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As an education major I have had the privilege to work with very dedicated staff. The staff of the Columbia college education department makes sure that you don’t get left behind. The small class sizes provide personalized instruction and also allow you prep Frost to hold you accountable for not only being there but being active in your own education.
I am actually a online student at Columbia College, but I don't live far from the campus, so I have been there a few times. The school is very resourceful, and safety is amazing. The location of the school is not in the best area and communication between the financial aid office and students could be better.
I am an incoming freshman and they have done everything they can to make me feel welcomed and to help me.
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It’s a beautiful campus and teachers actually dedicate their time with students. It’s a lot of different things that are offered at the school.
Proud to apart of the koala family !!! Like the school so far and can’t imagine what will it bring in the future for me
I have enjoyed my time at Columbia College for a number of reasons. Firstly, Columbia College is a small institution that allows a close knit community to develop. The college allows students to develop a close relationship with Professors, staff members, and other students. These relationships have been extremely beneficial in my academic development.
Secondly, Columbia College also offers students the ability to develop academically and professionally. The on-campus tutoring and professional development centres ensure that students are able to receive the help that they need at no extra cost.
Finally, Columbia College provides a welcoming and warm community that strives to accommodate all students. The institution has a diverse population of students that are able to aid one another in understanding and adapting to the cultures around them.
CC is an all women's college. That values leadership and community. Columbia College fosters community and amazing relationships with partnerships while providing students with resources needed to succeed.
After spending all of high school working my ass off, I came here and was EXTREMELY underwhelmed; felt like middle school all over again. Professors treat the students like kids and don't enforce rules. I am amazed that they are still considered a functioning college. Not only that, but their financial aid system is incompetent and untrustworthy. They lured me in with scholarships but took them away (without telling me), after they found out that I had other outside scholarships. Leadership programs promote self-righteousness, dorms are treacherous, bad neighborhood, shady professors—NOT for students who are serious about their education.
I really enjoyed visiting Columbia College. From the moment I walked on campus, I felt welcomed and inspired.
When I'd first contacted them about their "Studio Art" Major, I had an abundance of questions because I wasn't exactly sure whether or not it was the Major I was looking for.

I had asked them on call, "I want to do stuff like video editing and creating special affects for movies and on the website it describes it as a mostly Art based degree, with drawing and 2D Design. Are you sure this is for me?" I was told explicitly that yes, that was the Major I was looking for; that "the website was just being updated". I mistakenly trusted them.

Then Summer Orientation came around and I met up with my Academic Adviser, who told me I was being put into a Drawing 1 class.

I immediately burst into tears. After the countless financial aid meetings; putting 5K down before I even had a schedule; I find the school LIED to me.
I am going into my junior year college and one thing that I like about the college is that the classes are small. There are about 22 students at most in every class. Which is not bad for it being a college. You are going to have your good teachers and your bad teachers. The school food is OK. It is good the first week that you are there and then you will be tier of eating the same thing everyday. Another thing that I noticed is that the college is slow on sending out our rewards letters and some will get them the the week before we move in. Some won't get them until they go to check in. The car pus is a safe place to be. Just do not go waking by yourself off the campus.
I was recruited from California to play volleyball at Columbia. Moving to South Carolina from Southern California was a big adjustment. My teammates and coaches welcomed me and I found that it was a great environment to learn and thrive. I LOVE the South and after four years in Columbia, I moved to Savannah, Georgia for a job and I love Georgia. Columbia College cares about its students and creates an environment for success.
This is an amazing school. Columbia College is filled with people who love and care about you and everyone believes in you here. This is a school where you will feel like home.
I would like the quality of professors to continue to improve. I would like the good ones to stay and they awful ones not to take so long to leave. Better discretion with hiring would be nice.
I have been going to this illustrious private school and I love the small community on campus because you have professors who are willing to help you. Also, I love how everybody knows everybody because you can trust and go to them whenever you need anything.
Columbia College has been an amazing experience. The professors are extremely kind and want to assist every student however they can. There is an abundance of opportunities and get togethers for everyone on campus. The campus is safe, clean and welcoming, which is important in a new college setting.
Cool people and professors, but a lot of the cherished faculty are leaving. There is 0 party scene. You just have to find a way to interact with students from other colleges and hope to get invited. Feel like kids rather than adults with some of the policies in place. Attempting to get sororities on campus, so hopefully that works and brings something new to the environment. Not far from downtown. Everything else is pretty average in comparison to other small schools I've been to.
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I like how the people made me feel welcome when i arrived at school.I hate that the fasfa information gets discombobulated.
I transferred to Columbia College through there Associates to Bachelors program. So far the program has been very good. You take their classes on HGTC campus or online.
It is a place that helps you feel welcomed. Since, it is a small school, we get to share our worries, care for each other. Faculty members are really helpful when it comes to issues students face as they go on.
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