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The professor's are there to help you not just say they wil. The website has everything you would want to know
I am new too Colorado Technical University; this is my second session with CTU. I started my journey too a degree in business at another school. When I came too CTU, due too issues with the other school. I was looking for a college where my team of advisers didn't not change every quarter like the school before. CTU provide a team of advisers that will be with me until I graduate. I like having a team of advisers that will be there when I need help. My teachers has been very knowledgeable and informative. Each member of my team is going the extra mile too ensure I am a success and achieve my business degree. At this time, there is nothing I would change about Colorado Technical University. The teachers are knowledgeable of the material they are teaching. The academic staffing work hard as a team too ensure the college students can go into the world and apply what they've been taught.
I very much enjoy taking classes at CTU online. My experience in the past 8 years has been really good. The culture and people are friendly, inviting, and helpful. They are always working to improve the portal and resources. And they keep expanding their accreditation to include current subject matter. I've completed my BS and am working on my MS now. I look forward to earning other degrees here in the future.
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Since I have been going to Colorado Technical University, my experiences have been amazing. My student success coach went above and beyond to help me through my classes when my son passed and still today she is always their to encourage me to succeed.
I am new to the college. My start date was April 3, 2018 and although i am apart of their virtual campus, so far everything is going very well. I love that my Instructor communicates with us daily and gives feedback on all assignments that are graded. I haven't had one complaint and hopefully it stays that way for the remainder of my schooling.
Challenging curriculum that targets real-life experiences that will apply within my future career. We obtain knowledge from the military, naval academy graduate school, professors of higher levels of concrete experience, and other experienced students. Each of the assignments hold value and in-depth discussions of which apply to actual considerations within the business, security, and project environments.
All together, they are very helpful to obtain financial assistance, and technology. If you are ready to return to school or planning college, this is a serious university that doesn't take that lightly. The curriculum coincides with what is needed to make each student successful.
Absolutely love this school, everything and everyone I have encountered along my journey has been extremely helpful. This school allows me I attend while I work full time. Finishing my education is so important to me and I will achieve it.
The counselors and advisors who work at CTU are very concerned with your education and career and are always happy to help you no matter what. CTU advisors have been such a great help in my time at CTU, i know i can always count on them. The instructors are very knowledgeable in the course material and are very reliable as well. I have learned many new things during my time here at Colorado Technical University and i have absolutely no regrets about attending this college.
Classes are five weeks long, allowing you to move on to your next courses quickly. Degree program tracker lets you know your overall progress.
I feel that it provides its students with may different disciplines and advantages
and its reasonably priced . a great value for your money and lots of options .
Best choice I made about going back to school. It was motivating and the reason why I am continuing for my master's.
My experience at Colorado has been Awesome. I am very happy with my education experience with instructors who go far and beyond .
Available 24/7. If needing help always available. Super straight forward!! Instructors are always ready to help you get your best grade possible they always give feedback!!!! Helping you with what you need to work on .
My teachers are involved in my education and even when I move on to another class teachers encourage to continue to ask them for help. My success is their success until I graduate!
As I am going into my first year with ctu they have been helpful nice and have helped take some the stress of going to school off
Colorado Technical University-Online was not listed. CTU’s professors I have had have detailed knowledge about their subjects. I am getting my bachelor’s degree in the Science of Psychology with a concentration in consumer behavior in June. I know the people I deal with expect me to have specific and useful knowledge in psychology. This subject suits my interests and skills. I owed $9,000 to CTU for classes I have taken and for classes I still have to take until I graduate in June. I have paid $6,000 and owe $3,000. I am taking some courses in areas outside my major. They are a foundation for my future success with counseling. The benefit of these classes comes from learning how to learn though those specific bits of knowledge. I already have a job doing addiction counseling. Colorado has started a program for people who have four or more DUIs, DUI Level II, 4 Plus, which involves specific subjects for these people to get their driver's licenses back.
I finished my Associates degree at this school. I am currently pursuing a Bachelors. The school is pretty good online. There is a lot of communication and student success coaches. In my opinion the school is a bit pricey.
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From the moment I contacted the University everything has gone smoothly. There online forum to very helpful and easy to navigate.
I am a new student at Colorado Tech Online, I really love it so far. The instructions are clear enough for anyone to understand. I am well informed of grades, assignments, class time and discussion sessions they include. I have already learned so much that I didn't know before I started. It's been quite a few years since I've been enrolled in any type of schooling. I'm learning how to set-up my calendar with reminders of any pending deadlines and how to better arrange my to do list everyday. I have picked out my own learning style and am working to improve other learning styles, which I didn't use before. I am impressed with the abilities which I am hopeful to achieve and I get recognition when needed, and advice on different ways to get more information and all subjects. I'm very happy with Colorado Tech University.
The online program has been very good for me. It fits by busy schedule. The teachers have been super helpful and the school has access to easy to use tools that are sure to set you up for success!
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