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This school is so much fun! They aren't kidding when they say they will prepare you for the real world and give you hands on experiences. The city is so fun to live in, it's not at all like your typical state school. Everyone is a weird artsy kid like you. First of all, make sure you have enough money to go here. They don't give out many scholarships past incoming freshmen. Second, meet with people and network. Don't come here undecided in your major, because there's really no room for error without wasting money because they focus on more career specific courses, even your gen eds will be related to your major.
I love my American Sign Language department. Every teacher is either Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or an Interpreter in the field. They all want to see you succeed and they give you all the tools you need to become a great interpreter. I'm in my third year and the only complaint I have about CCC is that the advising department is a mess. Somehow, incorrect information is always floating around. One adviser says one thing, and the next time you visit, another adviser says your schedule is all messed up and you'll need to stay an extra semester if you want to graduate. I wonder if they are told to say different things to drain us of our money. Great ASL department, awful advisers.
For someone looking for an Illustration or Animation degree I highly recommend applying to Columbia College in Chicago. The teachers are fantastic and some of them have been in the industries they teach about for decades even. They have been a huge help to me and have given me great advice.
My peers are also really nice and I haven't even had a single scuffle with anyone for the past three years I've been attending this school. Everyone is super supportive of each other and it’s like a big family.
A few issues I had with the school which you might encounter in the first year and a half of Columbia is that the classes are a bit redundant in the beginning but once you get into late sophomore year that's when things really speed up and you finally get the classes that refer to your industry. What I'd recommend for any new student to do during the first year is to get to know all of the great resources the school has to offer as well as getting to know the teachers and faculty.
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I am a freshman at Columbia College Chicago. All of the major and minor classes are terrific! The LAS Core classes are a different story though. This semester alone I have had to deal with a teacher that is unwilling to teach their student's and acts childish. I pay too much money to be treated this way. The other classes almost make up for teachers in the LAS classes.
I LOVE the fact that the school is filled with nothing but people have actually been within the industry you wish to pursue and provide the connections for you to flourish as an artist, in and out of school. One thing I would change about the school is the tuition ! But the again, wouldn't we all for any college?
I have gotten accepted to go to this school. This school is really diverse and there are amazing people who are there. It's a nice size and the staff there really focuses on your strengths and they are always there to help you. I've seen the campus and it's nice, the people in that state are nice and they are really straightforward which I like.
My experience when I went on a campus tour for Columbia college was amazing. I enjoyed the environment and leaders. They were well coordinated . Also, the buildings were exquisite. I hope to visit again.
It's amazing have such a great opportunity to live and go to school in downtown Chicago. Columbia is a fairly unique school at least in some of it's programs and in the fact that almost all of the faculty are working professionals in whatever field they're teaching.
Columbia lacks the atmosphere that inspires curiosity and broadening a student's horizon. Simply encourages narrow minded vision within departments (at least for film). I was always worried about finding ways to pay for the college. Unsure what the high tuition and housing was used for as there are no sports, few clubs, no student center, no lawns/grounds... I left for a State University and am now learning more about the practical integration of design and science, being more creative, making more friends, feeling more confident in my future, having less stress, and paying WAY less!

Chicago is a world class city, sorry Columbia doesn't meet that standard. If you do insist on attending... Center for Community Arts Partnerships is a wonderfully under-publicized service organization in the college that has an enormous impact in the local Chicago non-profit arts sector. One fantastic part of an underwhelming school.
This school is really what you make of it. You have access to any resource you could possibly want, not to mention the opportunity to connect and network with your peers and your instructors who know people in every field. If you want to learn and you want to get something for your money, you certainly can do that at Columbia. The price you pay for the education you will get is so worth the money.
When I was 15, I stumbled upon a recommended college called Columbia. They were an arts focused school, which automatically got me hooked. Since arriving to Columbia, I have never felt more at home. The teachers and atmosphere are both welcoming. I felt like the students actually cared about why they were there.
If you don't really know what you want to do, don't go here. But if you are truly passionate about your art this is an incredible school, with supportive professors, dedicated students, and an unbelievably cool campus. There are so many places and resources at columbia that will inspire you to create. My only complaint would be the tuition, but honestly what university doesn't have that problem?
I love this school so much! The people, the location, the classes and the dorms. It's really great. It's not your typical college and that's what I love about it, I feel like I'm in the real world. Your classes are small so you're able to have meaningful discussions with your classmates and all my professors have been really good. If the arts is something you want to go for, check this school out. Yes its expensive but honestly what college isn't these days. You're getting what you pay for and you're in the heart of Chicago as your playground. Work hard and apply for scholarships if your serious about this school and I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. It's truly amazing!
What I like the most about Columbia College Chicago is the amount of possibilities it offers. There are many different majors to choose from which makes for a wide variety of academics. You are able to collaborate with students from all types of majors and it's a wonderful thing to be able to work together with peers.

The school is right in the midst of the city of Chicago, which is unlike any campus I've ever seen. I think many people get used to the idea of continuing their education at a traditional campus, but being in the city while attending school has helped me grow so much as not only a student, but a person overall. I've learned how to travel through the city and have learned crucial communicate skills by being around a huge, diverse group of people daily. These are skill you can only learn by being in the mix of city itself and I would have never experienced those skills if I wasn't attending Columbia.
There are some amazing teachers but also a lot of terrible teachers. This school is extremely overpriced, offers an very limited amount of scholarships to help students, terrible financial aid, and courses tend to be too easy. Budget cuts has really hurt this school.
I attended the campus tour in August of 2016 along with my mom and other family members. It was everything I could image and more. Chicago in it self was amazing from the people to the all of the sites to see. Since I attend an Arts high school. It was perfect for me. It seemed as if I was still at my high school but on a bigger level. Everything is in the heart of Chicago. Everything you need is right around you. The tour guide was very helpful and informative. The apartment's where the best. It felt like I was already there. My mom told me. This is so you and that she would be happy if I went. I will be going for vocal music and the music department is amazing. The class rooms are small which is great. I will always remember the tour guide. He was great and explain things to us really well. I knew this was where my heart was and I'm so glad I had the chance to go.
Columbia College Chicago teache student about how creative they can be and helps us express our artistic values towards anything and anyone. My experience made me be open and value my talent for drawing more.
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I am an older undergraduate student. I have a career and seeking to reinvent my career and to do that I need to return to school. The school and the program I am seeking to complete is at Columbia College. I am seeking to be an ASL interpreter. My initial college experience some 30 years ago was at Columbia College. Columbia College is worth the do over.
So far so good. I am a first semester freshman going to second semester. But what I like about columbia college chicago is that professors always respond back with an answer if you have a dought about something.
This semester was the hardest for me. My classes were all challenging and full of time consuming assignments but the professors helped me get through each and every class successfully. Although I aimed for straight A's, I finished strong with four A's and one B. Columbia and it's staff have not disappointed me since I transfers from community college Fall 2015.
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