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The Colorado is very good college for anyone that what's more with their life and want to get a better job, and CSU is an amazing place to choice whatever degree you want. There are soon many degrees to choice from that it's hard, but it's a great college for engineering students, specially if your going into biomedical or electrical engineering. One thing that could be better if the college had more diversity, but that's not on the college, it's on the students that decide to go to college and what it brings after getting their bachelor's.
The campus staff and students were very welcoming. The orientation made me feel very at home with the campus and transition to a new place. The organizers created a very fun orientation that was also very informative. I was able to find all my classes fairly quickly and able to settle into my dorm comfortably. My classes were very informative and simple at first and then dove into the subject. I am being challenged and learning new concepts and ideas. My advisors really helped guide me on choosing my classes and maintaining my schedule. However, because I am still a freshman, I cannot give a thorough review of CSU.
Beautiful campus with amazing people! Located in an amazing town with many things to do. Provides a sense of home.
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The only thing I could wish were different about CSU is the cost of tuition. My educational experience has been excellent. My only regret is that I have to take on student loans to continue my education at CSU.
I think CSU is in an amazing city with lots of outdoor activities and involvement opportunities. The food and dorms were ok, on a scale of 1-10 it would be a 5. I would like to see more space for incoming students and academic building renovations.
From what I saw when I visited, I instantly fell in love. When I toured I saw beautiful buildings and scenery. I also noticed the diversity of everyone around campus.
Everyone is super welcoming and nice. My professors are all so helpful and answer any questions. I've only been here about three weeks and I've already made so many friends!
Colorado State has all the amenities most students are looking for. It's located on a beautiful campus that's almost a city unto itself. With lots of nature, shopping, and things to do, you can't pass up this quaint college!
The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. Freshman orientation was purposeful and helpful in getting acquainted while being a bit nervous. The dorms are decent, however lacking air conditioning!
CSU is a very amazing school. Nice profs, neat rooms, and overall fun. Very expensive though. This school is very good a picking a good room mate for you. Diversity is alright. Luckily, my residence hall is very diverse due to a program I'm in, Key Communities, but other than this hall, it's a pretty white dominated school.
The school is honestly so welcoming! Each section of our hall was given Ram Welcome Leaders that volunteered their time to help you feel accommodated at campus. We did activities to get to know everyone on our floor and the school set up events such as a carnival, food fair, and ice cream social to help incoming students adjust to living in such a big environment. The teachers are also so open minding and accepting when it comes to issues such as race, gender, or any other issues that would otherwise isolate a person, so they try their best to be inclusive by asking people their preferred names, pronouns, and even have gender inclusive bathrooms in almost every building on campus. Academics wise, the school offers so many resources to help students strive to do their best in their classes and in their colleges.
CSU-Fort Collins is a great place to attend college. It's a beautiful campus equipped with a brand new on-campus stadium and new buildings. The people are great, and the surrounding city is phenomenal.
Colorado state is a wonderful school filled with wonderful people. Everyone is there for the same purpose and that is to earn an education, no matter what major or range of study everyone is still connected as one community.
CSU has been incredibly helpful and assisting to any of my needs. I always know where to go to get help if I'm struggling there are so many resources available to us!
I toured CSU's campus with some classmates and a few teachers last spring. The campus is very big compared to all of the other schools I have attended. The campus is beautiful and has a lot to offer. It is located in Ft. Collins which is a pretty area in CO and makes for a cozy college town.
Everyone is so friendly, the campus is very beautiful. The town is great for a college student. Academically is challenging but worth it. The professors are helpful and invested in each students success.
Great school, a lot of fun opportunities to get involved and grow as a person and really get connected in the community.
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Colorado has been a pretty good school so far even though this is about to be my first year attending. What I love about Colorado is that when you go there it's just always nice and so many amazing people are there everyone is so welcoming.
Great campus with a great staff. Surrounding area can be pricey but staying with a roommate or two can remedy that.
CSU is an amazing university with a beautiful campus. The students are friendly and willing to help anyone in need. There are constant activities and events occurring all over campus, a variety that accommodates for every and all students of differing backgrounds, interests, and opinions. Professors are always advertising their office hours, email, and even offer to stay outside of their required hours to assist any students struggling or even to just sit down for a conversation. The counsellors are all well versed in the mechanics of their specific departments but also can give insight into other departments outside of their zone of expertise which makes information gathering far easier. Every spot on campus is study friendly with plenty of chairs and table top spaces, and is most friendly when it comes to student mode of transportation including bikes and roller blades.