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This is an amazing school. Columbia College is filled with people who love and care about you and everyone believes in you here. This is a school where you will feel like home.
I would like the quality of professors to continue to improve. I would like the good ones to stay and they awful ones not to take so long to leave. Better discretion with hiring would be nice.
I have been going to this illustrious private school and I love the small community on campus because you have professors who are willing to help you. Also, I love how everybody knows everybody because you can trust and go to them whenever you need anything.
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Columbia College has been an amazing experience. The professors are extremely kind and want to assist every student however they can. There is an abundance of opportunities and get togethers for everyone on campus. The campus is safe, clean and welcoming, which is important in a new college setting.
Cool people and professors, but a lot of the cherished faculty are leaving. There is 0 party scene. You just have to find a way to interact with students from other colleges and hope to get invited. Feel like kids rather than adults with some of the policies in place. Attempting to get sororities on campus, so hopefully that works and brings something new to the environment. Not far from downtown. Everything else is pretty average in comparison to other small schools I've been to.
I like how the people made me feel welcome when i arrived at school.I hate that the fasfa information gets discombobulated.
I transferred to Columbia College through there Associates to Bachelors program. So far the program has been very good. You take their classes on HGTC campus or online.
It is a place that helps you feel welcomed. Since, it is a small school, we get to share our worries, care for each other. Faculty members are really helpful when it comes to issues students face as they go on.
Very friendly people at this college, but not always the best curriculum. The programs at the school are involved.
This is a college that offers a hands-on, personalized, small classroom environment. As a graduate of this college, I am proud to say I attend a college where I had positive, personal relationships with my professors and faculty, who made my academic experience outstanding. This college fosters a confident and independent woman who is driven in many aspects of life. The all women atmosphere cultivates a woman's voice and self confidence to speak up and propose new ideas and conversations. As a prior athlete at this institution, I believe that this school taught the importance of student first then athlete. This was important to me as although athletics and competing were important to, my academics were always first priority and never suffered due to missed classes or lack of time. I overall think this institution is one of the best small colleges for a woman who is looking to compete athletically at a higher level, while also obtaining an outstanding academic achievement.
I am transferring! It is a school that is extremely fake, puts on a facade that the school is accepting (blackface) respectful (doesn't listen to our qualms) safe (bad neighborhood) great academics (could be better) involved in the community (not once had outreach) and beautiful campus (every building is a dump). This place is a girl's camp not college! DON'T GO HERE
A lot us currently changing (2017), and not necessarily for the better. The campus has a lot of hostility lately, unsure of why. You can tell that program directors are really trying, but a lot of programs have been cut and professors are being told to leave. Nothing here is concrete. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the college shuts down within 5 years. They're really struggling. If you're looking to transfer in two years and aren't worried about socializing, this is the school for you!
My opinion may be biased because I was seeking a small, liberal arts women's college, and that is what Columbia College is. You get the pros and cons of a small college experience: small class sizes, more one-on with professors, family feel on campus because you know or recognize most of everyone, con is that there is not much of a party scene ON campus, but downtown Columbia is minutes away. It is affiliated with the Methodist Church so attending church is mandatory and the frequency you must attend depends on what year you are. Dry campus, and room checks a few times a year are done by the RA. No overnight guests of the opposite sex but if you are a senior with good grades you can stay in the cottages and there is more leniency.
The overall academic and cultural experience is phenomenal. I've gained more knowledge from Columbia College than I believe could be learned anywhere else.
I like it here! The professors are pretty cool. There are students, upperclassmen, that are definitely happy to help you understand. There are a lot of international students, so there's a lot of diversity on campus. The academic scene was good until the school needed to be upgraded, which means there won't be any Spanish or French majors. I'm kinda hoping they don't take music for my friend's sake. The area the college is in is a little sketchy, a bit of an understatement. There were at least 3 emails about guys running from police or something, but the Columbia College Police Department keeps us safe. As for the party scene, you're gonna have to go to University of South Carolina or Five Points. Bring a friend if you're going to Five Points, though. It's not notorious for danger; it's just safer that way, and it was recommended by the people who actually live here. Overall, I'm looking forward to what the next 2.5 years will bring here.
I am very impressed with the this college. My experience here is gratifying and enjoyable. The teachers and staff members are friendly and very helpful. Great college!!
I'm not really interested in them that much but I definitely like being involved as much as possible in the college.
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Learning wise I guess it's okay but there isn't one thing they haven't managed to mess up since I applied, registered and paid my fees for this coming fall semester.
The credibility you get from getting a degree from this scho almost guarantees you a job.
Class sizes ratio are about 21-1
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