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Colorado State University - Pueblo Reviews

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So far my experience at Colorado State University-Pueblo has been amazing. The classes are pretty hard but you have access to so many things that can help you with whatever you are struggling on. The professors are ALWAYS willing to stay and help you through something if you don't understand it. There are so many places that can help you emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am barely a sophomore and I can honestly say that I am very proud to announce that I attend this university and I am also very proud to be apart of the pack.
Very polite and helpful staff. Great online resources. Class variety was pretty good. Only downside was the surrounding town in pueblo isn’t very suited for college life
Very friendly staff and great library! Other students were very helpful. It helps that the campus is close to a decent sized town!
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Took a college tour today and I'm looking forward to starting school. Talked with the CSU Assistant Baseball Coach; cool dude!
Being a Psychology major, I've noticed that the Psych students kind of stay to their building. The Library is awesome and the staff is mostly always very helpful. The college is small so it's intimate, which is good for lectures. Student government really tries to get everyone involved in extra curricular activities, which helps us get to know each other.
I love my professors. This is a good university to go to if bigger cities are not for you. It is probably best to have a car when you attend this school as campus is not located in ideal location to the city.
CSU-P is a small campus with mostly small class sizes. This is nice because most core classes are under 40 people per class which helps you get to know your professors better and ask more questions.
CSU-P is a great place with all the pros about a small college but with lots of opportunities! Excellent and cheap education.
It was a smooth transition from high school to college. The professors were very caring and understanding. There is more then enough opportunity to get help when it is needed. It is a very engaged campus and they host plenty of events to give students a chance to socialize, meet new people, and enjoy the campus. The food options could be improved because it is repetitive and not much to choose from on campus. The campus is open but there is a good amount of security. The University allows students to choose how the school year will be and there is so many resources to help when someone is in need. The professors like to engage with students and not just lecture and it helps make classes more interesting. I would recommend going here to everyone based off of my first year experience and how much the school is growing.
CSU-Pueblo has very enthusiastic and dedicated professors. The campus is a lot smaller than a lot of universities and it makes it easier to navigate. However, the financial aid department and other student help centers lack proper knowledge in assisting students. There is very little support and communication to freshman.
I think Colorado State University- Pueblo is an amazing school which really focuses on getting their students to graduate and trying to make it as easy as possible. They offer a huge variety of courses and the lifestyle of the campus is beautiful. There is always fun events goings on to keep things interesting and everyone is very welcoming.
The environment is wonderful. The campus may be small but it has lots to offer and is very engaging with their students. The only things I'd like to see in the following years would maybe be more school events like dances or concerts.
I was able to get a great education without incurring a lifetime of student loans. The professors really cared about my success and actually knew their students.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at the University. The staff and professors are all knowledgable and friendly, and truly care about our success. The athletics is also great. I am a track athlete and the coaches work really well with the school to ensure we are getting both sides of our responsibilities taken care of, allowing me to finish my first year with a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
I love how small and personal the classes can be. Easy to create relationships and get help from professors.
I like the campus and how there are a lot of courses to choose from. I would like the university to become more organized when it comes to financial aid of their students.
The Psychology program itself is filled with wonderful professors who actually want to see you succeed and are passionate about the courses that they teach; they will never do it part way. The school itself can be a lot better. Housing on campus absolutely sucks; they don't care what you filled out on your application, they will pair you very poorly with people who are the opposite of who you are. The school, to me, seems like they only care about revenue rather than who is actually teaching the student or else some of these wack professors would be gone by now.
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Is an okay school. Cheap when it comes to tuition. Low student involvement. A lot of students report having trouble with financial aide. But overall, the school could be worse.
The campus of CSU-Pueblo is a very nice well kept campus that is very easy to get around, everything on campus is within a 10 minute walk. Being a student athlete here at CSU-P I get the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and travel. The professors do a very good job working with students and accommodating for their needs and working through issues that may come up during the school year. The campus is pretty safe considering that the town around it is not the safest area, there is an on campus police department that patrols the campus 24/7. On the weekends a large portion of the students leave town and go to Colorado Springs or go to Denver for the weekend, just because there is very little to do in the town of Pueblo. Overall college is what you make it and if you look for trouble in college you're going to find it anywhere.
This college is very afforable for the programs they offer. CSU-P offers a lot of school activites and entertainment for a school in Pueblo.
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