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CSU has been a great experience so far. Most people are extremely nice, and campus is really nice. There are a ton of great professors who love teaching.
There are many support networks at CSU, whihc is what I believe makes it great, but it lacks diversity, like most colleges.
CSU is always improving the campus, although construction can be annoying is very important and as a student I am lucky we get to reap the benefits. CSU offers a large variety in degrees, and a lot of the professors are passionate about what they are teaching. There are various resources, jobs, and educational opportunities at CSU. I transferred to a different university, but ended up transferring back after one semester because nothing compares.
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Global campus is worthless. All answers and assignments are on google. Instructors in large part do not even grade papers. You regurgitate garbage and you get back an A as long as it is turned in on time.
Colorado State University is a great university for those who are looking for a more affordable education in Colorado. The community here is welcoming and is very friendly. The rigor for most students is also at a decent pace and most students should be able to pursue their passion at this school.
Colorado State is an excellent college that I would recommend to anyone. The school is located in Fort Collins Colorado which is the perfect place for a college campus . Everyone that works there is extremely helpful and enjoy being there. One thing however I would change is the on campus food. If there was a larger variety of food there would be no issue because don't get me wrong the food is great but switching things up more can't hurt anyone.
I am very impressed by the teachers and students that I have met so far during my time at University. The teachers I have met have been very helpful and work hard to facilitate meaningful learning. The majority of students I have met are all hard working, balanced, and have good sense of self. Having said that, I can not say anything about the dorms or freshman/sophomore community as I transferred here for my junior and senior year. The campus itself has good to great facilities and the landscaping has resulted in beautiful open areas.
I think that CSU is a really good school based off of the academics and their programs that they have at the school that I've heard of and seen.
I really liked CSU, it was very fun and the college encouraged participation from students and there was plenty of opportunities to participate.
CSU is a great fit for me because there is a focus on community and supporting each other. For the most part, the professors are really good, the classes have really challenged me to grow, and the have great facilitates. I have ADHD and the resources the school has provided me with have really been helpful. Great school.
I really enjoyed my time at CSU. There are plenty of clubs, and the classes were great. I am frustrated that I went to classes in worn down buildings and they built a brand new facility for my major right after I graduated. Also think the on campus stadium was a waste.
I am only a sophomore at CSU but I absolutely love it. Not only is the campus amazing, but the opportunities to get outside your comfort zone are amazing too. The courses are great and CSU is overall a great university.
It's a State University so it isn't the best in certain aspects such as the fact that you won't find parking and they put classrooms in the stadium so that they could use it as a tax write-off. Good luck finding parking as well, it's really expensive to get a parking pass.
It's a great school if you're looking to get into natural sciences however. The staff is very knowledgeable and more than willing to assist you in achieving your educational goals.
The University has been very helpful and always contacted me back in a timely manner. The counselors have always helped me in anything that i have needed and helped me visit as a junior and senior in high school.
I have attended a partnership program at CSU in the summer of 2018. I was very satisfied with the program. It was a time to explore more about myself and what history and culture I contain inside me.
Colorado State University is a great school with an amazing campus life. There are a lot of extracurriculars to get involved with, as well as a variety of majors to explore. The staff is ok, I wish they were a bit more attentive to all of the students.
The first thing I learned when I attended Colorado State University was: Rams always take care of Rams. This is very true. You can rely on anyone you meet to help you out. They are welcoming even when you are alumni. You still feel like you are part of the Ramily.
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Great school, location and campus are both beautiful, good study environment. Teachers care about their students success and understanding. Definitely recommend!
It's an amazing school. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very friendly. It's a very outdoorsy school, but once you see it you'll enjoy every thing around you.
I went there on a college visit and the campus was amazing. It was all brand new and renovated. The people were very diverse and congenial. However, one thing that could change is the walking distance between buildings. While I know this cannot be easily changed, but it was the only flaw that I could find on my visit.