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Colorado Technical University - Greenwood Village Reviews

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Would I like about CTU this is my first year in college and i like the online chats and you can go back and listen to it again if you miss the regular online chats. I am majoring in Addiction Counseling and i like my classes that i am taking i am going for BD. I like the online instructor that i have they explain what need to be done on the lessons and you can email them if you have questions. And they explain when the lessons need to be in. I have heard from a lot of people that were going to CTU that it was a good school to go to. Would I would like to see changed is Tech Support the way they reply to you when you need help right away. They always wait until the next day to reply to you and you have problems with the logging into the CTU meeting. I wish that part of that would change and the Tech Support calls you right away or emails you right away when you have a problem.
This is a very non-traditional school. People of all ages come in to achieve their goals and are open to anything. It is very small, class sizes are great, and close to home for me.
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North campus was great so much closer to where I live. Traveling south 3x times a week isn't convenient. I did not know when I decided to come to CTU that they were closing then North campus which they did last summer. I know a lot of people did not want travel south that lived north so they switched schools.
Not a fan of online, I prefer hands on in the classroom...but honestly the online courses went by fast (5weeks/per online course). It was easy to slack off but as long as you stay on top of the work it will work out...I do suggest if your full time employee and want to go back to school, try the online courses!
I have not gotten into doing internship. Not sure about recruiting or career center as of now-
I like having professors that are in the field their teaching. Courses offered are general education to what your main focus is. I had taken all of my forensic courses at another campus before they closed it down. So now I'm taking my general ed and criminal classes. The classroom sizes are fairly can be either a large class for general education or if your doing a class with your major it can be small class size.
I'm in the criminal justice field with a focus in forensics. Nothing unique because everyone wants to be apart of the CSI team or in the coroner office. Facilities are okay. Class room size is reasonable. Workload isn't horrible, as long as you stay on top of the studies. But I love the program that I'm in....would recommend this school to anyone whose interested in the criminal justice field.
Certain departments within the school of a lack of communication with students
It can be confusing sometimes if you have a hard time trying to get to the right area on the online courses. It takes a lot of practice to fully know what to do.
They have many opportunities for the students and what they want to do with their degrees.
They meet my needs and make sure I have everything in order before starting school
CTU is a true cater to student university
I'm not a fan of online classes. Most classes can be on ground but they also want you to take online classes.
I don't know what part I like the best, I just like all of it.
I have enjoyed going to school CTU
the library staff are great.
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they try very hard to make sure that are the printers on the other equipment it up and running
they try very hard to please the students in every way.
I would recommend the school to other people
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