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I love the social aspects of Columbia, but I don't love the academics. Unless you are a film or photography student, it's not worth your time.
So, far all the Teachers and class that obtain to my area of study are great, and I am learning a lot of new techniques. Also, since the campus is in the city, I get to walk around looking at the scenery while I have breaks in-between classes.
I love how understanding and cooperative with Military students! However, I would like to see the discussion posts to be a bit more complex.
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My experience at Columbia College Chicago has been very enjoyable. The school has an diverse, creative environment that allows people of all backgrounds and interests to thrive. The education is extremely hands-on so I am fully able to instantly apply what I learn in class to the real world.
I liked the environment the college had. It was very welcoming. There are a lot of students who have artistic characteristics to them. The students are very confident in what they do, how they look, what they wear, and their potential in the career they are studying in. Columbia College is very close to my home and transportation is very accessible. Each form of career has their own building but there is one building where all the students are able to get together and talk with each other. This college also has a lot of art plastered within the college premises. One thing for sure is that it is not a boring school and there is always something that catches your eye.
Overall school experience has been delightful. Loads of creative students here to learn from and many creative classes to take.
I enjoy attending Columbia! There are so many different types of course to take here that make the Gen Eds much more fun!
My trip to Columbia was excellent! The tour guide did an amazing job and was awesome at answering questions and making the group feel comfortable. The school was just the right size and seems like they could satisfy everyone's needs. Everyone had a great attitude and was very welcoming!
Diverse, exciting and many programs to offer in the heart of a beautiful city! If you are looking for diversity in a four year college, located in a very busy city atmosphere, this is for you! Many beautiful parks close by. Jobs all around for students, museums to visit and plenty of public transportation!
I am a transfer student. The first semerter was hard. Two of the professors were very good, I can not say the same for the other two. This last semester the overall experience was much better. I was lucky to have professors that were very caring, and that makes the difference. Overall the experience so far has been good. The administrative staff were very supportive, particularly my academic counselor.
The fashion program is okay, some of the professors are very knowledgeable in the industry and will help you with any questions you may have. Some of the courses can feel a bit repetitive and the tuition is high compared to other private schools.
A great school with many opportunity to network work with other outside of your major. Columbia is the type enviroment that gives the material to form the key to open the door to your future. Columbia is based in the heart of chicago which give you so many opportunity outside the school to showcase your talents or skills. Most of the departments are separated by at minimum 10 minutes between each dorms.
It’s a good school. The classes are interesting. The teachers are fun and nice. I like the learning environment there. It’s a cool place to live and I’m learning a lot.
I am an incoming freshman to Columbia College Chicago, so I have not had the full experience yet. However, I have found the campus visits, accepted student days, and orientation to all be top-notch. My adviser has been extremely helpful with questions, and Columbia provided excellent materials to assist with setting my freshman schedule. I am going to be living in the University Center, and so excited to be done in South Loop so close to Grant Park.
Classes haven't even started an I'm already in love with the school. The creative atmosphere and the collaboration mind sets are so influential; and all in the heart of a beautiful city.
I love that the music composition degree at Columbia encompasses all aspects that makeup composition. The music department's philosophy is teaching students how to become modern musicians and composers in today's music industry. To accommodate this, they completely revised the music curriculum to focus on contemporary music exclusively. Although I appreciate the importance of writing contemporary music, I believe it is just as important to understand the evolution of music composition. Although there are limited opportunities to learn how about the music from the 18th and 19th centuries, I was happy to discover that private composition lessons can accommodate this academic goal. As I enter my sophomore year, I hope to see an equal balance between contemporary music and music written before the 1900s.
Columbia College Chicago is a school full of opportunities. You get to go to a college that is right in the center of Chicago. The city of Chicago is beautiful, full of art and life. You get to meet new people at Columbia that might share similar interests. If you’re a creative person, Columbia has a wide array of classes like photography, film, television, fashion, etc. If you go to this school, it will be the adventure of a lifetime. I don’t think I would change anything about Columbia College. It’s a great school in a beautiful city and I am excited to soon be a part of that world.
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Great experience! Have had a lot of information coming into the school. Very helpful academic advising as well as financial aid advisors.
Columbia is a warm, fun, inviting, and including college that offer many fields of unique study in the realm of liberal arts. I am going to be entering the college as a freshmen this year and I couldn't be more excited about it. My only critique is that the overall process of signing up is a bit unorganized and hard to go through. But it is totally worth it!
I commute to classes currently due to expenses and commuting from the suburbs can be a little bit of a problem, but that is just me :). Columbia is an amazing open school where you choose what you want to do! You get to make your own schedule and chose when you want classes. There are also many many interesting activities on and off campus to do.
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