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Columbia Basin College is inclusive, helpful, and not at all intimidating. I was in their running start program and I'm about to graduate with an AA degree and a high school diploma! The running start program allowed me to attend 2 years of college and my only expenses were fees and textbooks. I was able to save thousands of dollars. I truly enjoyed my time there.
The professors are amazing, so far all of them have really cared about their students. It is a 2 year college not a four year. They are great with disability services.
Columbia Basin College makes for a fun environment to learn and has easy to find classes throughout the campus. It also has great professors that are easy to communicate with and find whenever you have questions.
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Columbia Basin has not only been an amazing school to attend, but has become an influential part in aiding me to choose an accurate career path for myself. The professors as well as other members of staff have been incredibly supportive and helpful.
I took a summer class there a few years ago, and the class itself was very interesting and I did well in it. But, to apply to CBC was tough their desk support was not very helpful and they didnt register me as a sophomore so I was locked out of registration for a few days after repeatedly calling the office to have them fix it.
Easy to navigate, small campus. Parking is an issue, but classes are small and relatively inexpensive. Nice professors, safe environment.
The advisers at Columbia Basin College helped direct me to the correct degree and appropriate courses based on my career goals. Signing up for classes was simple and opportunities for study assistance were offered as needed. The campus is easy to navigate and the instructors are engaging. Overall, I had a good experience at CBC.
Columbia Basin provides students with so many resources for success and finances. They have a wide range of classes, however I'd love to see more agriculture classes offered more.
This quarter has been pretty easygoing. This is definitely a self-driven education facility, but the staff and teachers are always wanting to help as they can.
Student friendly staff with a over welcoming atmosphere on campus. Small town life with wide variety of diverse culture.
I am currently attending Columbia Basin College. It is a community college in Pasco, WA. One thing that I love about CBC is the CAMP program, its a migrant assistant program that helps students out financially and academically. I am proud to say that I am a CAMP graduate. CAMP gives students money for their progress reports and takes students on trips to see other universities of their choice. The professors at CBC are nice, but can be strict at times. The good thing is that the classrooms are averaged of 30 students per class. It gives a chance for the students to talk one on one with their professor. Another thing about CBC is that it's cheap to attend, it's fun, close to the mall and a lot of restaurants and they finally made dorms on campus for the students at Columbia Basin College.
My experience at Columbia Basin College has far exceeded my expectations of a community college. The class sizes are small and gives the opportunity for students to communicate with their professors. If someone required more help there is an excellent tutoring center at the college. Overall CBC is a great community college.
Columbia Basin College is a great school. The professors work with students, because they truly want you to succeed. This school is such a great way to get a good grade point average as you are getting your Associates Degree. By having the opportunity to go to CBC, one has a higher chance of recieving better grades at a University.
It's a community college, so most people are either there to transfer to a university or to further themselves in their present careers, so as a potential transfer student, I haven't spent a ton of time in the career center.
My school schedule was easier to follow than it was in high school. I have no real complaints.
I've taken one online course, which had a decent layout on canvas, but my professor was awful. None of her assignments made any sense, and everything was done in a group discussion. Additionally, she taught no applicable class material and awarded higher grades to students who shared her political beliefs. During this American government class, all I learned was how to make it seem like I agreed with this particular professor.
I haven't spent a ton of time in the career center, but I have spent quite a bit of time with my counselor, who is super easy to work with and makes me feel like I understand what I'm doing with my degree.
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All of the classes I've been in have been small. I've had some great professors that have made the material straightforward and easy to understand, and I've had some professors who have been a complete nightmare to try and work with.
I'm only here to get a transfer degree, but CBC offers a bachelors program, which I've heard is well respected in the area.
I'm only seeking a general transfer degree from this school, so I can't really vouch for any aspects of my program.
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