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The teacher I've had are fairly great. The school itself is a very well kept campus. The location is a little weird if you live here, but otherwise it's accessible.
Columbia Basin College has an amazing staff. The staff cares for the students and wants everyone to succeed. Their facilities are amazing. They always want to improve, so they send out surveys to ask what the students think about the school and want to see in the school. Overall, I would say Columbia Basin does a fantastic job tending to students needs and helping them do their best.
I loved going to Columbia Basin. The campus was very nice. It has good places to just relax after or in between classes.
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I'm taking science pre-reqs to fill in my Art Degree so I can apply for med school. CBC's science labs are spacious, clean and include high grade research tech unavailable at some larger 4 year schools in the area. The professors are very knowledgeable and most have related experience from working at Hanford or PNNL.
Columbia Basin College is a great starter school and they are even getting into 4 year degrees as well. It is a good option if you are wanting to go to school for less money than 4 year universities.
CBC is the perfect size and the teachers there really want to see you succeed! I commute to CBC and it has been a wonderful experience. Anyone who is on the fence about where to go should definitely consider going to Columbia Basin. You won't regret it!
Love Everything about it, but i would change the parking situation, NEEDS MORE PARKING. The professors are nice and always available, the campus has lots of diversity, there are a lot of class options and programs you can go into. They have a lot of clubs you can join, they have a student government and they always have outside activities for their students, like rollerskating, or a dance. They even have student jobs for students at the institution to apply for, you can be making money while going to school and they work around you schedule, its awesome.
Love the experience there, teachers are very helpful, personalized experience in rewarding career fields.
I have been going to Columbia Basin College mostly online for three quarters and have really enjoyed it! The professors are awesome as long as you utilize!
Columbia Basin College offers multiple opportunities and they even have programs after accomplishing your AA.
SO far as a college freshmen inst at all to bad, Getting started at CBC is a breeze with hawk central. The entrance exam is the starting point, from there hawk central, they get your class's for you and help with scholarship opportunists. From there its a easy as going to class, professors are all cool the environment is friendly and opening.
Columbia Basin College is always there for you, they help you on tutoring, computer access, and many programs to join! All for the students to be successful.
I find that most of the teachers are pretty good here, and they are friendly and approachable if you need any help with their work. I also find that they can take their time in class if needed. There is some lacking with some courses, I feel like some are missing. The people here aren't super friendly, they usually don't talk and don't seem happy most of the time. The parking is kind of bad, it has not been too updated with the growth of the tri-cities. The campus is nothing special.
CBC has the unknown stigma of being the school kids who can't afford college go to but honestly it's great. The staff at this school make sure there students are cared for. I'm glad I started my college experience here I wouldn't trade it for the world. As cheesy as that sounds
I have enjoyed this school! Teachers are helpful, nice atmosphere. Its been almost 10 years since I've been to school since high school and this has eased my mind completely. Im working and going to school full time but school has been less stressful than I planned. Teachers push you to your fullest which has been a great feeling and left me ending the quarter with a 3.89 GPA. Im happy that I get to continue my education with this school.
This college is very affordable and has a a foundation that gives out a lot of money every year. So far its been a good experience, great students and teachers on the campus.
This is my second year at Columbia Basin College, and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending. Not only is the price great and affordable, but I have learned valuable information in each and every class, and I can apply this information in and out of the classroom. This is due to the professors at CBC. They are passionate about what they teach, and are willing to help you in any way that they can! The students at CBC are friendly as well. There are a lot of various clubs that give you the opportunity to meet students who have similar interests as you. I love the layout of the CBC campus; it is easy to get to and from each of your classes. I also like that it is not too far from restaurants and you can grab a bite to eat, if you have a break in between classes. It is also nice that there is a gas station and a coffee shop right across the street. The ONLY complaint that I have regarding CBC is the parking. They desperately need to add more parking lots and/or a parking garage!!!
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Starting out at CBC was nerve racking to be sure. I quickly got into the flow of things with the constant help from my instructors. Whatever isn't covered in class I can contact them on canvas or during their office hours. Plus Counselors welcome my questions and help me pave my career path and goals by showing me ways I can learn more about my major and what colleges provide the best education for it.
Columbia Basin College is a great community college to attain a transfer degree or a bachelors (if you plan to major in Cyber Security or Computer Science). Most professors I had were quite good, and were really open to helping their students out. It is fun to attend activities around campus giving your college experience a much better feeling. There is great diversity among races at CBC. What this college seems to lack is sufficient parking lot space (since most students that attend drive from out of town).
Columbia Basin College has a high standard of education while still living close to home. They have supportive professors who are eager to help their students. An amazing tutoring center is available for extra assistance to students. There is a large diversity of students that make Columbia Basin College an excellent place to receive and education.
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