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So far I am very happy with my experience. I was able to utilize the fast track program to save on my tuition and all of the staff members are helpful and pleasant to work with.
My overall experience with the college is that I feel like I have been equipped with a path through out my career with a future and security.
Long story short I went to CTU and graduated but once I graduated they stuck me with a huge bill which was never advised to me. I had to take a class 3 times because on a conflict with the instructor. I was told by the school that they apologized and "dropped the ball" I have a ton of emails from different staff members which the turn around rate is ridiculous at this school. The Ombudsman department contacted me acting like they were the good guys and they were on the students side but they aren't they are paid by the school. The school has done this to numerous students if you look at their reviews. I wish I would have looked at their reviews before applying but all I can do now is warn others about this school. Do not waste your time trusting a school that claims to care about the students but just cares about money.
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I love this school, everyone is willing to work with you. This isy first semester and I am excited to be enrolled here. The student portal is very easy to understand. There are plenty of resources and people to help you in whatever area you need help in
My college is very attentive to my needs are truly are dedicated to my success. Whenever I need assistance they are there to assist and 100% resolve any issues I am faced with.
I love the flexibility of online and/or campus class schedule. The on campus classes are small and mostly filled with working adults like myself. Being a veteran I take full advantage of the MANY resources afforded through the VA/Military office on campus. At CTU everyone wants to see you win!!!
This college is a great college. The teachers are great. They understand the working student and strive to encourage success.
I have nothing negative to say , its been great the improvement would be the live chats at a better time. For me but over all it has been very good i do tell my friends and family about my school
I enjoyed the time I had with CTU online, in the past and currently as a returned student. They were very helpful with my return and understanding of my issues, I am continuing my education with them, as I finish up with my Bachelors and enters into my Masters in business Administration Management with Technology. It has been a long and trying path to take but it will be worth the stress and hard work to succeed my goal of a Masters degree.
Attending Colorado Technical University has been the greatest place in my life. It has given me hope, and help me to set goals for my future and to inspire towards my dreams. I will easy rate my experience with CTU as a 10 and I enjoy the curriculum 100%. It has taught me to work through any obstacles and how to remain positive in succeeding.
Colorado Technical University has given me the opportunity to not only better myself, but my family as well. Every encounter has been nothing short of amazing. I was welcomed with open arms after a brief hiatus from my collegiate career. The staff made me feel right at home and helped to steer me back onto the path of greatness. Thank you CTU!
I have enjoyed my courses and am happy with the major I chose. My courses are directly related to my degree program, so I don't feel like I'm taking (and paying for) a bunch of "filler" courses, which is nice. The workload is easily manageable, and I think the curriculum accurately reflects real world knowledge that is needed to advance in this career field.
There are a lot of employer recruiting events and the school does a good job of keeping students informed of these events. The career center also offers many resources for help in resume' writing and job searches to help advance your career.
So far, I have enjoyed my courses, and found my professors to be helpful and knowledgeable in their fields. Class sizes are rather large, but many students on the roster do not actively participate, so it doesn't FEEL like a huge unmanageable class size.
Online courses are different from traditional classroom experiences in several ways. It is beneficial that all lectures are recorded, so you can always go back and re-listen to them if you want to clarify something or fill in your notes. However, online college is not for the student who cannot manage his time, and I wouldn't recommend for a student who does not ask questions or advocate for himself. There is plenty of support and many resources available, but you have to be willing to ask for help or speak up.
Overall, CTU has been a good fit for me. The flexibility and pace have fit into my existing schedule nicely, and I would recommend them to any prospective college student.
At the beginning of each session, you have access to all assignments and course expectations, including due dates, so you are easily able to manage your time and plan around your existing schedule. There is ample time to complete assignments, and if you ask, teachers are happy to even grant you an extension if you need one.
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CTU has a dedicated Career Center which houses a mass of resources for students and alumni to transition from student to career professional. They host many webinars with competitive employers and they do a good job of notifying students of Career Center events.
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