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Good feedback from professors, solid academics, the expectations are very clear. Advisers are easy to reach and the website where all work is done is easy to use. Tuition is affordable.
Friendly and knowledgeable academic advisors and passionate teachers make attending CSU-Global a pleasure.
As a brand new student the process of registering, applying for financial aid, purchasing books, and everything in between has been a seamless and excellent experience. I've only experienced one glitch during my first week the APA workshop never picked up on the conference call I called in to. Other than that, I'd highly recommend CSU Global for working individuals who wish to complete their degree online.
Review Colorado State University - Global Campus
I have been having a great experience so far. Communication is great at this school. My advisor communicates with me frequently and the professors are all so nice and answer any questions.
CSU- Global Campus has prepared me for the job market quite excellently! I actually had a couple of job offers the session before my last. And in my last session, I received an incredible job offer making more money that I thought at a great company.
So far since I've started going to this school, it's been nothing but a great experience. With it being all online, it's never hard to get in touch with someone for any questions. As of right now, I wouldn't change a thing.
A great opportunity to complete coursework in an asynchronous fashion for adult or returning students. Easy to balance coursework with other work and home life obligations. Weekly discussion posts are writing heavy, especially given the technical aspect of some degrees.
Writing-intensive and involved, but not overcomplicated. Students who put in the time and effort will succeed.
I am an online student.
It was very easy to apply and get accepted. PLease note that i am transferring from another college where my grade point average was high.
Again I attend online only.
This is an online college that is run by Colorado State university therefore I have no idea.
I attend online classes so i have no clue.
Career counselors are either pumped on their own accolades promoting themselves or forget appointments with you on numerous occasions. Very discouraging and not at all helpful.
I am changing schools. Aside from my initial enrollment counselor, everyone there seems like this is a part-time job for them and they are not engaged or committed to helping. One of the career counselors only bragged about having numerous degrees and having written books and was talking to me while in line at Starbucks. Paying a lot for an education should elicit more than a cut and paste reply from an instructor. Instructor comments should have correct spelling and be concise. Career counselors and academic counselors should be well informed about the programs and details of their school. I had to point out to an employee items that were listed on the school's own website. The tutoring programs were the best part and really helpful and caring people worked on those. That was appreciated very much!

I did not feel that anyone there was concerned about me or my success at all. If this is higher education today--I'll pass.
Can be quite overwhelming when it comes to reading materials and papers, but have learned a lot.
My professors are always available by phone or email, and there is also a libriarian that helps if we need help researching. They also offer tutoring service and essay review. Essay review is free and they help put you on the right track to receive a better grade. I am also an introverted person and enjoy being able to take all of my courses at home
Review Colorado State University - Global Campus
Admissions department is great! They email back almost immediately.
I haven't started classes yet, but the admission process was great!
Classes have all been great so far
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