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Full of close minded liberal arts kids that get easily offended. If you aren't depressed or aren't insecure it's hard to make friends here. Also, totally over priced for what you are getting out of it (especially the film program, not impressed). But hey, cool city.
Everything about this college is great! Everywhere you turn, there will be new opportunities, new ways to network, and new equipment, and new people to help you further your path to your desired career, making it the perfect place to grow and learn.
I am currently attending and I think it is a great school. There are many resources and has a very friendly and safe environment. I feel very welcomed and connected to the teachers and faculty. There are endless opportunities to increase my resume and grow as an individual. Teachers are very helpful and patient, willing to answer any and all questions one might have. As an actress and acting student is very comforting and encouraging seeing my teachers be working actors as well rather than just a teacher with no real acting experience.
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I liked how lenient the academics were but I wish there was a little more structure. Like, I don't think I ever saw my advisor because I didn't even know who they were. I didn't know about internship opportunities. So yeah, I just wish the school was a little more hands-on. But I loved all my classes, teachers, and lifelong friends I made there!
What I like about Columbia is the welcoming atmosphere and the need for inclusion. I also like the fact that everyone is open to learning and trying new things.
It was a long time ago! I liked the teachers very much. I wish it had more of a campus feel. It was like going to work ever day.
Columbia College has a lot of opportunities for driven, self-starting students. The curriculum is not as rigorous as other schools, but you have the opportunity to make it as difficult or as easy of an experience as you want. Staff are super helpful and engaging and there are incredible resources at your fingertips, if you choose to take advantage of them.
good and bad teachers - some teach with great detail and are passionate about what they teach, others have students rely on youtube tutorials.
Chicago is great. Very political - at times, suffocatingly political. And Columbia is extremely liberal. You really get one-sided experiences here. If you're looking to escape a conservative small town, this place is great. Job placement.. Not one person in the TV department told anyone how important it is to do internships. I'm screwed. I graduated in December and all major internship opportunities in New York and LA are only open to currently enrolled students.This degree and my experience here are not able to compete with the people applying for the same positions I am now and I happened to have two internships - which I found and got on my own. I visited student job placement, the resume center, etc... many times so I thought I was on a good track. Not the case. Don't choose this school because you like that it's "downtown" or that it seems "fun" - go to the most competitive school you can, even if it's just DePaul.
Columbia has a very open and accepting environment that makes all feel welcome. Class sizes are very reasonable, student talent is shown off, there are many great faculty members. There are student organizations for every interest and it is easy for students to create new ones. It is a very inclusive and creative environment. For a private school tuition is very reasonable, however, opportunities for scholarships are lacking and Student Financial Services is a nightmare to deal with. But the ability to cultivate one's education to meet one's interests and to learn practical applications of one's knowledge make this school worth attending. Not for people who are interested in a more traditional campus, weekend sporting events, Greek life, or whom are especially conservative.
i feel they give you a ton of recourses and all you need to do is look for it and it's there. The dorms are beautiful and extremely safe.
Columbia was the WORST 5 months of my life. They do not have a student center, the clubs are not welcoming, it's VERY hard to meet people and make friends

DO NOT GO HERE FOR FASHION WHATSOEVER. The head of the Fashion Deparment studied poetry and has no knowledge of fashion. the fashion program underwent changes and most of the design classes will be going away.

The classes were not challenging AT ALL, I didn't learn anything here.

I actually ended up in the hospital during finals week and none of my roommates helped. I told my RA about it and did NOTHING about it. I had a panic attack because I got diagnosed with a chronic disease and the counseling center told me that they couldn't help me. Even though we are "guarenteed" 12 free sessions.

Living here I got harassaed and attacked by a homeless man who was trying to punch me in the face. It was in broad daylight.

DO not go here. It will be the biggest waste of your time, money, and mental stablity, I promise you.
I came to Columbia for two reasons: to be submerged in an Art culture and to network. The main reason was the latter. Columbia does a terrific job at posting internship, job, and career meet and greet opportunities for all areas of study.

On the other hand, I was hoping to also hone in my on the things I enjoy i.e. figure drawing. This class is only a module five week course that is optional. There are other classes I'd like to see brought in or improvised as well such as a still life or real life drawing class.

I feel that Columbia spends an awful lot of time telling me that inventing new things and creating art in completely new ways is the way to be successful. What if I want to paint and draw simple traditional things. What if my interest lies in learning the details of light, shadows, and colors? There is not much at offered at Columbia for that so I would simply advise that you know what you are going for.
The combination of city living, community, creativity, and education offered at CCC is beyond that of any other college or university. The atmosphere and student body are amazing, as are the professors, who are not only intelligent and helpful but also professionals in their fields. Living in the city offers so many amazing opportunities and internships, and the school is excellent at connecting students to future employers.
I'm a new transfer student but so far the school has been very helpful and inviting. I've checked out the area and it is a very exciting and lively area in the city surrounded by cool attractions and sights. As a new person to the area I am very happy.
I love the atmosphere. I love that the teachers REALLY get you involved. I wish there was more going on around the campus though. Also, more areas for commuter students to hang out at, places to get access to, and other ways to make more connections at the school.
Before college, I was extremely nervous moving into the heart of Chicago for school, partly because I never visited the city much. But after my first year of school at Columbia, I couldn't leave, I didn't want to move out. For starters, the best part about this experience is living or commuting into the big city, meeting tons of people with a common interest and then creating something awesome with that person. There is ALWAYS something to do around you. Chicago is a HUGE artist and business community; you can collaborate with almost anyone. I'm in graphic design and found myself collaborating with people in film, game developing, music production, fashion and so much more. Columbia is extremely diverse, anyone can be themselves. Although there are no sports at Columbia, If exercise is a priority, there is a whole city to workout in. If you are attending or planning to attend Columbia for something that isn't Art related, you probably shouldn't go.
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Columbia College Chicago is a hub of stimulating artistic minds that challenges me to expand my thinking each day
I absolutely love Columbia and all it has to offer. The education is top notch. I am in fashion design and have jumped right into my degree and getting hands on experience.
This was my first year at Columbia College Chicago and I loved it!! The classes, professors and other students all positive! My only one little complaint would be age of the elevators in my dorm, took them forever and sometimes just had to use the stairs., but besides that, everything else was awesome!
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