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I've loved being able to complete my degrees fully online. As a professional who works 40+ hours a week, being in class on campus isn't feasible.
The staff are all very accommodating and seek to make a smooth transition from community college to a university. Everyone here has done a great job at handling questions and concerns. All of my credits transferred, as I was anticipating, and it is easy to track with their degree check system.
I love that I am able to have a full time job while completing my degree. I'm pretty sure I would have never continued had I not been given this option!
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I like the school a lot so far! It's an easy website and I can do school work on my own time. Excited to see how the school progresses over my time here. I enjoy that I can fit furthering my education into my busy work life. Thank you to Colorado State University Global Campus.
My experience with this school has been nothing short of wonderful. My advisor is exceptionally helpful and helps guide me in to the correct classes at the correct times, to ensure that I can balance the work load. I am able to move at my own pace and rake extra classes when I feel inclined to do so. The Professors are incredibly intelligent, and take time to answer questions.
CSU-Global is a great online university that is apart of the Colorado State University System. They have a good admissions and financial aid office, and the counselors are pretty helpful. This university is great for working adults
The advisors are incredible, extremely helpful, friendly, and patient. Haley S put my mind at ease along the enrolling process.
I'm currently in the enrollment process and so far my experience has been absolutely fantastic. Communication between myself and my enrollment counselor has been top notch! He has made the enrollment process very very easy.
I enjoy this online learning in getting my Bachelors degree. I enjoy it so much I plan to stay with this college to obtain my Masters degree as well.
I am currently a student at CSU Global. The course work is based on real life work force experiences and most instructors are there to help you succeed. The enrollment process was a smooth transition and there is always someone willing to help or willing to get you to the person that can help you.
Colorado State University Global Campus is a great way to continue education for working adults. As a completely online campus, you can take courses anywhere. The course format allows students to easily plan out their schedules to allow for a family-work-school life balance. The condensed weeks formats provides classes are are constantly moving towards a goal. My one concern is when course content seems inaccurate. Professors are working from "answer keys" and are not helpful with reporting course content deficiencies.
Just graduated. Difficult to signup for the program. Difficult to signup for classes. No synchronicity among staff members. The only consistent experience I had in dealing with Bachelors and Masters departments was that they will email you requirements one day then be out on vacation when you reply. Other staff members have no skin in the game so they just drop the ball without consequence. Millions spent on google advertising that leads to a sales funnel that directs people to either contact or be contacted by a bunch of incompetent staff members.
Extremely helpful professors and faculty. Coursework is challenging, but rewarding. I am so grateful to continue my graduate education with CSU.
A friend of mine recommended Colorado State University – Global, and specifically their online program (CSU-Global) for working adults. I knew right away this was the college I would want to attend! They offer accelerated courses, great degree programs, and most of all flexibility. This enables me to continue working full-time, caring for and supporting my family, while still pursuing a degree. If it wasn’t for the online platform, I would not be able to pursue my degree let alone finish it.
I take classes online with CSU-Global, they have made a difference in my career, I was able to go from marketing manager to marketing director within a year. I am still taking classes and finishing soon.
I like how the professors are there to help you. I think the online classes could be more user friendly. It is sometimes hard to move around in the online classroom.
CSU-Global is an online university that offers the convenience of working on assignment on the student’s schedule. CSU-Global operates off 8-week courses and at the end of the course a portfolio project is due that is worth 350 points that equals close to 35% of the total grade, with each class being worth 1000 points. CSU- Global offers online modules for the students to follow along and teach themselves. Weekly assignments comprise of a 25-point discussion board assignment due each Thursday night with 2 post to other students’ discussion board assignment before Sunday night. Also, a critical thinking assignment is due before Sunday night and can be anywhere from 50 to 100 points depending on the class. The school is highly centered on a student’s writing skills and requires heavy use of APA guidelines for citing papers. CSU-Global is good for working students with a full time job that desires to finish their degree or further their education.
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I just got on board with Colorado State University Global Online. I am a stay at home mother of 4 and I want to finish my degree online. This University has been so accommodating. I know this is the college for me to complete my undergraduate degree.
The enrollment process was seamless. Their structure and technology was helpful when I was inquiring about attending after I had been out of school for a few years. The curriculum has been beneficial as I have been able to relate every class to something I am experiencing at work. The teachers are responsive and provide discussions that help to understand the topics being discussed in class.
Great instructors, very supportive and encouraging. They layout of the courses was easy to navigate. Peer engagement in class discussions was always interesting and helpful with current topics we were studying. Courses covered current material. Overall it was a positive academic experience.
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