired major.
Columbia College Chicago is a great school in downtown Chicago Illinois. It is a very diverse and welcoming school with amazing students and hardworking professors. The campus is spread out in downtown Chicago and the school encourages students to get out and explore the city it is set in.
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Columbia is a school that academically will not push you. But if you push yourself within their system Really great things can happen. Your professors are all very well connected. If you can show yourself to stand out they can hook you up with internships, jobs, and all the favoritism you know you deserve.
Columbia appears to not be your average college. It's filled with creative kids of all sorts. The school itself need to work harder on exploring the talents and creative abilities of students within class rooms. Columbia is a very expensive school but it doesn't carry the atmosphere that they attempt. It looks pretty and fun, but I at the end of the day, it's still a college that seems concerned with profit more than benefitting students and the cultivation of their talents. The school still works to be interactive and engaging nonetheless.
Full of close minded liberal arts kids that get easily offended. If you aren't depressed or aren't insecure it's hard to make friends here. Also, totally over priced for what you are getting out of it (especially the film program, not impressed). But hey, cool city.
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