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Best 3.5 years of my life, even though I'll be paying off the loans until I'm 60. I had so much fun here and learned so much. Made friends that I am still in contact with. Great area, beautiful campus, nice weather. I miss it.
I just finished my freshman year of college at CSU and although the school is amazing, it wasn't a great first year for me. Since I am from Fort Collins, I had already spent a lot of time on the CSU campus and so I felt bored. The campus is beautiful and the resources offered to students are amazing. I loved spending hours studying in the behavioral science building which stayed open 24/7. I also had great experiences with professors, even in 300 people classrooms. I made connections with almost all my professors simply by going to their office hours for help when I needed it. Overall CSU is an amazing campus.
Colorado State University is an amazing college. There are amazing support networks and amazing programs on campus. Overall it is beautiful and there are amazing individuals who attend this university and work at this university. It truly is an amazing school and is better than CU Boulder any day.
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The energy of CSU is so inviting, and after being here already a year, I have made some great lifelong friendships and connections. The campus itself is beautifully nestled in the foothills of Fort Collins, Colorado, and it is extremely easy getting from place to place. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations to get connected with and establish networks for the rest of your life.
i like about colorado stare university is that campus is very good campus i like the buffet and the academics it has
Colorade state is an overall welcoming school. I believe my best years will be here for the next four years as i succeed in my class and also in making friends
Colorado State is a great school, and I really enjoyed my time while attending it the first time. I will be returning to complete another bachelors because I trust the school and know I will great the education I need to meet my career goals. The only problem I had with the school was the sheer size of it. It's harder for students to meet with their advisors and really plan for their futures when you're competing for the advisor's time with a few other thousand students. But I will be in a smaller department this time, and they are already proving to be much more involved with their students and preparing them for the future.
I love this place! Best decision I have ever made. Perfect for any major, and there are so many ways to get involved. I've never met a bad professor or had a bad experience, and I've worked all over on campus too. If you don't fall completely in love with CSU, you will fall in love with this town. So much to do and Old Town (downtown) is like a little European fairytale. Love, love, love!
Welcoming College with many activities and a loving community! From hiking at horse tooth to a night downtown, there are so many wonderful things CSU has to offer!
The people here are very nice and everybody seems to get along. The teachers will do all they can do help you, including office hours which are really helpful. I would like it if I didn't have a community bathroom, but that's all of the college experience.
I am loving my time here at Colorado State University. I have met some pretty great people who I know that I will always stay in touch with. The town that surrounds campus is wonderful. Everyone is nice here and they treat you with the respect that everyone deserves. If I had to change one thing about CSU, I would change the fact that there is not like a centralized place of where everyone is partying; it gets tiresome always having to take vehicles to get places and not being able to just walk. Everything is so spaced out throughout town.
I love CSU if you love the mountains and good people with an awesome campus and beautiful landscapes. CSU is a must!
Colorado State University is a great school! It is a rather large school, yet it feels a lot smaller that it actually is. On nice days students are always out and about riding bikes, throwing frisbees, or hammocking. It's an overall great little community where mostly everyone is super friendly and accepting. It could be less expensive though, but other than that I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else!
This is the type of school that is so fun, you won't want to graduate in four years. Too bad advisors know better than to let that happen.
I have recently been accepted into Colorado State University and ever since then I have had nothing but a good experience. The college is great at keeping its students updated on the recent happenings on campus along with any thing the student might need to make their experience at CSU amazing. The staff is very caring and the students are all very friendly.
One thing I absolutely love about Colorado State is how easy it is to get involved! If you are willing to put yourself out there and get to know people, you'll be amazed at the opportunities that come your way. For example, I was invited by a friend to attend my residence hall's Hall Council meeting, and I am now a senator and Ops. Liaison in student government, about to run for vice president! My point is, if you love CSU, there are so many ways to show that love and that spirit. If there is something you'd like to change, being the one who changes it is just as easy, if you are willing to put in the work.
I am very excited to be going here in the fall. They have been so amazing at getting back to me personally with any questions I have and they are very active on their social media.
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CSU provides a college wonderful experience, with an array of subjects to specialize in. Diversity, inclusiveness and campus safety are taken seriously, and students and teachers alike are extremely helpful and friendly. The resources provided for students are modern and extensive, but may not seem compelling enough for the cost of attendance. Tuition is not particularly bang for the buck unless you're an in-state student on a scholarship.
Good school, although a lot of ignorant white people. Big class sizes, at least in my first year. The town generally bored me but I also don't have a car.
When I toured the campus, it gave me a welcoming atmosphere. The students and staff there allowed me to feel like I would fit in very well there. The school seems like it has a lot of great opportunities for its students.
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