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Colorado Technical University - Sioux Falls Reviews

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I personally have not done any online classes at this school, but I have heard great things about them.
It is expensive, but it is worth the pay and financial aid is very understanding--but they get on your case if you ever owe money.
We have a diverse set of students in every class and the classes (and school) are small enough that you get to know everyone.
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They help so much with anything you have concerns about with your future and will help you find a job after you graduate and while you are still in school as well.
We have a library that has all the information you need and there is also an online library that is useful as well.
I have learned so much while going to this school and I would stay here for a lifetime and learn if I could. The professors know a lot and they are all very experienced.
Great professors and I have learned so much!
Professors are extremely willing to help out in any way!
the academic experience like i said before is awesome the advisors and professors are very much involved with their students
i am a business major and everything i learn has been interesting to me very educational just the right amount of homework and pretty good about late homework if the excuse was appropriate
The advisors and professors rock i love the fact that the professors have other jobs within our community and they understand things happen in life they interact with their students as much as possible and they give you their personal phone numbers and email so if there is any questions on something they are there to help
i like online courses for times that i cant make it to class or i can do my homework when i have time but there is no physical connection between peers and professors only online face to face help to me is better than being confused and not have a teacher right there to help out if i have a question
i love CTU the financial part may be a little high but the quality of the education pays for itself the staff there is the greatest and friendliest people i have met if you ever have questions someone will help you out if they don't know the answer they will find someone who does:)
Same as any other college but i think the price is worth the quality of education.
There's not alot of students here, but they seem to have alot of things for students to be involved in.
It's a small campus with a great resource center.
It is harder for online students to communicate effectively sometimes. The Sioux Falls Campus is great with helpful people
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They have good customer service and great classes.
I am only half into my classes with CTU and have no knowledge to what will happen once I complete. I do however see alot of information and help being offered on the site and from the advisors.
could use some improvement. signing up for classes is real easy, just have to make sure you have your financial aid taken care before hand. All schools are very expensive and being a private school CTU is expensive, but they are very accomendating with finishing your degree.
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