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At first I liked the attending this school, the campus was nice and full of friendly people and the University made valiant efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible. However, I came to a disliking my second year. I noticed a lot of the teachers sort of relied on the students to teach themselves either through rigorous reading of the textbooks or excruciating amounts of homework on different websites I had to pay for (one of my professors required the students to use two different homework sites with each having a hefty fine). If I'm paying a hefty amount of out-of-state tuition then I feel I deserve to be taught properly by the professor, not a book or websiteI think the class sizes need to be cut down for courses that have been proven difficult for students so that the professors can have more interaction with each student.
I loved my experience at CSU! As a pre-medical student it gave me amazing opportunities to academically prepare for graduate programs and network with supportive healthcare professionals. The campus, professors, and student body were actively involved during my entire undergraduate journey to ensure I was comfortable and succeeding.
The food could be better so could the professors. The campus is so beautiful with the mountains in the distance.
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Personally I really like CSU. I transferred here from CU Boulder which wasn't quite the right fit for me. The campus is more spread which I think provides the community with more room to breathe. I also feel less like an outcast here- I was able to connect with my department and individuals much quicker. I know that everyone's experience is different and I think a lot of people are happy in Boulder but CSU is the place for me.
I enjoy the academics and classes that I have been enrolled in for my Animal Science degree. Entering CSU two years into my degree I have enjoyed off campus life more than living on campus. For those entering freshman year the on campus student life is very welcoming.
The campus is absolutely beautiful! Professors at CSU truly want you to succeed and are very willing to help outside of class!
CSU is a really good school academically. The teachers seem to really care about what they're teaching and they actually want to make sure you succeed and know what you were taught in class. They make sure you feel comfortable with the material you're being taught and try to teach it in multiple ways to help people with different learning styles. Campus food is like campus food on any other campus, fairly flavorless. The campus is beautiful and it's really close to a mountain that you can hike up.
I declined my admissions, then I asked them if I could readmit to their university and they allowed it even though it was way past the commitment date. They’ve been so helpful and readily available to ask my questions.
I loved attending this university. Fort Collins is an extremely fun and friendly town with lots of activities for college students to participate in. I attended the College of Business and there was ample opportunity to create connections with career events, along with working with brilliant professors. I would recommend this college especially to those looking to study in the business field.
i absolutley love my experience so far. the academics as well as athletics programs are so great as well and clubs and extracirricular activities.
I enjoy CSU! I believe its a beautiful campus and I love walking around it daily. I think CSU is a good school ,but it lacks a lot in diversity. Many racially motivated incidents happened my freshman year there. None that have directly affected me but I have seen how they cause tension on campus. I think CSU needs to do more when these incidents happen. But overall its a good school but a PWI.
They built a stadium that now ruins traffic and parking around the campus. I used to have a favorite parking spot. Now it's gone.
I am currently in attendance at CSU and love it! My academic adviser goes above and beyond helping me. He has done a lot to ensure that in the future I can transfer to another university if I want to. All my professors were very nice and helpful no matter what.
Colorado State has such a strong sense of community and fellowship. We have a saying "Rams take care of Rams" and it stands true. There's a club or organization for everything imaginable from the obvious ones like Greek Life to things like the entomology club that has a bug museum and teaches classes to elementary students. My experience at CSU has been so positive and enabled me to grow and figure out who I am and what I'm doing with my life without putting pressure on me. The President Tony Frank has to be one of the best people I have ever met. He is so transparent with students about things that occur in our community and makes sure that we stay involved in our school and the surrounding areas.
A lot of things happened at csu that made me question the school but at the end of the days i decided to look for at the positives
I love Colorado State. The campus is beautiful, and the people are amazing. The saying "rams take care of rams" is actually a thing. I do wish, however, our sports teams were better.
Nice open and welcoming space. It has an influx of people from all over the world so there is some culture and belief clashes. School is trying its best to deal with it.
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Colorado State University is a college where you find your place in it. The best part about CSU is the amount of support and care that the staff and peers have for you. I find that being a freshman can be tough, but CSU made it fun and a challenge that encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone. CSU is welcoming, diverse, and educational college. CSU offered a lot of fun and safe activities that you can indulge on. These allow you to expand your horizons and learn something new.
The environment is very welcoming at this campus and the scenery is beautiful no matter the time of day!
Absolutely beautiful campus with the people to go with it. It is a very cheerful school with some of the best party scenes when it comes to colleges. The professors are a hit and miss, but overall pretty good.