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Colorado Technical University - Colorado Springs Reviews

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I absolutely love the Intelipath platform they use which helps determine your knowledgeof the subject and i love theteachershere.
What I love about Colorado Technical University is the entire online experience! I was a nervous wreck before applying to this university. However after a rather long deliberation I decided to give them a call. And to my surprise, I have been here for three years now and I am still here today! What I would like to see changed (hopefully soon) is more financial resources provided for the minority students. I really feel like there should be more available, especially for the student whom are excelling in school. I, for one would be completely devastated should I not be able to complete my bachelor’s degree here at CTU due to a shortage on cash.
I was very skeptical about Colorado Techincal University at first. I’ll tell you why because a lot of online school are not accredited in the degree I wanted (Bachelor of Criminal Justices) , also because they were not really one on one. But At Colorado Techincal University they make sure they work with you so you succeed in your college. The professor are very one on one and they really do care about their student. I would recommend this college to anyone who trying to succeed in life and want to go back to school. I love this school, I may be planning to return to get my master degree in cyber security.
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So far the information given is amazing and very convenient for my lifestyle. Schedules are literally flexible, and you could fast pace through classes to save money.
It's a great online experience! The student success coaches are great and the classes are fun. Definitely a great school.
I attend online. It has been hard due to life events. I don't like that there aren't scholarships to help payments. But overall online school is great.
The staff always has the students best interest in mind. They answer direct emails within a timely manner and always make sure that you understand the material.
At Colorado Technical University there are so many great people you come in contact with every day. The professors are always very welcoming and are willing to explain any questions until you understand. There is also a chat where a student can ask a question and other students will respond. This is a great way to communicate with others and get to know your classmates. Motivation is always around at Colorado Technical University.
I like it because I can work at my pace. Some of the Professors are cool. My grades are good and better than I thought they would be.
I am an online student and I love my classes the resources and staff. I am an older man who is afraid of going back to school and I have easied in to it with no problem.
I have been an online student at CTU (Colorado Technical University for almost a year and am loving it. I enjoy everything to do with this program. All of the Faculty are great.The web site, learning platform, advisors, mobile app, tutors, credit for prior learning experience, transfer credits, financial aid and more at your fingertips.
an amazing place filled with friendly people and staff who will answer any question you have about the school and programs they offer here
CTU is a great school especially if you desire to go to a flexible online school that will be accommodating of a full-time work schedule.
I have been going to this school since February 2018 and I am actually taking courses online. I must say this is an Amazing experience. The staff here is wonderful and they are kind yet firm. I have learned so much and the Intellipath is AWESOME. My teachers have been very understanding of things that I am currently going thru -LIFE- I support them and all that they stand for!
I don't really care much for it, I only started the degree initially to better my life. But after months of hard work, I've come to find that it isn't in line with my career goals at all.
The staff is most helpful with making sure that you learn what you are attending for. The admissions will make sure you qualify for the school and make sure you get help with financial aid services before just turning you loose.
The professor's are there to help you not just say they wil. The website has everything you would want to know
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I am new too Colorado Technical University; this is my second session with CTU. I started my journey too a degree in business at another school. When I came too CTU, due too issues with the other school. I was looking for a college where my team of advisers didn't not change every quarter like the school before. CTU provide a team of advisers that will be with me until I graduate. I like having a team of advisers that will be there when I need help. My teachers has been very knowledgeable and informative. Each member of my team is going the extra mile too ensure I am a success and achieve my business degree. At this time, there is nothing I would change about Colorado Technical University. The teachers are knowledgeable of the material they are teaching. The academic staffing work hard as a team too ensure the college students can go into the world and apply what they've been taught.
I very much enjoy taking classes at CTU online. My experience in the past 8 years has been really good. The culture and people are friendly, inviting, and helpful. They are always working to improve the portal and resources. And they keep expanding their accreditation to include current subject matter. I've completed my BS and am working on my MS now. I look forward to earning other degrees here in the future.
Since I have been going to Colorado Technical University, my experiences have been amazing. My student success coach went above and beyond to help me through my classes when my son passed and still today she is always their to encourage me to succeed.
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