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Colorado State University Reviews

3,459 reviews
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CSU provides a college wonderful experience, with an array of subjects to specialize in. Diversity, inclusiveness and campus safety are taken seriously, and students and teachers alike are extremely helpful and friendly. The resources provided for students are modern and extensive, but may not seem compelling enough for the cost of attendance. Tuition is not particularly bang for the buck unless you're an in-state student on a scholarship.
Good school, although a lot of ignorant white people. Big class sizes, at least in my first year. The town generally bored me but I also don't have a car.
When I toured the campus, it gave me a welcoming atmosphere. The students and staff there allowed me to feel like I would fit in very well there. The school seems like it has a lot of great opportunities for its students.
So far the teachers have been very professional but also accommodating and not too intimidating, as a freshman most of my classes have been pretty big with an average of 100-150 other students. The large class sizes hasn't been a problem though, as each teacher has at least one but usually two to three teachers assistants, who help them with everything from grading to conducting study sessions for students. The general environment of the school and campus is very pretty and everyone is pretty relaxed.
I love it! The only thing I don't like is dorm living. The programs are great. The rec center is awesome.
I love the school, it is absolutely amazing. I'm glad I chose this to be my state! Everyone and anyone who goes here is sure to love it!
CSU Fort Collins is an amazing place to live, work, and go to school! I am only a Freshman; however, the people I have met and the things I have experienced so far are only positives!
I am still in high school but my dream school is to go to CSU. I took a tour and the campus was very nice and comforting.
CSU has a lot of great aspects. The campus is great (minus the constant construction) and the school is very supportive. The resources for students are very well developed. A lot of the classes are wonderful but there are some departments that seem to struggle as a whole. Fort Collins is a great place to live - there's an incredible restaurant and food scene, tons of breweries, and easy access to all types of outdoor activities. If you are studying one of the things CSU is known for then it is an awesome place to learn. Overall, it's a great school. It's expensive of course but that's any college these days, it's not any worse than others.
This is definitely the top school in the state to go to if you're looking for a school that actually cares about the individual. I am in the School of Business and it is hands down the best in the state. The advisors and teachers are always there to help every single student grow in their education. The facilities are top notch, especially now that the whole campus has been remodeled, and there are plenty of new opportunities in terms of research and development. The students are amazing. You can start an interesting conversation with almost everyone and the school pride is fantastic. There are plenty of opportunities to further your interests and career, especially in the College of Business where they invest all that they have to offer into students. Most of the teachers also believe that actually learning the material is more important than the grade which is excellent for personal growth. There also is an atmosphere of sustainability and inclusion when it comes to diversity.
This is the perfect university. There are so many different opportunities at this school. You can be almost any major you can think of. There's a club for EVERYTHING. The athletic games are fun to attend. There are study abroad programs for many different majors. They are helpful with financial aid and give quite a bit of money if needed. The professors are great and love their jobs and what they are doing for students. Overall this is the best university.
The college seems almost too good to be true. The campus is amazing and the academic center of the university is well focused. However, the admissions office lacks a significant ability to properly guide students applying for residency and in-state tuition. I moved from Michigan to Colorado and after the fact found out that the three admissions counselors I spoke to between January and moving there in August, neglected to mention the pertinent detail of Residency Orientation.
Overall, I believe this is a great school. I got accepted into this school 2 months ago and it gave a lot of information on how to accept the admitted students invitation. I haven't visited this college but from what I've researched on, this is a fantastic school.
So far Colorado State University has been a great experience. It is so friendly and open, I feel like every day I meet a new person who genuinely loves going to school here. I also love the theater program that I'm involved in because everyone is so motivated and dedicated to making the theater program great. The teachers seem to sincerely love their jobs and make it a point to let the student know that they are there as a resource and to help kids move in the best direction within their fields. Plus, it's an absolutely beautiful campus.
CSU is a great college! You always meet new, stay active in sports or at the gym, eat great food, live it up with the exciting night life, and learned from great professors. I couldn't think of any other college that I would want to go to. CSU is more than just a school, it is a home. Here you will make the memories you will never forget and meet people who will change your life forever. Plus, CSU is located in the great town of Fort Collins. When your not on campus studying, you can be out and about at Horsetooth, Old Town, City Park, and so forth!
Colorado State University is a very nice school, while it is very large it still feels like home. I think that it is a good college because everyone here cares about student success. Every teacher has been very gracious and loves to get to know students who put in effort to their classes. I know that schools are always trying to improve for their students, and I know that my school is no exception to this. However, I currently am very happy at my school and the only thing that I do not enjoy is that I cannot have my animal with me. I would love to have dorms that are caring and allow students to bring a small pet with them. I know that this is possible with service animals, however it is not quite as easy for students like me who just like to have a companion animal at their side.
I liked there entertainment/ recreation center. It had much diversity and the campus is amazing. There are cafes all around and many smiles on students as they pass by. I was there for LDZ and have absolutely loved how everyone was kind to one another during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It pleased me so much to see that many were active and conversation starters. Only few were shy but out of some many , it didn't really compare. It gave me the college feel and I loved it. Only downside was that in some buildings there weren't air conditioners so it felt as if I was suffocating at times but it was only when are group went back to the dorms during the day (which was rare, we were everywhere). But Overall, it was a great experience.
The community at Colorado State is amazing, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Everything about it is just great, from the people, to the classes, to the teachers and the campus.
I'm about to start my second semester at Colorado State University. I enjoyed the first semester. I liked my classes a lot, and I love the campus. It's beautiful! It is easy to get around and meet new people and have new experiences.
What I like most about CSU would have to be the campus and its location. It is a stunning campus and has a very open feel to it. It,s located in the wonderful city of fort collins where there are numerous things to do, and near the hogbacks where one can enjoy many different outdoor activities. It is a gorgeous place to be year round, even with all of the construction.
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