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The professors and admission advisors have all been great to work with. There is always someone willing to help in a time of need. The only complaint I can think of is the price. The school is rather expensive. However, most colleges are. Especially out of state. All in all CTU is a great school. I feel I made a great choice going with this school.
I love the programs at this school. My classes are challenging but not impossible. I have a very busy schedule and CTU fits perfectly even offerring fast track exams to pass classes by taking a test for subjects i am already proficient in.
Love the ease of attending "class", would like more interaction with the professors, and maybe a little more info on what's needed to know to pass the lessons.
Review Colorado Technical University - Online
They help so much cause everything is basically on your time. If and when you need help the faculty and staff are there to help you out immediately. I have absolutely nothing to complain about because they have made my transition from everyday life having a family with kids of my own so much easier than traditional college.
This school is a pretty good school, despite the bad reviews. I can work on my own scheduele, which is great knowing that after work and tending my kid, I can complete my work and even work ahead if I know I will have a real busy day. CTU online allows me to further my education while still doing things I love to do!
I love this school! I feel that the online learning environment is easy to follow. Also, the staff members are extremely helpful and want you to succeed!
I have only been enrolled in Colorado Tech for a very short time and they have been great. I did the orientation and my first term with no problems, then entering the 3rd term or semester (I don't know what they call them) my nephew passed away unexpectedly which really took us all by surprise. Due to his passing so unexpectedly I couldn't do the work and missed more than 14 days of classes so they academically withdrew me. I was fine with that and I am now in the process of enrolling again and the entire staff has been very helpful with getting me back on track. I am set to start classes on May 16th and I have started the orientation for this term.
I rate CTU a 4 out of 5 because of my experiences so far with enrollment. the enrollment process was very easy and I got a quick response from student advisor/recruiter. She was very helpful she explain everything in detail. she kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and made sure that I had everything I need to complete enrollment. As a student that received my high school diploma from out of the country she really made it easy process and help me get the all the documents that I needed. I am currently enrolled in the online courses. the virtual campus is very easy to navigate and you have all the resources available to help you succeed.
I am presently in my 4th year of attendance at Colorado Technical University-Online. My experience has been rewarding and fulfilling. The professors are absolutely wonderful and patient as well as reachable. The courses are quite rewarding. The only issue that I might have would be having more clarity in regards to how the financial aid works to avoid having charges at the end of my studies.
The Academic Advising staff at this college is excellent! They're always on top of things such as letting the student know what needs to be done and how to do it, and they make sure to keep in touch so that the student knows what to do and when to do it. The layout of the classroom is very easy to follow as it's clear and organized. My professor has a lot of expertise in what he teaches. The assignments are helpful as they customize a learning plan for the student. I also love how they provide students e-textbooks that's included in the student's tuition package, which is convenient, and that there are no tests. One thing this college can improve on is a clearer and more organized communication channel. I've had to repeat the same information to different Financial Aid personnel, and it took a long time for this information to be added to my student file.
I love it, greaat staff professors are wonderful an very helpful.. I would recommend this college to anyone!
Ctu is a great university to attend. The professors n faculty are great. The student always comes first.
Colorado Technical University is a very good University to attend online, the Instructors are very cooperative and helpful by pushing the student to the excellence edge. The staff overall is very comprehensive and friendly. I will recommend Colorado Technical University to any person looking to attend aUniversity online.
I love the 5 1/2 week sessions. This makes it easy to stay focused and learn the material. I was one who got bored really easily when it came to school. So when I found CTU and discovered this format, it really clicked with me. By time I got tired of a class, it was already the end of the class. I loved the fast track options also. It was an easy and cost saving way for me to finish with my first degree. All I had to do was read the lesson, take a test, and I was finished. Great school, and I really loved my admissions adviser. If not for her, I probably would not have attended.
My experience at Colorado Technical University for my first year, is very exciting, and a new experience for me online. My first class at Colorado Technical University was very interesting, because it taught me a lot about communication skills.
Very easy to follow, wonderful staff. All advisors are so helpful. Really enjoy the intellapath learning nodes
I began attending CTU in October 2014 working for my A.S. in Health Administration Services. I have never regretted making the decision to attend CTU. I have always been a part time student which meant taking one class a session because I work two jobs and have a family to take care of, so just having one class allowed me to concentrate on my school work and not get behind with everything else I had going on. I absolutely love Intellipath which is an adaptive interactive learning technology use for some classes. I also found the weekly chats with professors to be helpful and expanded my knowledge beyond what the reading material offered. The Professors were wonderful and easy to get help from. Financial Aid was not a problem and they helped my get my funding for school. I will graduate this May 2017 with a 3.89 grade point average (GPA), and I will be using Career Services at CTU to help me get ready for finding a job in my field.
Review Colorado Technical University - Online
Awesome opportunity. I really like the Fast Tract program. This allows the student to challenge courses you are strong in.
So far so good. Honestly I feel like I have the best advisor possible. The first week she called me daily and instantly made me feel like family. I don't think I would have been this motivated if it had not been for her.
My experience with CTU has been great the lessons are very well put together and easy to navigate through. The success coaches are very helpful mainly the entire staff is easy to get ahold of and are there to assist you when it's needed. I also like being able to take the fast track program to finish my program sooner and it helps refresh my mind.
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