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Colorado State University - Pueblo Reviews

871 reviews
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This is a great school in a small town. You will love it. The small class sizes help you get the one on one attention you need to suceed.
I don't have much experience a this college because I am only a Freshman. However it is a big campus, the teachers are kind and helpful, the food is average, and they always have activities running that everyone is able to join anytime. What I dislike is that most of the students here are rude, it is hard to make friends so you don't feel alone on campus.
So much variety of people. Teachers are so kind and advisers want to push you to succeed and receive your degree, success is written all over the walls. I'm so excited to see whats next. I find it so easy to navigate on campus and how I am able to communicate with others of my same major. I have never felt so much in place.
The CSUP campus has improved tremendously over the past 10 years, and now have one of the most dominant football programs. The dorms are a little outdated, but the new ones look nice. I would recommend this campus. It has great programs that even carry accreditations, and are very affordable.
CSUP is a remarkable school that is well suited for anybody looking for extensive education with low tuition and supportive professors.
I like that the school has the Sheriffs office around all the time. Something I would like to see change is better campus food.
I received mu under grad degree here and presently completing a duel masters here. The professors are terrific as well as the curriculum. I highly recommend this university to everyone.
Dorms are nice and spacious. Dining hall food isn't good, would rather not have a meal plan cause its been such an inconvenience. School administration seems unorganized and you're left without help on some things. The library is great. There are some great teachers here
The campus is about 15-20 minutes away from home. Good education that was provided and financially is the best way to go.
My experience is quite well, campus isn't so big so it is really easy to get around to your classes. Would like to see more cultural events from different cultures.
For non-traditional students looking for a fresh start at a career-driven university, Colorado State University - Pueblo is a great choice. The academic situation leaves a bit to be desired, with the school's grade inflation and diminished scholarly standards resulting from the increased focus on athletics. However, there are a few programs here that are really wonderful. The business, nursing, and exercise science programs are all great. As an English major, I can also say that the English department is full of some of the most incredible English literary and linguistic scholars thatI've encountered.
It seems hard to get an internship based on your degree and getting a job on campus is impossible.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Value
The course to me aren't challenging at all.
I've definitely seen better sexual assault programs, but its not terrible.
Housing is great and the dorms are super nice.
  • College Freshman
  • 5 months ago
  • Housing
We have a couple greek life options, but they are very weird and different.
Athletics are good if you are involved in them mainly.
The classes are not as challenging as expected and the school spirit is not as great as I expected.
Admittedly I don't feel as if I can accurately judge my experience at this school considering the fact that I have nothing to compare it to, aside from high school. With that said, when I do compare it to my high school experience, it is miles ahead. My classes have, for the most part been interesting and engaging, the campus is beautiful, and I'm very happy with my choice.
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