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Colorado state is a beautiful college with great people and professors that really care. I'd recommend going here if you like outdoor activities, cold winters and typical college towns. The demographic of people at Colorado state are all nice and supportive which I think ensures success and fulfillment.
This college is an excellent home to grow your mind and explore the possibilities in life. 10/10 would recommend.
Friendly people all around you, great state to be in and town! great teachers that help you with a lot!
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It is a very open and beautiful campus. Teachers are very personable and are very invested in their students success. The president of the university is phenomenal, all his communications with the student body are personable and ensure that the school is there for the students at all times and under all circumstances.
The campus was very nice and the buildings and facilities seemed very up-to-date. It seems like a very green campus, as a large majority of the students ride their bikes around campus. I don't believe much of the University needs improvement because it is updated and the surrounding city of Fort Collins is a perfect setting for any college student to live.
Best school in the world! Amazing connections to be made, beautiful scenery, fun town to be in, and always something to do.
The atmosphere amongst all of the students was one of high achievement. It was the first time in my academic career when every person I spoke to was truly vested in furthering not only their education, but also themselves as an individual in our community here in Fort Collins, CO. It is a sight to behold and I wouldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.
I love Colorado State University. The people here are so nice and the teachers will go out of their way to make sure you understand the material. If you put effort into their class they will put the same amount of effort into helping you pass.
CSU is a great college for students of all majors. There are so many ways to get involved in research as an assistant in so many different things. The only thing I wish this college did better to cater to transfer students better. I found it hard to get involved in the college activities and clubs. making it easier to join clubs maybe through one website would help a lot for helping new and transfer students to get involved in the college.
I loved Colorado State University mainly because I loved living in Fort Collins. I also loved CSU because of it is an eco-friendly school and it made me feel great about going there. I didn't like all of the construction, the rising cost of the University and the parking situation.
My major is Fashion design at CSU. I thought the information wouldn't be as in depth as art schools in New York, but what we learn at CSU is extremely helpful and the teachers come from all types of backgrounds in the industry.
The online math course absolutely sucks but otherwise all of the professors are very knowledgeable, helpful and kind. The campus is beautiful and everybody is so nice on campus and in town. I am loving it here.
Colorado State University was my first choice for a college! I am a psychology major and while I know it is not the most prestigious school, I feel I am really getting out of it what I put in. In addition, the student and surrounding community is fabulous. However, there have been some problems with assault and discrimination on campus and I would like to see them addressed much more strictly and quickly than they have been.
Right off the bat CSU has made me feel like it's home, the people are always friendly and I look forward to completing my Bachelor's Degree here
The Colorado is very good college for anyone that what's more with their life and want to get a better job, and CSU is an amazing place to choice whatever degree you want. There are soon many degrees to choice from that it's hard, but it's a great college for engineering students, specially if your going into biomedical or electrical engineering. One thing that could be better if the college had more diversity, but that's not on the college, it's on the students that decide to go to college and what it brings after getting their bachelor's.
The campus staff and students were very welcoming. The orientation made me feel very at home with the campus and transition to a new place. The organizers created a very fun orientation that was also very informative. I was able to find all my classes fairly quickly and able to settle into my dorm comfortably. My classes were very informative and simple at first and then dove into the subject. I am being challenged and learning new concepts and ideas. My advisors really helped guide me on choosing my classes and maintaining my schedule. However, because I am still a freshman, I cannot give a thorough review of CSU.
Beautiful campus with amazing people! Located in an amazing town with many things to do. Provides a sense of home.
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The only thing I could wish were different about CSU is the cost of tuition. My educational experience has been excellent. My only regret is that I have to take on student loans to continue my education at CSU.
I think CSU is in an amazing city with lots of outdoor activities and involvement opportunities. The food and dorms were ok, on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 5. I would like to see more space for incoming students and academic building renovations.
From what I saw when I visited, I instantly fell in love. When I toured I saw beautiful buildings and scenery. I also noticed the diversity of everyone around campus.