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Before college, I was extremely nervous moving into the heart of Chicago for school, partly because I never visited the city much. But after my first year of school at Columbia, I couldn't leave, I didn't want to move out. For starters, the best part about this experience is living or commuting into the big city, meeting tons of people with a common interest and then creating something awesome with that person. There is ALWAYS something to do around you. Chicago is a HUGE artist and business community; you can collaborate with almost anyone. I'm in graphic design and found myself collaborating with people in film, game developing, music production, fashion and so much more. Columbia is extremely diverse, anyone can be themselves. Although there are no sports at Columbia, If exercise is a priority, there is a whole city to workout in. If you are attending or planning to attend Columbia for something that isn't Art related, you probably shouldn't go.
Columbia College Chicago is a hub of stimulating artistic minds that challenges me to expand my thinking each day
I absolutely love Columbia and all it has to offer. The education is top notch. I am in fashion design and have jumped right into my degree and getting hands on experience.
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This was my first year at Columbia College Chicago and I loved it!! The classes, professors and other students all positive! My only one little complaint would be age of the elevators in my dorm, took them forever and sometimes just had to use the stairs., but besides that, everything else was awesome!
Columbia is bright and welcoming community of artists. I love being surrounded by my peers because they are incredibly determined people and it pushes me to want to continuously improve myself. The teachers are very helpful and have no issue with providing you with extra resources and opportunities. The campus is very diverse and LGBT+ friendly.
I will be fully starting in the fall, and all my experiences have been wonderful. I already have so many connections just by going to a student's acceptance day, and am really excited to explore every opportunity the city offers. Networking is key to allowing yourself as many options as you can. It's crucial to stay focused on all of your goals.
I had a hard time finding an art school that would not put me in a box. Every art school seemed to want you to fit a certain criteria, where at Columbia they know that everyone is different, especially art wise. Located in the heart of the loop in Chicago, a melting pot of cultures/styles; Columbia emulates that of the community found in Chicago. I enjoy going to my classes including my general education classes. The professors are straight forward in their lessons. If you have trouble with something the school does not disappoint with academic help. They have a learning center that is available, as well as, multiple labs for animators, film makers, editors, graphic designers, etc. Most professors offer office hours for those who need extra help or if you want to talk about a potential career choice. The professors also love to hear about a students success. One thing that every faculty member preaches is to network among our classmates because we are our greatest resources.
What I like about Columbia College Chicago is the atmosphere. It is located in the center of Chicago so its very easy to find. What also helps with this is that the campus is not so spread out so everything is in relative walking distance from the dorms. The Teachers are awesome, All of them have experience in their profession, many being part time so that is nice that they are spending time teaching students about the field they love while also learning new things from there own careers. There are many events, and they are all emphisized on the arts. What could be better are the dorms, at least the Dwight building. While the Dwight apartments give you a full living room and kitchen and two bathrooms, lighting in the apartments are quite poor so be prepared to bring some extra lights with you. Overall, this is a great school to go to if you are like me going into the arts, especially Game dev, Animation, and/or Cinema and if you are a big urban dweller.
I am just finishing my Sophomore year at Columbia College Chicago and I have had a decent experience. Some of the professors are amazing and challenging and dedicated and others don't care about students at all and aren't very interested in providing an immersive learning experience for the students.
Very positive experience. The only negatives were the outrageous price of tuition that seemed to escalate every year and resulted mostly in higher salary for the top administrators. The programs were amazing but adjunct faculty, who were a valuable part of the staff, were not treated well.
I believe that Columbia College Chicago is a great school to help you find out what you really want to do in life, but all of the departments are so segregated from each other. It is a spread out campus so the music, film, theater, radio and etc. departments do not really work together when it comes to the courses. It is all up to the students to make the connections and collaborate with others. I do like that when you apply for a dorm, they choose roommates for you that are in different departments (to help the students make connections) Yes, it is true that all of the teachers work in their field so it is great to network and make connections with them. Two cons about the school are they keep raising the tuition every year, making it less and less affordable, and the school does not do a great job of advertising exactly all of the things that are included in our tuition for students to take advantage of. The school does host events and almost always gives out food.
I went to Columbia for about 2 yrs.Each semester I brought a 5 yr academic plan, and told repeatedly by my advisor, ‘Columbia is not for you’.Some professors were nice, but overall the classes were unstimulating.I sought help when feeling like an outcast. I went to see someone for therapy.I had a session with a grad student who was judgmental. I made another appointment and was rescheduled 3x because of lack of staff.After my experience, it took some time deciding whether to return to school. I chose to go to the city colleges, and I’m almost ready to transfer to another 4 year. Columbia has made this difficult.The campus itself is beautiful. The neighborhood is downtown, morning and afternoon classes are best. It's been an emotional time retrieving my transcripts, but everyone at the Registrar's Office has been kind.For those seeking to go to Columbia, go to the city college first. It'll save you money.Also look at public schools for an art program.They aren't all underwhelming.
Columbia is the perfect environment for creative people and being an artist there are just so many possibilities with all of their resources and buildings expect there are drawbacks. The counselors don't seem to know what their doing a lot of the time and can't fully help/inform, and the teachers are inconsistent. The city is campus though and next to many places like the train, skatepark, museum, restaurants... Everyone is an art freak and it's very diverse, but unless you REALLY try to make friends, get an internship, learn, it won't happen.
I love the fact that I have returned to school at Columbia College Chicago. It is so great to be around so many creative people. The classes are great, the opportunity to network with people in the industry is outstanding.
It was going so great until I realized that the administration truly only cared about the funds they were receiving. They expect students to pay an unhealthy amount of money to attend and continue to raise the tuition a grand or so every semester. They also really like to make you think you're graduating and then add a few requirements a semester before your date. The teachers are really great though, but I feel like Columbia kind of just hires anyone. The resources are great for the department I'm in.
This school is so engaging and offers many opportunities for their students to learn by experience and learning from people who are in their field of study. Wonderful experience and atmosphere for artist and creators.
This school is so much fun! They aren't kidding when they say they will prepare you for the real world and give you hands on experiences. The city is so fun to live in, it's not at all like your typical state school. Everyone is a weird artsy kid like you. First of all, make sure you have enough money to go here. They don't give out many scholarships past incoming freshmen. Second, meet with people and network. Don't come here undecided in your major, because there's really no room for error without wasting money because they focus on more career specific courses, even your gen eds will be related to your major.
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I love my American Sign Language department. Every teacher is either Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or an Interpreter in the field. They all want to see you succeed and they give you all the tools you need to become a great interpreter. I'm in my third year and the only complaint I have about CCC is that the advising department is a mess. Somehow, incorrect information is always floating around. One adviser says one thing, and the next time you visit, another adviser says your schedule is all messed up and you'll need to stay an extra semester if you want to graduate. I wonder if they are told to say different things to drain us of our money. Great ASL department, awful advisers.
For someone looking for an Illustration or Animation degree I highly recommend applying to Columbia College in Chicago. The teachers are fantastic and some of them have been in the industries they teach about for decades even. They have been a huge help to me and have given me great advice.
My peers are also really nice and I haven't even had a single scuffle with anyone for the past three years I've been attending this school. Everyone is super supportive of each other and it’s like a big family.
A few issues I had with the school which you might encounter in the first year and a half of Columbia is that the classes are a bit redundant in the beginning but once you get into late sophomore year that's when things really speed up and you finally get the classes that refer to your industry. What I'd recommend for any new student to do during the first year is to get to know all of the great resources the school has to offer as well as getting to know the teachers and faculty.
I am a freshman at Columbia College Chicago. All of the major and minor classes are terrific! The LAS Core classes are a different story though. This semester alone I have had to deal with a teacher that is unwilling to teach their student's and acts childish. I pay too much money to be treated this way. The other classes almost make up for teachers in the LAS classes.
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