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Solid small community college. Columbia Basin College is an excellent choice that isn't too pricey. Close proximity to PNNL and Hanford makes for internships and job opportunities as well as professors from unique fields hard to find elsewhere in the country. Advisors are very helpful and excited to see your success.
If you are a first-generation, low-income student there is a pretty good amount of support services available such as; TRIOs, the Resource Center has a lot resources such as travel assistance, book assistance, accommodations for illness(including mental health). Issues everyone else seems to encounter at CBC is finding parking, ridiculously high prices of textbooks and unavailability of certain classes (Graphic design, Medical) that would be good for transferring to 4- year universities.
Very good college to go to! Always helps you find the right classes to take and is very helpful with any questions you may have.
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It was local, easy to sign up for classes. Parking was convenient. Local transit takes you to the school.
Columbia basin college is home to diverse students with pride for their individuality and pursuit of education and overall fulfillment in happiness and over all goal.
It was a very friendly environment and the professors are very helpful and they want to see you succeed.
I love the location, the professors, the student life. It’s all local and everyone wants you to succeed. They are working on adding dorms and make it more efficient for students. It’s a great school and very affordable for people who want to continue their education but are on a budget or have real life responsibilities.
A great college whether your looking to gain certifications or a degree, CBC is also very affordable and the campus is relatively small with good class sizes.
My favorite this about this school is the teachers and when they see you deciated to something they tend to help you more. They also wanna see their students succeed and do something with themselves
It has a really nice campus and facilities. Very nice and friendly staff that care about the students success. Would highly recommend you check it out.
I enjoyed having been a running start student at this college. It was my first impression about college and I really liked it. There are resources available on campus, like tutoring, that helped me out.
My experience at Columbia Basin College has been great. This is because I was accepted into the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) which helps migrant students get settled into their first year of college. CAMP offers many great benefits such as campus visits to other universities, book assistance and free tutoring are just a few of the many things that are offered by the program. Overall my CBC experience has been excellent due in large part to the CAMP program I do not know what I would have done without their support.
It’s a good school for people who don’t want to leave home or travel far. They are super nice and there are some amazing teachers/professors. My only issue i have is the tutoring center there. Sometimes it’s hard to get help with question students have on homework. But other then that it’s a great school
Overall, Columbia Basin College is a great community college. I love that there are many online courses available, it makes it easy when you have a busy life outside of going to class. Online classes are very organized and you are aware of what needs to be turned in so you are able to work at your own pace. I have attended some classes on campus and they tend to move forward at a slow rate. One thing I would like to see changed about Columbia Basin College is the coordination between workers throughout the school. Sometimes you don’t get direct answers, along with incorrect information.
I really enjoy how helpful and kind all the staff members are with helping incoming freshmen. The campus is pretty big and can get kinda confusing but you get use to it after a while. I also enjoy the athletes at CBC.
Professors are pretty cool here. I've only had a problem with one and it was easily solved through communication. Parking is terrible, absolutely awful. But other than that, it's a nice campus and I definitely don't regret going here for my AA.
CBC's a good College, they have many resources available to one. The cost isn't very expensive, the food is good (for example I diggg the Grolled Cheese Sandwhiches they sell, it comes with a side, I usually order fries. The fries are pretty good as well tbh. Oh & for my StarBucks fans, they have a stand there as well... Anywaysss I'm getting off topic. Lmao Sooo the campus is diverse, the professors want you to succeed for the most part, overall, CBC is a great College.
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My experience so far has been pretty good, when I got down here in September I already met a ton of people and I'm really glad that I chose to go to CBC.
Columbia Basin College or CBC is an awesome college experience in that it is a good start for any body looking to enhance his/her life through education. Also i think it is a great place to meet awesome people. Next it offers amazing and eye opening programs like C.A.M.P and Trios. Through these programs Ive gotten a broader perspective on people that are of similar backgrounds. Not only are the programs amazing but the staff at CBC is very helpful. Moreover they are very helpful because it made me not feel confused about college right where it is at its most confusing stage. That stage is in the very beginning which is transitioning from a high school student. CBC in my opinion does a superb job at this. Also they offer many certificates that will aid anybody in their life with good jobs.
I like CBC because it is affordable, close to home, and offers various ways to pay for tuition for books.
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