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Colorado state university is she amazing school with a great staff behind it. The teachers care about all their students and I have never had a bad experience. The students that attend here are also great people who work very hard to make this campus a welcoming place.
My visit to Colorado State University was one to remember. The staff was very friendly and went the extra mile in making me feel that CSU was the college for me. The location is not too far from Denver and close to camping destinations.
Colorado State University is a very inclusive university that truly cares about every student. Every staff member is very willing to help whenever it is needed. As a whole, the school wants each of its students to succeed and shows this through the actions of many.
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This university clearly cares for students and has helped me to achieve my academic goals. Professors encourage you to go to office hours and are often very understanding and helpful.
Pretty good academics. Awesome new stadium. Horrible WiFi. Most of the buildings are old and have no cohesive elements for campus overall.
Tuition is pretty high and class sizes are quite large. FoCo is a really cool college town where you can see lots of cowboys.
Colorado State University is a great school. The amount of extra programs and clubs is outstanding. There are so many people everywhere to help you with anything you might need. Also everyone on the campus is so nice and open to you. Overall Colorado state university will always be my first choice because of the great teachers and classes but also because of how great the environment is.
Colorado State University is a very good post secondary education institution. The students are very open minded and do not express any hate towards any other students. The faculty works hard to keep the image of CSU be a good one since there is always tours going on for younger students that are interested in coming to Colorado State University. The thing that I have liked the most is that I have found a support system that has helped me through my first year to become a better student and person. The tutors have been such a great resource to me because having large lecture classes can be intimidating and not useful. The one on one experience helps a lot to understand the material in depth and most of my questions get answered. Also a mentor is assigned to you and I have built a close relationship with him that we have become friends.
The people are pretty chill and there are plenty of outdoor activities. You defiantly get all four seasons here (especially winter). The dorms are alright but are kinda small so don't bring everything you own.
It is a great University. Many new buildings, awesome recreation center, great health center. Easy to get around. Amazing people and professors. Courses are interesting, fun, and very applicable.
CSU not only has great academics but also has great activities, clubs, organizations, social opportunities, and more all year round. It has resources so that every student has the opportunity to feel comfortable and happy no matter what they are interested in.
I have loved the dedication of Colorado State University's professors and programs to creating diverse learning opportunities that allow students to transfer theoretical knowledge to practical skills. This is a powerful contributor to success in an individual's career path, and support of this type has long-lasting impacts on a career.
CSU is a wonderful school full of many different opportunities for its students! There's always something to do to keep students occupied and plenty of help from the staff.
Colorado State University is a great academic base school with many connections and opportunities. Internships are widely available across campus for each and every major. I am I psychology major and CSU has internships during semester and during the summer where I can get experience at the new CSU Health Center. With these internships and work studies you gain experience for graduate school, medical school and career opportunities you have after graduating.
CSU is an incredible school. The classes are large for the first few years, but shrink as you get farther into your major. They have a very high quality Construction Management degree with 100% placement post graduation. There are ample opportunities to get involved and there’s a club for every interest. It’s a mistake not to take advantage of all the extracurricular events and workshops that prepare students for a successful career.
I have had a wonderful experience at Colorado State. Everyone there is always so willing to help with whatever you need.
Colorado State is a diverse, unique campus for prospective students that are looking for an amazing school to get a degree at. The campus is beautifully located in the heart of Fort Collins and has amazing state of the art technology that is constantly changing.
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Being a minority on campus can at times be very challenging, but CSU makes sure to have many connections for minority students. During my first year at Colorado State University, I joined a program that mainly focused on working for minorities on campus, and we helped each other with classes. We all lived in the same hall and had a mentor that went through the program who guided us through our first year.
Csu has such a great campus and Fort Collins is beautiful . The academic faculty have always treated me with respect and have really gone the extra step to help students.
I absolutely love this campus and the faculty within it. Everyone, no matter who you are, is accepted here. The campus is set up for those that love the mountains, outdoors, and most of all Colorado. The only thing I would hope to see changed is the amount of parking on campus.