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First off the campus is beautiful and well kept. Additionally, for every class, there are always great resources outside of class for extra such as free tutoring. The student community is great and there is a niche for everyone.
I love this school. My interior architecture program allows me to fully engage my creative ability and understand my major to my fullest potential.
I am very happy with my experience at CSU so far. I am a transfer student coming from a two-year college and they are taking excellent care of me and my fellow transfers. The campus is beautiful, clean, and there are A LOT of resources, clubs, etc.
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CSU is not worth the cost of tuition. I transferred from a school that was half the price and I think the other was much better. Outdated tech, poor teachers, bad quality infrastructure.
I am an online student who transferred in with a 2 year degree, but all of the professors have been excellent to assist me with any issues or scheduling conflicts to work out an acceptable solution for both sides.
I’m an online, full time student at CSU. I transferred here last year and am now a junior. I’ve had a really good online experience so far and professors are really great about getting back to you and helping out even if you’re not an on-campus student.
Colorado State is a great place to receive your degree. CSU truly believes in focusing on the students before anything else. Being a transfer student, I found it incredibly easy to adjust and call CSU home. From their programs to their organizations, CSU is an excellent university.
I love the atmosphere at Colorado State University. I enjoy the classes, the way they challenge me, and who I get to work with on a daily basis. Something I would change is the cost of attendance. It bugs me that money might be the thing that can hold me back from my goals.
Colorado State University has one of the most beautiful campuses with notable architecture and limitless facilities. It is conveniently located near a huge reservoir and offers a nice view of the mountains. Diversity is somewhat lacking, but the cultures and perspectives among students are unique and fully embraced by the entire community. The area around campus has endless shops and restaurants and Old Town itself has character and a feel all its own. Students at CSU are very active and the area is bustling with people running, walking and biking from one place to another. Because CSU is a large state school the resources offered to students sometimes feel stretched, but typically professors, TAs and others are willing to help their students succeed.
For the most part, I love CSU. Most of the professors are really supportive, intersting, and caring. Parking and financial aid are an absolute joke. It's outrageous I have to pay 600 more a year to park my car and you aren't even guaranteed a spot! Financial aid told me "I need to wake up and realize I can't afford to go to school." If it weren't for the amazing professors and student community and beautiful campus, parking and financial aid would ruin CSU.
I like the people and staff here, I just wish it was more diverse. The environment is friendly and welcoming.
Colorado State University has some of the best professors around. They are not only about our educational experiences but also about students lives outside of the classroom. I have created many connections with my professors and I would not trade these experiences for the world. I have also found a great community while at CSU. There is something for everyone at CSU.
CSU has an incredible culture. It is warm and welcoming. Their commitment to diversity and inclusivity is astounding. I was very happy with my program and the level of education that I received.
I really enjoy the campus' layout and the community that exists at this college. Every teacher that I've worked with has made it clear to all of us how much they enjoy teaching and how much they want us to continue to learn in our lives; that idea alone is extremely motivating and makes me feel happier about the world every time that I am feeling stress through work or school.
Something I strongly liked about this campus is the campus its self. I enjoyed that the campus isn't very spread and it's all pretty easy to find. I loved the students and environment that is created within the campus, it's very welcoming and helpful.
I am currently a student at CSU in an online program. I really enjoy the coursework and have had good experiences with the professors. I sometimes feel distant from the professors and other students. I think they could improve on making online students feel more involved.
CSU has a wonderful campus, the amenities provided for students are incredible and there’s an abundance of staff around to help. I’d say the only few downsides are you generally don’t get the residence hall you want and parking is a catastrophe. Regardless of parking and residences the campus and town surrounding CSU are the most incredible places to be. There are constantly events around town and it’s beautiful to see any time of year.
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Colorado state university is a wonderful 4 year university. The courses were great and professors were knowledgeable. Fort Collins is a fabulous college town with a lot of perks.
I really enjoy the campus and the community at CSU. I am a very active person and also very studious and there are many opportunities for me to get involved in outdoor and fitness activities while also being involved in academic clubs and study groups!
I really enjoyed the clubs and organizations I got involved in. Class choices were also amazing. I may suggest changing the way advising/over rides go, as getting directed to 7 different people for a class override and then having to get that same override approved every year is a bit of a hassel.