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I am currently attending Columbia College online, fast, and it is convenient for military and their dependents to get an education. I am extremely satisfied with the school and the services that they offer. The staff is always available and willing to help if you have any questions or problems. The online courses are sped up but the instructors are easy to get a hold of and if emailed, respond promptly. I would have to give this schools online department a 9/10.
I work on courses there through online classes. Some teachers really love to help you get through tough assignments to talk you throuh it while others don't. Assignments are generic.
Fantastic academics with a good variety of assignments involved to help fit everyone's learning style and make sure the info is understood. Variety of delivery methods to best fit everyone's schedule - regular day classes available on campus, evening classes on campus, online classes, and nationwide campuses, including on military bases.
Review Columbia College - Missouri
Columbia is a great school to do to if you are going out of state. It feels like home and you will meet some of the nicest people whether they are you professors or your sweet mates. Columbia College is right down the street from downtown and close to two other colleges. It has a large international student population so you will get to interact with people from all over the world and they may even become some of your best friends. The academics challenge you and out athletic programs are in the top of the NAIA.
I've really enjoyed it so far. The professors I've had have all been very understanding and very passionate about what they teach which, in turn, makes it easier to learn because they really put their all into it. There are people from all over the world that attend our campus, as well as people from all types of organizations. The surrounding area of Columbia leaves plenty to do, see, and eat during times off.
Instructors are very forgiving, and enjoy what they do. I'm taking online courses and there is a diverse community to reach out too. The online courses are easy to navigate and great online resource library to use. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking courses with Columbia College.
I am currently attending Columbia Colleges online campus. The format is easy and well organized. Eight-week sessions go quicker than expected and the content of the classes has helped me to learn about the subjects I'm studying. The professors are helpful and available. My advisor responds quickly and keeps me on the right track. I love Columbia College!
Columbia College was the best decision I've ever made. The campus is small and feels like home. The professors care about their students and everyone is easy to get along with. There is so much to do on campus and off campus that a student is never bored. CC is one of the best schools around.
I attend Columbia College - Jefferson City and online. I wish the Jefferson City campus would offer more classes each session rather than having to wait a full session or two to get the class you want in seat. I do think that the instructors are great, minus a couple.
Love that they had a satellite campus in Los Alamitos. Helped me take campus and online classes. Great environment online and on campus.
Not only is everyone helpful, but I feel at ease knowing that payments, scheduling, and even getting a response in a timely manner is not an issue. My focus is on school and the advisors are truly there to help! Best online school I have ever got too!
My experience with Columbia College has been a good one. I did all my classes online and everything went very smoothly and any question I had was answered by my advisor quickly. I would highly recommend Columbia College yo anyone looking to further their education.
I'd like to see more in seat classes on the Mesquite, TX campus. For online courses, there needs to be no more than 3 required posts on a discussion board (an initial post and 2 responses); anything more is excessive and repetitive.
It's a good school academically but the class choices are limited and too many students on financial aid that don't really care about learning can be distracting.
My experience with Columbia College so far has been amazing. I attend classes online and the classes are challenging and engaging. The instructors and support staff are impeccable and make sure that students have everything they need to be successful.
Columbia College is a very great college, I was introduced to online school by Columbia and I was definitely nervous. After attending a semester I would definitely recommend online school at Columbia College to anybody, it has been very rewarding and easy to learn.
Everyone from the students to the faculty and staff at Columbia College is so friendly! I find every class worth attending and the content stimulating, and there are several school-sanctioned events every month in which students are invited to participate. As a small, Liberal-Arts college, Columbia College seems to be one of the lesser-known presences in Columbia, Missouri, but there is an undeniable presence of the students in the community. Also, every one of the professors has a vested interest in the students' successes, which I find quite reassuring as I pursue my degree here.
Review Columbia College - Missouri
I am taking online classes. Columbia College is very affordable compared to the other colleges I looked at. The classes are very engaging, the students are from all over the world. I think the school is first-rate.
Everything seems great, but since I am a non-traditional student, I have a job already and I am learning my degree online.
It's great at this school, but the online course doesn't take your non-traditional students that have full time jobs (some require more than 40hrs a week) into its curriculum. Sometimes there is not enough time in a week to write 2 posts, 2 essays by the third day and additonal work by the weekend and also work on the research paper, case studies, etc.
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