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it is an excellent university specially for hi-tech learners. like cyber security, computer science and information security fields.
To start, Colorado Tech University really shows interest in their students and it is obviously demonstrated in both the campus and virtual classroom (online education). I really appreciate the fact that the faculty keep it very professional and are helpful when it comes to taking care of some circumstances that sometimes are just unavoidable. I am currently deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan with the Air Force, and the school staffs were completely cooperative in my situation just in case I was to lose communication during my class schedule. The instructors and/or Professors are very knowledgeable and clearly explain the classrooms agendas and lessons for the remainder of the term. As long as you put in good effort with your academics, then the school will take good care of you and your academic goals.
Hey its a great University online and the staff are so helpful and their is fast track. I attend Colorado Technical University -Online it is an awesome experience to see all hundred courses completed and my GPA at graduation will be 3.00. I worked really hard to obtain my degree. I am just shy of three courses completing my Associates of Science Degree in Management.
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I like ctu because it's has alot of different online classes for students to choose from. It also have great professor they are dedicated to making sure the student gets the assignment in. They are very respectful to their students. I like how they give us fast track classes if we score a 70 or above on the intellipath we do not have to take the class at no cost. It helps lower our tuition fee. The only thing I do not like it's that cost of a school year is extremely high. Ctu has the most expensive tuition when it comes to it's student school cost.
Great school, with nice advisors . they really help students with disabilities. Can be contacted at any time of the day. I enjoy working with them to be successful.
I loved that I can do online classes and how interactive the staff is . I like that I complete my assignments in a good time frame and able to understand the overall class at a good pace. I my self wouldn't change anything .
School is tough at CTU you have options if you pursue them. Staff are ready and eager to assist when ever needed which is the most important aspect in the continuing education process. I find CTU a Great Online School foe acheiving goals .
After getting my Bachelor's degree, I decided to move forward with my education and looked into Master degrees. CTU was far the best choice for me as I have graduated with an MBA-HR and now working on my second Master of Science Management (MSM). Here, you can work online that fits your daily schedule, listen in onto live chats, and be able to reach out to a Professor and classmates for any questions, feedback, and help. This is the first college I have seen that works with Military when someone has been called out to duty. This is a school do I recommend to family, friends and even post on social media.
My experience with Colorado Technical University has been an awesome adventure so far. The university offer’s quite a bit of different academic career choice and degree’s. I feel the professors could be a bit more interactive with the students.
I'm just beginning my Education at this online school, but I find that the resources available on the online campus make for a wonderful educational experience thus far.
this has been my first experience with online collage and it has been great. they are always there when you need some no matter if it is student advice or financial aid they are great.
awesome college!! I've never been so happy. Id recommend it to anyone looking to further their education. Faculty and students are great and very friendly!
The overall experience of Colorado Tech so far is pretty awesome. Everybody is nice and the professors and advisors are very accommodating to everyones situations and are always there if you need them.
the success coaches are willing to help and the instructors are very helpful as well. i also like the feedback that you receive from classmates as well.
The advisors and teachers were all very helpful and were available for any questions that I had. The online classes are very easy to orient yourself to and the intellipath is a very unique tool that they use to help test you on the content that you are supposed to be learning.
I just started CTU last month and so far I love it I'm excited about furthering my education. I am also excited about taking classes online and that I can work around my personal life and be able to continue my education
I enjoy the classes for my degree that u have chosen and I always get help when I have a problem or don't understand something
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Professors care about the students. There is so many tools avalible to help you learn and understand. The virtual campus is so easy to navigate. They even have tutoring to help students with the really difficult classes.
I liked the online courses they are easy to access and the reply from professors and tech support was within 24 hrs as far as time and being very helpful. If any problem came up they where very prompt on helping for the solution. Love the college. Would recommend.
Great school. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. I'm enjoying everything so far and made the right decision. I think joining Colorado tech will be the missing part of my career. I'm looking forward to learning more.
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