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Colorado State University - Pueblo Reviews

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The university is very pretty. The professors are (mostly) all very friendly and fair. There are a lot of resources to help with classes.
I like CSU-P because the classes are not too big, the campus is beautiful, and the business schools are one of the top schools in the country.
I am currently taking 11 credits at CSU-P and plan to take 12 next semester. The teachers are very good and support students in all of their activities. They are also very flexible and easy to talk to. The gym facility is very nice and they offer free classes at the gym. They also offer free tutoring in almost every subject. The food on campus is ok, its not great.
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I like how they offer free tutoring on several subjects, such as math, science, and English. Although, I would like to see more internships opportunities, specifically for forensic science.
I would like to see more students interacting with students when it comes to academics. There are not many peer mentors on campus and it would be really nice to see students reaching out to help other fellow students, especially upper classman reaching out to first year students to give them advice.
My freshman year was truly incredible. I am lucky enough to be on a sports team with 25 amazing girls and mentors who helped me through the first year jitters. I was able to learn how hard work and dedication can get you to places you never dreamed of. The downtown area of Pueblo is beautiful at night time. There is a flowing river and plenty of pretty lights to keep you and your friends occupied while you wait for food or are just taking a walk. Dont worry, there are plenty of great picture locations for snapchat or Instagram! Being part of pueblo was all i could imagine and more! GOOOOO PACK
I have attended two other colleges prior to enrolling at Colorado State University-Pueblo, and what I like most about my current enrollment is how dedicated my advisers are to helping me stay on track and get the most out of my college experience.
There is not anything that I would like to see change, I am very pleased with how my college experience at this school has gone thus-far.
I enjoyed my time at CSU- pueblo, the professors are very interactive and always willing to help. They have multiple tutoring centers for areas of studying. The housing at CSU-pueblo is very nice for college students.
My experience at the Colorado State University of Pueblo has been pretty fair I have enjoyed living on the campus and the athletics are very entertaining. This upcoming semester I plan on joining the football team and playing.
The classes in the Computer Science field are incredible, but the administration has a lot to learn. Every semester I have been here I have had problems with registration, missing funds, and negative balance accounts. If the administration would work better, I would give it 5 stars, but everything else about the campus is great.
It is really easy to stay focused here because it is a smaller university. The professors are willing to help you if you show that you're trying.
I love that CSU-Pueblo is family oriented. And everyone on campus is willing to help you with anything and everything.
CSU Pueblo is a what I would call a small big school. Very nice community of students with lots of student activity. Of course the best thing is being in beautiful Colorado. I have made many friends from lots of other states and countries. I play on the tennis team and love the support I get form the athletic department and my team. The dorms are awesome.
Small classes and smaller campus allow for more interaction with the professors. Research opportunities are abundant and there are plenty of projects that have the potential for publication. Some graduate programs are available, though only at the masters level.
The school is pretty good. It’s a smaller campus so class sizes are decently small. I wish that the teaching was of higher quality as that of a less public university or more up to par with a research based school. I also think the school should adopt a green initiative for reducing and recycling waste throughout campus, though they have made some green renovations.
The experience has been great. The nursing program was a great experience overall. A little disorganized but what nursing school isn’t.
CSU Pueblo scams you out of every dollar and forces you to live on campus for two years. Good professors though. Pueblo has its bad areas but not around campus. Party scene varies from year to year.
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Colorado State University has been my dream college since I was a freshman in high school. I love how the school is engaged in a lot of activities from time to time. I find it to be a very "sporty" school because you see so many athletes!
Colorado State University-Pueblo is committed to excellence, setting the standard for regional comprehensive universities in teaching, research and service by providing leadership and access for its region while maintaining its commitment to diversity. Has Outdoor Pursuits program that introduces students to all that Colorado has to offer in outdoor activities like rock and ice-climbing, biking, rafting, kayaking, hiking, and of course, skiing. CSU-Pueblo is a military friendly designation based on a commitment to supporting military students. It's undergraduate engineering program was ranked in the nation’s top 100 by U.S. News and World Report.
The atmosphere at Colorado State University- Pueblo is incredible. I have yet to meet a student or staff member that I have disliked completely. The students on campus are extremely friendly and will offer help if someone is in need. The majority of the professors and students that teach lecture and lab classes are friendly and extremely approachable. The ones that are approachable want to see the students in their classes succeed. The campus has great resources for students struggling with classes. The current President is an amazing man that loves to visit with all of the faculty and students on campus. He genuinely cares about everyone on campus, and he cares about their concerns. The only few things on campus that are not so great are the Wi-Fi and sometimes the cafeteria food.
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