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I really like this college because the teachers make sure that every student is knowledgeable about their assignments and welcome feedback. The assignments are challenging but are understandable.
I like that the counselors are always there to help. They also check in with you periodically. I like that they offer books in their tuition price now. The only thing I do not like, is that the professors do not create their own exams.
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Columbia College has been great to me as a whole, I'm a social out cast and I feel pretty welcomed. My professors are nice and I had to switch my major and everything was taken care of pretty well. I haven't had anything I disliked a ton. But the Starbucks in the 'cafe' kinda sucks but that's okay. I don't live on campus so I don't know a lot passed that.
I like the school is located right off the highway, it is small and so are the classroom sizes. This allows teachers to give students who need more directives more 1:1 time. The teachers are pretty responsive via email or in seat. Some individuals who work in admissions need A LOT more training as "I dont know" or giving false information should not be given as an answer to anyone seeking factual information. What I do think they need to approve is the class time hours. When I first started in 2013 there were two courses offered each night for 2 hours each class. Now class is one night a week for four hours. That is a lot of information to cram in four hours especially for adults with families who work a full time job. The Truition is not good because your books are all online unless you order your own book and it is more expensive if you are paying out of pocket.
I love the small classroom sizes and the way the professors help each individual to succeed. I have been a day, evening, and online student. I personally enjoy a hybrid of evening and online the best so I can work during the day and still get lecture time to explain things better. Also, as an evening student the books are included in the tuition so no hidden fees! I would say most class sizes are a 1:13 ratio for evening campus. I feel like there are many intermediate steps in each class to make sure a person can really understand the concepts and assignments. I love this school! My heart will always be with CC!
Very good for adults . You are able to really focus! Many of us work full time on top of going to school full time. It is nice to meet others on the same path. Rather than a bunch of kids that have no responsibilities.
Really live the student to professor ratio. Class size is small so you are able to make study friends for sharing notes, thoughts, etc. You end up making a friendship with others and your comfortable reaching out to each other for help.
I like the smaller class size and the 8 week courses, but you do have to buckle down and study hard. The 8 week courses go by really fast and there's a lot to learn and rember.
After transferring here from UMSL, I finally feel like I am getting a good, student focused education. Columbia College is student centered with a full staff that is always ready to help me get where I am going. I am thankful that I transferred here.
Online program is excellent. Local support through the satellite campus at the US Coadt Guard facility in Alameda, CA cannot be beat!
I have enjoyed the online experience and interaction with my classmates via the online portal. It is easy to communicate with my teachers and students and I have gained teamwork skills that will be invaluable in my future career. I have finally had an experience with my education that I know I can continue to add to. My growth in my short time at Columbia has helped me to excel at school work and given me new skills for my current job.
I love my school can’t wait to be an alumni. My school provides resources for struggling student to help them achieve them in their academic. The professor are great they teach school what they need to know for the world.
Signed up for a summer math class to bridge the gap between two semesters at MU. First off, the quality of the class was a joke. We were told to print off notes before class and they were scribbles from the teacher. On several occasions the instructor would mess up something and confuse most of the students and if you didn't know something that was being taught and the teacher would say to youtube it on your own time. I tried to drop the class but it was too late, so I got stuck with paying for it. Seems like the cost is similar to MU, don't waste your time here.
I attend the evening 8 week courses at Columbia College. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their field and love to share their personal experiences. I have taken classes both online and in seat class. I find that Columbia College's website is very user friendly. Although this is so, I prefer to go to the in seat classes. What I would like to see with the in seat classes are more classes available more often. For example throughout the whole year ACCT 280, Accounting 1 class is only in the early fall session. This goes for many of their classes. This makes it harder to plan out and schedule classes to finish a degree in a decent time frame.
I think it is a great college. I am getting my degree online with them, and they make it so easy and are so understanding and flexible. The advisors are always there when you need them and give you the best information possible.
It is ok. I think for online students, they should not have to be watchted while taking midterms and finals. I think for online students, it is hard to retain materials learned and they need open book tests.
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Professors really care for their students, going above and beyond their normal duties to make sure their students are well taken care or. The Nursing advisers are fantastic and are very knowledgeable about what your next steps need to be to get your degree.
Columbia College, made me want to excel even more with my schooling. I have greatly enjoyed everyone that I have worked with from my advisor to the financial aid officer's. When calling the tech support, they are quick to provide you the support you need with having to call back.
Columbia College has steadily improved their facilities and faculty over the past several years. It is a small campus (with around 2,000 day students) so students get to know faculty well. I primarily study in the science building as a biology major. The building is only a few years old and has pristine equipment and labs. Highly recommend looking into CC if you're a science major. I have had some issues with financial aid but been able to work it out thanks to competent faculty. Overall, I really have enjoyed my time on campus. Beautiful facilities, great faculty. Food, however, is sub par at best. If you enjoy small campuses with a quality education this is your place. Plus it's located in downtown Columbia, MO. A great town with lots to do and good atmosphere.
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