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The majority of my classes are online except one. Otherwise, my online experience has been phenomenal. Though I have to teach myself in some cases, it's easy to ask my professors questions when I have them and I find it easier to focus.
I love the school and the professors! I feel safe on campus and can trust others around me. This school was the best decision I have made after high school. I trust my advisor and all my professors to go to when I need help or have any questions.
I enjoy attending Colorado State University-Pueblo tremendously. The students and professors here are wonderful. I appreciate how compassionate and helpful the professors are. The campus is very nice and easy to move around in. I am so glad that I picked CSU-P to further my education. There is nothing that I think Colorado State University-Pueblo needs to change.
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I prefer taking online courses and is more easier than in-person courses for me. I have taken online classes before at Western Nebraska Community College and I have not had any bad experiences yet. Online learning was extremely easy for me to access and the instructors were very flexible and always quick to respond whenever I had questions or concerns.
Classes on line like science and math tend to be hard, but other classes that don't require as much lecture can go really well on line and are enjoyable to do online.
Classes are good and classrooms are pretty big. Right now with COVID the school has taken lots of safety precautions to keep everyone safe. The food is very good and there is a variety to pick from.
Most of the teachers can use Zoom fine, but often times the CIS teachers struggle the most, which is funny since it is a CIS department.
Overall CSU-Pueblo is a good campus for most majors, but I feel my major (CIS) is a bit lacking at this institution. This lacking comes from inadequate instruction, and teachers who often do not follow the ADA guidelines in the classroom. This has lead to teachers not providing tests to disabled students, or providing them with less of an education as a result.

The campus is amazing for the money, as long as you are not disabled or taking CIS as your major.
Due to Covid-19 a lot of classes moved online in the spring. And it seems the university adapted really quickly and effectively. I have enjoyed the online experience so far! Though I am much more of a fan of in person learning due to the fact that I'm a music major.
I've had a great experience in relation to my education here at Colorado State University - Pueblo. However, the financial aid and housing departments are not very attentive and never seem to be timely and efficient in their duties.

My education has gone great however! I am a music education major and I have developed a very close connection with all of my instructors and directors. They all have the student's best interests in mind and want everybody to succeed.

The campus is also small which makes it easy to connect with other students. I've made many close lifelong friends in my time here and it has been at the top of the great things that I have gotten from CSUP.

Overall, the experience has been really incredible and I'm glad I chose this college to further my education and pursue my passion in music!
This is a really good school. When I did the undergrad there, I feel that I received quality education. In fact, I feel that it was equivalent to an ivy league school and I have never attended an ivy league school. I am now doing the master's program and feel that for the money, I will not be in debt forever.
Because of covid, we are now doing zoom learning and it has actually worked out very well. It's as though you are in class but are in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to worry about getting sick or being around someone who is sick. It's just like anything else, it's what you put into it what you get out of it.
I did not intentionally take any online classes at CSU-Pueblo. However, due to COVID-19 my classes of spring 2020 were switched to online classes. My professors adjusted well and stayed on course of their classes. The professors were very open to any adjustments they could make for students to maximize their learning. I wouldn’t mind taking an online class in the future.
My experience at CSU-Pueblo is an overall positive experience. Being an off campus student I was still able to make connections with other students as well as my professors. The professors want you to succeed and are willing to help in anyway they can. I enjoy going to on campus events and supporting our sports teams. It’s an affordable college that values education and success.
Unfortunately I did not take any courses online. For their online courses they utilize the Blackboard system just like regular students, which is very easy to navigate. CSU-Pueblo has one the lowest tuition for online schooling. I would recommend taking advantage of that.
I have good reasons to think highly of CSU-Pueblo. I really enjoyed having smaller classes and the helpful professors. The counselors/advisors were thorough and were easy to contact at all times.
I love CSUP! I have had very good experiences with everyone that I have come in contact with. The classes are a great size to where your professors will know you, but they do offer some bigger classes if that is more your style! They are also remodeling or have remodeled a lot of campus where it is new and looks amazing!
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I did not take any classes online but I do know some professors that offer online classes and they are amazing at what they do!
I only took online when things moved over due to COVID. The transition was smooth and the professors were really helpful. They helped students with any issues and made the transition smooth. They also were ready to help with non-school related issues.
Amazing school. The professors were great, the location was beautiful. The library has many nice places to study.
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