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My enrollment advisor has been amazing. She has helped with every step of transferring credits, obtaining transcripts and helping me overcome a few snags in my enrollment process. She even replies to text messages in a timely manner!
CSU-Global is a great institution to consider for individuals already in their profession or students looking to learn real life practical knowledge in their field. The teachers are good and the staff does their best to ensure the student has a good time at the school.
This was the best educational option I have ever made outside of my undergraduate educational choice. The school is STELLAR, the leadership, staff and programming is second to none. Whether you are completing your degree, starting a degree (bachelor or Masters work), you will not be disappointed. The cost is amazing and the information/disciplines you learn are top notch. Excellent learning experience.
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CSU-Global offers great opportunities for busy adults that are seeking to start, finish, or continue their secondary education on any level. Professors are engaged and so are students which enables learning from different perspectives. Overall, a very good online university.
I have been taking classes at Colorado State University- Global Campus for about 4 months now and absolutely love it! Being a full time employee I was very nervous about starting school full time as well but CSU Global knows what they're doing! Full time is 2 classes in a 8 week semester after those 2 classes you can easily take a few weeks off and register for your next classes a month after your first 2 or you can register for the next 2 classes to start right away. I love that assignments for all classes are due on Thursday and Sundays. It's easy to remember and plan accordingly. Instructors are very diligent on getting back to students within 24 hours. I have a professor that responded within 5 minutes once!
CSU-GLOBAL does all they can to help you get started and thru every bit they can. You will have a degree by the end.
As a full-time working mother of 3, this college allows me the flexibility to continue my education and get my assignments done during the times that work best for me and my family.
I like working at my own pace as well as online due to the fact that we share our insights with each other online also
My admissions adviser is very knowledgeable and she keeps in close contact with me to help me through any process and answer any questions.
This is my second year attending CSU Global and I am thoroughly pleased with my education experience. The online courses the school offers allows me to work my business and still complete my degree. I feel challenged without being overwhelmed. Instructors are knowledgeable. The school offers a variety of degree options. The only suggestion I have is that more elective courses be added to the schedule.
I've just enrolled for a second bachelor's in Communications, and so far the experience is great. The counselors are helpful, and timely. They actually care about your education and they genuinely want to assist with finding financial aid. The programs are legitimate, hands-on, useful, and priced fairly.
I am new to CSU global this year but so far everyone has been extremely helpful and the internet sites easy to use.
I am a post-baccalaureate student completing my sophomore year online in the area of communications. If you like to write, type, and email, then you will be successful with the heavy writing style and format of the program.

All of my professors have masters and doctorate degrees. They were all engaging via the online platform.

One thing worth noting is that you must be disciplined enough to do assignments regularly and study. If you do not perform all assignments, it is impossible to do well.
CSU-Global has been an amazing experience with supportive advisors and caring, brilliant professors. The online format has given me the freedom to finish my degree.
Overall a good school. I really like that you can choose whether you want an ebook or an acutal textbook. The courses are quite challenging and they require you to work hard to earn the grade. It is pretty expensive and the student portal is not very intuitive.
Good feedback from professors, solid academics, the expectations are very clear. Advisers are easy to reach and the website where all work is done is easy to use. Tuition is affordable.
Friendly and knowledgeable academic advisors and passionate teachers make attending CSU-Global a pleasure.
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As a brand new student the process of registering, applying for financial aid, purchasing books, and everything in between has been a seamless and excellent experience. I've only experienced one glitch during my first week the APA workshop never picked up on the conference call I called in to. Other than that, I'd highly recommend CSU Global for working individuals who wish to complete their degree online.
I have been having a great experience so far. Communication is great at this school. My advisor communicates with me frequently and the professors are all so nice and answer any questions.
CSU- Global Campus has prepared me for the job market quite excellently! I actually had a couple of job offers the session before my last. And in my last session, I received an incredible job offer making more money that I thought at a great company.
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