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Community based school that looks out for one another and strives for an entertaining and happy environment.
Overall an amazing school full of many kind people. The second I got here I have been able to go about everything in such a smooth way I love it here.
I transferred here and I love it. The campus is beautiful and most of the faculty really cares about you and your academic and professional success
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As a freshman at Colorado state university I really like the campus and the people I have encountered while attending this campus. The only thing that I would like to change is that it can be expensive and I wish our books would be included in tuition or fees that we pay.
While there may be some flaws at CSU and room for improvement, overall my experience here has been great. I have made many wonderful friends and has many wonderful opportunities.
I really enjoy the people and environment at CSU. The teachers are generally helpful if you make an effort to talk to them. It is very easy to balance school and activities in order to really enjoy the college experience. They have many clubs and activities one can join as well as, fun people attending the school. There are many resources for any problems a student could have and an all around supportive community. Fort Collins is a very fun town with many events to be a part of and is very easy to commute via bike.
Fastforwarding to this past year, your life took an unanticipated turn that had the potential to send you into a downward spiral. Your junior year of high school, you moved from Chicago, Illinois where you spent the majority of your young life, to Keller, Texas. While this could be a traumatic experience for many teens, you looked at the move as an adventure – a chance to explore a new place and meet new friends. By propelling yourself into school, you were able to quickly develop lasting friendships and was hand-picked to participate in a sports medicine practicum this year. Being adaptable and positive in the face of adversity will allow you to look at future challenges and attack them instead of letting them overtake you.
There is such a diverse community at CSU allowing all to voice their opinion. They have a great volleyball team and offer great activities for all students. There is a wide range of classes to chose from as well and it is one of the few colleges that offers Zoology as a major. The professors are really nice and super understanding.
CSU is a great place to come to school. It can be a little hard being a minority here, such as a person of color or first generation/low income student, but CSU is a great place to build lasting connections and further your education.
Probably the worst decision i have made in my entire life. As a minority, I face serious social issues here at csu. People here are nothing more than stuck up suburbans. If i knew i would be coming to a large high school, i would’ve stayed in michigan. Biggest waste of time AND money. Cannot wait to get out of this hell hole second semester.
As a CSU student I see underlying issues first-hand. It is apparent that their are many people who attend this school who hold biases and prejudices against certain skin tones. The school campus is beautiful and some professors are kind while others aren't. I have mixed emotions about CSU because of the racial incidents and passive admin.
The atmosphere is great and the teachers are truly passionate for teaching. You got to make new friends right away and it is truly something worth doing once out of high school
Colorado State University is an amazing school that really cares about their students! CSU ensures that all students are involved and everyone has a great experience.
I love the sense of community at Colorado State University and how many out door areas there are to study in. There are lots of clubs to are to spend time outside of the dorm and with people that have the same interests as me.
I love everything about CSU, I think I would like tuition pay to change. Paying it monthly is a struggle for me and they have no payment options we can have or suggest.
This school is not a challenge academically, and to be honest, not fun either. There is a very limited range of activities available; drinking, being an a**hole, and staying in your crappy, air-conditioning-less dorm all day. I came here to have fun, and achieve in school, and I have had no fun, and am paying an absurd amount for middle school-level classes. Wish i never wasted my time
i loved going to CSU the staff is great, extremely helpful, funny, and highly experience to help you in any need. The classes are pretty good in size, the campus has a huge selection to study, and if u dont like your major you can change it any time. I dont like how small the dorms are, i personally would like them to be a little bigger.
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I like that it’s super inclusive. There is basically a club for everyone & lots of their activities are meant for all students to connect!
I've only been here a week, but so far it has been a good college experience. The people are very friendly and the resources are great. We have good food in the dining halls, people everywhere who you can ask questions to about classes or materials needed for class. However, in my week here the professors have not impressed me. They stumble over their words, struggle to grasp the correct word they are searching for in discussions and just seem overall uncomfortable being up in front of students. I hope this will improve as I get into more advanced classes.
I love the campus and the students here are all understanding which allows for a good environment to learn. The off-campus housing is not too expensive and has lots of amenities that even most apartments twice as much don't. There are a few teachers that are not as great, but the amount of great professors makes up for that.