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My first two years at Colorado State University has been a great experience and I am so glad I decided to make this college my home. They have excellent resources for the students if they are interested in using them. Each year the class sizes get smaller and this makes it easy for you to meet other students who are interested in the same things that you are and allows for great study groups. In smaller class sizes you also get to know your professor really well.
Colorado State University makes me feel at home! I love how friendly everyone is and how willing to help their staff is!
The thing I like most is the helpfulness of the staff, and the only thing I would change is to make the dorm life rules more strongly enforced.
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Overall, I love CSU. I feel so welcome and I really don't see many problems with the school. Academically, the professors are excellent, the classrooms are nice and the dorms are great, It is not as diverse as you would think and everyone is very friendly and helpful. I'm looking forward to the next 2 1/2 years at CSU.
Colorado State University has a unique way of ensuring every student feels like they belong with the freedom to express their individuality. Since starting my academic career here, I have come across many extraordinary opportunities that further my education and success. Definitely the school to chose if you want to feel at home.
CSU is a great campus with many diverse and unique programs to offer. Being an agricultural school, most majors are science related. In addition, CSU takes pride in teaching sustainability themes throughout each department and major.
Colorado State University by no means is a top college. The facilities are not the best, the students are not all there with a real drive to learn. However, it is what you make of it, and if you use the resources available to you at CSU, it really can be the best. In my time at CSU I have been consistently blown away by the faculty and staff that makes up the university. From research achievements to national and worldwide recognition, they are the authors of your textbooks and the names in your citations. If you have any interest in sustainability or environmental science CSU has a world of opportunity and expertise for you, some of the best soil scientists in the world, researchers on clothing waste, the vastness of the list is just astounding. I could not be more pleased with my choice to attend. I would love for CSU to actively try to get a more diverse student body, as the majority of students are white males and females, which decreases the level of education and experience.
Although I am not attending Colorado State University yet, I have been to the campus many times and talked with many alumni and current students about their experiences! Every since person I have spoken with and from my personal experience everything about the University is wonderful! The students are dedicated and passionate in class, and have a great time outside of class! The campus life is thriving with thousands of clubs and activities, the dorms are a friendly and peaceful environment, the teachers love what they do, and the town is a perfect college town! I can't wait to live the dream at Colorado State!
What I liked most about Colorado State University was the environment and the students. The environment is always so lively and most of the students there are friendly. Another thing I liked was the accessibility of the resources that the college offers.
I like the friendliness of the professors and CSU coaching staff for track and field. My neighbors are supportive of my goals and they encourage me to work harder than they do. One thing they need to work on though is being more helpful with financial aid so that way I don't have to rely on tons of websites for help with college.
I thought this university was well-rounded with a balance between academic and extra-curricular life. It was slightly smaller than some of the other universities I had visited, but nonetheless, it had welcoming environment. The students I talked to all loved the school and said that they had no regrets in picking this university over others (keep in mind all of these students were engineering majors).
Colorado state is a beautiful college with great people and professors that really care. I'd recommend going here if you like outdoor activities, cold winters and typical college towns. The demographic of people at Colorado state are all nice and supportive which I think ensures success and fulfillment.
This college is an excellent home to grow your mind and explore the possibilities in life. 10/10 would recommend.
Friendly people all around you, great state to be in and town! great teachers that help you with a lot!
It is a very open and beautiful campus. Teachers are very personable and are very invested in their students success. The president of the university is phenomenal, all his communications with the student body are personable and ensure that the school is there for the students at all times and under all circumstances.
The campus was very nice and the buildings and facilities seemed very up-to-date. It seems like a very green campus, as a large majority of the students ride their bikes around campus. I don't believe much of the University needs improvement because it is updated and the surrounding city of Fort Collins is a perfect setting for any college student to live.
Best school in the world! Amazing connections to be made, beautiful scenery, fun town to be in, and always something to do.
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The atmosphere amongst all of the students was one of high achievement. It was the first time in my academic career when every person I spoke to was truly vested in furthering not only their education, but also themselves as an individual in our community here in Fort Collins, CO. It is a sight to behold and I wouldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.
I love Colorado State University. The people here are so nice and the teachers will go out of their way to make sure you understand the material. If you put effort into their class they will put the same amount of effort into helping you pass.
CSU is a great college for students of all majors. There are so many ways to get involved in research as an assistant in so many different things. The only thing I wish this college did better to cater to transfer students better. I found it hard to get involved in the college activities and clubs. making it easier to join clubs maybe through one website would help a lot for helping new and transfer students to get involved in the college.