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2,248 reviews
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My experience with CTU has been great the lessons are very well put together and easy to navigate through. The success coaches are very helpful mainly the entire staff is easy to get ahold of and are there to assist you when it's needed. I also like being able to take the fast track program to finish my program sooner and it helps refresh my mind.
CTU is honestly one of the best schools Ive ever attended. They are seriously with you every step of the way. They have amazing resources and the online programs is best for those with a very busy schedule.
I really like the ease of classwork and the ability to study and complete classwork at your own pace. The professors are good and the information given is easy to understand.
My experience with CTU online has been remarkable. They have been available whenever I needed any help, had questions and anything else that I may have needed. The staff went out of their way to ensure my success in classes and put me on the right track to getting my degree. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get a degree and start earning their degree.
I am on my 3rd term at CTU and so far, I have been pleased. I was worried about having two classes at one time and cramming in so much within a 5-1/2 week term; but, I have been able to get all of my work done on time and keep a 4.0 GPA. Everyone at CTU has been helpful and friendly. I have had great professors that have been helpful and friendly. I love the fact that everything is online and I am able to do schooling whenever it works for me and my busy schedule.
I have had wonderful learning experience through Colorado Technical University, but the reason I rated this a 4 star is because I feel the cost to go to this school is to high. I have been attending this school for 3 years now, and am very close to earn my degree, but due to the cost of courses and meeting the limits in loans I can not finish unless I find other sources to help with costs.
I haven't started class yet but I do like how much my advisor is keeping me up to date. Contacting me daily to help me get ready to begin my new journey.
I have had a wonderful experience so far! It fits perfectly into my home life so I can work and be a mom at the same time!
I love CTU, It is a great college. The Professors are friendly and knowledgeable. Doing school online works best around my schedule because if I miss a class, its archived so you can attend at a later time. I am gaining a lot of knowledge attending this school that will help me land a career knowing all the necessary skills to succeed.
Great school and professors, as well all of the alumni that i have been in contact with over the past years have been pleasant to deal with and a 5 star school in my book.
I like the online learning, I don't like the library. I found more information from Google & YouTube. I wish we had more than one class a week, I feel like it's not enough. I was lived with teacher teaching using a chart board or computer. Some of these teachers just read the book instead of teaching the class and giving examples.
My experience with CTU online has been just great. I would recommend it to everyone. There is always someone there to help. I have done the on campus classes and did not think I could pull off the online classes but they have changed my mind and I believe my life.
I had an excellent experience with CTU Online. I wish thst they would improve the financial aid portion.
Colorado Technical University have a lot of wonderfull people , the professors always tring to help the students. This university is the best choice I made, they always keep in touch with you but most of all they make you feel like family. The classes are very nice and the team is awesone. I love everything about CTU.
I have been going to CTU since February 2016 when I transfered from another college. I have to say that CTU is the best online college I have attended between the other online college I attended.
CTU offers fast track on certain subjects so that the students can have the choice to graduate early or study at their on pace.
Every person that I have had contact with as for staff has always been very respectful and doing their best to answer the question,correct the problem,aldo directing me to the correct department that can help me.
Overall, CTU is a very good online college in my opinion.
I love this school. It is the best thing to ever happen to me. I am so excited that I attend this school. It has lots of resources to help students learn. More than I can count. The library is amazing. It is real easy to navigate. The whole entire virtual campus is very easy to navigate. The learning material is challenging, but fun. This school is strictly for people who want to learn. It is not a place to nap on! Did I mention each individual student has their own success coach. This is a person who helps you stay up on your game. They are there to answer any questions you have about course work and/or attendance.
I love this school so much the teachers are amazing my administrater was always on the ball answered all of my questions and then introdused me to my student success coach all went great I cant wait tell im fully through would deffinently refer ppl to go here
Hello FEllow students
I have been here for almost 3 years. I really do love the fact tha there are no TEST and no EXAMS for your classes. The classes that you do take are based on a 5 week interval. I just hate that they make us pay so much for tech support even though you might not use it as much as the next person. I also hate that we do not have a book physical in our hands other than that I love going to CTU online.
Colorado Technical University Online is a great school. They care about their students. The Virtual Campus is amazing to use and the intellipath is something I have never seen before. The Intellipath test your knowledge of the course you are taking. It has readings and tests and makes sure you understand the course and can pass.
Throughout the time that I have had in Colorado Technical University-Online has been great. Even though I'm online the teachers and the advisors are still there whenever you need them. The staff is always willing to help you no matter what. They never make you feel like your asking for to much, and I am someone that ask a lot of questions. Even with financial aid they they weigh every options there is to make sure that each student make it through school.
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