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I love the smaller campus. Everyone knows each other from the director down to the students. The small class sizes makes for a great learning experience and the teachers real care about helping the students succeed.
My experience at Columbia college has been absolutely wonderful. I am a mother of 3 young children and Columbia college has helped me on every step of furthering my education.
I love the fact that Columbia College is Military friendly. They understand that people in the military have very hectic schedules and sometimes we can not always turn in assignments on time or attend every class. They work with us and allow us to turn in assignment late and make up quizzes. There have been times I have had to drop out of class the first week because I was sent temporary duty to another base and they worked with me, no questions asked and enrolled me in another semester. Another quality I love about Columbia College is that they have campuses all over the states, When I leave Washington I do not have to worry about transferring because there are campuses in California.
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I have had a great experience at Columbia College. The transition on returning to school was better than I expected. I have not taken any breaks since I started in October 2015 and I'll be finished this summer. What I would like to see change is the classes that needed or required offered more often.
I love this university. It has the feel of a big school but you don't stress about who to ask for help. The professors are very generous with their time and want you to understand the concept. To anyone who is considering Mizzou, it really is a great university. To me, I was somewhat skeptical if I wanted to go here, but I am so glad I decided to- best of luck to all of you. God bless!
I love Columbia College because the staff makes sure that every student has the tools they need to succeed! It’s a small campus so it gives the teachers an opportunity to get to know every student attending their classes.
It's a really good school it's just very small. The location is great because it's right by downtown Columbia which is a great place to go out any night of the week. The academics are great and the teachers here really care about their students because the class sizes are so small.
I love how helpful everyone is. If I ever have a question I am always pointed in the right direction. They send out emails about scholarship opportunities all the time. What I would like to see more are online textbooks for those who have online classes. I travel and carrying around two large books all of the time tends to become annoying.
I’m on my second semester working towards an A.A in CJ. I transferred 30 credits from a community college and the entire process has been very smooth. Excellent online course system. Professors are professional and most of the other students are. Financial aid process was slightly annoying, but I’ve come to learn that’s most colleges. Should have my A.A by early 2019 and I’ll be strongly considering getting a Bachelors of Arts in CJ from Columbia College.
I love the small class sizes at Columbia College. The professors and other students are very friendly. I would change the dorms if I had to change anything about Columbia College. I did not have a good experience my first semester.
Columbia College is a great school for anyone who loves a small community. Classes reach no more than 30 students to a professor who actually cares about your academic success. professors are polite and always available for questions or concerns you may have. Students are just steps away from their classes when staying in dorms and just steps away from the dining hall. Facilities available include a new and improved gym available for all students, faculties and their guests, Sand volleyball court, soccer field.
Such a great school! It has a variety of degrees available online as well as on campus. The staff is very helpful and you always find an answer to your question. The coursework is challenging and allows you to grow scholarly. This school was the answer to my education as a fulltime working mother. I now have two degrees from the school and am applying for my master's.
I took online classes anf they were very clear and self explanitory. The proffessors were very flexible with distance learners and their needs. The course material was also not too overbearing.
I received my Associates from Columbia College online and I am now a senior completing my Bachelor's in 2018. I enjoy the flexibility that online school offers. I am a military wife, mother, active volunteer and I work fulltime as well. Columbia College's online program has made it possible for me to advance my education. I have had a great experience with Columbia College and I have recommended this school to several of my friends and they love it.
Great school so far for online education, many alternate campuses around the country. Tough, but fair are the professors that teach the course.
The classes are small so it's easy for the professors to get personal and that enhances the learning experience. Also, because they understand that most of their students have kids, they are flexible with students who arrive late as well as those who have to leave early some nights.
I love this school. I transfered here as a sophmore and its the best decision i ever made. The professors really care about you and your success. Its so safe and everyone is really nice.
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The teachers were very helpful and understanding while I attended. My psychology teacher really taught us the best way possible, getting us into deep class discussions and describing to us her past experiences with her patients.
Small close knit school. Everyone makes you feel welcome and a part of the school. Some of the dorms could be remodeled. They are working on a new building in the future. Love my experience so far.
It's affordable, their online campus professors are easily accessible and they have a very good platform.
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