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Colorado State University Reviews

3,731 reviews
Party Scene
The feel of the campus and the city is amazing, every person I have met has been so kind, and the resources provided for new students were always so helpful during my transition to a new school. The academics are challenging, but the professors, tutors, and study groups give me all the tools I need to succeed.
Although Colorado State University, is very welcoming. There are still ways to make this college more diverse. It is predominantly Caucasian and to some may be indimidating. We live in a state where many individuals who are classified as a “minority” reside. Having opportunities where individuals like the ones mentioned above can attend and recieve informantion On te college itself in their OWN language may help encourage more enrollement. Being that they will feel taken into consideration and feel like the matter and would want to enroll into CSU !
They are a very attentive and proactive school. The opportunities this university has is endless and they have many opportunities for extra learning. I work at the Psychology computer lab and have found it to be a great experience. They have many opportunities for work-studies and scholarships. Everyone working at CSU is there to help you succeed which is the most helpful and encouraging thing. They will help you with every challenge you throw their way-- which I have done a lot of! They have jumped through hoops for me from financial counseling to academic counseling to free therapy offered to students each semester. My only issue is that CSU sciences have a low passible sciences rate which the university has not addressed.