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I liked this teacher who wouldn't mince words when he was trying to teach me how to improve on my storytelling skills as a writer and comic book artist. He's concrete and can back up his teachings with his talents.
I like Columbia College's financial aid program called CAP. With this program I am able to do things I would not be able to do such as on occasion get something to eat, counseling or someone to talk to about anything, tutoring, and one occasion was able to see my first bulls game for free!
However the tuition bill could always use some work.
I am currently in the first year of the graduate program for Poetry. I love it so far. The only thing that's keeping me from giving it 5 stars is that there isn't much financial resources outside of the slim chance of being rewarded a scholarship that you can apply for until you're a returning student.
I have been at this college for about a semester now. It is relatively nice, updated, and safe. Columbia offers an inclusive environment for most everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, or religion. Now while it may be nice it is definitely a obnoxious with how most staff tread carefully so as to not offend anyone. Not to mention it is also pretty pricey. But even so, it has been a pretty decent experience learning here.
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I have not attended, but I got accepted. From the college visits to their open house, I can tell that I am going to really like my stay. They're introducing new facilities and are very serious about inclusion; that's probably one thing I absolutely adore so far. It doesn't matter what you are or how you look. To them, you're an individual with a dream, and I can tell they're willing to do everything they can for all students to achieve their dreams.
My experience at Columbia College Chicago has been average. There are some really good and knowledgable professors who have worked a lot in their field and plenty of resources to help you along the way but a lot of programs seem out of date and seem like an overall waste of time and money.
Columbia College Chicago was not academic oriented. there were not many classes offered in my major, courses were too easy. The administration is not clear about how much money they are making while they cut teachers. Seem more interested in the film department than other departments. Really small library.
Columbia is's really expensive and many of the professors don't care about their students. I also experienced emotional abuse from a few professors. There is zero sense of school community or spirit, and the academics are far from challenging.
Great place to make connections with people. PRofessors are professionals who have first hand experience in the field. Great resources and equipment available for all majors.
When I went to the Open House I really enjoyed going around the campus and talking to the professors. I really enjoyed the tour of the dorms. I also went around the classes and really enjoyed my visit. All the staff there was really nice.
My experience at Columbia has been pretty good. I'm a senior now and I can't wait to finally graduate. The stuff is helpful and friendly. The campus needs some work. Some classrooms are old and the air does not work. The teachers are helpful.
I feel welcome and accepted in Columbia's environment. There's a huge variety of students that make me feel more comfortable being around and being myself with. My teachers and advisers really put care into what they do and their students. I can easily flourish as I learn loving what I do.
I like Columbia College, because the teachers themselves are experienced and help their students to succeed in the best way possible, but their materials are also accessible in the tools I need to do the jobs I love.
Columbia is a great school those who value diversity and art. There are people from very different backgrounds all over and the campus is right down town so the feeling of being locked in a "college bubble" is absent.
Columbia is an amazing school for art students. The teachers are well trained in the courses they teach. You will be very hands-on!!
I am currently a freshman at Colombia College Chicago, and have only been here a short few weeks. Despite my lack of time, I can say the school definitely knows what its doing. These buildings are full of passion and artistic expression. Also, the cafeteria food is actually amazing and the dorms ar like actually apartments. Chicago can be a dangerous city, but security campus does its best to keep you safe.
I am a transfer student from The Illinois Intuitive Of Art Chicago. Columbia have a lot of opportunies for students to grow and achieve in their major.
I received an excellent education, in regards to both my practice and academics. I was able to take a wide variety of electives that enriched my art/performance, in addition to challenging my mind. I worked closely with a department head in my senior year to produce research.
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Columbia has such a friendly environment! They are always there to assist you in anything you are having trouble with and are very hands on. They provide great classes for students looking to focus on performing arts majors !
Columbia let’s pretty much anybody and everybody into the school, so there is a high number of undedicated and downright ignorant people who attend.
Columbia is a great film school that really focuses on bringing the professional workplace to you. There are tons of opportunities to get internships, and work on projects at school with a workflow that mimics the industry standard.
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