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Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs Reviews

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I have had a wonderful time so far on my journey at CTU. The staff here has been friendly. They helped me change my enrollment from an Associates degree to my Bachelor's degree within 2 days. They have a wonderful program that you use to learn.
I am currently enrolled at Colorado Technical University online. Joining the university was the best decision that I have ever made. The Advisers are always there when you need them and the instructors are always involved in everything that we post regarding assignments and discussion boards. I had to take a break from school because of personal reasons and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to go back to school. After awhile, I began to question myself. One day I decided to speak to my Adviser and we spoke about different plans that I could take so that I wouldn't drop out and never return. Thanks to CTU, I am back in school and continuing my education towards getting my degree.
I have been attending Colorado Technical University since 2014 and my experience has been a great one. I am working on my Bachelors and have received Associate's in Accounting. The knowledge I have received is well worth paying for.
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I love this college. It works in my life schedule. The library is easy to use and the professors are very thorough with their teaching.
I have majority a OK experience at Colorado technical. I wish some things change like providing more funds for college students.
I just started Colorado Technical University haven't even got my feet wet yet to it. Though everything about the school I love. It's a great school to attend....
I totally wish for no changes as of yet but i am online studies and still a freshman. So i will keep the ideal changes upfront if they change. I am in love with the fast track process.
I have not taken classes in quite a few years, but the overall online learning experience was smoother than I had expected. I am looking forward to see what new technology makes the program even better.
This is my first week at CTU as an online graduate student. The experience has been good so far. I have had constant contact with the Admissions advisor, financial aid, Prior learning team and tech support. They made my enrollment a breeze.
The Instructors at CTU spend time investing in the quality of education. I feel as a student I get the best of my instructors and I accomplish so much as a student.
Great school, very flexible and most students are studying online. My dislikes is most of their scholarships offer is for only military, I feel that is beyond not right because civils need assistance to and we are still equal as one.
So far this school is amazing. The learning system they use is an adaptive system and it makes the lessons so understandable and all the resources they have to aid in your learnung journey are phenomenal. I love that the instructors are very helpful and they have an awesome messenger for internal use that allows you to connect with any and evrryone in your school circle. Best place to learn by far!!!
Love this school! It really helps me achieve my goals of being a Dr! Thank you CTU for helping my families dreams come true
I just started at Colorado university so as far as i can tell it seems like they really do care about their students academic achievement and helping them to graduate
I absolutely love the Intelipath platform they use which helps determine your knowledgeof the subject and i love theteachershere.
What I love about Colorado Technical University is the entire online experience! I was a nervous wreck before applying to this university. However after a rather long deliberation I decided to give them a call. And to my surprise, I have been here for three years now and I am still here today! What I would like to see changed (hopefully soon) is more financial resources provided for the minority students. I really feel like there should be more available, especially for the student whom are excelling in school. I, for one would be completely devastated should I not be able to complete my bachelor’s degree here at CTU due to a shortage on cash.
I was very skeptical about Colorado Techincal University at first. I’ll tell you why because a lot of online school are not accredited in the degree I wanted (Bachelor of Criminal Justices) , also because they were not really one on one. But At Colorado Techincal University they make sure they work with you so you succeed in your college. The professor are very one on one and they really do care about their student. I would recommend this college to anyone who trying to succeed in life and want to go back to school. I love this school, I may be planning to return to get my master degree in cyber security.
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So far the information given is amazing and very convenient for my lifestyle. Schedules are literally flexible, and you could fast pace through classes to save money.
It's a great online experience! The student success coaches are great and the classes are fun. Definitely a great school.
I attend online. It has been hard due to life events. I don't like that there aren't scholarships to help payments. But overall online school is great.
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