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Overall it's been a great experience. I'm one who enjoys a small environment, but I think CSU-Pueblo is that perfect medium. It really isn't too big or too small. It also offers such wide variety of things, from clubs, to sports, to events, to classes, to tutoring, health services, and so much more. The professors also seem a lot more invested with the students because the ratio of faculty to student is small enough that a student doesn't disappear in a class of over 100. Not only the professors, but all of faculty is always more than happy to help and guide the students to where they can succeed best. That's an enjoyable environment to be in. Plus, every now and then, Tundra (our thunder wolf mascot) will walk the campus so students get to met her and all.
I love CSU-Pueblo, the list of resources never end. From free tutoring in every subject, to starbuck's in almost every resource building for that need caffeine. All of my classes are very hands on, they are small in population and the professors do their absolute best to help every student. The cafe food is not the best but what college is known for the lunch food. The school has so many events to get students evolved throughout the year. From game events, to random movie nights and themed building party's, there is always something going on each week that a student can find and do to have fun and get involved.
Good to CSU-P you get to become very close with students around you due to small campus. The professors take a special interest in your education and try their best to make your college experience the best.
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What I like about Colorado State University is that I am able to major and minor in my determined career in one place. The instructors I have had so far are for the most part easy to understand and fair to all students. What I wish would change is more options for lunch on campus, better odds of finding used books I need at the bookstore, and better communications from financial aid.
CSU Pueblo was a great introductory school for a new freshmen wanting to go out of state for for college. Through CSU Pueblo I experienced the "University Experience" while being on a relatively small and not so crowded campus. I attended the greek olympics, attended numerous football and baseball games, experienced the local life in downtown Pueblo as well as city life in downtown Denver and Colorado Springs. CSU Pueblo was a great experience for me.
Studying at CSU-Pueblo was gratifying due to being an online student and taking courses on my own timing. All the professors at CSUP were very encouraging and offered any help they could give to ensure the students were successful in their courses. The only that would be changed through personal experience is the turnaround time for ALL of the departments to contact you back at (Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Accounting, etc.). A good majority of the time if you didn't speak with someone immediately and had to leave a message it would be at least three to four days before someone returned your phone call.
My experience with this college is that the athletic department is amazing with their current student athletes. Since we are in a poor financial situation, we do not have the best food and housing facilities. The minority level is pretty great for Blacks/African Americans and Hispanic population. Student activities such as club sports are a huge hit! Many people participate in these clubs and its great for the school to raise money.
For Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado, you receive an average education at a true university for a superb cost. Basically, the money and effort you put in is what you get out of it. For students with average or below ambition or a tight pocket, CSUP is a great option. While it is near many recreational opportunities and had a great tuition, CSUP could not cater to my desire for campus activities and specific major paths.
The campus is beautiful and it is very diverse. The location is close enough to the river walk and a mall. People also have the option to use the outdoors facility for activities such as rafting, biking, etc.
Great experience at a smaller, cheaper school! Dorms and school facilities are great, as are most of the teaching staff. Great for a non traditional route to graduation, whether that's graduating a year early or going back to school, CSU Pueblo is very flexible!
I love this University! I transferred quick and easy from a community college and have been thriving ever since. This school helped me find an internship as well as made it possible to get my junior semester over with in 5 months. My advisor knows me by name and even talks to me in the hall to make sure that I am making it her at CSU. She also emails me if she notices any problems with my academic future. Recently she emailed me to let me know that I had a flag on my account because I need to fill out one form before the semester begins. I am also proud of the fact that I was able to become editor of the CSU Pueblo Today and am adding to my resume everyday for my future!
Though the city overall isn't great the academics and teachers there great. I've learned quite a bit about my program as well as life lessons from teachers. The campus is very diverse and is continually growing year by year.
This school is a dream come true. The academics is amazing. The teachers and staff and students really care about one another. It is a really nice thing to know you don't go to a school that is known for its parties. This school is a dry campus and it is a great one. The teachers are always helpful and caring. Each department has what makes it unique. If i could learn every major at this school i would because the professors make it that much easier and fun.
I have had an interesting experience here at Colorado State University Pueblo. There are a variety of classes that I could take. With my major, I have taken classes that are good for it. The university is under construction, and it is very hard to move from class to class.
I am a concurrent enrolled student both at Centennial High School and CSUP. The concurrent enrollment office have been great in assisting me with my schedule and allowing me to earn both high school and college credit while attending our local university.
CSU-Pueblo is a very nice school, and has a great campus. The instructors are amazing and the student environment is great. The campus has very dull colors and is depressing after awhile. The town of Pueblo is terrible and is ruining the college, because of how bad the town is getting.
I am having a good time here, but I am not really learning, I am just focusing on passing. I wasn't understanding the material in my prereq, but I understood it enough to pass the class. But now, I am struggling because I didn't have a solid foundation, so I'm trying to relearn things I should have already known, while trying to learn new material
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I love this college, I think it gives each student a great chance at an education. What brought me to this school was the great athletics program and that my major was a big part of this school. I immediately fell in love with the warm weathers, beautiful seasons, and small class and campus. I met all of my friends in my classes and can't wait to see where the next few years take me! I would like to see more clubs on campus.
CSU-Pueblo has given me a great academic experience so far. With its smaller campus consisting of about 5000 students, it is ideal for someone looking for small class sizes and more one-on-one time with professors.
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