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Living and going to school in downtown Chicago was a great experience coming out of high school. I felt like Columbia did a great job of preparing me for working in film and tv production during and after graduation. You get a ton of hands on experience and the teachers have worked in the real world, and they bring that knowledge to their students.
The admissions reps have been VERY proactive in getting in touch with me and motivated me to apply. CCC wasn't even on my list ad I had never heard about it, but they were quick to reach out to me. They even offered me an application waiver just because I was interested. :) It's quickly become my dream school.
Columbia was close to home and the teachers were awesome and always there to help if you ever needed it
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My experience so far in Columbia has been great, I have enjoyed every single course I have taken so far, I like the campus and its professors and friendly staff. When I put what I learn into practice, it is evident that the school is preparing me for my professional career.
Columbia College Chicago has given me and many others multiple opportunities to expand our creative minds as well as getting our foot in the door for our respective fields.
I liked the student events. They where very well organized and they have much trust in their students
Columbia's motto is Live what you love and if you put in the work and take the opportunities presented that is exactly what you will do!
The location of the school is phenomenal, and it begets many opportunities for really whatever you're interested in. The student body is interesting and imaginative, it is an art school after all. Academics are definitely not rigorous but many of the classes are fascinating or useful or at least fun, it is important to get good professors though. Some required courses are just terribly set up (looking at you, Theatre Foundation I), but they are a small part of a much better, larger whole.
Everyone is very welcoming! The biggest thing I noticed was that everyone was very collaborative even between majors. I loved the vibe that you got just being in the building. Biggest downside was that it is not an inexpensive school by any means and, in my experience, the financial aid is not very helpful.
I love Columbia College Chicago, it has an extremely diverse student body! This is especially a great school for anyone who identifies as non-binary if that's something that concerns you. I will admit though, this is a no-nonsense kind of school. Attendance policy isn't very lax and this is by no means a party school. Some more useful information: The campus is split up into different building in downtown Chicago so there'll be some walking to go between buildings.
The teachers are very helpful, there are many events going on campus and many clubs to participate. There is always something going on campus.
"We want the perception of quality." President Kwang-Wu Kim at a meeting during the Columbia College Chicago Fall 2017 strikes. That sums up Columbia College Chicago perfectly. It looks better than it is. The photography department lost half their equipment, the fashion majors have no fashion show, and the gaming majors lost their seat at the Game Developers conference. Though there are exceptions, as a whole, this school looks better than it actually is.
Columbia College is in a wonderful area of Chicago, with access to many creative arts opportunities, wonderful faculty, many of whom are professionals in the field in which they are teaching.
The cityscape is beautiful but can't make me ignore Columbia's many faults:

- Teachers. Some are really great. Most are here as side jobs or because they didn't succeed in their career and became a teacher instead.
- The curriculum is very lax and I feel like I have to teach myself a lot, and yet somehow the workload manages to be overwhelming.
- The tuition is ridiculous even though it seems comparable to other schools in the area, Columbia gives out very little financial aid.
- Programs are questionable especially since admissions are low so they keep cutting programs and classes.
- Tuition is rising, programs are weening out, housing is ridiculously expensive, the area is becoming a hot spot for muggings lately and security is minimal and not the most proactive.

I've enjoyed my time here so far but not without my fair share of complaining.
I love that Columbia College Chicago employs professors who are active in their field and who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and their students. I particularly admire the Playwriting and Directing faculty. In short, they galvanize us, encouraging us to use your talents to affect change. I also love that the class sizes are usually small, which facilitates better learning and better access to our professors and the material that we're learning.
I'm a music performance student, transferring recently. Columbia College has a lot of art programs and courses and you can take the other department classes if you want, which is really cool. Regarding the music department, they ground in classical traditions and we drill it until it becomes automatic. Honestly, it's not easy for me. But I believe I need those skills and knowledge to be a professional. One thing I want to see their change is private lessons. Students basically can take private lessons after finishing some primary classes. But in my opinion, I think it's better to start private lessons from the first semester, because we need to take a time to improve our musical skills and it would motivate students.
As a freshman I don't have too much of an opinion yet, but so far my professors have ben pretty good. When you choose your major there are paths the help you focus on graduation on time. So, so far so good.
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Overall the teachers are very helpful and good at their craft. There are issues with part time teachers with the school as well as credits being lowered at some classes from 4 to 3. I worry about the quality of education the instructors are able to provide us but they do what they can and Columbia offers some good resources to it's students.
The faculty was really helpful with needed information. The students are engaged and passionate, just an overall creative and great experience.
I like this school so far. There are plenty of things wrong with the school, but I believe that to be the case with all institutions/schools. The Staff and cohort are really great and supportive. There are a lot of art schools that are very competitive, and this is not one of them, everyone supports one another.
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