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I've only attended Columbia College online, but it's been a phenomenal experience so far. As with all online schooling though, how much you learn is based off of how much you're willing to put in to it. Overall, this is a great school if you're motivated to excel, as it gives you all the tools you'll need to succeed.
I am attending school online, and so far my experience with this school has been great. The professors are very considerate and military-friendly, and are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The customer service number is always helpful and there is no waiting time when calling. Some classes are obviously much easier to complete in person, such as public speaking and labs. But overall a great experience. I would highly recommend it.
They have been so wonderful helping me, register classes. They are also very quick about responding to emails and calls.
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Excellent online learning experience with great instructors and an online learning format that is very user friendly. They have also made it much more affordable by including the cost of books in your tuition as well as the registration fee.
Columbia College is a great school to attend if you enjoy one on one interaction with your professors. It is challenging at times being in a small school due to limited faculty and course offerings. The college has a great atmosphere and it soon feels like your friends with everyone on campus
I transferred from a local college to Columbia College over 3 years ago & I will be graduating in 2020! Great school, when i call thd mai. campus they are always willing to help. I recommend Columbia College to anyone looking to further their education!
Great Online Program! I have been attending for two years and have had excellent communication, even living across the country. I am in the military and haven't had to pay for books. Would highly recommend this program to anyone!
I like my advisor because she has been nothing short of amazing in helping me plan my classes so and mold my courses around my anticipated graduation date. The courses are all affordable as well.
I‘ve always excelled academically, and made the highest SAT score in high school. Tested with an iq surpassing 145 at 13 years of age, I felt out of place with peers, due to them feeling threatened by my cultured upbringing. Despite bullying, I excelled in reading, writing, and creative art as outlets for healthy expression. When I met the man that became my husband, my life was thrown in upheaval as he was verbally and emotionally abusive to me from the beginning, and became increasingly abusive. Homeless since February 2014, I am currently residing in a domestic violence shelter. One huge aspect of healing is to finish my Bachelor's in Psychology. Columbia College has been very gracious, compassionate, and accommodating for me to enter their program after all this hardship.
I really enjoy attending Columbia College. All the professors and students are really nice and there are many resources on campus to help. It can be confusing sometimes to figure out who you need to talk to for what since they have so many people on campus to help with different things.
Excited to attend! Lived in the area for some time, can't wait to get my degree! Columbia is a really great place to live and everyone should check it out
It's a decent online school. Most classes rely heavily on discussion grades, however most teachers seem to communicate frequently with weekly emails/postings.
Columbia College is a great small-school community. It is easy to establish good relations with your teachers, for they truly enjoy to see their students coming to them for help and advice. It is a great place for those who love a tight-knit community. For me, I did not feel like my coursework was very challenging, but I am only a freshman, so I have not got into many higher level courses.
They are very helpful and love to see you succeed. I don’t want to see any changes because they know what they are doing.
I am currently enrolled at Columbia College in Missouri. The campus is small and easy to navigate, and is also very well maintained. The class sizes are small, between 10-30 students per class and the professors are open to helping their students.
I've been a student with Columbia college for about 2 years now and really have enjoyed my time here. The instructors here are very nice and understanding.
I believe Columbia College is one of the best colleges I’ve attended. Some instructors are very helpful but some aren’t. For the most part, I love it here.
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I think columbia college has a very supportive and energetic atmosphere. It is not as big as surrounding universities which is what I feel sets them apart. You get the big school 'vibes' without the big school class sizes. Cozy atmosphere.
Columbia College offers quality education and the benefit of smaller classes and easier access to professors. The main campus is located in Columbia, Missouri as well offering online courses. I have had the opportunity to take both day classes and classes online. Online classes include books in the tuition so there aren't additional costs. It is a growing college that is striving to make improvements and additions. They are currently adding more residence dorms and classrooms for the business programs. They have added several new sports and the students and staff promote and support the programs. One challenge that continues to be an issue is the food. Changes have been tried but it is still often disappointing. If you are looking for a small campuses with a quality education, Columbia College is a good choice.
I have had nothing but positive experiences with advisers and teachers. Most of my classes have been taken online and their system is easy to navigate and very user friendly.
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