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So far so good. Absolutely beautiful out here. The instructors have been interesting and helpful. So far I'm really enjoying my classes thus far.
There are certain professors that are helpful and create a good learning environment, and others who do not. There is generally very little interaction among students and outside of classes. Their class selection is very small, and the hardest part of being here is building a schedule from the one or two offerings of each class. The course catalog is large, but make sure you look at what is going to be offered in the next two years. Overall, this school is great for saving money before transferring, and for returning students. If you aren't looking for the social aspect of college, this is the place for you.
This school is a great place to start out before transferring to a university. The campus is in great location. The staff that work there are very helpful. This school offers great classes and support when needed. If they are not able to help with something you need they will direct you in the place that you need to go to get that help or support. This campus is amazing and I like it and it is close to home. This campus is In a great location.
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Columbia is beautiful! It’s a small campus but has a lot of good classes and great professors. The dorms have outdated kitchens but nice bathrooms and bedrooms. There are a lot of small attractions in the town of Sonora and Columbia is about 10 minutes from downtown Sonora which has many coffee shops and little boutiques.
Columbia is a good starting point in college. The classes and professors provided do a good job of making you feel welcomed and ready to begin your college career. The campus is beautiful to walk through, unfortunately, the walks through the campus from the parking lot feel like they last forever. Only complaints would be the poor parking availability and the distance from parking to the classes. Other than that Columbia is a nice school to attend to get your work done and move on to a university or start your career in the job world. Overall Columbia is an enjoyable and convenient school to attend.
Great, small school. This school is tucked away from any town so it is very peaceful and full of nature. I enjoy walking around the campus and taking in the beautiful campus. The professors are great and know you personally because of the small class population. I have had an amazing experience here and would recommend this school to anyone.
Columbia College is an amazing hidden community college only a couple hours away from both Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. Every professor I have had is passionate about their subject and they are always willing to help students. There is a lake in the middle of campus and really cool hiking trails around. It is a very small school, so classes do get cancelled sometimes if they are not a GE course.
The school and professors are all very kind and want to help you. The campus is nice, a bit of an exercise traveling about as the terrain is rather hilly. The board running this college are stingy and classes are often cancelled.
Although I've visited only a few times, Columbia certainly left a noteworthy impression. Not due to a wide range of things to offer, but from the lack thereof. Perhaps it was the large campus that would fool one into this expectation. There are areas of campus in which there's absolutely barren roads stretching along sloped hills, forcing one to have quite the trek in between classes. They had a large focus on very specific trades, but didn't have much to offer elsewhere. Overall, decent if it has what you want, but its otherwise unremarkable.
Many students thrive with different teaching styles- one student may love a teacher while another despises them. Columbia college has great professors, but they also have a selection that have been unsatisfying to my learning experience. Teaching style differs, so that should not be held against a college; however, Each time I come in to the AAC (Academic Achievement Center), they do not have a tutor for my course. This is understandable, but when a simple question is asked that they have no knowledge of, such as primary and secondary sources, is when I consider going somewhere else for tutoring. Overall, I give this beautiful college a 4 because I have learned immense amounts and have enjoyed every semester. This is home.
Columbia College is a quiet and peaceful community college situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The professors care about their students, and create a constructive learning environment. The campus is surrounded by beautiful pine forests, with world-class bouldering nearby. With invigorating classes, good people, and a beautiful location, Columbia College is golden.
Columbia College is a great small college set in Sonora. Instructors are great for the most part, and the classes are small. The campus is beautiful with lots of wildlife and a nice pond to sit and study by. Campus highlights are the coffee shop and bakery that the culinary students sell their pastries in.
Since I am only a freshman, I haven't seen it all. My time here has been great. The campus is beautiful and the teachers are great as well.
This place is so relaxing you can't help but to learn here. The staff and fellow students are at peace with themselves and all. The trees and wildlife keep the perfect atmosphere.
Columbia College is a very small and quite college where you can let your mind wander in this beautiful nature setting. The classes are easy to get to and the rooms are small so it is very up close and personal with your teacher. All of the different buildings on campus are easy to get to, so if you do not want to walk miles and miles or ride a bike then this is the perfect college for you.
I believe the value of the degree here depend on which professors you choose. Talk to the counselors and ask them who the hardest professors are then make sure you take them if they are teaching courses you need.
Transferring credits was very easy and the admissions office was very helpful explaining what to do and check in through email to make sure you get what you need.
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I have only taken one, nutrition, of the online course here at the school and had a bad experience. It was site was setup extremely non user friendly. The peer to peer interaction is what got me through the course. The teacher was vague and confusing in her direction and took awhile to get back to you.
The quality of some of the professors at the school here are world class. Two that come to mind right off the bat are Ted Hamilton and Paula Clark. If you have a chance to take one of their courses, DO IT! Do not listen to any of the counselors who stray you away from taking their class because it's challenging. They care about their students as if they were their own kin. they will inspire and drive you make choice right for you outside of class and in.
There are some prospects for students in nearby the college for a career in this field, but since the nursing program began up here in Columbia many of the job opportunities have filled up. I have yet to see a job recruiter on campus for this field.
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