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It’s a cheap alternative to other 4 year universities if they offer your degree program. The teachers for the most part are well educated and dedicated to helping you understand the material. I’ve found that almost all professors will help you as much as they can if you put forth the effort to go see them during their office hours or work something out. Even if you do understand the material in the class it’s always good to ask clarifying or interesting questions. This shows that you’re serious about the class and helps to keep you focused. Hawk central which is similar to a main office of other colleges is also very helpful. They have many people dedicated to financial aid alone so if that’s something that concerns you you’ll be able to have multiple people at your disposal. The tuition cost is about 100 dollars per credit plus fees and books so that makes it much cheaper than other universities.
My experience at Columbia Basin College was amazing. I am still attending CBC and it is great being on campus. What I like about CBC is that everyone is friendly to you, if you ever need help finding a class or get lost, there is always people around who you you may ask for help or automatically they help you if they notice you are in need of help. The campus is amazing. In the Hub building they have a room with intertaining games, they have a Starbucks where you can buy coffee if your still asleep. I would say there’s nothing that could be change at CBC everything is amazing just how it is.
I love that Columbia Basin College offers flexible day or evening classes. I also, like that classmates are helpful toward on another. This college has an excellent student tutoring center. The center offers in person and also online tutoring for a variety of subject areas. I have had a very positive experience at this college and would recommend anyone to attend.
The only drawback that I can think of is that their is not enough professors hired on to teach some of the core classes needed for entry into the Nursing or Dental Hygiene programs. These classes fill up very fast and often times students are unable to take the course due to the limited seats available. But, despite the drawback that I have mentioned, I would still recommend this school.
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I appreciate the small class sizes, overall campus, activities, and all of my professors were happy to either let me walk into their office (if they were there) or make an appointment if I had any questions. If I could, I would take my bachelors here. Unfortunately, they do not have a biology program
Dismissive and unhelpful staff. More resources put into High School students sent to college than the actual college courses themselves. The only choice for a growing metropolitan area and they take every advantage of that. Unclear degree requirements that tell you to ask professors what classes you should take and professors who wrote the requirements chastising you and telling you to find the information online which is simply "Ask head of department for requirements". Expensive. Even if you understand course material they will force you to take per-requisites that don't count for your degree if you didn't attend running start. Basically, it's only meant for a certain type of person to succeed and for the rest to fail. Last time I checked the graduation rate was around 20%. Great place to check out the entitled, exclusionary nepotism the inland Northwest is so great at.
The scheduling is great and easy to figure out. The classes are informative and helpful. There are so many courses and degrees to choose from. The campus is in a convenient place especially with the new Richland campus that is close to the Health Science Center.
There's a lot of help here if, you just search for it! It's more than just attending school, it's about participating in a lot of different things this school has to offer!
Wonderful first year college student experience very easy to navigate. There are so many different resources for information. The online courses are amazing and the professors who run the online classes make themselves very accessable.
Going here was a blast! The professors were extremely helpful and provided resources upon resources. There is a wide selection of classes offered, and tons of different times as well. There are sports and clubs for just about everything too!
I love how small the campus is compared to a big university. The professors are great and the class size is small which allows for more 1 on 1 attention when in the classroom setting. The material taught is at a high level and the college is challenging. Overall its a wonderful, clean, and beautiful campus.
Currently enrolled for my first year at CBC. Excellent help with the enrollment process, wish me luck with my first year. ~
This community college has helped me in every conceivable way. In addition to the affordable prices, its instructors are willing to help students be successful and prepare them to take the next steps toward their goals
Columbia Basin College is inclusive, helpful, and not at all intimidating. I was in their running start program and I'm about to graduate with an AA degree and a high school diploma! The running start program allowed me to attend 2 years of college and my only expenses were fees and textbooks. I was able to save thousands of dollars. I truly enjoyed my time there.
The professors are amazing, so far all of them have really cared about their students. It is a 2 year college not a four year. They are great with disability services.
Columbia Basin College makes for a fun environment to learn and has easy to find classes throughout the campus. It also has great professors that are easy to communicate with and find whenever you have questions.
Columbia Basin has not only been an amazing school to attend, but has become an influential part in aiding me to choose an accurate career path for myself. The professors as well as other members of staff have been incredibly supportive and helpful.
I took a summer class there a few years ago, and the class itself was very interesting and I did well in it. But, to apply to CBC was tough their desk support was not very helpful and they didnt register me as a sophomore so I was locked out of registration for a few days after repeatedly calling the office to have them fix it.
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Easy to navigate, small campus. Parking is an issue, but classes are small and relatively inexpensive. Nice professors, safe environment.
The advisers at Columbia Basin College helped direct me to the correct degree and appropriate courses based on my career goals. Signing up for classes was simple and opportunities for study assistance were offered as needed. The campus is easy to navigate and the instructors are engaging. Overall, I had a good experience at CBC.
Columbia Basin provides students with so many resources for success and finances. They have a wide range of classes, however I'd love to see more agriculture classes offered more.
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